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  1. lmao - more feels. Don't whitewash what you and your fellow cult members were spewing (RED WAVE and BLOODBATH) leading up to the mid-terms and then you barely won the House, lost seats in the Senate, didn't convert one governorship and control in state legislatives. The cult taking over the House will be an absolute ***** show and gift to the Dems in 2024. #winning ETTD
  2. Awe, that's so cute... I know wins are hard to come by these days for the cult... but then again - you are one confused nut job: idiots
  3. Your 9 year old grandson triggers you too? Sorry - I didn’t get conned by Don like you did Gramps!
  4. Any idea why your latest savior is f'n around with Twitter with auto-unfollowing people? It's happened to me, as well. FrEe SpEeCh what a f'n joke. I was mysteriously "unfollowed" by Alex Vindman as well. FrEe SpEeCh FrEe SpEeCh
  5. Still too afraid to back up your feelings?
  6. This guy is as stiff as Al Gore. I knew Al would never be POTUS.
  7. Would you agree that both parties have/had racist moments? Both Biden and Trump have had their moments, right? At the end of the day, these two men were the choices that we were given in 2020. You have to admit though - racism and white supremacy is trending in the wrong direction, right? And it seems like one party condones it...
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