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  1. Yeah he definitely said it. Great interview and about time you had a feature story on the Bills ESPN you schmucks!
  2. Its all you've got if you live on the other side of the planet.
  3. We had the great fortune of owning a pit bull for 14 years. The day we had to put him to sleep due to an illness was one of the saddest days of my life. During those 14 years, I was accutely aware of the fact that I had a potential ticking time bomb on my hands and that I had to mitigate that risk by being the most responsible owner that I could be from day one. The fear of losing my dog due to any act of ill-discipline or poor supervision on my part ensured that I very rarely dropped my guard. The end result was a magnificent dog with exemplary behaviour. In short - owning a pit bull is hard work and requires much discipline. If you are not prepared to be disciplined then you are simply not fit to own a pit bull. What I would also say is that in my experience the likelihood of a pit bull demonstrating aggression increases dramatically in two broad instances: 1. when there is another dog involved - particularly another male dog. 2. When the owner is an ego driven moron or indeed aggressive himself I don't know what the laws are like in the US, but here in Australia the breed has been banned in most states (although there are loopholes such as classifying thr dog as an American Staffordshire), which is sad because it is clear that a handful of irresponsible morons have ruined things for the rest of us. So in answer to the OPs question - yes to background checks and licensing. It is the best way to ensure the survival of what is a beautiful breed.
  4. Agree. Until proven otherwise, the Pats are the default AFCE favourites.
  5. It's a fair bet he probably watched less than half. But even if he did see them all, I think his assessment of Josh is all wrong. How can he be so big on Rosen who had a similar completion percentage and an equally bad OLine. His assessment is inconsistent at best.
  6. Louis Riddick on ESPN talking about Buffalo and Josh: I love Sean and what he is doing with the roster, but I just don't have faith in an inaccurate QB like Josh. And if you do have a QB like that, it's no use drafting small WRs like Beasley and Brown with small catch radiuses. Glass half empty for mine.
  7. RIP Pancho. An inspiration to the very end.
  8. Reach (verb) 1. to get to, in moving, going or traveling etc. 2. to stretch, hold out or extend 3. EJ Manuel, pick 16, 2013 NFL draft
  9. Can someone who knows please list the names of these guys from left to right
  10. I honestly believe that if we make the playoffs this season, Oliver and Ford will be amongst the major contributors. My fear of not making the playoffs this year is more about our ability to remain injury free and being victims of bad officiating. I have no doubt that this roster will be doing serious damage to all opponents in the very near future.
  11. And people say the wait for the draft was way too long...
  12. Starting OL: Dawkins Spain Morse Ford Nseke The chopping block: Bodine Ducasse Mills
  13. Anybody watching ESPN First Take? Brown has tweeted the following to Ryan Clark : "Bro stop mentioning my name...next time we meet it's on site, ain't gona spare u" This guy is unstable and we really dodged a bullet there.
  14. Recap on ESPN Sportscenter: SVP: - Who is the best fit in terms of scheme and talent from this draft? Booger McFarland: - I like Ed Oliver going to Buffalo. I think when you look at Sean McDermott's defence, you get an Aaron Donald type. Not saying he's Aaron Donald, but if theres anybody in this draft that can do the same things, that can get upfield, that can play over the guard, it is Ed Oliver. Kyle Williams, a very good pass rushing defensive tackle retired, Marcell Dareus got traded away, so Buffalo needed a 3 technique inside McDermott's defence that can get up the field. They got the best one in the field in Ed Oliver. High praise indeed.
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