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  1. One cheek equals two knees equals four feet.
  2. That really doesn’t matter as you can only play the teams you’re scheduled to play and perhaps they will indeed look like crap when they face a decent team down the road, but there is no denying their offensive display the past two seasons. Not saying you’re making one, but these arguments being made by some that they would suck on offense without Hill that are absurd. First because it’s impossible to prove unless the Dolphins lose him for any length of time and secondly because they ignore the other highly skilled players as well as McDaniel’s ability to scheme them so successfully. Those arguments lack substance as a result.
  3. Really? You root for serious injury to opposing players? That is beyond F’d up.
  4. With even more due respect, your take is also a narrow one. Of course Hill puts pressure on defenses and nobody denies he’s the most important cog in the machine, but this idea that Miami would just crumble without him is naive at best. That offense is loaded with weapons at the skill positions and they have a coach who knows how to scheme them. These arguments to discredit the rest of their offense comes off as nothing more than sour grapes.
  5. You have to respect their ability to run the ball as well. Very tough team to defend as anyone with half a clue understands.
  6. The Miami offense doesn’t “revolve” around Hill. He may be an important piece, but they hurt teams in multiple ways. I mean for all their success passing the ball, they are also the second best running team in the league as well. Discrediting their offense by suggesting it’s all because of one guy is extremely narrow vision.
  7. Set up by the runs earlier in the series.
  8. What’s your point? That the Dolphins’ offense wouldn’t be great if one of their great players wasn’t a part of it? It is what it is whether you want to accept that or not.
  9. Howell determined to make a liar out of me. I hope he does.
  10. More like the grandson of the love child spawned by Lovey and Gilligan.
  11. Their offense is legit and that can’t be denied.
  12. Howell is a train wreck at QB.
  13. The NFL salary cap is nothing more than a mirage.
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