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  1. You can almost guarantee he does it again. Especially the way he was going about it. Very surprised he didn’t get longer
  2. his other son died young. At least he has some grand kids I guess
  3. well that's what your post implies with all the talk of they would rather give spoiled food to the poor than open their wallets. Reid seems like a pretty genuine guy and also happens to make 10 mil plus per year for the past 5 years and the next 5 years plus decades more of coaching so unless he just blows his cash willy nilly at burger joints he could clear his conscience a bit and help the family out. BTW can you imagine the optics if he didn't do anything?
  4. I know plenty and they are some of the most generous people I know. I get it, it's the cool thing to say to just hate on rich people and some can be absolute #######s for sure but that hasn't been the norm I experience and especially the ones who made their money themselves. I do tend to see the good in people and I would imagine Reid as a father not being able to live with himself watching a family struggle to care for their child. I am also the guy who after my mom and bro conspired to steal almost 70k from me still bought them a house cause before my Dad died he told me to m
  5. he's made close to 60 mil alone since he came to kc and signed an extension over 50 mil for the next 5 seasons and that doesnt count the eagles head coaching money. i have no idea how he's invested his money but i assume he invests his money and doesnt just throw it in the bank so he likely could write that check pretty easily or at worst take a loan out and pay it out over his next contract.
  6. Has info come out as to whether he was drinking at the chiefs facility? If he was the Chiefs will be liable, Reid might even have a trust fund from his father, and any and all insurance he has will be footing a bill. Andy might not be liable for the accident but I woulld bet he would ensure the girl is taken care of for life. I mean he makes 10 mil per year and has for a long time so sending 10-15 mil to the girls famiy is probably an easy check for him to write at this point.
  7. kj wright would be an interesting look for milano replacement.
  8. Two different scenarios. You pay for entertainment one way or another. Do you work for free?
  9. miami makes too much sense for watson with all the picks they have and the squad they already have.
  10. Seems there could be lots of moving superstars in the future like the nba. Wonder if contracts will change cause of this so not much dead money? run a good team players will stay
  11. So we’re down to the final three. Man he would bring that leadership void we’ve needed on the defense
  12. there is missing on a guy and then there is this. i mean they cant give up on him yet but man it doesnt seem like the guy had issues in college.
  13. He’s got the size that’s for sure. I want a physical guy who tackles like Winfield.
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