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  1. This sounds like they already know that it is going to be a minimal suspension (if any) if they are calling on the NFL not to appeal it…
  2. yea same, 5/21. Got an email on 6/1 that said due to overwhelming demand may take more than 2 weeks to ship and would get an email when it does…haven’t gotten anything since
  3. Not so much that he can’t but it’s less likely because he isn’t built like what the prototype outside receiver is due to his lack of length. Scouting is basically just probability. The chance of him winning outside when probably every cornerback he will face is longer than him is less likely. It’s not a 0% chance but if you are looking for an outside WR do you want to take those odds early in the draft? And again, I am pumped about the pick
  4. For Shakir, I think it came down to two things: One, his short arms (29 inches). I think that made a lot of teams feel that he would be slot only for fear he wouldn’t be able to get off press on the outside. And two, with such a deep WR class someone was bound to fall. And I think it is probably true that slot is his best spot so he can get that free release and let him make full use of his initial quickness. However, The fifth round was way too late for him, especially when someone like Jahan Dotson went 132 picks earlier and he had struggles getting off the line vs press too and is smaller than Khalil. Tho it would be great if he turned into Deebo or Diggs, Imo his best pro comp is Robert Woods as he has that same smooth, hunched over running style and can be used in slot, backfield, end around, etc… Which would be great!
  5. Really nice that he starts the video off by providing info to help our community after last week The video itself is well though out and reasoned as all Brett’s videos are. Fun watch as we wait for football to get back
  6. So that means our schedule has the most rest built into it in the AFC?
  7. I mean it’s special for sure, but just wondering if it qualifies as primetime. Or if we could wind up with 6 night games plus the thanksgiving game? Not sure how the NFL classifies some of these specialty games
  8. Yea does playing on Thanksgiving at 1 pm count towards the max of 6 primetime games that can be scheduled?
  9. A lot will be made of how the Rams are 5-0 in season openers since McVay got there, if we get that opening night game. Of those 5 opponents none of them finished the year with more than 6 wins…I will like our chances
  10. Basham is a funny player because he is pretty athletic (9.38 RAS) despite definitely carrying a little extra weight. He is also much stubbier 6’3’’, sub 33 inch arms than the outside pass rushers we normally prefer like AJE and Groot. He is definitely an effort and diagnosis player, he isn’t great at winning initially off the edge but is pretty good at diagnosing the play after structure starts to break and going to where the play is going to be. Last year when they drafted him they mentioned him playing a little on the inside as well. If he can convert some of his body fat to muscle and keep his weight he may be able to handle it inside in pass rushing scenarios. Im actually pretty hopeful for him this year, though I agree with others who have said they see him as potentially good but likely not great pass rusher.
  11. Do the schedule makers want to give the Bills the season opening game two years in a row? 2022…and 2023 😄
  12. If Bradbury wants to play on a one year deal so he can cash in next year when Free Agency opens, signing with Buffalo would be a great opportunity. Gets a chance at a SB, gets to just be one piece in an excellent defense where he won’t have to be the guy in the secondary, and it was McDermotts defense that he started off in Carolina that led to his first big contract. I still think he goes elsewhere for more money, even just on a one year deal. But he could do a lot worse than signing with us this late in the offseason.
  13. Cowboys always have the inside track though they were the opener last year so maybe we will get a break If I had to guess it would be the Broncos, NFL likes the star QB in new situation storyline and Russ is formerly of the NFC West The Bills are probably second most likely after the Broncos imo
  14. We are going to beat the **** out of the Titans
  15. At Baltimore just feels like a MNF game to me. Bills/GB will probably be a 4:25 Fox game if I had to guess and Bills/Chiefs an early season CBS 4:25 game At LAR for the season opener and at Cinci for another Sunday night game The Amazon game I’d guess would be with Browns or Miami
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