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  1. So true. Take a look at his TD pass to Yeldon vs. the Titans last year. That kind of throw shouldn’t be humanly possible. Amazing. And he’s ours.
  2. We can see the Bills field house while sitting on a boat on the lake west of Athol Springs.
  3. Woulda been in 1996 most likely.
  4. Perhaps from the top of the Seneca One tower in downtown Buffalo? I’m not sure. Toronto is some 350 feet lower than Buffalo in elevation, so maybe. I’ve seen Buffalo from atop the CN Tower in Toronto on a clear day, though.
  5. Good points all around. The more I think about the long delays in getting the deal consummated, the more I’m convinced it’s because Reinhart and Co. didn’t agree to a sign and trade deal like Jones did with Columbus/Chicago.
  6. Just to be clear, I like Adams and Granato, think that what they’re doing needs to be done, and I’m hopeful for the future. And you certainly don’t have to sell their credentials to me. I’m fully onboard. Besides, what choice to we have as fans? But being a mind reader isn’t the point as there is nothing Adams controls once the player is gone. There’s just no changing the fact that if Reinhart signs long term, especially with a division rival, then the return on the trade looks much worse.
  7. Precisely why it can’t be good to have the likes of him throwing shade.
  8. I understand that. But It’s an indication that Adams couldn’t/didn’t read the situation, imo. And that’s concerning to me as a fan. Especially where a division rival is concerned.
  9. If Levi goes on to become a hall of fame goalie, so much the better. But whether or not he does is not germane to the argument I’m making and that is simply that rental players heading towards UFA status fetch less on the trade market than players with multiple years left on their contracts. If Sam stays a rental player, then the deal Adams got isn’t that bad given that first round picks are seldom given for rental players. If Sam signs a multi year deal to stay in Florida, then Adams got played and received less than a player with term should receive in a trade. And the fa
  10. Oh man, it ain’t good when the likes of OJ Simpson is throwing shade on you.
  11. True, we can’t finish any worse without Reinhart. None of these departing players were ever part of the solution in retrospect, nor do I think they ever really cared to be, so there is no problem moving on from them as far as I’m concerned. I just need to be convinced Adams and Co. have the chops to turn it around. These trades are an indicator of that, imo. Better than expected with the Risto deal, but if Reinhart signs for more than a year in Florida, that trade becomes a total disaster.
  12. Yep. And that made it all the sweeter. Miami fans were talking so much crap before that game. Understandable, as they were a legit good team. But the lack of respect came back to bite them in the ass for sure.
  13. Man, we left a lot of points out there in that game. And I forgot how insufferable Bob Trumpy was.
  14. Reinhart signing long term, short term, or any term with the Panthers doesn’t do anything to help or hurt the Sabres, regardless, so I’m confused as to the point you’re making here. Where we are coming from if Sam does sign for more than a year in Florida is that since he informed the Sabres he was gonna be an UFA after this season, the expectation was that he would be a rental player for whomever he was traded to (excluding his desired teams in the Northwest) and that fact would lower his return as it does all rental players looking towards free agency. Sam signing for
  15. Somebody should offer sheet Reinhart given his current RFA status.
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