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  1. Keep those memories of her close to your heart. They will bring you happiness someday.
  2. I hope Wilson doesn’t end up on the Jets. He looks a lot like a Mahomes type QB.
  3. None of us can choose our parents or the zip code we grow up in. Statistically speaking, a lot of where we end up in life is probably determined by those types of things. Now certainly, some people overcome great odds to achieve success but those who got a bad roll of the dice when they were born have a much steeper hill to climb than others. Those of us who were fortunate to get a good upbringing do need empathy for others. Personally, I struggle to have empathy for violent criminals or those who physically or financially harm those less fortunate than themselves. I think people find
  4. I have no sympathy for Britt Reid. I hope the justice system gives him alot of time to think about his actions and reform his life. He has access to so many resources to help him that others don’t. He shouldn’t get any leniency due to his name or status. Football should be irrelevant to him now. I hope the victims have no permanent debilitating injuries as a result if this idiot. I guess I better understand why the Chiefs take on players with sketchy backgrounds.
  5. I think the lesson is that mobile athletic QBs like Mahomes, Allen, Herbert, Murray and Jackson are more desirable than the historically prototypical pocket passers for today’s game. Especially for young players learning the position, mobility gives them another tool to use to keep drives alive.
  6. I think there is inherent risk in either approach. While 1st round picks are not a sure hit, a lot of free agents look to sign their big contract and then their performance does not match the contract. They may not fit the system of their new team, they may not fit the culture, or their effort may wane since they got their payday. By far the best approach is to hit on your first round picks as best you can. Misses should be few, outside of QB, which no one can predict well.
  7. Goffs contract is a killer for the new team.
  8. Neither of our backs have the speed to get to the edge. We need to build a team that can attack any part of the field. Neither Moss or Singletary have me sold on them. Felton looks like a viable option for upgrading the position and McBean likes versatility.
  9. There are several interesting options at TE in the draft. I think Knox needs some competition at his position.
  10. I’m all for upgrading the d line if we can. If our problem is beating the Chiefs though, I don’t think investing a lot more in the d line will matter much. Maybe a reallocation of salary resources would help though. They beat us with very quick passes and lots of YAC. The best d line in the league won’t stop that.
  11. I agree completely about how we got out coached. Our receivers were playing injured which limited us. Mahomes was killing us with very quick passes with receivers getting YAC. Even with better D linemen we wouldn’t be able to stop him.
  12. NFL Network is replaying the game now if anyone wants a second look at it.
  13. This is the one weapon I want for our offense. He is the closest I’ve seen to a T Hill type player.
  14. Dabolls play calling seemed very bland in this game. Would have liked to see McKenzie used more. They lost to the better team. Bills need more power on d line, speed on offense and a dynamic running back. Keep building the team....
  15. Great news for the team. I hope the Pegulas reward his loyalty. Hope he wants to “finish the job” here before moving on.
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