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  1. Was the rest of Allen golfing as well, or just his elbow?
  2. By my count, the Bills have had 38 players voted 1st Team All Pro 68 times. Pardon me for not listing them all.
  3. Because we got our asses handed to us it was much easier for me to accept and much easier to flush out of the system. It wasn’t our day, we were never in contention, so tip of the hat to a better team. We had KC beat and gave it away. Gave. It. Away. That’s just so much harder to accept.
  4. And Josh Allen would be the first to admit that as he is his own worst critic. But his criticism would he informed and full of context. Talking head pundits? Not so much.
  5. That teacher missed a golden teaching opportunity and really let your son and his classmates down in the process.
  6. Yeah, I hadn’t seen his earlier troll attempts otherwise I wouldn’t have responded to him at all previously. I can’t believe the clueless trash about Allen that he offers up.
  7. Your point was that the Bills are “singularly dependent” on Josh Allen. I merely pointed out that other teams are “singularly dependent” on their QBs as well. If you were gonna make a different point about building the pieces around him, then perhaps you should have been more articulate in making it in the first place.
  8. Right. Removing Burrow or Mahomes and those teams wouldn’t miss a beat. EVERY team with a franchise QB is “singularly dependent” on them. Great receivers and great OLs just can’t do much without them. Josh is not unique in that regard in the least.
  9. Agree entirely. The Bengals D, especially their very average secondary, had a day off against Huntley.
  10. Are the Bengals “singularly player dependent” on Burrow? The Chiefs on Mahomes? Given our strengths in other areas, I could make the case that their teams are even more “singularly dependent” on them.
  11. Funny how Josh isn’t reckless when he hits those deep shots in tight game situations. He attempts those passes for a simple reason: because those plays are there to be made and he is supremely confident that he and his receivers can make them. I have no problem with that.
  12. There’s a reason why we led the NFL in 3rd down conversion rate and that is because we are usually in manageable down and distance situations.
  13. That 8th man in coverage, especially when you have LBs that can move, can really complicate things for QBs and receivers. We have LBs that can move so I’d love to see us do that vs. the Bengals at times.
  14. Yeah, fruitless is the wrong word. More like pointless.
  15. He’s right. Most adjustments are made while the game is in progress. Coaches and players aren’t on the sidelines pouring over all those still photos and replays on their tablets for nothing. I guarantee Manning made countless adjustments during his career, just not at halftime.
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