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  1. Researching or "Researching"? And the main page of Fox news had a flood of stories,7 different articles, posted today.
  2. "enjoy the show!" Where have we heard that before (dozens of times)?
  3. Thread! Nationwide, dozens show up to Impeach Trump Rallies.
  4. Paul Sperry has seemed to be fairly well tuned into things, so this is mildly troubling. Especially when taken into account with: where it would appear there is also faith being lost in Barr ever releasing anything after the DECLAS order from POTUS. It does appear that the scope of Durham's investigation has broadened, so my hope is that the DECLAS delay is due to a number of the documents that had been tagged for DECLAS, are now part of an open investigation. Also, notably absent names from the letter include those who have battling at the front: Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes, and Doug Collins. Seeing these names attached would make it much more troubling IMO. And so, we wait...
  5. Mr. Jones was quickly able to narrow down the list of possible suspects, his enemies, to 7 billion people.
  6. An NYPD Officer took his life on Friday, the third member of the Department to do so in under two weeks.  EMS was requested to the 121 Precinct in Staten Island at around 4:00PM, for reports of an officer with a gunshot wound. The officer was found shot in a parked vehicle behind the Precinct at 55 Wilcox Street near Sanders Street. Unfortunately, he was pronounced dead on the scene.
  7. 6/14/19: The confluence of President Trump's birthday and Flag Day.
  8. Sounds like the naval warfare equivalent of BleachBit'ing a server.
  9. I must confess, I feel a whole lot better after watching this segment. CNN is pro-truth, isn't there to spin things, and they just want to give the people reliable information.
  10. It also wouldn't surprise me if it was actual Iranian elements/proxies going rogue, not sanctioned by the actual government. Given how the financial coffers are starting to dry up, there are certain factions which may be starting to play things a bit looser. The actual goal could even be to make sure their own funding doesn't dry up and this is a negotiating tactic being employed against their own side to keep the money flowing to them. Just a thought.
  11. Helping Americans Gain a Second Chance to Build a Brighter Future
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