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  1. Leftists gonna leftist... Accusation deleted. Retraction deleted. So, it never happened.
  2. The link from the tweet just spins for me, but here are some others: I believe this is where the tweet link attempts to go Pilot Program Allows Electronic Fingerprint Submission for IdHSCs at Select Post Offices You, sir, are a true patriot.
  3. So it goes with the facial recognition pictures they have of you, of course.
  4. Anyone want to participate in this biometric data party?
  5. Here's the link: She’ll be working with a collaborator with the target release thought to be April 2020 (not an uncommon practice, but she is barely literate).
  6. Adding this to what has already been mentioned...Pelosi's son had his hand in the Ukraine cookie jar. Queued up below for a brief overview: Also, you can watch from about the 1 minute mark to hear what else is alleged against him (defrauding property and weaponizing CPS to have her children removed).
  7. From this (broken) thread: Look who brought up Article II, Section 3 today:
  8. Buy an autographed copy of his book and maybe he will tell you what is meant by this.
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