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  1. It’s a simple problem to solve. The states need to give exclusive authority to determine the medical need for an abortion to the patients doctor. No other subjective qualifications required for the procedure. Somehow, I don’t think that’s going to happen.
  2. This is what will happen. I doubt that these legislatures are going to invite the medical community to help craft their laws. Instead they will say something stupid like “only allowed to save the life of the mother”. So if a fetus medically needs to be aborted, will doctors need to wait until the mothers life is in danger before doing the necessary procedure? Will the mother be denied medical care, increasing the risk to her health? They may have to tell women to “come back when you are about to die “. They may eventually figure it out, but women will suffer until then.
  3. I think a bunch of republican states have extreme laws that were passed just to please the religious right, without ever thinking they would actually take effect. Now they are in effect. Hopefully the medical community and outraged citizens push the politics to modify these draconian laws.
  4. She knows she is sinking her political career in this current version of the Republican Party. She is a true conservative who values truth above party. Someday Trump will be gone. Maybe trumpism will fade. Maybe then, she will be recognized by the party as a patriot and someone who sacrificed their political future for the good of the country. Historians know she is one of the few republicans who stood for truth and for American democracy. Trump and his supporters… not so much. But they probably don’t care.
  5. Anyone who says a word against the orange god king must be expelled from the cult.The only thing that matters is to protect and serve Trump. What a cult. Seriously, that young lady had amazing courage to testify today. I hope she is protected.
  6. Whatever happened inside the Beast is kinda irrelevant. There was plenty of other testimony indicating Trump was planning to overturn the election. I mean what President has ever said that his VP deserved to be murdered?! The only answer is Trump.
  7. Trump was right about one thing - he could shoot someone in the head on a sunny day, in the middle of 5th Avenue in NYC and his followers would still support him. They would still give him their money for his legal defense fund after he claims that he was set up by Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton.
  8. Just because their plan wasn’t iron clad logical means nothing. By this time Trump was ignoring the advice of the rational legal staff around him. He was only listening to the nuts he surrounded himself with : Guliani, Flynn, Stone, the pillow guy, the crazy woman lawyer, etc. There was nothing logical at all with that brain trust.
  9. The steering wheel and thrown food don’t have much legal implication, though they do suggest his state of mind. The more incriminating testimony was that he knew the crowd had weapons and didn’t care. He knew they weren’t going to injure him. He was fine with sending the people with the weapons up to the Capital. He was uninterested in the safety of the Vice President. He would have been happy if the mob killed Pence. Meadows participating in the meeting of the Trump nuts (Flynn, Giuliani, Stone) on the night of 1/5 also indicates planning for the following day. Stone had Oath Keepers for his personal body guards. Oath Keepers were one of the para military groups there on 1/6. Meadows and Giuliani requested pardons. Either it was a planned coup or all just an incredible coincidence of details and testimony under oath incriminating Trump.
  10. A new poll today: 54% oppose the courts decision, 40% support overturning Roe. That 54% number will only go up over time in the future as social media and news stories, etc come out about rape victims being forced to become mothers, poor women not having access to abortion in other states that wealthy women have, women suffering or dying from black market abortion services, etc. People do not remember the struggles of young women before Roe. Those who forget history are bound to repeat it. Hopefully republican states take a moderate approach. It may be wise politically.
  11. When it comes to morality, hypocrites are everywhere, including in the church. The louder people shout about an issue, the more likely they are a hypocrite about it.
  12. I agree. Compromise is needed on all sides. I would suggest that abortion be made legal everywhere during the first 3-4 months of pregnancy. Make it illegal everywhere after 7 months. Between 4-7 months, states can do what they want.
  13. I am referring to those politicians whose position is no abortions period, from moment of conception, no exceptions. They equate abortion with murder. Clearly, at some point, the fetus has viability and abortions should not be allowed beyond that point.
  14. Then this is where it gets illogical and indefensible. If a woman takes her one-year old baby to a doctor to be killed, she would be charged with accessory to murder or whatever the appropriate legal charge is. Under the logic of the hardliners, a woman taking her embryo/fetus to get an abortion is doing the same thing. To treat the two scenarios differently would be admitting that an embryo/fetus is not in fact the same as a person.
  15. It’s interesting that no one is suggesting appropriate punishments for girls/women guilty of committing abortion. I’d bet that is probably the same response as is about to happen in republican state legislatures as they now have to deal with this hot potato. It’s easy take extreme positions on the issue when it didn’t matter because Roe was in place. Now these republicans have to make laws that will have consequences for their constituents. They will now have to send girls to prison or modify their view on the issue at the expense of disappointing the religious right.
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