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  1. Hamas is just fine with Palestinians dying. Palestinians support Hamas. The left wants Biden to stop the war. Nothing is logical about any of this mess. What a SNAFU. Applying logic from our western perspective is probably doomed to fail.
  2. Because the question is dumb. If you ask 10 people you might get 10 different answers. I know people who left for sunshine and warmer weather, others to be near their kids, etc. People come and go. Many people leave NY for CA and vice versa. Many go south to FL or TX. I know people who have moved from the south to NYS too. Many leave NYC and CA due to high rents because of high housing demand. There are advantages and disadvantages to wherever you choose to live. MAGA likes to paint Dem states as unlivable hell holes. Anything that isn’t Trump/MAGA approved is the worst thing imaginable. It’s all part of the cult mentality. I know plenty of people in NYS who would never move to TX or FL if you paid them. If people don’t like where they live, they should run for office or move.
  3. If you are unhappy, then move or go get therapy. It’s a free country. We are allowed to be happy even if it goes against the MAGA narrative.
  4. The discussion isn’t about tax policies. My comment was about Blitzy was calling CA & NY the top two dictatorships. I wish our government could go back to the days when they had real serious debates about tax policy.
  5. The MAGA crowd loves to hate on America and fly their flags upside down if they don’t get their way. I see a lot of happy people in NY and CA. MAGA wants you to think they are the worst places on earth.
  6. This day reminds us all that freedom isn’t free. Democracy isn’t guaranteed and requires sacrifice to stand against tyranny. Today, that tyranny is Russia.
  7. Neither side wants peace. The war will continue until one of them says enough. Hamas views their people as expendable. They are willing to sacrifice every civilian so long as it hurts the international standing of Israel. So the question is, when will Hamas say enough, let’s agree to peace, or when will Israel say enough?
  8. Trump is a Loser again today in court. Every time he goes to court, he winds up losing. He lost 34 times today. Multiple juries, multiple judges, multiple cases. Everyone around Trump loses and spends time in the clink. Republicans would be so far ahead if they turned the page on him and moved on to someone else to lead their flock of sheep.
  9. If there is a tech solution to spot marking the ball I’m for it. Remove the subjective parts to eliminate ref bias or ineptitude and opportunity to fix game results. One less thing to argue about.
  10. The legend of Josh Allen keeps growing… even in the off season. Decades from now stories will be told about him to young Bills fans.
  11. They a bit koo-koo too. These mass petitions for people to be ousted from their jobs when they have an opinion that differs from yours is stupid. It’s happening now to these university presidents who are enforcing civility on their campuses. America is the most diverse nation on this planet. All sides of every spectrum of every issue are present here. This is all a grand experiment by the founders of this nation. If this nation is going to survive, we all need to figure out how to live with each other. That begins with tolerating others who might think a bit different on an issue than you do. Everyone needs a bit thicker skin and calmer mind and not be so offended by others. Social media is the worst triggering people to be offended at stupid stuff. It’s a free country. We have choices. If you don’t like the kicker, don’t watch the team. If you don’t like the colleges investments, pick a different school to go to. But people shouldn’t be calling for others to lose their job just because of their opinion. That doesn’t mean that you can’t lose your job if you say something stupid.
  12. Yea, I was thinking about Oliver. It just makes me laugh the psychology of it all. But hey, however they want to spend their money is fine by me. Go buy more red hats.
  13. Good point. I forgot about that one but don’t remember any other examples.
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