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  1. the Chiefs always give him and our receivers problems because they hold them all game and hit them hard when they get the ball.
  2. That wasn’t a catch but not surprised
  3. 2010 Chargers had the top ranked offense and defense and missed the playoffs!
  4. B/R shut down there longform Mag Dunne was apart of. When it shut down, Dunne decided to go independent.
  5. See I knew this was made up…we all know McDermott doesn’t care about the OL. In all seriousness, I’m sure some of the article has truth to it, some is likely embellished or fabricated by his sources. In the end it’ll be the same, those that don’t like McD will hold it as proof and those who do will dispute things. He had a big damning article about Aaron Rodgers a few years ago too which followed a similar mold. I won’t be reading it myself. McD has fired two offensive coordinators and supposedly the other, Daboll, hated McD by the end of it. Frazier decided to leave and McD didn’t have anyone he wanted to fill that roll. That to me does seem like someone who is probably difficult to work with and it will probably be his downfall…Stories making him sound like a lunatic tho for $8, nah I’m good.
  6. I’m in the camp of moving off McDermott would be for the best. But it is undeniable he has been a successful coach for us and I understand giving him time to get back on track. Let’s hope the security comes with the caveat that we hire a defensive coordinator, retain Joe Brady assuming the production continues for the rest of the year, and that most the premium free agent and draft resources are given to the offense to build around Josh
  7. It’s time to move on. With all respect to what he has helped us accomplish to this point. McD is the longest tenured current coach to not have at least appeared in a Super Bowl. This year was the last hurrah. To fix our cap next year we will be turning the page on Tre, Poyer, Hyde, Morse, maybe Taron Johnson. The core of the team that McD built has aged out. It is a good time to start fresh and retool our team to be focused on offense with an offensive minded HC. This is Josh Allen’s prime, we can’t waste it.
  8. Screw these terrible refs, runs in the Hochuli family
  9. it’s a little skewed because Cook has played one more game than most since most teams have had their bye week by this point. But still Cook has been a very good runner for us.
  10. I agree that McDermott most likely is back next year. I’m not sure which offensive coordinator they could bring in that would be exciting, especially if McD has started to get a reputation (fired Rick Dennison after 1 year, rumors that Daboll hated him by the end of his tenure, Dorsey not making it two full seasons). I do think that McD needs a DC tho. He is a good DC, but at least part of the game mismanagement this year I think is from him trying to hold both HC and DC responsibilities.
  11. I’m surprised it wasn’t him getting OC too since McD is very familiar with him. Though aside from Cam’s psycho 2015 season where the offense was ranked first in points for, he never had another top 10 offense in 10 other seasons as an NFL OC. I’m not sure Brady is going to be too successful bc he was bad with Carolina but maybe he has untapped potential. His LSU offense was amazing but it had Joe Burrow and the two best receivers in the NFL (Chase and Jefferson) so that made life much easier lol
  12. It’s the only real move they had. Give Joe Brady an audition to see if he can save the train wreck. Hopefully Pegula is up for big changes this offseason if the season continues it’s descent into the toilet
  13. Long term that would be the best option. But Josh currently has the longest active starts record for a QB and the Bills are technically still mathematically alive for the playoffs. So they won’t make any moves like that. They may still continue to lose though. What a crazy year.
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