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  1. For skill position players on offense, I’d love to see them draft a great TE who can be a factor in run blocking, pass blocking and a real receiving threat. A player like that is a factor in all phases of the offense, compared to a receiver. We all thought Clay would be a dominant TE but he hasn’t been. Surely Dabol knows the flexibility a great TE could give to his offense. Receivers also are on the shopping list but I’d rate them as a somewhat lesser need.
  2. That is just plain awesome!
  3. Andy1

    The Phantom Hold and why the NFL is dying

    Lots of good comments in this thread. This is my theory... While organized conspiracy is probably too much to call it, I do believe the NFL officials are aware of marketing and league interests and those views color or flavor when the whistle is blown. QBs are the product the NFL likes to market and protect. They are the stars. Brady and Belichick are both GOATs and officials call the game with that in their mind. The NFL also wants a good story. Good vs evil, legends made, some controversy, etc. all to keep the ratings up. None of this has really held the Bills back, as frustrating as it is to watch, because we have never been able to find the answer at QB. Thus, we have generally been mediocre at best. I am hopeful that if JA proves to be a good QB, that he may become a marketable face of the NFL in the new generation of young guns. He has unique skills that not many QBs have that are marketable. He is developing great highlight film material. If Josh proves to be good enough, the calls may start to go the Bills way in the future. Hopefully, it all leads to team success.
  4. Andy1

    The Phantom Hold and why the NFL is dying

    I have never seen a questionable call go against New England at a critical point in a game. Just sayin...
  5. Andy1

    MVP sums it up

    Horrible game. Worst halftime show ever.
  6. Andy1

    Super Bowl 2nd half Game Thread

    It’s the end game. Thanos won - collecting rings.
  7. Andy1

    Super Bowl 2nd half Game Thread

    The way this is going, the final score may be 3-0.
  8. Andy1

    TJ Hockenson & Hakeem Butler

    TJ & Butler would definitely give Josh some weapons on offense. I like it if we can fix the line in free agency.
  9. This is all part of the Belichick mystique. Where are the great coaches from his tree? As great as Belichick is, he wouldn’t have the status without Brady. There’s only one TB in the world. I’m not saying the Belichick isn’t a great coach. He is. But Brady is winning the games by making the reads and the plays.
  10. Andy1

    Dolphins expected to cut Tannehill

    They are going tank mode for the 2020 QB draft.
  11. And so the circus begins...
  12. Andy1

    How long to close the competitive gap?

    You can dream 1 year. Realistically it probably will take 2 years if all goes according to plan, without major changes to staff & plan. We will be relying on young players to fill holes and they take time to develop.
  13. Bs ref call. That should be a catch. The automatic ref call in New England is to protect the cheatriots.
  14. Another delay/TO br the bolts. They look like the old Bills - can’t decide what to do.