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  1. I won't digress from the thread topic any further, but I'm glad to see this reference. In all my years of studying the Civil War, the topic of soil exhaustion in the South was one of the most fascinating. Newly admitted western states had to be slave states or entire agricultural industries of the South would have died. It's just an interesting and rarely mentioned cause for secession and the ensuing conflict.
  2. That’s on Daboll and the coaches to manage.
  3. Ennis is small. As for Connolly and Mitts, simce when is being over six feet and 200 pounds considered small for an NHL center? Mitts has to get stronger for sure, but his size is not an issue and it wasn’t for Connolly, either. 72 year plan? Don’t know what that’s about, but I do know you don’t make a determination on a player at 20 years old after his rookie season. You might be interested to know that Mitts’ rookie season compares favorably with some of the better centers in the league. He’s got skills, needs to get stronger, and mature. I’m much more concerned with the established veterans on this team who suck and will never be more than what they are.
  4. Amerks with four or five hit pipes and a couple yawning open nets missed and they find themselves down 2-0 after two. Hope they don’t get frustrated. They’ve been carrying the play pretty much the entire game.
  5. There’s no “happily ever after” in GoT. And we we are all gonna be pissed at the end when Bran wakes up from a dream next to Bob Newhart.
  6. BrindAmour was a prick as a player, too, so I’m not surprised he acts like one as a coach.
  7. Yep. Like Buddy always said, everybody’s trying to rob the same train.
  8. Per the bold text, I don’t know if it’s as cut and dried as that. He’s actually like most young players In their first year in the league. I’m not surprised that he and Dahlin wore down, either; the grind an 82 game NHL season is a real eye opener. While he needs to get stronger and I think he will, it may be a couple more seasons before he gains that “man strength” he needs. He’s very similar to Reinhart in that regard and it took Sam four seasons to mature. If he turns into another Connelly, I’d be ecstatic. Minus the concussion issues of course. Connelly could play the game at an extremely high level when healthy.
  9. Too much is made of Mitts being “forced” into a 2C role this season. Both Sobotka and especially ERod played more minutes in that role.
  10. I think we generally agree on Metcalf. We disagree on Calvin Johnson.
  11. I suspect he will be the first wr selected. I don’t think that necessarily means he’s the best at this point, but that his ceiling is so much higher than anybody else’s.
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