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  1. If that’s true, the Jest may have exposed themselves to all sorts of liabilities.
  2. The patella injury might be the best thing to happen to his ankle injury. It was really impacting his mobility and throwing mechanics. While I respect his grit in playing through it, his mobility is a huge facet of his game and he just wasn’t the same evasive QB after that ankle injury.
  3. Pound. The. Rock. Easiest, safest, fastest way to victory. Style points are for losers.
  4. Gritty effort from a spent team. Carter Hutton with back to back goose eggs. Get some rest.
  5. This team is totally exhausted; skating in mud, no legs. It's a miracle we are up 3-0 and it will be a bigger miracle if they can hold on. LA with a 5 on 3 to start the third doesn't help. This team needs a break from hockey. The NHL schedule makers did us no favors with the schedule. If I'm Kreuger, they have the day off tomorrow. No practice, no meetings. Just get the hell away from hockey.
  6. Back to backs usually don’t concern me, except when the second game of the back to back is also the third game in four nights. I get that these guys are all young athletes in amazing physical condition, but still.
  7. Good points all, but I’m not referring to the mistakes Dahlin makes when he gets outmuscled. That’s gonna happen from time to time and we have to wait until he acquires “man strength” when he matures physically. I’m looking more at his unforced errors. He appears to be pressing too much at the moment. And I hope, as @plenzmd1 mentioned above, that his confidence hasn’t been shaken. But he looks almost timid at times, afraid to make a mistake. But unlike recent previous head coaches, I have full confidence that Kreuger knows what he’s doing.
  8. Yep, the Ducks, like Columbus, imposed their strength once they found their legs late in the first. Before that, we were skating circles around them, but they wore us down physically and that led to all those bad passes and giveaways. Ullmark was hung out to dry much of the evening. Speaking of giveaways, Risto made several mind numbingly stupid plays last night. But I’m actually more concerned with Dahlin at this point. He hasn’t had a good, clean defensive game all season and he sucked again defensively last night. Another big team tonight. While I don’t think the Kings are as good, they are similar to the Ducks in the size department. I suspect they will borrow a page from Anaheim and seek to muscle us off the puck and jump on our D to force mistakes down low. Looking forward to seeing their response.
  9. Awesome CB and second only to Fred Biletnikoff in the use of stickum.
  10. Talk about falling apart. Up two zip, now down 3-2. Perhaps they've been reading their press clippings and just thought they could coast after going up 2-0? The Duck started slowly and the Sabres were skating circles around a much slower team, but Anaheim started asserting their size and strength and we don't have an answer at the moment. Nice response by Reinhart after Olofsson got boarded.
  11. Ducks have owned the game since their disallowed goal on the offside. Need this PP. Well, so much for that.
  12. Taylor Hall scares nobody? I was only looking at it from purely a talent for talent standpoint. I get that there would be a huge risk involved given Hall’s pending FA status. Helluva player though.
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