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  1. What a mess and waste of talent. Those rookie receivers must have had their heads spinning trying to figure out which route to run.
  2. I agree. I don’t have a good answer. I just don’t like seeing big swings late in a game on a bad call or ticky-tack call on PI. It doesn’t seem fair that a minor PI can result in a 20 or 30 yd penalty but Gronkowski can take intentionally try to take someone’s head off and get 10 yds.
  3. I think the root of the problem is that PI calls are spot fouls resulting in big yardage gained or lost based on judgement calls. I hate the way PI is officiated. The reward/penalty from the call is often all out of proportion to any other penalty in the game. I guess they are trying the replay route to try to fix the poor officiating on these pivotal calls.
  4. I love this change. It should help remove bias against small market teams like the Bills. As fans, we just want the right calls made.
  5. Correct - last year we likely saw the worst of Josh, with his inexperience and the lack of talent around him. Thinking about the future....mmmm...mmmm...oh yeah! 😎
  6. I’m proud to wear Bills stuff. For some places I wear more low key colors than the bright blue charging buffalo. I think the classic standing buffalo is good for all occasions.
  7. I think Cole is going to quickly become a fan favorite catching 3rd down passes and moving the chains. This guy is a great addition to help Josh out when things break down.
  8. Wow. That was a fast release. Chiefs must be confident of the facts. These types always seem to be repeat offenders. When you draft physical abusers, it’s a time bomb. Update: while it is fake news at this time, if true, they will have to release him. Physical abusers are a red flag that you don’t draft.
  9. That’s easy - Jim Kelly. He was the leader of the best years of the team.
  10. I’m not banking on Duke Williams. I could see him being practice squad player. Camp will be fun to watch this year. Lots of competition at most positions.
  11. With all the recent signings, I don’t see 10 draft picks making the team so I think they are going to be wheeling and dealing moving up where needed to get the guy they want. TE, DT and big WR are biggest needs with depth picks elsewhere.
  12. Can’t wait to see who they pick in the draft. This team is getting a huge make-over. Hopefully McD can bring them together to play as one team. It may take a bit of time for the chemistry of the various units to gel.
  13. Sign me up! Upon further review, I’ll take Clowney as long as we get/keep a 1st rd pick. He’s 26 and should have several productive years left.
  14. I’m concerned we’d get a Mario Williams performance out of Clowney. I think I’d rather draft a young and hungry DT at 9.
  15. 50 million through 2021 is a lot of $ to pay a drama filled me-first receiver who is older than 30. Let’s build through the draft with players who want to be here. I don’t think he sees another Super Bowl in his career. I have a feeling the Josh Allen is probably relieved that he won’t have to deal with the drama from AB.
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