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  1. Yeah, sure. But #ORANGEMANBAD!!!
  2. Alan Dershowitz is a brilliant Constitutional scholar. This "Impeachment" of Trump is as unconstitutional as a kangaroo court and a lynch-mob.
  3. Tony Romo has become the TV analyst that many of us thought Peyton Manning would have been.
  4. BREAKING NEWS!!! MSLSD REPORTING... Parnas told Dems that he was in the Moscow Hotel and was an eyewitness to the Trump Golden Shower Review put on in Trump’s behalf by Vlad the Putin. They even had caviar! He also swore that a small goat or dog was involved. He can’t be too sure which, because the room was only lit by candlelight and he admitted to having drunk a fifth of Stoli. Furthermore, he swears that it was there in Moscow that Trump planned to frame Joe Biden with allegations that he can’t carry a tune, is low energy, (white supremacist dog-whistle code for “he’s got a small peepee”) and “without evidence” alleged that Hunter Biden is a money sluice to the Biden family’s coffers. Film at 11.
  5. Looks like a Walter White warehouse. Or perhaps Gus Fring’s.
  6. Clearly it's coming from The Bills Front Office. They want to deflate his market value.
  7. Clearly they're upset to have six African--Americans standing and sitting down with them.
  8. For the love of dirty, will all you ass wipes stop quoting that schmuck? WTF is wrong with you? He’s insane and responding to it encourages it to further pollute the atmosphere.
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