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  1. wilson avoids the big hits whereas cam tries to run guys over all the time and gets hurt all the time. wilson hasnt missed a game. both qbs enjoy tops defenses that keep them in games along with a nice run game.
  2. How many top five defenses has Brady had compared to all other top qbs the last years
  3. Great now come the string of arrests and failed drug tests
  4. bell at least had two straight seasons and for now this upcomng will be the third where he is not facing a suspension. Zeke got in some trouble again this off season and i dont think is facing suspension but i know he met with goodell. you're right that someone will pay him but the guy hasn't stopped getting in trouble. Bell seems to have stopped getting in trouble.
  5. Not the guy you give a long term deal to. Gotta prove he can stay on field
  6. I think he just had a kid too so he has one huge reason to stay sober. Hope he keeps clean.
  7. Richie seems to have balanced out his meds. Hope all goes well for him
  8. https://www.foxnews.com/us/california-police-release-body-cam-footage-of-officer-shooting-of-17-year-old-girl-with-replica-handgun
  9. Crazy idea. How do you justify sitting guys? Need to add more playoff games. That’s where the money is
  10. I'd give my dick up for a sabres and bills dynasty....4 titles each.
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