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  1. I think you are more right than not on this. In addition to personality and temperament, I would add life experiences when growing up. I’m no expert but I would suggest that the left represents caring, empathy and creativity while the right represents order, production and linear thinking. Most people appreciate the values of both sides, but lean one way or another. It’s remarkable how individual preferences split America almost exactly in half. Government at its best incorporates the ideas and values of both to benefit society. Sometimes the parties move too far one way or the other. For all this to work, we need a functioning representative government where representatives of each side listen to and respect each other, where people from the other party are not viewed as enemies.
  2. Hopefully Trump keeps picking winners in future elections. The guy’s a genius.
  3. I’d vote for not allowing it. At some point an OC like Greg Roman is going to take it all the way and start designing plays specifically for this sort of mass movement down the field. Surround the RB with a bunch of big linemen and everyone move together in formation. That’s not going to look like modern football.
  4. Between Lance with a broken ankle and JG with a broken foot, the 49ers have really been snake bit at the qb position this year.
  5. Jim has received decades of love from Bills fans. I’m sure he is thrilled they have finally found a worthy successor. Jim is probably Josh’s #1 fan. The future will determine which of the two were better. Josh is setting all sorts of records in this passing era of the game, but Super Bowls are the measuring stick.
  6. The ejection was stupid. If the officials were following the rule, the rule needs to be changed. In this instance, Hamlin had no time to change is point of impact and he hit with his shoulder.
  7. It’s not about what I think. It is what a jury of citizens decided after being presented the facts in a court of law. Are jury decisions in courts now irrelevant because they are contrary to the Trump narrative?
  8. Personally, I think marriage is marriage, regardless of the sex of the two people. Marriage is a term with legal meaning and implications for the two people involved. No one should deny other people the pursuit of happiness and the benefits of such union.
  9. Last year We had more weapons for defenses to guard. Diggs, Beasley, Sanders, Davis, Knox, RB. This year, Crowder got injured and has not been replaced. So we are running with Diggs and Davis, McKenzie sometimes, Knox sometimes and RB. Davis is getting defended by better DBs since we do not have as many viable weapons. Defenses know what we are doing. They can shade their defense towards him and Diggs. Diggs can be unguardable. Davis isn’t that type of player. That is what is impacting his performance. Plus scheme issues with Dorsey has an impact. I am still hoping Dorsey can incorporate Hines and Shakir in roles that fit their skill sets. Our offense needs to diversify beyond Diggs and Davis.
  10. Why can’t the Bills run a screen like that? It’s one of the mysteries of the universe.
  11. Definitely time to resurrect this thread. Oliver has really developed into a great interior lineman for us. He was a beast today and even got the safety. Josh should give him his game ball. He deserved one for this game.
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