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  1. People like me that don’t believe in the value of added motivation? WTF does that even mean? Actually, never mind. Another Badol rabbit hole I’d just as soon avoid.
  2. I agree that complacency can set in. But again, nobody starts out NOT trying their best to make things better. Specifically, McBeane in this case.
  3. There are exceptions. But nobody gets into the business trying to F things up. Lazy, just mail it in and run for the bus types generally don’t last long.
  4. “High” and “hopes” in the same sentence regarding the Sabres chance. I admire your optimism. In my case, I’d have to be high to have hopes at all. Nope. My expectations are lowered to the point of needing an electron microscope just to detect them. I expect absolutely nothing from this group. Anything above nothing is gravy. I only watch to see Eichel, Dahlin, and our other young prospects to see how they’re developing.
  5. Nobody, NOBODY, in the NFL is NOT motivated to do their jobs better. In a business that defines the very nature of the “what have you done for me lately” mindset, EVERYBODY involved is dedicated to doing something NOW. We, as fans, just can’t believe that’s the case. And that says more about us than it does about those in charge of our favorite teams.
  6. And everyone who drafted behind Buffalo would have tried to trade up to get him.
  7. That’s Belichick’s own playbook from when they had two good TEs along with an elite slot receiver and decent wideouts and would play a tempo game when he caught you in unfavorable sub packages.
  8. “Dole you the gouge?” I need Tre White to translate that.
  9. Nothing says “brave, strong, and productive” like wallowing in misery.
  10. I already feel sorry for Mahomes when he plays against us next season.
  11. Well, here we are again. Starting in the 2015/2016 season in Bylsma’s first year and continuing through Housley’s tenure, this team went into their bye week well within striking distance of a playoff spot and needing to come out of the break making noise, only to fold like the proverbial cheap tent; the task simply being too big for their fragile psyches. Which way will this team, under Krueger, decide to go this season? 9 of their next 10 at home, including five in a row upon returning to action. If there was EVER a time when the hockey gods provided an opportunity to make a move, this is it.
  12. Roughly meaning, “Ok, it’s on, mother Fs! I’ll show you why you should be happy to have me!”
  13. Are the fans of the nine other teams that could have had Mahomes as upset as some Bills fans? Is the media that covers those teams as critical of those front offices as well?
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