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  1. I totally agree Mahomes is the favorite for those reasons. Let Mahomes win MVP, MVP hasn’t won a Super Bowl in 20 years. I’d be very surprised if that Chiefs team makes it out of the AFC this year.
  2. Terron Armstead left the Miami game with a Pectoral injury. If he is out for any stretch of time, with the schedule Miami has coming up, could be a big problem for Tua
  3. they want the first pick in the draft, no winning to mess that up
  4. Shanahan does tend to spank his prodigies like McVay and Saleh. Hopefully same holds true for McDaniels
  5. McDermott is not a perfect coach. Maybe he won’t lead us to a championship. But all the calls to move on from him after this season are crazy. Bat**** crazy. Josh is the engine that makes this team a Super Bowl competitor. But, as much as I loveddd Josh as a prospect coming out of Wyoming, him getting to where he is now is due in large part to the steady hand that McDermott had in those first few years. He was patient with Josh and when they noticed Josh needed some veteran QBs in the QB room with him, they added Anderson and Barkley. In 2019 it was McDermotts defense that led the way to the playoffs and asked Josh just to make certain plays. I do gripe about all the premium assets we have put into the defense but McDermotts defense is built for the modern NFL and that is why year over year we are mostly a top unit. In a long season, it’s easy to see cracks in the armor but overall his playoff defense has been very very good and will be critical if we are to make our big run this year. Finally, McDermott has led us during some of the most gut-wrenching games of my fandom….Texans Playoff loss, Hail Murray, 13 seconds, Minnesota. Let’s keep in mind that they are so gut wrenching because these losses are part of promising seasons where the past 17 years our seasons were mediocre at best. But more importantly, even after those terrible losses, the Bills have not fallen apart. He has never lost the locker room which is the biggest problem you get from those types of collapses. In fact, the Bills keep learning from their mistakes. After the Hail Murray, we swatted down a last ditch Hail Mary to win our first playoff game in 25 years against the Colts. After 13 seconds, we squib kicked at the end of close games and we rushed 3 and dropped 8 with a spy against Mahomes this year as we should have done in the playoff game. After the Minnesota loss the Bills let the run game grind out the clock the next week against Cleveland like they should have done against Minny. I do think this is a critical year, the proverbial championship or bust because of how expensive our roster is getting. If we don’t do it this year the climb back will be arduous. But even if it doesn’t happen, McDermott has been too successful to give up on him without a huge drop off in play, a enormous losing streak, or it becoming apparent he has lost the locker room. This is not an easy sport, there is only one champion at the end of the year. McDermott has presided over the best Bills teams I can remember in my life and despite these mid-season struggles, the team is battling through them. I hope everyone can put down their pitchforks in this excruciatingly long season. McDermott and the Bills are a great combination.
  6. Yea feels like we have been the Dolphins, Jets and Lions Super Bowl so far this season.
  7. It was an incredible throw considering Allen is playing with an injury to his throwing arm. That is a throw 1 out of 1 people can make under those circumstances and that man is Josh Allen. That’s a throw that will make it on his end of career highlight reel
  8. I liked Geno back in the 2013 draft over EJ. I remember watching him and Tavon Austin obliterate Clemson in their bowl game the year before and googling whether they were draft eligible. He stayed for an underwhelming senior season and then went to the Jets who ruin all quarterbacks they touched. He always had really good talent but needed some organizational support. I don’t think he is a top 10 QB, but top 10-15 I think he can stay in that range for a few years. Glad to see him persevere. Glad the Jets are a dumpster fire forever.
  9. Yea I really don’t get all the kvetching we Bills fans do about the Chiefs. When have they really proven they are a great team this year? Beating a dysfunctional Cardinals team week 1? Two wins over the choking Chargers? A mid-divorce Brady who was getting arm barred by Giselle each night? An overrated 49ers team? Or the win against Malik Willis’s Titans? They could mess up a game against the Bengals or Seahawks or some other random team. Worst case scenario and we would have to beat them in Kansas City where we are 13 seconds and a coin flip away from beating them three times in a row now. I hope we can all relax about seeding and enjoy the ride of this season. This Bills team is special.
  10. This. Everyone is so concerned about the Chiefs on this board. Well, their 2019 SB season they went 2-4 between weeks 5 and 10. Losses and losing streaks happen in every season. It’s a long season.
  11. We have invested a ton of assets into the defense which has had many injuries this year. At full force with Tre, Poyer, Hyde, Milano, Edmunds and Elam, it is an elite unit who will hold opposing teams scoring very low. I personally would have put more premium assets into the offense over the past few years, but I don’t think it is a poorly constructed roster. Just a defensive heavy, injured one that relies on its $250 million quarterback to pick up a lot of the slack on offense.
  12. Coaching football is hard. We have seen some terrible losses in McDermotts tenure…Petermans 5 picks, Hail Murray, 13 seconds, whatever you call last week BUT he does seem to learn from and coach against these things going forward. We went back to Tyrod and made the playoffs, Hyde knocked down the Hail Mary attempt against the Colts to get our first playoff win in 25 years, we dropped all but three rushers with a spy against Mahomes on the last drive of the game this time, and now this week we were ok grinding out the game with the run even if the Browns started cutting into our lead. McDermott has the highest winning percentage of any Bills coach, he broke our 17 year playoff drought and he has the pre-season Super Bowl favorite on his hands. He is not perfect, but he really tries to improve his imperfections and there are few coaches we could want over him imo. No season is without its bumpy moments, it’s all about not letting them ruin your season. Despite the rumors, I think McDermott, staff and team are going to be very very good going forward. And you got a small glimpse behind the curtain of it today.
  13. For a week where they barely practiced, scrambled to the airport yesterday and played a road “home game” I think they did fine. They stopped Chubb and let the Browns try to beat them with Brissett. They planned to run the ball with a lead even if it meant the offense stalled and the Browns got to do some garbage time catching up. To me, that’s learning from last week when they should have ran more against Minnesota. Go Billls!!
  14. I’m not too worried about it still. It stinks that both our losses are division losses but each have been on the road with half our defense missing. Josh has had some uncharacteristic miscues the last 1.5 games but has been unbelievably good the past season. As long as his arm isn’t injured he will bounce back. Lastly, Green Bay put on tape that we are vulnerable against the run and the Jets used that to limit Wilson’s attempts and control the clock. The Bills will need to figure that out. When we are a little more healthy, I have faith McDermott and Frazier can get it fixed. We are 6-2, still atop the AFC. Go Bills!
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