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  1. Putin says Russia and U.S. should agree not to meddle in each other's elections But Trump said Putin never meddled in our election. How odd to guarantee to not do something you proclaimed you never did. Even Putin realizes the QOP has no chance
  2. 👆🤣😂🤣 - mention anything Russia and look at @Deranged Rhino go absolutely nuts trying to discredit.
  3. Here we go - what a freakn loser 2020 Election: Trump claims first presidential debate will be ‘unfair' Pathetic AF “Chris is good, but I would be willing to bet that he won’t ask Biden tough questions,” the president told Brian Kilmeade on Fox News Radio. “He will ask tough questions of me and it will be unfair, I have no doubt about it. He will be controlled by the radical left.”
  4. Yes, indeed - we have a racist in chief Trump said he could not "understand why" his wife Melania "would want to go" to Africa: report
  5. Just a hoax - we know Trumpholes Facebook issues warning about Russian 'hack-and-leak' operations ahead of the 2020 election
  6. Absolute scum How Republicans in key states are preparing to run out the clock on the election
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