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  1. get a lithium battery. It’s not even a question.I’ve got them in my rv. I run a predator 3500 inverter generator which is so quiet it’s not even funny but you wouldn’t need one that big for yours. I’ve got a Durango gold 382 mbq fifth wheel and we live in full time. Let me know if you need any help and I can also point you to some Facebook groups that can help as well
  2. Why don't you come out to Eugene and do a round with my gf in the icu which is at capacity? 97 percent patients unvaxxed. National guard on hand to help cause of the issues. That vers study is horseshit.
  3. Gonna share text from a fb post of a pregnant nurse friend in charlotte absolutely. Much younger people. And the vaccinated that are sick are MUCH older. Last time it didn’t hit pregnant woman as hard, this time it’s awful! most of our patients aren’t vaccinated, so I’m not sure. We’ve had a few half vaccinated and a few vaccinated but the vaccinated are well over 70 and thankfully not intubated. It’s hard to tell people “what to do”. Treatment protocol is vitamin c, d3, thiamine, and zinc- for all Covid positive patients. So, that Leads you to believe it’s an immune targeting virus- but then we see so many families(aunts, sisters, not living together) admitted and vented- and it makes you wonder if it has a genetic component? I’m a strong believer in doing what you feel is best. For me, getting vaccinated was very necessary, being pregnant and a Covid nurse, and watching pregnant mamas getting vented every day, I couldn’t put myself in that position. we had two die on Monday night and the poor wife didn’t even make it in time to say bye Stay safe friend! we have 22 vented in PACU with crnas taking care of them because we’re out of staff. We’re supposed to be opening our MICU and putting vented patients there but, again, we don’t have staffing. We’ve never gotten to divert, it just keeps building up So keep thinking this is medically tyrnanny while people who actually are living with this ***** and know what's going on are dealing with this.
  4. like in new orleans who have a vaccine mandate? just wait. they will all be coming so we can get on track to ending this thing.
  5. I didn't send my kids to school friday in their bills jerseys. it's all on me
  6. I blame the losses on all the people who clearly skipped leg day. I saw nothing but skinny legged people on tv. From here on out it's Squattember, Squattober, Squatvember, Squatcember.
  7. well latavius murray gonna be a hot pickup
  8. He’s playing the role of the heel. People need to realize that
  9. Brady willed his defense to hold the chiefs to 9 points in the super bowl. They couldn’t have done it without him.
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