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  1. I think it’s spelled “Happy Canada Deh.”
  2. Josh Allen is the antithesis of Tyrod Taylor. Sometimes to his detriment, but a completely different QB all the same.
  3. Indeed you did. I missed it the first time around.
  4. Do you wear masks when entering stores that require them?
  5. What a total croc that was. Detroit got royally screwed. There is no way any team in the post-season tourney should be eligible for the top two picks in the draft. The NHL is a joke. And Buffalo with yet another 8th overall selection. See you in three years whoever it ends up being. Better yet, just trade that pick for whatever you can get because we need help now.
  6. Those five doctors should quit the profession before they cause real harm. From your description, they are absolutely clueless about SARS-CoV-2, how it’s spread, and the enormous strain it’s placed on hospitals and health care professionals in various areas around the world. Those five doctors are a disgrace to the Hippocratic oath.
  7. Complacency has set in. We are, BY FAR, the most immature generation in our country’s history. Previous generations were asked to make the ultimate sacrifice in service of a greater good. We were asked to stay home on the couch or wear a mask and it’s just too much for our delicate, spoiled sensibilities.
  8. Don’t worry, Wall Street will realize another socialist windfall to keep their over-inflated and artificial values propped up. Meanwhile, in the real world...
  9. Good point. People who don’t self reflect and get past their defensiveness aren’t/can’t being honest.
  10. Looting, yes. But there is nothing wrong at all with people exercising 1st amendment rights to protest and seek redress of grievances. The vast, vast, vast majority of protest activity has been unmarred by looting and vandalism. No matter how hard others try to paint an alternative picture.
  11. You can’t have a revolution without violence. At least I can’t think of an example where that occurred. But if any country has the structures in place to accomplish that, it’s ours. Assuming, of course, that everyone has an equal opportunity to utilize those structures. Which we don’t have and which some are in the process of further trying to deny.
  12. He, Csonka, and Morris took turns being Bills killers. But he was always classy about it. RIP.
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