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  1. And Nadler’s near fainting or swooning spell when he sat too close to Mayor Bill D’Blahblahblah and inhaled too much of his fetid stench.
  2. That fat f ***** er was just down a quart of 30 weight Mobile 1. He forgot where he put it - strapped to his ankle so he couldn’t lose it. He he should stick to the salad side of the buffet banquets that he frequents for a week or so at least.
  3. Excuse me, but I’ll wait till it goes on sale at Walmart.
  4. She obviously downed half a handle of Jack just before grabbing the mike. Ladies and gentlemen, our US Speaker of the House!
  5. Democrats are worthless fools that don’t know how to govern.
  6. Sure, but will he release his inner Roland Freisler?
  7. He belongs in The Hall of Duper. End of story. I’ll drink champagne when his vote tally falls short... every year.
  8. This sleaze is a suck-ass of the first order. CNN tossed Alan Dershowitz -ALAN DERSHOWITZ! for this PUTZ!!!???
  9. When you find that, can I have the next one? I’d like to give each of them a “shot”.
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