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  1. Hey guys - Trump is finally throwing YOU under the bus... Trump blamed his supporters in 'the radical right' as the reason he didn't get the credit he thought he deserved for COVID vaccines You had to know it was only a matter of time...
  2. You can’t make this up: Donald Trump is raising money off a "ransacking" in Florida — but it has nothing to do with Hurricane Ian
  3. Trump lowered the bar so far it will haunt you and the cult for the rest of your life. Move to Russia where you belong.
  4. Donald Trump criticised for 'playing golf' while Florida shooting victims funerals took place nearby WHEN DISASTER STRIKES, TRUMP GOES GOLFING
  5. Hey look - it’s another look at me post from Deranged Rhino! Trump went golfing 25 times as a virus swept across the US and killed over 200,000 Americans Trump skips G20 pandemic event to visit golf club as virus ravages US gtfoh Wait - what is this? Video appears to show Trump golfing in Virginia in the run-up to catastrophic Hurricane Dorian What’s this? How Trump’s time at his golf club hurt the response to Maria And this? Trump once again spends the day at his Virginia golf course as Florida braces for ‘catastrophic’ hurricane You literally cannot make this up
  6. Well Jim - this is the inflation thread - it’s too bad you can’t handle the role Trump played on… inflation!
  7. Because you're easy, Jim. It's a fact that you can't win.
  8. Sure, we can play this game. We will just have to revisit "Joe's economy" in 845 days. Meanwhile - in Trump's four years:
  9. The only FREAKS playing games when it comes to natural disasters are REPUBLICANS. Sit the @#$ down.
  10. Biden proactively declared an emergency got what Florida needed this past weekend. President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. Approves Emergency Declaration for Florida - September 24, 2022 It was DeSantis and his SIMPS who politized the issue even before the damn thing hit landfall.
  11. JFC - Economics doesn't happen in a vacuum.
  12. Nope - you're wrong. In 2013, Obama allowed previous tax cuts for the wealthy to expire. In doing so, he allowed the top income tax rate to rise from 35 percent to 39.6 percent. Study: Obama tax hikes on rich didn’t hurt economy, or rich The increased taxes, which took effect in 2013, included a new surtax of 3.8 percent on income from investments for the very wealthy that helped to pay for Obama's Affordable Care Act. Also, the president and Congress allowed tax relief enacted by President Bush to expire for the wealthiest households, resulting in an increase in the tax on capital gains from 15 percent to 20 percent and an increase in the top marginal rate on ordinary income from 35 percent to 39.6 percent. The very interesting thing that happened when Obama raised rich people’s taxes PS: See why you hate the Affordable Care Act? Oh, trickle down economics? LOLZ Are you serious? jfc Trump’s Corporate Tax Cut Is Not Trickling Down: The promised boom in business investment never happened The most recent data show that private nonresidential investment actually declined in the second quarter of 2019 Instead of substantially increasing investment, the windfall businesses received largely went to paying off wealthy investors. One analysis of Fortune 500 companies found that just 20 percent of increased cashflow in 2018 was spent on increasing capital expenditures or research and development. The remaining 80 percent of cashflow went to investors through buybacks, dividends, or other asset planning adjustments. The vast majority of corporate stocks are held by the wealthy, including foreign investors, and thus they are the ultimate beneficiaries of the windfall corporate tax cuts.
  13. So, Trump can take credit for Obama's economy... and Biden can't blame Trump for what he did to our treasury and economy. Got it. And yes, inflation started to increase in 2020 on TRUMP's watch. You can't pick and choose facts.
  14. I believe Obama had his tax rate on the rich at 39.5%. And look what happened to his economy? Now, I do laugh that you chose not to share the Corporate tax decrease under Trump - why?
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