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  1. Agree entirely. Unless we start getting consistent production from our “middle six” then making the playoffs will be a challenge, let alone doing well once we get there. Really missing McCabe, too. That Beaulieu/Tennyson pair is hard to watch. So, who gets waived when the D are healthy again? JBots can’t send Pilut back down. I mean, can he?
  2. Good point. Larsson’s line seems to get a ton of minutes matched up against the opposing team’s top line when Housley is able to get them out there. I’d prefer Berglund over Erod, even though he’s not as fast because he’s a bigger player that can really lean on his opponent. And he’s smart, too. That said, Erod had a decent game tonight. Gotta get more out of the Mitts line, though. And soon. I can see Housley putting Reinhart between Sheary and Okposo soon.
  3. K-9

    Charting Allen's throws vs. Jets

    Allen threw a great touch pass to DiMarco down the right sideline vs. Miami. It was the definition of touch. The throw to Zay was perfect. The onus is in the receiver to make that catch, regardless of the amount of zip on the ball and it wasn’t like Allen put everything he has into that throw, either. That pattern calls for the ball to get there quickly and it did (contrast that delivery with Peterman’s). It was lousy technique by Jones.
  4. K-9

    Charting Allen's throws vs. Jets

    8 kind of bad takes. 13 legit bad takes. 7 really bad takes. And 4 WOAT takes.
  5. K-9

    Officiating Call of year just happened!

    That was a terrible, terrible call. An example of the ref seeing what he wanted to. And on such a great effort play for a TD, too. I suspect the Eagles will get the apology from the league today.
  6. ^This. Two weeks in a row our D gave up the lead late. I give credit to the opponents for making terrific plays, but if you’re as good a defense as you think you are, you have to shut the door. Especially in crunch time.
  7. Did Allen make one play, ONE, when he needed to in the entire game? Saying he didn’t is intellectually dishonest because he clearly did. Darnold made a few terrific plays and I give him credit. Has nothing to do with Allen, though.
  8. Allen didn’t make one play when he needed to yesterday? Not one? Really? If you can’t be intellectually honest about it, what’s the point in discussing it with you?
  9. Like you said, it’s gonna happen. And I don’t fault him at all for that. I just happen to think that playing within the structure of the schemes as much as possible will do the most to further his development as a QB. I’m not at all against him improvising like he has been but that’s not where I’m coming from with this particular aspect of the argument. It’s just when I hear the term “hero ball” it conjures up a sandlot type mentality and that’s just not sustainable.
  10. I’m not saying he shouldn’t continue to try to make plays when they’re there. I’m saying that playing hero ball won’t help him. By hero ball I mean plays like his first half INT today when he forced an ill advised pass, much like the play he made vs. Houston earlier in the season. Most of his decisions to pull it down and run have been good ones and he should keep doing that. I have no problem with that. Just be smarter and know your limitations better. He’s our best offensive player, and I think Daboll realizes that.
  11. Can’t disagree more. He needs to progress as a QB and you can’t do that playing a reckless form of hero ball. He’s gotta play as much as he can within the constructs of the schemes Daboll draws up. Doesn’t mean he can’t make heroic plays, but he needs to be disciplined.
  12. K-9

    Offensive Line Struggles

    Why yes, yes it does.