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  1. So do the skins donate or generate money for Native American groups or charities?
  2. people were talking it seriously until a few weeks ago and then 5 million people stopped social distancing
  3. the pats are getting the cam that wants to get another 100 million contract.
  4. If cam is healthy he is a problem for us.
  5. You ever heard of something called a joke ?
  6. I think you’re wrong. If he sells the Sabres he has to sell the bills. But he can’t sell the bandits
  7. Bb in his nfl show mentioned how he uses the art of war in his coaching and finding every opponents weakness and just hammering that. Vrabel seems to prescribe to that way of coaching. Vrabel just running it down the pats throat all game proved that for me. Do you think Mcd would put a plan like that together?
  8. LSU and Clemson doing it the right way. Got most of the team infected and now they’re cool to practice once that’s outta the way.
  9. Cowboys have had a terrible secondary for years and if you can’t stop the pass in this league you’re not winning. They draft front seven pretty well but wide open in the back
  10. As I understand it I’d you don’t own two franchises in the same city you can’t own one franchise in the city so in fact he’d have to sell the bills as well
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