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  1. Antonio Brown quit on his teammates, coaches, and fans during the most important week of the season while also finding time to rip a teammate because that teammate was voted team MVP by his peers on the team and not him (Antonio). That alone makes him a loser. What do you call that kind of player; a winner?
  2. Don’t know if he can play a lick on the OL, but I’m already betting on him to win any strong man competition he enters.
  3. Might as well just come out and say he’s made the team and will be my starting TE on opening day.
  4. Just because a team has more than adequate cap space to make a deal, it doesn’t mean that they’re automatically willing to agree to whatever salary demands a targeted player makes. I suspect that Brown, assuming he would ever deign to play here in the first place, would ask for the moon as a premium to do so. And if a player will only play for you under certain financial conditions, it’s smart to tell him to go pound sand if he doesn’t value anything else about your organization. Especially if he’s a loser like Antonio Brown.
  5. Are you under the misguided impression that deals are made simply because teams have the cap space to accommodate them?
  6. Comparisons to Christian Okoye’s entrance to the league are odd. He was a second round pick for crissake. And a physical freak and a great all around athlete to boot. Never mind that he played college ball. Wade’s path couldn’t be more disparate.
  7. Too much emphasis is being placed on Wade’s two big plays in the two exhibition games. As spectacular as those plays were, they don’t inform the coaches anywhere near as much as every rep he’s taken from OTAs, to mini-camp, to now. Each rep has been captured on video and broken down in the class room in every respect to determine Wade’s improvement or not in every aspect of the game. While the two plays are nice, they are just not as useful as an evaluation tool as the full body of work to date.
  8. I agree with all of that. And I’ll reiterate that Robert James was the best CB to ever lace them up for the Bills. He shut out the best receivers in the game; many of them now in the HOF. Pro Bowl nods his last three seasons, including the last two as 1st team All Pro. And he was just in his prime, too. If not for the injury that ended his career at 28, he would have been a first ballot HOFer. He was that good.
  9. Robert James is the best CB we’ve ever had. He was a shut down corner before the phrase was invented.
  10. Absolutely. We’ve seen that manifest throughout camp and in the two preseason games.
  11. Ah, there it is. What part of, “Now before anyone goes off, I’m not saying either is as good as Gronk; far from it,” was hard to understand? My post was offered in a far larger context than a mere comparison between the talent levels of Gronk and anyone on our roster. It was about Daboll more than anything else.
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