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  1. https://www.yahoo.com/news/once-nicknamed-murderapolis-city-became-161003827.html After the police murder of George Floyd in May of 2020, Minneapolis became a worldwide symbol of the police brutality long endured disproportionately by Black people. In a kind of Newtonian response, the city became the epicenter of the culturally seismic “Defund the Police” movement. But that progressive local effort fizzled with a decisive referendum last November. Now, with its police department under investigation by the Department of Justice, the city of 425,000 is trying to find a way forward amid a period of heightened crime that began shortly after Floyd’s death. That year, the number of murders soared to nearly 80 — dwarfing the 2019 body count of 46. It has cooled somewhat this year, though the amount of killing — and violent crime in general — remains elevated far above 2019 levels and homicides are on pace to surpass the 2020 figure. The reasons why are far from clear. Who would have thought this would happen?
  2. Remember when any border policy trump proposed was considered racist? The dems fought him in every policy. Then Biden removed all trumps policies day one and created the current crisis. You don’t get to create a worse situation and then blame the gop for not fixing the problem lol. Biden needs and should own creating the crisis
  3. Going with my dad to the comeback game. His buddies left at half and he wanted to as well. I started crying and said we aren’t leaving. His buddies laughed at him on way out. By the end of the game he was almost hurting me with how many hugs he was giving me lol.
  4. The kicker position is maybe the second most important position besides qb in the nfl. Games are mostly decided by 3-4 points and if you miss a kick or two that's the difference. Kickers are the highest scoring position players and to have a guy that is struggling worries me for the year. He better get a hold on what's going on or we're gonna lose some close games.
  5. https://www.yahoo.com/news/ukraine-draft-woes-leave-west-123700608.html Ukraine’s current military recruitment campaign is not going according to plan. Announced on April 16, 2024, the drive was aimed at enlisting hundreds of thousands of young Ukrainian men to help push back against a Russian invasion that has gained momentum in recent months. But the effort has been met with public skepticism, draft dodging and opposition to unpopular, heavy-handed attempts to root out those not heeding the call to sign up. It has left Ukraine struggling to fill the positions officials say are needed to beat back the invading army. Not good for the defense of Ukraine. Who's gonna send troops?
  6. Well aware they supported it. Still caused most of not all the issues minorities face right now. This doesn’t mean you give one of these politicians the chance to fix it.
  7. So the Hall of Fame is not the MLB hall of fame its the Baseball Hall of Fame. The ***** Hall of Fame is separate from the MLB. My point is the MLB kept them out of baseball and is now using their records. Has the MLB apologized for their role in that? Just putting their records in the books isn't an apology.
  8. Biden and the Dems passed the drug and crime bills in the late 80s and 90s resulting in an enormous amount of minorites being imprisoned at a much higher rate than whites. This results in minorites being placed in generational poverty. So your solution is to elect Biden to fix the problem he created? classic
  9. biden is the one who destroyed the minorities in this country. Why should they vote for him?
  10. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/rcna45326 I’ve stopped going to sex parties,” he said, given that public health authorities identified such gatherings of men as major monkeypox risk factors. “I also stopped having sex with people who live off their OnlyFans. I additionally stopped cruising at the gym, I did not continue to go to Fire Island, and I stopped attending orgies.”
  11. So the mlb barred them from the league and now is taking their stats? They better not just erase the ***** leagues from the history books. They better have giant asterisks next to their names forever with an explanation in large print at the bottom of every page.
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