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  1. Makes sense - the pro life cult has zero interest in the health and safety of our children. Sick
  2. It has to be spelled out for you? Cmon you're smarting than this.
  3. lmao - this will continue to haunt you - snowflake
  4. Trump legitimized a terrorist organization and dictators across the globe - all at the expense of Americans yesterday, today and tomorrow. Keep trying with your pathetic shtick but it is nothing more than a desperate approach to deflect from the abomination of the Trump administration and all the GQP corruption that is being exposed every single day. You're a mess.
  5. Funny how the GQP cult never complain about the amount of tax payer funds spent on building/maintaining prisons and housing prisoners.
  6. America last? Are you talking about the previous administration that surrendered an entire country that we spent trillions and lost way too many americans to a terrorist organization and released 5,000 terrorists and didn't get one thing in return - including Mark Frerichs, an American who was left behind by Trump? "We want to see US troops come home, but my brother is a Navy veteran and the same Taliban we have been negotiating with have had him since January 31. We are praying President Donald Trump will not leave him behind," said Charlene Cakora, the sister of American hostage Mark Frerichs. Talk about DIVERTING ATTENTION FROM the absolute shitttshow the Biden administration inherited from Trump. You Are A Mess
  7. Once again T Special - the dossier was just one element of the Russian investigation. The fact that Mueller disproved the dossier has nothing to do with the fact that Trump did indeed collude with Russia. The GQP led Senate confirmed that in August 2020. Keep trying
  8. The dossier has NOTHING to do with the fact that the Trump administration did in fact collude with the Russians.
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