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  1. The refereeing in the NFL is a disgrace, Lions got absolutely screwed tonight.
  2. The Limerick thread is that way >>>>> This is like the bread sandwich version.
  3. Indy are likely to finish 2nd behind Houston. And I still think the Chargers will finish 2nd behind KC. AFC North looks like a cripple fight. So yeah, Indy or LAC.
  4. Watch the greatest race on the planet - the Bathurst 1000 Starts 8.00PM this Saturday (Buffalo time)
  5. Across a number of sites NFL power rankings, they currently have the Bills as low as 12th and as high as 8th. They appear to have us as the 3rd or 4th ranked team in the AFC.
  6. This is a pivotal point in recent Bills history. A win today and a move to a 4-1 record could be the start of a sustained attack on the NFL playoffs for years to come. Go Bills!!
  7. Yeah, that would be kind of like limbo dancing under the belly of an alligator
  8. This guy could have had an extra 50 million in his account had he just knuckled down and played 3 respectable seasons with Oakland. Instead, he rips into the GM and then disrespects an entire fanbase by celebrating his release and uploading it for all to see. He is an arseclown of epic proportions and a mental midget to boot. I seriously hope this is the last we hear of him, though unlikely as the stiffs at ESPN will probably do a 1 hour, 10 man round table on him titled "AB - What went wrong"
  9. About the only thing he deserves is his own wrong number so other people can hang up on him. Otherwise, I wouldn't even waste an insult on a loser like Vontae.
  10. I am interested in knowing how people here might assess the importance of his off season tutoring with Jordan Palmer and what impact that might have had on his development - because to me it looks like he has significantly improved all aspects of his game relative to last season. Obviously the improved OL, WR and TE units factor into his improvement as well.
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