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  1. What do you want to bet that the dastardly orange man will next have the utter gall to handpick the next IG?! They've got him this time!
  2. She is a walking rickroll. And the Leftists will never give up on finding a way to get to reparations.
  3. The answer to when they stop releasing these numbers: Now.
  4. Just a friendly reminder that it's April Fools Day, and given the worlds current situation, there's bound to be extra crazy schiff making the rounds.
  5. That's nothing more than one of a number of working theories. I actually posted a link way back on page 9 of this thread about pangolins being a possible source. Could you please share some of these left leaning news sources that you trust? Oh, and, your rock called. It's missing you living under it. Edit: Here's a special shoutout to @4merper4mer, as I was able to search for him using the word "hump" to locate the original posting of the pangolin.
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