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  1. They gone woke too! They were flying the rainbow flag last year. The only thing left to watch is monster truck competitions.
  2. Here is something interesting I recently came across re gun violence: I have been reading and writing about gun violence for more than ten years. I have yet to see how one of the most significant factors that we need to understand about this peculiarly American form of behavior not only remains unstudied by all the public health mavens (read: experts) but isn’t even mentioned by this so-called scholarly community as an issue of concern. What I am referring to is the extraordinary differential between whites and blacks when we look at the numbers for homicides versus suicides committed with a gun. The difference is startling. For whites, the gun-homicide rate in 2021 was 3.05, for blacks it was 28.03. This puts the white gun-homicide in the United States right around Sri Lanka and Turkey, and considering that white Americans own ten times more guns that the residents of either those other countries, the rate of gun homicides suffered by American whites isn’t so bad. On the other hand, the rate of gun homicides experienced by American blacks is up there around countries like Sudan, Guinea, and the Dominican Republic. In 2021, the U.S. gun-homicide rate for blacks between ages 14 and 34 was – ready? – 64.05. The only country which matches that number in the entire world is El Salvador. No other country is even close. Looking at gun suicides, however, gives us a much different view of things. In 2020, the rate of white gun suicides was 7.84, the black gun suicide rate was 3.95. When it comes to how guns are used in this country for ending a human life, as opposed to using a gun for hunting or sport, whites use guns to shoot themselves, blacks use guns to shoot someone else. In that respect, I’m still waiting for the first researcher to attempt an analysis of the differential between gun homicide and gun suicide using race as the fundamental variable in both types of events. https://mikethegunguy.social/2023/05/18/does-public-health-understand-gun-violence/
  3. Man, it has to be so rough trying to be a good conservative. First NASCAR flew the rainbow flag and you can’t watch them anymore. Now ya have to cancel your Disney vacation, you can’t buy your kids toys at Target, ya can’t shop at Kohls, you can’t drink your Buds and now you can’t take the fam out to Friday dinner at good ole Chick-fil-A! They were supposed to be on the Right! Now they went and hired some black guy as VP of diversity and inclusion. Oh, when will the insanity stop?
  4. I would have thought that Trump would have helped the kid out and sent him a few bills. Then I remembered….. he never gives his money to anyone.
  5. A little wind feels good sometimes to air them out. My boys gotta breathe. You guys are all working on your testicle tanning with Tucker. I’ll pass on that one. Wouldn’t want to risk a burn.
  6. https://www.americanprogress.org/article/gun-violence-in-rural-america/
  7. Stand down and let the shoplifters walk seems to be the standard corporate protocol now. Probably based on recommendations from corporate attorneys wanting to limit liability. Insurance covers lost product. Not worth potential millions in liability from lawsuit due to injured employees or criminal. Seems odd but is understandable.
  8. https://www.politico.com/interactives/2022/midterm-election-house-districts-by-education/ The last few election cycles have been marked by an increasing divergence in outcomes based on education levels, with Democrats making serious gains with college-educated voters while Republicans win far greater shares of non-college educated white voters. The educational divide has been building for years but accelerated dramatically during the Trump era. As recently as the 2012 presidential election, for example, college-educated voters were narrowly split, with college-educated white voters favoring GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney. But in the 2020 presidential election, Biden won 68 percent of congressional districts where at least 30 percent of adults have a bachelor’s degree. Donald Trump won 64 percent of districts where less than 30 percent are college-educated — and, what’s more, Trump’s showing includes carrying 96 percent of districts that were both below that education threshold and at least 70 percent white.
  9. Some interesting discussion there. Re the problems in the black community, they are largely right. Solutions to those problems need to come from within the community, beginning with parents, family and personal responsibility. Personally I think there needs to be a cultural change to emphasize the importance of black fathers and to celebrate the sacrifices fathers make for their children. Encourage men to be responsible fathers. More black athletes and cultural icons need to be outspoken on this. Acknowledging this does not mean that racism or white supremacy organizations don’t exist or are not societal problems too.
  10. So the FBI overstepped its authority. It’s not the first time in our history that has happened. It’s up to Congress to rein it in then. That doesn’t mean the agency is rotten to its core. The people working there are protecting this country by investigating crime and enforcing our laws. Before Trump, did you believe the FBI was corrupt? If the FBI is anti republican , why didn’t they go after Bush 1 or Bush 2? If anything, people in law enforcement would generally lean to the right politically. You can’t only support them when they are investigating Dems.
  11. If I hang out here long enough, maybe someday I will achieve enlightenment to see and understand the truth.
  12. I have never heard reporters describe a mass killer as a “straight white man”. So this is about debunking the emphasis on white supremacy being a motivation for violence? That makes no sense, but okay… The motivation of the killer is always something to be investigated but that alone won’t stop future killings. Personally, I believe the good Americans working at the FBI if they claim white supremacy groups are a rising source of violence.
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