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  1. root for ravens this week. then we beat steelers and 2 seed is in play
  2. Gotta think phins might be thinking herbert was the pick.
  3. i don’t but I can’t help but think cincy is cursed
  4. I hope he’s a quick healer but man that just gives me the feeling that the bengals are cursed.
  5. who actually had a positive effect on minorities. Trump. Who made a career of putting minorities in prison? Biden. Not even a question. But I do enjoy you constantly having to justify your decision. biden may have made awful decisions seemingly at every point in his political career but he’s gonna get it right this time! I swear!
  6. Biden apologized for how poorly his policies performed. Even had to spend Obama’s presidency pardoning thousands who were wrongly imprisoned from it. Imagine being responsible for imprisoning so many people and having people support that presidency? Just to be clear...nobody who supported those bills should be anywhere near public policy right now. Not a damn person. But you have supported those policies.
  7. Oh right they both supported it so that makes it ok. Makes sense in no world. Justifying for your conscience. This is the ***** you’ve preached for four years to stop. Hypocrisy. Pure and simple.
  8. Biden’s policies Resulted in 700 percent increase in minority prison population. But I guess it’s ok cause during the debates he said him and Obama pardoned a few of the people he sent away. This is who you vote for. He’s the poster child of why our government isn’t working right now. All the problems that have surfaced he’s been a part of the last 50 years. How do you not see this?
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