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  1. Yep, and the buses are just about full.
  2. Per the bold text, can you cite all those “bad, head scratching, and crippling plays” that almost cost us the game? I saw a bunch in defense, though.
  3. Why was it undeserved? Good thing we played two halves then, because the 21 points we scored in that half sure came in handy. I’m pretty sure we deserved those 21 points, too.
  4. Not small, but he’s frail. I mean the refs can actually see his camel toe thru his uniform pants.
  5. Hyde and Addison both came back.
  6. Like I said previously, even though it couldn’t have been a horse collar because of the rule about being in the pocket, I wonder if unnecessary roughness would have been called if Allen was a smaller, frailer QB.
  7. It’s exciting for sure. But there will be some clunkers. And our D will HAVE to win those games for us.
  8. Well, they better because it’s asking a lot for your offense to have to score 35 in order to win every week.
  9. It was defensive holding the entire route. It was a penalty, but the wrong penalty was called.
  10. The CB was engaged from the snap of the ball from what I saw; held him the entire route basically.
  11. It was illegal contact instead of PI. Should have been 5 yards and an automatic first. Which wouldn’t have made ANY difference given where they were in the field.
  12. JA has shown enough “glimpses” of the kinds of passes he’s throwing now since he’s been in the league. We can like Daboll or not, but you don’t design the type of offense we are seeing Allen execute unless you’ve seen enough of his ability to allow you to do so. His arm talent has always been obvious and when that marries up with better decision making and more surrounding talent, we shouldn’t be surprised to see the kind of game he’s playing so far this year. And he’s just in the process of getting comfortable with his offense.
  13. That is an interesting point; does Donald get the same benefit of the doubt if it’s a frail QB like Brady and not a big, strong melon farmer like Allen. At the very least, Donald isn’t called for a horse collar, but he would definitely be called for unnecessary roughness. Which is another indictment of the craptastic officiating that has become the NFL every game.
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