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  1. Well that came out after. But passing the tests can be an easy thing to do
  2. so he was cleared Sunday but the nfl investigated by testing him Monday thru game day. Apparently confirming he didn’t have a concussion Sunday.
  3. Just heard the nfl overrid the the independent medical pro and tested tua Monday thru Thursday and he passed it all
  4. this whole kid conspiracy thing seems to be playing out. Weird
  5. I’m assuming this is him voting against climate change stuff? Not actual hurricane relief stuff? These two are separate.
  6. we just waited until they popped out. Way more fun
  7. https://www.independent.co.uk/climate-change/news/brazil-waterfall-blue-gender-reveal-b2177704.html The environment ministry in Brazil is investigating a couple that dyed a waterfall blue for their gender reveal party, likely contaminating the water supply of a nearby town.
  8. They say stupid ***** all the time. Difference between a bad joke that trump was making and something criminal.
  9. So did he actually speak to anyone about these emails? There is a difference. Biden said the pandemic was over and they had to walk it back and say it wasnt. Is what trump said wrong? Sure. But that's about all it was
  10. Yes saying something out loud is exactly the same thing. Emailing a foreign country to give intel on our troops is exactly the same as randomly saying hey can you find all these classified docs hillary was careless with is exactly the same.
  11. Because they reached out to the Russians to start this whole thing off. Just emailed the embassy saying they wanted to help. Now, had the FBI injected themselves into their relationship before the emails to the embassy or encouraged them to then it would be entrapment. Difference is these two iniated the entire thing. FBI found out and put a stop to it...job seems to have been done well. Learn what entrapment is bud.
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