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  1. Jerry came to play tonight. Great game. Shout out to Trent Murphy as well. He more than held his own after being relegated to the inactive list for most of the latter half of the season. He prepared and was ready to play. Good on him.
  2. To Martindale’s credit, he did a ton of post snap adjustments and Josh was confused a few times. But yeah, Wink didn’t bring the heat like usual and that’s a credit to his respect for Allen who’s been killing Cover 0 and Cover 1 looks all year. I can’t believe they totally removed Beasley from the game and gave Diggs as much single coverage as they did.
  3. Apparently, the poster I responded to cares how the Baltimore media frames it. I certainly couldn’t care less. I just expect them to be honest, that’s all.
  4. I doubt that. Lamar left down 17-3 after three quarters and was essentially shut down the entire time before that point. I suspect the Baltimore media will be honest about it. At best, LJ never got a chance to come back from 14 down with a quarter to play, but he’s never done that in his career. The Baltimore media should give the Bills defense credit. You can’t stop Jackson, but yo can certainly contain and limit his impact. We did that better than any team he’s faced the last six weeks.
  5. Keys to your keys: 1. We handle their blitz schemes and block them up. 2. Front seven plays with superior gap integrity 3. I got nothin. 4. Keep LJ in unmanageable down/distance situations
  6. Would Reich take a chance on him in Indy? Or does he know things about Wentz as well?
  7. Allen has done his fair share of the same this year, but yeah, he often times makes that chicken salad out of that chicken ****.
  8. Not a bad strategy. But it goes both ways. If I were a DC, I’d make it a point to key on LJ on every read option and hit him, regardless. Yes, that may leave you vulnerable to a big play when he decides to hand off at the mesh point, but he’s gonna take a shot regardless. Every. Time. The season after Colin Kaepernick led the Niners to the SB, DCs did just that and the impact was immediate.
  9. Sorry, but if a player is “not ready” to play his biggest game of the year, the blame goes to the player, not the coach. Attitude and motivation are personal responsibilities and are in the total control of the individual player. Perhaps Tomlin “wasn’t ready” either, but that’s also on him as an individual. Better for Heyward to just tip his hat to the Browns and admit they got their assess handed to them by the better team instead of offering up the tired excuse of not being ready.
  10. Josh became who he is because he’s Josh Allen. He alone possesses the drive, determination, discipline, etc., to achieve what he’s achieved. Things that cannot be coached. But Daboll has helped him figure out WHY defenses do what they do on a down to down basis. Figuring out the WHY makes it easier to take what a defense gives you (and they ALL give you something). And taking what a defense gives you makes it easier to take what you WANT after their adjustment. Daboll deserves a ton of credit for that.
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