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  1. He seems to be good for 11-1200 yards per year. That’s pretty damn good
  2. i'm surprised more teams don't as the position is the second most important position besides qb. games are so tight that 3 points often decide the difference.
  3. I wanted the bills to sign him. I’m so happy I’m not the gm
  4. yes, get rid of kroft and bring him in.
  5. this is what the pats do so well. they just hammer opponents weaknesses. or weakness. vrabel learned from bill and gave him his own medicine in the playoffs by holding tannehill to like 7 passes or whatever it was. i dont think i've seen mcd do that on a consistent basis. we need to adjudt to each opponent.
  6. He doesn’t have weapons and the o line was letting guys in the backfield. Guy isn’t a miracle worker
  7. Ben hasn’t played in a year and just threw for 3 tds. If he gets better they’re the team to beat.
  8. They should be first in line to get Antonio brown if he becomes available.
  9. if they had just talked about allen's 300 yard game an positive stuff someone would post that they dont talk about the fumbles. they really can't win
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