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  1. K-9

    Lets give some credit to THE O LINE

    OLines look better when QBs get rid of the ball quickly and on time. We haven't seen that in a while. Peterson, especially, gets rid of it very fast. Part of that is a naturally quick release but it's also play design and quick diagnosis that his first read is there especially when there's a favorable pre-snap matchup he likes. One reason Benjamin seems to be his favorite target going back to last season. Benjamin is a matchup nightmare for most CBs.
  2. K-9

    Allen should start with #1's

    99.99% of the time this may be true. But to say "zero" is inaccurate. A turnover taken in for a score by the defense results in 2 points awarded to the defending team. Unlikely, but still possible.
  3. K-9

    Josh Allen needs a nickname

    Noodle arm.
  4. Difficult to get a good evaluation of your QB when he's constantly trying to play in the middle of a Chinese fire drill.
  5. I thought Tasker made a good point (rare for him) about Foster looking back at the QB 25 yards before the goal line when he should have been running flat out BEFORE looking for the ball. That play makes me wonder if a guy like Coleman can get there for a ball like that.
  6. Our LBs have had a rough night since the opening kickoff; both in coverage and vs. the run.
  7. Uh-oh. Reilly doing his Hogan impression. The Pats*** will be poaching him soon.
  8. It really helps when a QB gets rid of the ball quickly. We haven't seen that in a while.
  9. Seeing a nice mix of looks, too. I like the idea of giving teams a lot to think about moving forward.
  10. Peterman exorcising some demons. Helluva series there.