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  1. The margin of error in most games is a td or less right? The the 3rd and 3 play where allen threw the ball down the sideline should not have even been an option. Pats throw it to welker across the middle and most of the time it's a first down. The play before allen and made a great throw to knox who made a great play himself. One more scoring drive per game and this team has close to a top ten scoring offense. Problem is they make these key mistakes when the numbers say in those situations to run a more high percentage play. That's the margin of error the Bills don't realize and Belichick has always realized.
  2. gonna be tough to go all the way with no defense.
  3. he was a pretty nice guy any time i ran into him
  4. We should be running the ball a lot so good for us
  5. it's so dumb to keep that much cash in a bank account. should be invested
  6. must be attending that english class in college. good for him
  7. yea but i dont think he gets top ten money. he doesnt have the rep. i'd be surprised over 12 mil for more than 3 years
  8. wonder what is contract would be? Probably in the 10 mil range? I think we can do that
  9. love seeing new teams win. i still think the super bowl is the saints to lose.
  10. is kareem hunt playing? this defense better be ready to play this week and play with a little more dog in them.
  11. yup I don’t expect it but we gotta do it
  12. Hope we can fix our run defense before thanksgiving cause if we can stop him we can win
  13. Browns giving up quite a bit on the ground so important to keep our run game going against them. Get gore back involved and roll over them. Keep Baker off the field and force him to throw a lot and hope we get some picks on him.
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