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  1. Average number of rushing plays allowed per game, average yards per rush against, average yards per pass against, QB rating against, average yards per play given up. That’s all you need to know about what defenses are good or not. When we improve our rush against metrics and red zone defense, we will be dominant. Right now, we are a very good defense.
  2. That clinched it for me. Barkley needs to be our starting QB. Thanks.
  3. That’s a valid point. Some just aren’t worth the give and take. Intractable myopia is impossible to have honest give and take with.
  4. I've answered it up thread but I'll say that in addition to all the positives he brings, he also brought his self admitted immaturity and the injuries that limited his availability to a new coach seeking to create his own culture with his own philosophies and his own "process" which is his prerogative as a head coach. And a new coach trying to do that requires total buy in from everyone, especially his best players, and Sammy wasn't about a team first mentality which, again, he admitted to. So while I would have preferred to keep Sammy, I can totally understand why he was traded and even though I didn't like it, I can respect the decision.
  5. We have a lot of players with poor 5v5 numbers that don't mitigate that with as many positives as Risto. Risto's ginormous gaffes are so conspicuous when they occur, as they are for most D men, that I think there's a tendency to magnify them. At any rate, while I understand the desire to see him off our favorite team, given JBott's screwing of the ROR pooch less than a year ago, he simply cannot give Risto away for anything less than a great deal. Vatenen and Boqvist simply aren't enough.
  6. No doubt. And I can understand why you might sit on the fence. I'll just say that losing Risto hurts us more than acquiring Vatenen and Boqvist helps us at this time.
  7. Hard pass from me. The minimum coming back has to be a proven top six winger with scoring ability. Risto is a commodity; a RD in his early prime at 25 years of age with proven offensive skills who plays a tough, physical style on the back end. Vatenen is not that and Boqvist doesn't qualify as proven.
  8. Regarding that scared GM who didn’t want to see the Leafs angry; that coward should be summarily fired and run out of his town on a rail. Fortune favors the bold as the old saying goes.
  9. Nothing? Nothing at all? Does constructing a state of the art training and sports medicine facility for the betterment of his players not indicate at least one thing?
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