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  1. beane makes moves and our boards have to adjust! i think rb might be at the top of my need.
  2. as i said before i wrote this post before the d williams signing. i think he will have a bounce back year after everyone had a tough year in car this year.
  3. at the time we didn't have daryl williams so i'd say o line depth is less important now. give me skill positions
  4. i might go with jeff lowe to vegas
  5. https://www.yahoo.com/news/boris-johnsons-government-reportedly-furious-075257081.html could china have millions of cases?
  6. been a good amount lately. 6 pack a night
  7. If they can figure out more effective treatments and get people out of hospitals and healthy this thing will be over quicker.
  8. i think he said josh allen is a dog...which i believe is a good thing
  9. roger telling teams if they complain they get punished is such an alpha move
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