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  1. Not only that, but she's the first American since January to not have passed away from the Wuhan virus. RIP Linda.
  2. Wrong again Gary. You deserve all the mocking we can dish out. I have great respect for people who die, and it doesn't matter what the cause(s) are. They're a lot more than just a number or statistic that you and others use to browbeat others with. You are a Trump Deranged Hate-monger constantly looking for a dark cloud day in and day out. Yep.
  3. You’re a cheerleader for death and doom. You’re beyond reprehensible.
  4. So none of that natural phenomena is still occurring? Asking for a friend.
  5. And you’re a first class a ####### e. Nobody dies from anything other than this China virus. WAKE UP SHEEPOLE!!!
  6. Bernie is an attention w ***** e. He ran to enrich himself with campaign contributions from weak minded naive joiners. His media buys were controlled by the company his wife started and they get at least 10% on the top of every media buy they placed for him. His campaign made him more millions than his book deals did. He’s a phony.
  7. This Corona virus is really something. It’s cured cancer, heart disease, COPD, diabetes, high blood pressure, and a host of other diseases like drug overdose, stroke, and even the normal influenzas. Is there nothing it can’t cure? It’s like global climate warming change which is proven to be caused by everything, but this insidious Chinese invention CURES everything. Well perhaps TDS but that’s the worst disease of all. Quite amazing actually for a disease that can’t be transmitted by human to human contact.
  8. How DARE you compare this Chinese virus to the Flu!
  9. Sorry boss. I took a ServeSafe course and that was one of the top issues in serving food to the public. I’m certified. No worries there. My issue is two failed microdiscectomies and the need for inserting a fake disc and fusion. I’m not a happy camper.
  10. NBC “News” POUNCES WITHOUT EVIDENCE On a story from unnamed sources in China that there Are no new cases reported there. That’s because If anyone reports a new case, they’re killed.
  11. Nope. They’ve stopped elective surgeries completely. I have first hand knowledge of that.
  12. Anybody know COBOL? COBOL programmers are in demand to help process unemployment checks.
  13. Warm buffets can be a real danger zone. Rice in particular. It can have bacillus Cereus. https://www.livescience.com/65374-bacillus-cereus-fried-rice-syndrome.html Many people thought they were sick from MSG. Not so. Improperly stored and heated rice was likely the culprit.
  14. And wearing masks. Must wear a mask. Common man. You get a mask too!
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