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  1. Dazz Newsome? Sounds like a pornstar name! Which reminds me....We had a Stormy Waters working with our office some years back
  2. My mum is not a Bills fan but she washes and folds my huge collection of Bills shirts in a way only a mother could. Where on earth would we be without our mums? May your mother rest in peace my friend 🙏
  3. I'm inclined to think that trading down for an extra pick in a COVID affected draft might pay off, but who the hell knows.
  4. I think Wentz's best beats Darnold's best.... Philly's o-line offered him as much protection as a fishnet condom....he will have way more time in the pocket in Indy. Would not shock me at all to see Indy go all the way next season.
  5. He let his girlfriend dictate the terms of his multi-million dollar contract? PU__Y WHIPPED.
  6. Dude, I gave you a thumbs up for the effort alone. Heck, you came close to being the first guy in the history of the internet to run out of ink!
  7. Yep....from the knee down. Of course, you then have to do the same to the other leg - you don't want an unbalanced midget at quarterback.
  8. Cleaning up the COVID vomit...no thanks 🤮
  9. You won't be seeing him for a while, if ever. Good riddance I say.
  10. On the face of it I agree that it is hard to see how the Bills beat the Bucs in this kind of form, but you can never rule anyone out in a two horse race, that would be foolish. And our best is much better than what the Chiefs served up today. Just like the Bills a fortnight ago - the Chiefs saved their worst for last. It also didn't hurt that the Bucs had both the luxury of home stadium advantage plus a referee crew who called the Chiefs for multiple holding penalties - neither of which we had. With the final salary cap number still up in the air we simply c
  11. ...that Zerovoltz will swing on by after the game and pontificate about the Chefs? If I was a bookie I would offer 250-1.
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