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  1. Yup. That is if enough people don't stand up/speak out against it. It's a pretty bi-partisan issue in terms of how the vast majority of average people view pedophilia, so I have hope -- but it'll require people seeing more/incontrovertible evidence imo. Which means a very public/media covered trial(s)... which seems likely to happen in Epstein's case.
  2. His argument is just as bad — “I’m a democrat, gonna vote democrat until I die” (aka: “I can’t be a racist because of my political affiliation) Idiots, all.
  3. More https://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/cobb-county/state-rep-says-man-told-her-to-go-back-where-you-came-from-at-grocery-store/968677735 (funniest part is that she was clearly wrong about being in the express line -- but it's okay because RACISM!)
  4. By "the whole basket of deplorables" thing, do you mean the single stupidest phrase ever uttered by a person running for President? The same phrase that cost her the election more than anything else, with the possible exception of deciding she couldn't be bothered to go to Wisconsin? All you've proven with your (typically unhinged, borderline illiterate) ranting is that you haven't learned a thing from the mistakes that cost your team 2016. Which will make what's coming all the more hilarious when you try to figure out why you lost. Again.
  5. My cat's love of puking on the carpet.
  6. Your honest take is that every racist in existence is on the right? There are no racists at all on the left? ... You are saying that seriously or as a joke?
  7. Prior to 2016 I was a left leaning liberal (as my posting history proves). Many factors forced me to reassess my own positions/views/understandings, but watching the primary process be so blatantly manipulated in real time was one of the bigger ones. I say that only to dispel the stereotype that left leaning thinking isn't popular down here. Despite the thorns, which are prickly at times down here in the dungeon, PPP largely welcomes all opinion/thoughts/commentary so long as it's backed up with logic and reason. So I hope you hang around, even when we may disagree
  8. There are too many variables to take that kind of position though. First let's agree that (to my knowledge) there aren't any known details about the alleged assault at Mara Largo, so everything to follow is speculation: We don't really know the nature of the alleged assault -- it could have been anything from a suggestive comment to a literal physical assault. I think you'd agree that the appropriate response would vary between those two ends of the spectrum. But let's say it was a physical assault -- Even then, Trump wasn't the victim. He was the owner of the place where the assault occurred. The victim was a member/customer of Trump and it would be their call whether or not to file a police report, because doing so would require their minor child to give a report/name to the authorities. That's to say, the club member/customer could have many reasons not to want to report the assault. If that's the case, what could Trump be expected to do? Seems tossing a (supposed) billionaire customer from his club was one of the strongest responses Trump could do without violating the privacy of the victim and her family.
  9. He did report it though (kind of), then later during the investigation/pre-trail phase he volunteered information. We'll never know, but I do wonder if the trial had happened back then if Trump would have testified... (shrug)
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