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  1. i dont wanna play the seahawks on the road in primtime. but i like the idea of being in primetime so lets build on what we have
  2. there is a guy who is in a wheelchair and comes to my gym but he seems to have it all figured out. gets his weights, transfers onto benches and back. this guy needs some tips it would seem.
  3. so the one time i went to cuse at notre dame with an ex who was from south bend and dad was alum i got sweet tickets. 2nd row behind the irish bench. it was the game where fab melo was suspended the morning of the game literally while i was in line to pick up the tickets. before the game my ex walked onto the court to ask gerry for a picture which he gave. long story short we lost, i got pushed onto the court but the fans rushing and stood there like an ####### while my ex was celebrating. funny, we ran into the assistant coaches for ND after the game who came up to us and were like we cant believe you didnt get thrown out for walking onto the court pre game. she goes my dad is so and so i wasnt worried. her dad has the largest ND sports memorabilia collection in the world worth insane amounts of money. let's kick the crap outta nd tonight, pitt on saturday and then i'll be at the game at clemson next tuesday.
  4. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/01/22/bennet-omalu-exaggerates-his-accomplishments-and-dramatically-overstates-the-risks-of-cte-in-contact-sports/
  5. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/2018/02/12/johnny-manziel-reveals-bipolor-disorder-has-stopped-drinking/328411002/ manziel hasnt been in the news so it would seem he's on the right path.
  6. manziel was acting a little nuts and figured out he was bi polar or something. got meds and balanced out and seems to be on the right track now. ab needs to be checked into a hospital, strapped down and balanced out.
  7. so is he seriously still locked in there? feels like this might be an issue where he might not be coming out alive. this guy is on an all time downward spiral.
  8. tamp went 7-9 with 3 losses 4 points or less and another 3 losses by a td or less. that's with winston and his 30 picks. they gotta get the guy to throw less picks somehow.
  9. tee higgins doesn't come off as very fast to me. he's got the size that's for sure but i'd like more of a speed guy
  10. it will be interesting to see what happens with winston. will someone take a shot at him?
  11. I thought that as well. Bears should too. Indy is close to a contender
  12. did you see the hat baker was wearing? weirdo
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