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  1. I don't cheat on my wife, and I don't treat my marriage as a transaction. Nevertheless, Christo, please tell us more about the sanctity of marriage.
  2. Doesn’t sound like life was better for you four years ago, eh?
  3. Hey Leo - what changed? You sound very supportive of waving late fees here - but today? Nope. F the little guy… it’s the MAGA way.
  4. Did Donald Trump hand off a thriving economy at the end of his term?
  5. Oh NJ - is that you projecting, again? Are you whining on a football message board? Do you contribute anything here but attack me daily? I reallllly get under your thin skin. What am I doing to help the little guy? I vote for people who look out for the little guy. You vote for people who look out for this: Get the h out of here you little B.
  6. Do you EVER think? Showing results for 'commies' in content posted by BillsFanNC. - Two Bills Drive Found 799 results Fkn idiots
  7. The irony that this thread exists considering the CULT has done nothing to help curb price gouging and wants to do nothing to help out the little guy.
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