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  1. Correct - not counting throw always, For under 20 yds from line of scrimmage, Allen had 16 completions, 1 incompletion and 1 int. For 20 yds or more from los, he had 8 incompletions, 2 completions and 1 int. While the over 20 completion % isn’t great, he is throwing them and forcing the defense to respect that part of his game although it hurts his comp % stats. The number of pass attempts over 20 yds from los is the most of any qb. The only other qb close to that number of attempts is Mahomes.
  2. Andy1

    Josh Allen turning non-believers into believers

    His last year at Wyoming it was a wreck, just like the Bills line. I actually think that his poor O-line play in college helped just to life in the NFL. Dealing with chaos in the pocket and scrambling is nothing new for him. I was amazed by his escapability in college but didn’t expect it to translate that easily to the NFL. The thing is, the kid is such a big horse with great balance and nimbleness that he can make d linemen miss and when he decides to run, he is faster than anyone thinks.
  3. Andy1

    Allen or Darnold: Who Would You Rather Have?

    Before draft, I wanted Darnold first and Allen second. Now I’ll choose Allen over Darnold. Still too early to predict long term outcomes though.
  4. NFL website article on this has a video clip of him making a one handed catch for the Bills. What a joke.... False advertisement.
  5. Amazing they listened to Hughes. Repeat offender deserved what he got. Hopefully this is the end of it with no discrimination by other officials against Hughes.
  6. I have no idea how he is going to turn out but I think the future is very bright for him. He most reminds me of a young Elway. I remember being amazed at the velocity he threw with and with his running ability too. He could beat you either way. I never paid attention to young Favre so cant comment on him. Any comparisons to Kelly need to take into consideration that Bills fans never saw Jim as a rookie. He had already made his rookie mistakes in the USFL for 2 years.
  7. The Sunday night broadcast just said that JA ran for 812 yards in game action today! Hopefully he doesn’t wear out his wheels.
  8. Andy1

    Josh Allen's progress

    Kiko was the spy on Allen today and Allen just burned them on the ground. Allen played great for a rookie in his position with the talent he has around him. The good new is that Allen is still improving. He has a real high ceiling. Lets just enjoy the ride with him.
  9. Andy1

    Atta Boy Josh - What a stud

    Aaron Rogers sucks too. 31/50 233 yds, 1 TD
  10. Hunt must be spending too much time with Tyreek Hill who plead guilty to punching and choking his pregnant girlfriend in 2015.
  11. That is super awesome!!! I hope he stays on the team for years to come.
  12. Andy1

    Was Baker Mayfield a DOUCHE Yesterday?

    Yes he was.
  13. Andy1

    Greatest Thing About this Win

    Elway is who he reminds me of most also. Crazy legs with a canon arm. I think the comparison is valid.
  14. Andy1

    It is truely awesome to watch this kid grow up

    Ramsey’s mouth is annoying but Allen did it best by shutting him up with his play on the field. Props to Ramsey for the good sportsmanship at the end.