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  1. We will be playing for the division title and jets playing for the first pick overall
  2. Ej has shown what he is. Not a good qb. Too often teams keep bad qbs on the roster just because they’re a guy. Kelly has more upside than Manuel.
  3. Do you think it’s on par with the bills? And won’t he have more time to concentrate on it?
  4. With the bills he will have a legit meal plan and trainers. He didn’t have that at Houston. It will be much easier to Manage
  5. Man if Allen takes a leap this year we could be really good. Like 4K yards passing and this team is gonna beat some people
  6. it's all on allen. if he's the guy 7 wins is a lock. that's about average in the nfl. if we're healthy and he's good we should be talking about 10 wins...like mayfield type year from last year. but that' s the big question.
  7. dont you think donald bulked up as well? most guys do
  8. kyle williams played around 300. you're saying 10-15 pounds is gonna make that big of a difference?
  9. rudolph for a third or less? easy yes. guy is just a nice tight end.
  10. sad. his brother died young and kellen is looking at life. Kellen sr would pretty much have no children left after this. Kellen jr does have a couple kids so the old man can at least have that.
  11. wonder if he has to have a plate put in now that he's broken the same one twice? still has two months for camp.
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