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  1. My “anger” lasted all of 10 seconds after the Chiefs drove to tie the score. My “concern” remains as I am still at a loss as to how completely unaware of the game situation we were when the Chiefs took the field on their game-tying drive. Whether is was McD, Frazier, the players, or any combination, that lack of awareness for the game situation has me questioning if we have the right people when it comes to crunch time on the D side of the ball. It was amateur night for those last 13 seconds.
  2. All of them. They’re everyone’s pick for the Lombardi and all of them need to manage the weight of highly raised expectations and show why.
  3. Never forgave Darrell Garretson and Mendy Rudolph for that foul call against Bob MacAdoo with no time left on the clock in a tie game that gave Jo Jo White three to make two at the line.
  4. He also strolled into stores for high volume clips and combat gear. Those items, along with the AR-15 should not be available for purchase by anyone, let alone mentally deranged animals like Peyton Gendron.
  5. Perhaps I wasn’t clear enough then. I should have said a small minority of their constituents is not in favor of assault rifle and high volume magazine bans. I thought I implied that when I mentioned Scalia’s opinion on Heller.
  6. They’ve polled gun owners for years and those polls suggest that most gun owners are in favor of bans on assault rifles and high volume magazines as well as stricter back ground checks.
  7. As Antonin Scalia himself opined in his Heller opinion, the right to bear arms is NOT an unlimited right. Unfortunately our elected officials, in their quest not to upset a small portion of their constituency, lack the moral courage to do what’s right and pass the necessary laws.
  8. Given his manifesto, there is no possible way a defense attorney can argue mental illness was the cause. It was a cold, pre-meditated, well planned attack carried out by a person in full control of his faculties. It will be interesting to see what kind of charges are brought in addition to the 10 counts of first degree murder and 3 counts of attempted first degree murder (as of now).
  9. It’s not a question of “picking sides” but rather a question of what McBeane value in roster construction. God forbid any of our top guys get hurt, but does anyone really believe that McBeane would rely on Kumerow to carry the load? No. Because they would be beating the bushes to find a better replacement. But McBeane can’t make CURRENT roster decisions based on what MIGHT happen and leave a hole at a CURRENT spot in order to hedge against what MIGHT happen at a FUTURE spot. They are satisfied with their CURRENT WR depth and the naysayers will just have to accept that. But all that’s beside the point. The ludicrous comparison of Edwards and Kumerow as receivers never should have been made in the first place.
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