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  1. Dolphins are such an unlikable group on defense. None of them act like they’ve been there before. No class.
  2. It was, but Zimmer was keeping up stride for stride all the way down the field. Just a great display of speed by a DLman.
  3. That and his escort of Taron Johnson on the pick six against the Ravens in the playoffs. Zimmer was motoring!
  4. The same predictions for more 4-3 D fronts were made before the Titans game as well and we didn’t see it. McFrazier don’t like coming out of their base nickel very often and I think they’ll focus on the same disciplined run fits we saw against Tennessee. I’d be surprised to see them running much 4-3, if any. Then again, LJ can make any alignment look stupid when he breaks containment.
  5. Lawson was with the Dolphins at the time. He had a decent regular season game vs the Ravens when we played them in 2019.
  6. A torn achilles last year and now a torn ACL this year. Gotta feel for the guy. He’s one of the good guys in the league.
  7. If anything, the Bills provided a blueprint for beating Miami.
  8. Thoughts? That Calais Campbell is licking his chops at the thought of lining up across from Bobby Hart.
  9. Too bad you missed the 2020 season when they won six of them.
  10. Huge difference between being rational and rationalizing.
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