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  1. So, let’s say Dale Shaw’s pharmaceutical sales aren’t going well or maybe Steratore’s supply company is operating in the red. What might it be worth to them to throw a flag here or look the other way there during the game? Not casting aspersions, just throwing that out there.
  2. Get into a deep breathing pattern and think of good past experiences. Oh, and sedatives. Lots and lots of sedatives. Have syringe of Thorazine on hand just in case.
  3. Depends on the opposing QB.
  4. K-9

    Football czar.

    Belichick, Parcells, and Lombardi had total control over the operation (after lengthy careers as head coaches), but they are not the kind of CZAR being bandied about in this thread, which is a guy to come in and be an extra layer between coach, GM, and ownership; a football guru in charge of rendering judgment on all decisions made by the coach and GM before action is taken. A CZAR is not required, just a competent GM, personnel department, and coaching staff. How about EXpired?
  5. Sounds like our offense is just the remedy needed for the Pats*** defense. Uncanny how often teams get well against us.
  6. I totally believe in the “on any given Sunday” concept. Unfortunately, we play the Pat*** on a Monday.
  7. Luck played extremely well. Just a great game all around. Gotta tip my hat to the opponent at times.
  8. Nothing happens unless it’s observed? Interesting.
  9. K-9

    Miami OH @ UB Tue 10/30 8pm ESPN2 #MACtion

    Miami gave Army all they could handle on Saturday and we all know what Army did to the Bulls. Gonna be another tough one.
  10. K-9

    Trade for DeVante Parker???

    This is a tough one, but if I had to propose a trade for DeVante Parker, I’d have to suggest plumbing, with carpentry a close second.
  11. I’ll have what he’s having.
  12. K-9

    Football czar.

    Yes, because the world is littered with ex football czars who lead NFL teams to greatness. Just too many examples to list. Need a czar, call William Mattar.
  13. Well, that’s kind of critical to the point the article tries to make. Until I know when and in what situations White, Hyde, Gaines, etc. were taken out, it’s just more analysis in a vacuum.
  14. When did the “tinkering” take place? I’d like to know when these players started seeing less snaps than usual. If it was when the game was out of hand, then it would make sense that certain, key players were taken off the field in favor of getting them some rest and other players some experience.
  15. K-9

    Is following the Bills a fun pastime for you?

    Me and the girls enjoy the game playing in the background as we do our quilting.