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  1. There’s a difference between “can” and “is” with respect to that figure of speech. You’ll have your answer if (when) such charges are not dismissed based on legal sufficiency grounds. And, if sufficiency motions aren’t made, you’ll have your answer as to what Trump’s attorneys think of the quality of the evidence.
  2. Sure. But that doesn’t mean the banks are charged with rooting out fraud. What you’re suggesting — that Trump face no liability because someone else didn’t timely discover his fraud — actually ENCOURAGES the practice. A stupid idea if ever there was one.
  3. Hoax. "The banks" aren't responsible for discovering someone's fraud. The "someone" (in this case, Trump) is responsible for not committing fraud.
  4. That was funny. Hoax. I remain curious as to how I have a right to have a hunting course administered and funded in a public school. Your failure to offer a substantive response reflects that, as usual, you were just talking out of your rear and there is no such right to the administration and funding of a hunting course.
  5. How is a hunting course a civil right? Only in B-Man’s universe, I suppose.
  6. Hoax. I don’t seek you out. You pollute this forum with your victimization and conspiracy gibberish.
  7. I think they made each other. Daboll put Josh in a position to succeed. Josh bailed Daboll out here and there by pulling something shiny out of his posterior. As far as Daboll goes, I’m pulling for him. All the way. He’s one of us. But that comment from Mara over the winter about not going from hero to zero (I’m paraphrasing) and enjoying the Rangers games a little too much (another paraphrase) perked my ears. I think he gets another year even if this year is a disaster, in part because he’s an excellent coach and in part because the Giants probably don’t want to cycle through coaches every two years. But . . . Stranger things have happened.
  8. Hoax. I have an issue with you and your conspiratorial nonsense.
  9. It depends on the crime, but I completely agree with this. The law is to be applied equally and blindly. Wherever the facts take us on Menendez (who probably is a scumbag, based on what little I know of him) is where we land. If that’s the joint, I hope he has a nice stay and a pleasant cell mate.
  10. There is the common thread of insurrection. One president (Lincoln) stopped it. The other (Trump) suborned it. So there’s that.
  11. Hoax. I respect the rule of law. Maybe you don’t, which is sad. New York City is the financial capital of the world. We can’t let things like this manipulation of asset values go unchecked. That kind of lawlessness would threaten our status in the financial world. Hoax. Lots of hoaxes here. More than usual, even for you. Let’s see what happens on appeal. Speaking of dead potato brains, who is it again who is worried that Biden will lead us into World War II?
  12. The conservatives I know shouldn’t support Trump. He’s a populist. I think they’re very confused right now.
  13. Due process where? If it’s on the YouTube platform, we’re talking about a private entity and YouTube can do as it pleases. If the allegations against him make him bad for business, then YouTube is perfectly within its right to nuke him. And anyone who disagrees is perfectly with their right not to patronize YouTube. That’s capitalism for you. BK doesn’t have to support someone it thinks to be a d-bag, and you don’t have to get a Whopper tonight for dinner. That’s how it works.
  14. Thanks for reminding me of that post. That was a pretty good idea. I patted myself on the back! Also, it’s a little weird that you dug that deeply into my posting history. Maybe you’re obsessed with me. Maybe you have Section C3 derangement syndrome. I don’t know. But it’s a little strange that you’re so interested in an internet rando. Hoax. Also a Trumper complaining about someone else grifting off of morons is rich.
  15. Me too. I feel like I grew up there. It's going to be hard when it closes. It's a tired facility and it's time. But it's going to be tough to say goodbye.
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