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  1. Rule #2 please. And, while you’re at it, Rule #2 with respect to your implication that these unpostmarked ballots are counted. Thank you.
  2. Hoax. This place is pretty entertaining . And occasionally there are some intelligent discussions. So I like it for that reason.
  3. Football life and societal life are different. Particularly since 2016. I completely disagree with your politics. Couldn’t disagree with them more strongly, as a matter of fact. And, without digging into my prior posting history, I can hazard a guess as to who you are. Won’t say it again here, but the guess is that you dated Heidi Kramer back in the day. And, if I’m right about that, you are a very good person, who just happens to have some very, very misguided politics. *** And, in case anyone is wondering, Heidi Kramer is an alias. *** One more thing. You’ve sort of piqued my interest on the point about the Pegulas. Assuming you are who I think you are, I don’t doubt your information on that one. I’ll add one more thing to that conversation. Many people who read this probably detest Chuck Schumer. But I can say this with confidence: that guy was moving heaven and earth behind the scenes to keep the Bills here. I’ll go to my grave believing that the backup plan was to strongarm the NFL into giving Jeremy Jacobs a waiver to purchase the team.
  4. Hoax. What’s the known falsehood? Also, I’m sorry that you’re triGGered so early this morning. You have been a bit touchy lately. Maybe yoga or meditation would serve you well. Cheers!
  5. Let's apply your tortured logic here. You can't ascribe to the idea that black lives matter because somebody put together a 501 (c) (3) bearing the name, published a web site, and attached an EIN to the organization. That is, you push every mention of that phrase under that umbrella. So let's turn the tables and apply the same broad brush to you. You support Trump. Trump supports the Charlottesville racists. Therefore Trump is a racist. And because you support Trump, therefore you, too, are a racist. Fair? Hardly. I don't know you to be a racist. You certainly have some stupid ideas, but there is no basis to broadly paint you as a racist. Yet it's the same tactic that you use to discredit the point that black lives do matter. Do you harbor the same anger with respect to Fox News and OAN?
  6. Rule #2 on the bribery allegation, please.
  7. Of course it’s bad. And the doc is to blame. The question is whether the doc was negligent. If the lung puncture is a potential risk of the injection, then it’s possible the doc wasn’t negligent. No matter the outcome of the negligence question, though, the Chargers doc has to go. Players will not want to go there if they think the medical staff is incompetent. We went through that with our team doc a couple of decades ago. The players did not trust him and went elsewhere for surgeries whenever possible.
  8. Stick to things that matter, like Russian interference, alt-wronger.
  9. It's almost as nuts as saying that the Antifa Air Force is going to fly to your city to start fires and to loot. But you believe the latter lie, so you may as well believe the former lie as well.
  10. Sure the Rs could do that. And then if the Ds get the Sense, in the next Congress they will promptly repeal that rule. Talked to my dude in DC today. Nomination this weekend; Senate vote post-election.
  11. I can’t read it, but I suspect she’s saying that confirming prior to the election is going to enrage the left and dampen enthusiasm amongst the right. Which is where I’m at on the deal. RBG messed up. She should have retired during Obama’s presidency. She didn’t, and now the seat is lost. Frankly I think this election is the most consequential in modern American history, so I’m less worried about a Republican Supreme Court for a minimum of the next 10 years and more concerned about reclaiming the presidency. I don’t think we can fight the confirmation process too hard because we don’t want to whack a hornets nest with moderates who probably will cross over and vote for Biden. So the trick is to fight just hard enough to keep our base from getting upset with us, let the Trumpublicans jam this thing through, and retaliate in kind when we take back the Senate for the next Congress. I used to believe that the “rules of the house” prevailed and that there was a decency between the parties. That belief is gone. The issue here isn’t filling the RBG seat; the Constitution empowers Trump and his cult senators to do so. The issue is the refusal to hold a vote for Garland. And, like Schumer says, every available option is on the table to address that issue in 2021.
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