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  1. Until they realize it will cost them 100 bucks to fill their big white suvs
  2. Uh oh, now Jill is going to hold back his pudding cup tonight for answering questions he shouldn't have...
  3. According to Juan Williams, everything is fine all this is a blip ... Joe's America is on the way up !!!
  4. Seriously you guys are funnier than vintage SNL...no I really mean it, blurt out laughing, milk out the nose, pure comedy gold.
  5. Wait til the stimulus is gone...talk about hangover $ 4 DOLLAR GAS WTF SJ !?!
  6. To a lefty this is obviously way more acceptable than having ya know severe mental issues, duh.
  7. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/us-news/14903733/trailer-park-birthday-party-shooting-colorado-springs-seven-dead/ PARTY SLAUGHTER Colorado Springs shooting: Gunman ‘killed girlfriend & 5 guests in front of scared kids before turning gun on himself’ oh oh oh...wait a minute forget these ones are not white guys...never mind, move along nothing to see here.
  8. The border was secure. China was in check, and inflation was not like now. Gas was low. South Korea looked hopeful. Iran was not getting pallets of cash and pissed. Not perfect...but way better than the current s&%t show.
  9. Well that's what they are being told in order to deflect the chaos that is currently prevalent. But yea SJ and and his 1500% approval.....hahahahahahahahahahaha
  10. wait for it...2008. Do I need to say who was in charge then. lol https://www.marketwatch.com/story/u-s-inflation-climbs-in-april-to-the-highest-level-in-13-years-cpi-shows-11620823628 c'mon lefties how is cnn telling you to spin this, lol.
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