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  1. You may be right, if Weaver hadn’t torn his ACL in 2019 I think I would disagree. He wasn’t quite the same this past year but you get him somewhere in round 3-5 instead of 30.
  2. From poking around some draft people that specifically deal with the Cowboys I think you are right that Horn is their preferred pick if Sewell, Slater and Pitts are gone. Id be very surprised to see Rousseau go that high though your reasoning was well though out. And I think in this situation the Raiders probably go OLine Vera-Tucker after gutting their interior this offseason. Not a big Ossai fan for the Bills in that spot. I get the spot you are in though because who really should the Bills pick in that instance? Ossai has some nice traits and the future health of our
  3. One thing to keep in mind is Hill wasn’t invited to the combine due to his off field issues. So each Hill and Moore were timed at a pro day where the times are less exact. So 4.29 or 4.32 may be no difference at all. And watching the 40 attempts both online Id say they look near identical. Now, when you watch them in their college highlights, it looks like Hill has a little more power to his acceleration into contact. Tho Moore was more developed as a football player and so was much more productive. Intriguing guy. If it wasn’t for the soft tissue concerns I think you would
  4. Now that Pro days are over, of all the potential draftees Rondale Moore is the closest this draft has athletically to Tyreek Hill. Of course, Moore was a 5th round pick, converted from RB to WR who played primarily special teams early in his career. Moore will be a first or second round pick and will have much higher expectations. Additionally, Hill is a little bigger with pretty long arms of over 34 inches while Moore’s are under 32 inches. Finally, Moore’s lower body injuries are a big concern going forward. If the Bills want there own version of Hill, Moore is about as close as yo
  5. He has been used mostly out of the slot and so with Beas being the man and with this being his last year under contract I’d say its unlikely we give up anything for him. I will say he has graded really well in Matt Harmon’s Reception Perception which is something I listen to when prepping for my fantasy drafts. Last offseason Miller was grouped alongside Calvin Ridley, Curtis Samuel, Diontae Johnson and Sterling Shepherd as guys that graded out really well but hadn’t had that breakout year yet. This was the best, free written synopsis I could find about how he grades the
  6. Their is a town in Massachusettes called Bridgewater that is 30 minutes away from Gillette. He was born to be a NE QB (that we dominate the next few years 😁)
  7. A fun video to watch, this game was a little before my time so I hadn’t heard about it before. It’s amazing how the spirit of this fan base has not changed throughout generations and we really are the best fans in the NFL.
  8. Thatd be a really good draft
  9. Etienne is fast but just so lacking in other areas. Not a good pass protector, not a great receiver, butterfingers. Najee doesn’t have crazy speed but he is above average at so many things.
  10. Big fan of Surratt, probably would need to be had with our second rounder or a third round trade up. I think he would see the field pretty often even with Milano and Edmunds healthy. He is a pretty good coverage backer so you can do a lot with him.
  11. Back in April of 2009 when the first round of the draft still started midday on a Saturday, I was studying abroad in Australia. After a drunken night out in Sydney, I took the wrong (and last) bus and wound up out in the sticks. My buddy and I hitchhiked back to our apartment because I needed to be back by like 6 am local time for about when we were supposed to pick. We got back with a little time to spare, I found some bootleg stream and watched us draft Aaron Maybin 😞
  12. This would be great, Harris is a great all around back. When it got down to it, we couldn’t run the ball when we needed to last year and Harris’s physicality can help with that. He is also a step up over what we had last year in the passing game. If we want to upgrade our offense, a running back like Harris is probably where we have the most room for improvement. Buuut, don’t really think he will be there at 30 and I’d be surprised if Beane traded up in the first round for a running back
  13. The reason I didn’t say hunter was because even though his sack production wasn’t there he started for most of two years. Oweh’s biggest concern is just that he is raw and would be getting by mostly on his athleticism. Ziggy Ansah was a really good player and I think most people would be happy with that level of player at 30. If Beane and McDermott draft him I will be excited and hope they can develop him well. But he has a long road ahead of him. His athleticism does give him a chance though.
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