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  1. It was Democrat’s that instituted slavery. It was Democrat’s who seceded from the union, starting the civil war. It was Democrat’s that instituted Jim Crow. It was Democrat’s who started and ran the KKK. It was Democrat’s who forced integration on the south. It was Democrat’s who violently opposed the civil Rights movement. It was Democrat’s who couldn’t/wouldn’t pass the Voting rights legislation. It was LBJ and Joe Biden who called African Americans the N word.
  2. FU. SDS created this forum and the PPP wing especially to let people have freewheeling political and social conversations - with minimal mod oversight. If YOU don’t like it GTFO and start YOUR OWN board. He doesn’t realize ***** because he’s too self absorbed. His ancestors came over from some part of what is now Germany in the 1600s. They landed in Virginia. They owned slaves. That what’s driving his liberal guilt.
  3. PPP doesn’t need YOU. You’re a pompous prick and we can tell you’re aching to become a mod for PPP. It won’t happen. GTFO. We don’t need your 2,090 posts in the Pandemic thread where you continuously nest and fart your opinions several times daily.
  4. Shhh. He’s auditioning to be a speechwriter for Slowhand Joe.
  5. MICHAEL IS SCREAMING: “WHATABOUTPUERTORICO!” I went there 57 times to inspect the insufficient Federal aid and document they were denied basic commodities like water, rice , and vegetables, and food stamps. THESE ARE MY PEOPLE!!!! They should be a state just like Guam and Guantanamo.
  6. I quit playing guitar after Little Feat disbanded and George died. If they could t make it, I stood no chance.
  7. I miss the hot sauce omelette at TipTop Diner on Ridge Rd near Clinton. Used to have that after hours and sometimes as lunch on the graveyard shift. Any self-respecting cook from western NY should be able to whip up a ”hot sauce” a-la Don & Bobs, Vic & Irv’s, the Char Broil, Schaller’s. I miss Campy’s and their Bombers. I won’t mention Smitty’s and his great NC mustard hot sauce. Best chicken ever. He had a lot of wannabe followers who ripped him off. Had to be there in the 60s when he moved from storefront to storefront to keep ahead of the landlords. Good times.
  8. Ask, and ye shall receive. Of course this was filmed in the off season, but you can rest assured that it happens in the summertime with even greater frequency.
  9. The real Eddie Haskell is dead. His wannabes live on here though as social cockroaches.
  10. For the life of me, I don’t get why some of you continue to engage with the earthworms and maggots that infest this place from time to time. You can’t be thinking that you’ll get an honest dialogue, yet alone an honest answer from the
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