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  1. aristocrat

    Josh Allen coins #SabresMafia

    No I was saying just in case he is.
  2. aristocrat

    Josh Allen coins #SabresMafia

    No. Just saying the guy hasn’t done anything yet.
  3. aristocrat

    Josh Allen coins #SabresMafia

    Guys been on our team like 5 minutes and he wants to create a new mafia? Let him play first before we have our mafia created by a bust
  4. aristocrat

    NFL planning to suspend Jameis Winston for 3 games

    I’ve called him a bust since day one and he hasn’t disappointed. They should have drafted a qb but thanks for Allen.
  5. aristocrat

    Doug Whaley Has Landed a New Job

    always thought he was better than got credit for. couldnt get a qb but could build a defense. couldnt get a coach either
  6. aristocrat

    Beane interview w/ Fairburn (QB, Shaq, etc.)

    I don’t think Shaq is gonna be on the roster
  7. if tyrod can get his deep ball going with gordon he could have his best season yet. that's where tyrod had his best year with us. that still won't make him a top ten qb. but he might be able to go for 3500 yards and 20 plus tds which is the best qb the browns have had in decades
  8. tyrod is gonna end up cashing in next year. case keenum style
  9. aristocrat

    Eric Moulds... What happened to him?

    He lives down in fort mill sc. came to one of the bills games at tavern on the tracks last year. He’s trying to become a coach
  10. aristocrat

    Is you're Dad the reason your a Bills fan?

    Yup. Rest In Peace dad! You’ve got two grand kids you’re missing out on but I’ll raise em like you raised me! Although not sure he’s approve of the mother being a pats fan! Ha. God i miss him. Just wish I could have one more day with him and not have the last memory be leaving him at the bar.
  11. No matter how many times it always shocks me
  12. He was living in the trailer park? Guy made like 40 mil in his career.
  13. if he puts up those numbers he has the 9th best yards in the league and 19th best in league. that's number 1 type stuff.
  14. likely gone for the year again right? what an idiot
  15. aristocrat

    Reggie Bush Awarded 12 Mil from Rams

    i was surprised by the amount he got. he was only making 2.5 mil that season so getting the dollar amount is a little nuts. i'm sure the team's insurance will settle to just end it.