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  1. You have to remember that in college ball, sacks are deducted from a QBs rushing yardage as well. And Jackson was sacked some 11.5 times that day.
  2. Antonio Brown did no such “penning” of that apology. Seems to me those he seeks forgiveness from might appreciate it more if his contrition came directly from him and not the representatives who cash in on his NFL paychecks.
  3. Per the bold text, that’s the point. Whether a fan attends a game in person or not has NO bearing on the game being shown for free locally as you suggested previously. Was a time you could make that claim, but not any more. While league blackout rules were suspended largely due to pressure from the FCC and some members of Congress, there was also upward pressure from broadcast media to lift them as well. And that relates directly to the record rights fees paid by those media outlets and shared equally league wide. So your Keynes reference is apt. The Bills are in Buffalo for two reasons: Mr. Wilson located and kept the the team here originally and the Pegulas bought and decided to keep them here after he passed. No doubt a loyal fan base all these years has helped to assure that.
  4. Well deserved! That TFL against Elliot where he just blew up the Cowboy guard in the process was an even better play than his sack and strip, imo. If he ever learns to run a 9 route like DK Metcalf, watch out!
  5. The ONLY thing that makes it possible for anyone, fortunate or not, to watch home games for free on TV is the media broadcast deal with the league. It’s great that the fans who attend and the sponsors who pay for displayed branding and other commercial announcements make it possible for the Bills to realize more unshared revenue, though. That is not an insignificant contribution to the franchise.
  6. True, that. I’m gonna give a shoutout to Curt Gowdy as well.
  7. I appreciate your help, but I heard the entire interview as well. Which is why I asked for the additional context to be added to the post. Without it, it comes across as a knock on Allen when his full comment shows the kind of level headed maturity you’d want out of our QB.
  8. In Kaepernick’s second year as a starter, after a season of great success with the read option offense also under Roman, defensive coordinators around the league made it a point to hit Kaepernick, regardless of whether or not he kept the ball on those option plays. Every. Time. Over time, it had its desired effect. I’d like to see a similar tactic vs. Jackson.
  9. Good point about the middle of the field. I think we have the personnel to do that with Poyer and Hyde in the back but I think Milano and Edmunds will be key. They match up well athletically and are both three down players. Like the old saying goes, we aren’t going to “stop” Jackson; we will have to contain him. He’s gonna get his on the ground at times. But I think we can make it difficult for him to throw on us.
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