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  1. Look at you justify the slaughter of innocent people with guns that don’t belong in the hands of civilians. You continue to demonstrate that there is NO compromise when it comes to gun nuts like you. Guns Over People
  2. SOURCE? Oh, who am I kidding. The US-China Economic Relationship | US-China Business Council (uschina.org) The trade war with China hurt the US economy and failed to achieve major policy goals outlined by the Trump administration. Rather than benefiting the economy, it has reduced US economic growth and employment, resulting in an estimated peak loss of 245,000 jobs. Tariff rates remain at a multi-decade high despite both countries reaching a phase one trade agreement in early 2020. While the agreement made important progress on longstanding trade barriers in agriculture, financial services, and intellectual property protection, it failed to address a range of administration concerns over Chinese state-owned enterprise disciplines, distorting subsidies, data and cybersecurity, and other areas of market access. While the trade deficit with China did narrow in 2019, this was offset by an increased trade deficit with the rest of the world, leaving the overall US trade deficit broadly unchanged.
  3. You already admitted here in this thread that you would never relinquish your weapons; even if you knew it would save a loved one. You can save your "knowledge" of guns - CIVILIANS DON'T NEED MILITARY GRADE WEAPONS.
  4. It's ok. What I don't understand is why you would let your own family get slaughtered before you would give up your gun.
  5. Oh so the Governor didn’t take your gun away. Cry harder
  6. EVERYTHING is just a mere coincidence with these idiots. You cannot even attempt to connect the dots. It’s DR’s job to pollute as much as he can to keep his simps engaged and enraged. Amazing how much time @BillsFanNC spends whitewashing the events leading up to and on Jan 6 when several people (Proud Boys and Oath Keepers) have already plead guilty or have been found guilty of seditious conspiracy. Same political told these traitors to stand down and stand by - but we should forget that, too. JFC - bunch of freakn losers
  7. Fight like hell while Proud Boys are running around the rally that just so happens to be onJan 6 - riling up the crowd to storm the Capitol? You are a desperate loser.
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