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  1. I'll concede that living Down Under may just affect the oxygen flow to my brain so please - help me understand something here: A redneck hillbilly cop takes law enforcement (and disrespect) too far, which ends with 1 death - resulting in squillions of violent protestors and cries of racism. An evil communist regime deliberately masks the spread of a deadly pathogen resulting in over 350,000 deaths - zero protestors and cries of "racism" Someone?...Anyone...?
  2. BG, he is still in grade 1 scribbling with a Crayola. How about you just let him graduate from grade 2 finger painting before setting the bar too high with "Spot Goes to the Farm"!!
  3. OK, now where is the Fitz career flow chart wheel when you need it?
  4. You mean to tell me that I have completely misinterpreted the "watch a redneck cop choke out a black man, get a 55-inch flat screen free" rule?
  5. An Aussie perspective from Johannes Leak, our greatest cartoonist:
  6. How about we just let him play out his pivotal third year with an improved offence against a stronger schedule of opponents and then evaluate his performance before hyperventilating over what we might do in year 4 or 5.
  7. Ok, so the guy had a lapse in judgement and no doubt he regrets his actions right about now. But some people are talking about him missing a bunch of games because of something he did in the off season a long way from an NFL stadium. Myles Garrett used a helmet to assault a player NOT wearing a helmet - an offence which is considerably worse than Ed's. And yet he only missed, what - 6 games?? If he misses more than two games he can consider himself hard done by IMO.
  8. Yeah, half a billion US is a head scratcher when the project is 80-90% complete. Anyhow, it ain't coming out of my back pocket so I won't get too worked up about it. Your average California taxpayer on the other hand (unless this Kronke chap is absorbing the cost solo).
  9. Yes, scope creep is definitely the most likely issue and usually is the issue at that stage as you say. But as I noted earlier, it could be a rise and fall issue....eg - one of the contractors submits a price for the supply and installation of 89,000 reclining plastic seats but with a valid supply date to say January 1, 2020. The seats are made in China but due to the Coronavirus there is a supply and distribution issue resulting in a price rise... subsequently, each additional seat now adds $50 to the project cost because a late handover could cost you over a million per day in liquidated damages. Add in a weaker greenback and your budget just blew out by another 5, 10 or 20 million bucks. That is just one of many possibilities.
  10. Not sure what the US equivalent is, but in Australia I completed both a Building Certificate IV (Trade College) and a Bachelor of Construction Project Management (University).
  11. The blocking component is the big difference because blocking in rugby is illegal. But broken-field kick returns against staggered, rushing defences are part and parcel of the game. IMHO, his ONLY realistic shot at an NFL roster is as a KR/PR. Running back is too complex for a rugby player. Heck, he would be better off as a WR than a RB.
  12. Because in the rugby codes, the position which generally fields deep, high kicks in a similar fashion to an NFL punt returner is the fullback. Wade, if I recall correctly, was a centre and/or winger. Wingers can and do return kicks - but nowhere near as much as fullbacks. Centres do not return kicks. This is NOT an uncommon scenario in the rugby codes, FYI.
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