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  1. Sticks and stones will break my bones, but land mines are another matter.
  2. The Apollo program was misnamed from the start. It should have been called The Luna project or The Selene project. Those were the ancient goddesses. Apollo was the sun god.
  3. Der Fuehrer also shook in the final days of his Reich. So too does this Girl From Brazil.
  4. And which Federal Administration do credit for making those changes? GHW Bush WJ Clinton GW Bush BH Obama DJ Trump Asking for a friend.
  5. On first viewing, I though he slapped her azz twice. But it was the guy's hand next to her and then he shakes his hand. That's Kavanaugh-level assault. IMPEACH!
  6. No one in the media will favor The Bills to win the AFCE until Brady retires. The Browns division doesn’t have a Smaug the Dragon sitting on its pile of gold like the Patsies*** do in our division.
  7. AOC is nothing but a petulant bully. Most of the Leftists are intolerant bullies.
  8. I have cooked it between two paper towels in the microwave. It’s still messy. I’ve found the best way to cook bacon is to bake it in the oven. You put a sheet of parchment paper on it and cover it with a single layer of bacon. 375 F for 15 minutes and turn it over at about 12 minutes. Finish it to your desired crispness. Hello! It ain’t called BACON because you fry it.
  9. Obviously it was his sexual abuse by his Parish Priests that turned poor Jeffery’s bent to the dark side. Oh, how those Jesuits twisted that poor young soul into to the polluted back alleyways of society! What? He’s not Catholic? Oh, never mind. Trump something something something.
  10. Portland is in the midst of a gang war. Plain and simple... it's a gang war. The Governor could call in the National Guard to take control of that mess. Then again, it's Ory-gun. 
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