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  1. The open field tackles in particular are a problem.
  2. And Milano too. Even if it's just one of those little ones that come with a McClappy meal.
  3. Who does this guy think he is - a f******g doctor??
  4. McD is neither amazing nor terrible. He is a fantastic guy to have if you want to improve a teams culture and level of professionalism. A true leader in that respect. But he has also demonstrated on numerous occasions that he is bordering on being completely clueless and totally out of his depth when it comes to managing critical game day situations - particularly at the end of games. He is a very likeable guy with great character traits but I am not sure that he is capable of leading this team to a Lombardi. I sincerely hope that I am wrong about this.
  5. Come on Gooner....they didn't exactly cover themselves in glory either. BTW - will you be taking a knee for the Ing-er-lund Rainbow Warriors?
  6. Is that before or after you re-arrange your sock draw?
  7. He did go out and get Crowder but injury killed that move.
  8. we are favourites and we will probably win. but the way we are playing now we have absolutely no right to be over-confident and must treat ALL of our opponents with maximum respect.
  9. It bothers me that, at the press conferences, the media never ask direct questions of the coaches as to why players who are making plays are being under-utilized. I mean, that John Wawrow guy sounds like he can't walk and chew gum at the same time.
  10. McD simply had to take the FG attempt on 4th and 2, puts us up 30-17 and virtually game over. He is not a good game day coach, that much should be obvious to everyone by now.
  11. There is no maybe about it. That's because (a) the teachers are imparting their radical left theories and ideology on the students and (b) they are teaching them what to think, as opposed to how to think. It's the new left world order and it starts with indoctrination of our children.
  12. Greg Gutfeld: "Ron DeSantis crushed Charlie Crist like he was Stacey Abrams' futon" "Crist has now failed as a Republican, Independent & Democrat - the only thing left for him now is to fail as a woman" "Everyone says Biden should now head for the presidential exit - which is ironic as he has trouble finding an exit" "AOC says crime is actually down in NYC - yeah....and The View's audience can read and write"
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