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  1. .408 pace since the 10 game streak. That’s Housley regressing to the mean he established last year. Team is playing like they want their coach fired. Not saying that’s the case; just that it looks that way.
  2. K-9

    Inside Info (somewhat) - Kyler Murray

    Level just below Dunkirk Don.
  3. I know, maybe Housley can show’em some more film. This team is one giant defensive lapse. Doesn’t reflect well on a coach whose claim to fame is his defensive acumen. But hey, show ‘em enough film and they’re bound to get it sooner or later. Right, Phil?
  4. K-9

    Jarvis Landry World Record

    It’s contagious. Bless’m.
  5. 3-3-1, but yeah. Poop stain none the less.
  6. It’s usually because he’s had his top line out there for a long shift when the penalty was incurred.
  7. It would be an extremely weak argument as NFL revenues keep increasing. Also, the league is extremely reluctant to have their books opened for examination. Green Bay’s financials, since they have to be disclosed by law, offer a good glimpse. Kaepernick and others who took a knee had no impact. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/packers-financials-show-that-nfl-made-billions-despite-national-anthem-controversy/
  8. Gotta keep it in the playbook and show it from time to time to give defenses something to think about. Not saying it should become a staple, but it should be used.
  9. Indeed. Did you read about what the Wisconsin legislature did? Members of their black caucus wanted to include him, as a Madison native, as an honoree during their Black History month celebration for his activism on various civil rights issues and moved to get the motion passed. Needless to say, the Republican majority voted it down, citing his “controversial” status. I can’t think of one prominent civil rights activist in the past that wasn’t controversial. I mean, that’s kind of the point.
  10. Given his history of charitable donations and activism in social causes, I think he will use the money to speak louder than he did before. Which will continue to sow more goodwill in the various communities he supports. Which will give him even more credibility.
  11. Tomsula was a riot though. Don’t recall anyone else in history who audibly passed gas at his presser.
  12. “Feels like Favre. Feels like Elway.” I have to agree. What impressed me most this year was Allen’s personality on the field. He has a certain command out there. Hope he starts looking like Favre and Elway as well as feeling like them.
  13. I don't care where he's ranked, either. I was genuinely curious as to who has had the most "success" in signing UFAs around the league. I suspect it's pretty even throughout, though. Just like draft success, etc. I'm hoping Murhpy is healthier this year, too. For the reasons you outlined. He just may be one of those guys who is perpetually hit by the injury bug.
  14. Not an impressive list to be sure, but the jury is still out on Star and Murphy even though their value was below expectation. I'm not sure I'm gonna be too disappointed in Ivory who, like all or our backs, had to toil behind one of the worst lines in the league, yet still managed to produce some big plays in some big moments during the year as a role player. Do you include UDFAs in the analysis? What GM in the league is the best at judging UFAs?