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  1. This would have been from the All-American Football Conference days. We can attribute our team name to them, but no shared history to the current Bills.
  2. This is what I meant about the comments being a nuisance for him in the future. No big deal but I would have been surprised if the NFL didn’t say something https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/31405722/buffalo-bills-gm-brandon-beane-gets-nfl-call-hypothetical-cutting-unvaccinated-player-source-says
  3. I think it will be ok because I doubt everyone who makes the team will be vaccinated so it will show the Bills are not excluding non-vaxed people from employment. This will only affect the fringe guys and cutting a few can be explained away as going with who they thought was the better player. But it does potentially open them up for a grievance (which like I said probably could not be supported). But those comments may be more headache than they were worth in the long run. But it was certainly an honest moment that really shows Beane’s thinking regarding our team and reall
  4. That was most interesting to me as well and something I would have expected him to side step without answering. But I think it shows how thoughtful Beane is with all his moves. He is not just a talent evaluator he is all about making the entire organization run as well as possible.
  5. Thanks everyone who participated in this mock draft challenge. I’d say overall we are way better at this than people that do it for a living, but some of us took it up even another notch. At the end of the draft we have a tie for first place at 71 points each. congratulations to @frostbitmic and @maddenboy who are our co-champions (aka I need a better tie breaker system next year). You can say you are the best Bills draft gurus for the next year. @NewEra came in third with 69 points after guessing Jack Anderson correctly, and @billspro and @Alphadawg7 tied f
  6. injuries and struggles at the senior bowl, Toney and Josh Palmer left people in their dust running routes at SB and both went earlier than expected. marquez really struggled to separate in SB practice and it hurt him, but like his pro day, he appears to perform better and looks fast in actual game scenarios...which is what matters
  7. Thompson is good, surprised he wasn’t drafted
  8. Wiggins and Marvin Wilson and we looking pretty good
  9. Oh man Zach Davidson, would have liked a flyer on him. TE AND Punter
  10. Wow, wow can’t go wrong building the lines
  11. Give me Shi! Kid is gonna be really good!
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