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  1. Can’t mention Curt Gowdy calling those games without also mentioning Al DeRogatis as his color man.
  2. Their stadium renovation deal may preclude any move, to some degree at least.
  3. Same thing for the Cardinals in Arizona. I believe they were the first to use a retractable natural grass field.
  4. I read that they’ll play in either Orlando or Gainesville for the 2027 season.
  5. Still a helluva lot cheaper than building a similar new stadium from scratch. Then again, the costs of “renovations” for old stadiums has escalated so much over the years. By the time they’re finished with their latest renovation of Arrowhead, the Chiefs and taxpayers will have spent nearly $1.2b in renovations since 2007. It’s crazy.
  6. I believe it’s a renovation of their existing stadium and it will be a canopy instead of a dome. Much like Sofi Stadium in LA.
  7. It’s the fanbase that stuffs their pockets in the first place.
  8. I believe the phrase “Dareus Work Ethic” is an oxy-moron.
  9. It’s called sarcasm.
  10. The separation on that route was elite.
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