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  1. Keon Coleman is so slow that he hits the gas pedal to reduce speed whilst approaching a red light. The teamsters have officially declared that all their future 48 hour workplace go-slows are now to be referred to as "Coleman's" That's all I've got.
  2. Why do we always get screwed by the NFL? - No early season west coast games when the team is still fresh - No west coast games either side of the bye OR on a weekend after a TNF game - three consecutive road games in the first six weeks - no road games either side of the bye when you would prefer to travel at least once and take advantage of the long break - why couldn't the three game road stretch be scheduled around the bye? F*** you, NFL!
  3. I realise that we don't have much salary cap space but a Chiefs hand-me-down? No thanks.
  4. Just saw her interview with Sean Hannity....she makes it clear that the biased fake news lefty media have omitted key facts from the story: - the dog was 14 months old, so almost an adult, definitely not a puppy - the dog was given to her by another family because they found it to be too aggressive, she and her family gave the dog a second chance but it became even more aggressive, attacking both people and other farm animals, leaving her with no choice but to put the dog down. She seemed pretty genuine to me.
  5. Yes I have two dogs. And I'm in my fifties so not many tricks left in my playbook.
  6. In the words of Kreese from "The Karate Kid" - NO MERCY!! Keep that foot on Hamas's throat!!
  7. I am a dog lover.....one of my dogs got hit by a car when he was 5 months old, back leg was shattered....it was either pay $2000 to get a plate screwed into the leg or, get it put down. We chose option A, and he ended up being the best friend you could ever ask for until he died at the age of 14. So I am not entirely comfortable with what she did. That said, I love Kristi Noem for her ideological viewpoints and her decisiveness. And she is pretty easy on the eye too, so frankly - she can jump on me anytime! As long as she feeds my dogs afterwards!!
  8. I really want this guy to be the starting centre. That would allow McGovern to stay at G resulting in a straight swap of VPG for Morse and - minimal disruption / increased continuity to the OL. It would also allow us to use Edwards in jumbo packages as well as having a very capable swing IOL. Be keeping a close eye on VPG.
  9. I would love a UB guy to at least make the PS. Long shot though.
  10. One pundit said that he was the best shotgun snapper he had ever seen - for what that is worth.
  11. Not so sure....one of the ESPN pundits (Matt Miller?) had him at 166 on his board. Said he was one of his favourite CB's in the entire class But the most glowing praise came from Louis Riddick: "If you are Buffalo and you're Sean McD and you're picking in the 6th round and you get Hardy - you've hit the jackpot!!" "Against Ohio state - and you know how good their WR's are - they couldn't get rid of him. Great measurables, a real alfa, super competetive, super instinctive, plays bigger than his size, and - super fast..."
  12. In more ways than one. It would eliminate the stupidity of team finishing second in Div A playing second in Div B and so on. Much easier to do the following: - 6 division games - 4 games v one AFC division (rotate every 3 years) - 8 games v two NFC divisions (rotate every 2 years) Adds up 18. Simples. Conference record for tie breakers is simplified as well (7-3, 6-4, 5-5....)
  13. Those lists above show that there is still lots of NFL ready talent and, with a bit of luck, we should end up with at least two more starters.
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