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  1. 3-23: Josh Rosen on the Rich Eisen Show

    So do children of surgeons generally not work? Is that a thing?
  2. Well that Seals it Josh Allen # 1 over all

    Kid has a great agent that’s for sure
  3. Was breaking the drought worth it?

    Yea it was a hell of a party. And getting on the front page of the snooze for starting the bonfire was also funny
  4. Aaron Donald and Ndamukong Suh on the Rams' DL?

    oh boy suh said he wanted the biggest offer. their d line goes from nice to meh back to nice
  5. Stadium Wall Mock Draft Sign-Up

    No trades
  6. Mel Kiper's Updated 2018 Draft Board

    mel kiper was supposed to have quit his job if jimmy clausen wasn't a franchise qb.
  7. Broncos to host Josh Rosen

    i'm sure the 10 million dollar check they get in a few months alleviates some of that
  8. 3-21: AJ McCarron on WGR

    That can happen real quick with all those picks.
  9. 3-21: AJ McCarron on WGR

    My hope is plays at a Case Keenum level.
  10. I think the giants end up at 4 with cle 1 and 2. giants get an extra couple seconds.
  11. I heard someone on tv today say he’s a better prospect than garrett
  12. suh-rams

    One of the most innovative offense guys in the nfl and wade Phillips coaching the d?
  13. I’m not anxious for Beane to make anymore moves!

    It’s called a rebuild. Gotta make the tough moves. All the moves these guys made got us to the playoffs.