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  1. It almost feels unthinkable posing this question. And we all hate giving up draft picks. But I had to watch the Eagles win a Super Bowl last year from the confines of South Jersey... They has a second year QB who played out of his mind, bolstered by a team that Howie Roseman crammed with talent by giving away players and draft picks for upgrades at positions of weakness. (You can read some of the highlights here: http://www.espn.com/blog/philadelphia-eagles/post/_/id/24219/the-seven-days-that-transformed-eagles-into-super-bowl-contenders) We are at the same point in a similar rebuild. And so I ask the question, is it an opportunity for us? We have a supposedly weak schedule, a budding 2nd year QB that gives us great cap flexibility and not that many holes to fill. Here are some moves I think could help us mirror the Eagles success: 1. Trade for Jadeveon Clowney. Houston’s lack of OLine talent could feed into our favor. Plus it seems Houston doesn’t want to meet the contract Clowney’s side wants. Trade them Dawkins and a 2nd for Clowney and a 6th? 2. Trade a 6th for Cameron Brate. TB has OJ Howard starting and are paying Brate, a backup TE a pretty penny. He would immediately be a very good pass catching TE for us and their is no guaranteed money on his contract after this year. He had a drop off in production last year as he played all 2018 with a hip injury but should be cleared by training camp. 3. Trade our first for AJ Green. The Bengals are entering a rebuild and having a second 1st round pick to maneuver around and get their top QB in 2020 may be too much for them to say no to. I know it may seem surreal to think about us making that type of jump, but if the Eagles could do it would it be that crazy to think we could pull off something similar?
  2. Wonder why Bill didn’t draft Easley...him and Ferent are close. seems like a good get for us
  3. Not a bad backup for Allen, some similar skills but don’t think he will ever be a threat to Josh.
  4. Are they reacting to everyone's reaction that washington picked Harmon?
  5. Pff loves that guy, Armon Watts too tho he's a DT
  6. Joe Jackson, Amani oruwariye, armon watts all would be great. blake cash an seems like a McDermott type of guy too...
  7. Different era, no one trained for the combine like they do now
  8. Where'd you see this? Reports I found says he pulled up on his first 40 attempt with a tight hamstring http://fauowlaccess.com/tag/fau-pro-day/
  9. He pulled up short on his first run with a tight hamstring, didn't participate after that
  10. Ravens always do this, get good pass rushers middle to late. Wanted him
  11. At the combine he was the running back who was the shortest, with smallest arms, smallest wingspan and smallest hands. And he ran a 4.66. And caught 6 total passes last year and has a lot of mileage on him from college. He did score a boatload of TDs and he is shifty. I'm worried about his ability to transfer to the NFL. I would have gone elsewhere but oh well, Welcome to buffalo!
  12. Better players out there but oh well we needed a younger running back
  13. 3rd round is right for him. I didn't want him earlier, it'd be cool now
  14. You are a gentleman and a scholar
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