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  1. So, how long before the Leftists call President Trump a racist for this? ------------------------------------
  2. I could see her having Bill literally thrown under a bus, then trying to ride the “poor, strong, widow” wave to a nomination.
  3. The Censure vote looks to be going on now: https://livestream.com/fednet/house ------------------------------
  4. Hasn't happened yet. Dems will try to kill it first.
  5. Since he may as well be one at this point, dropping this here: This Sure Looks Like Mitt Romney’s Secret Twitter Account (Update: It Is) Meet “Pierre Delecto.” He made the account private after being made, so many tweets are now missing from the story.
  6. Canada heads to the polls on Monday. Trudeau’s West Grey accuser was much younger than first thought
  7. This apparently occurred in San Francisco. Here's a video from another angle: And posting this for the 2nd tweet: While there is much truth to the sentiment that California is the Land of Nuts, keep in mind that President Trump tallied over 4.4 million votes in CA in 2016, despite losing the state at a 2:1 margin. These 4.4 million votes were only exceeded by Trump in TX and FL. Hilldog only exceeded this number in CA, NY, and FL. Yes, these 4 mentioned states have the largest populations, so these results are not unexpected. What does get overlooked, however, is the enormous support that did exist in 2016 (and I would be shocked if that number doesn't increase in the 2020 election).
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