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  1. Do you realize how pathetic you sound? You can’t even distinguish how the Tulsa Massacre would be taught w CRT applied or not. Do you realize EVERYONE can see you dodging this question?
  2. Motive? Was there any question? Where was she in the Capitol when it happened? Where was she going?
  3. So those questions are only appropriate when it’s a black person involved - got it
  4. Still nothing? Free Beacon or REDSTATE can’t tell you how you’re supposed to think… I mean highlight how the Tulsa Massacre is taught w and wo CRT? It’s really a simple question and really sad that you or your handlers didn’t highlight.
  5. Fighting for the right to propagandize? Have you seen your self? You’re like Trump - you must win the day. So speaking of propaganda - are you going to share how the Tulsa Massacre would be taught with CRT and without? Or are you going to be like Jim and continue to lash out…
  6. Another white flag from Sedition Jim. You *know* so much about CRT and how it’s taught - how it MAKES kids feel shame - but you can’t share how. Sad Jim - take your pea brain back to your safe place - Ann will comfort your FEELINGs.
  7. Per which far right rag? Im still waiting for you or @B-Man to share how the Tulsa Massacre would be taught with and without CRT. Lets hear it!
  8. Another f’n Trump inciting violence Thank you Trump voters
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