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  1. Hey DR,


    Just wanted to post a note of support on your Wall.


    Thank you for all you do to help support the proliferation of sunlight into all those dark corners. Your efforts go farther than you may think my friend. 


    Complete respect!

  2. Again, what pushed him over the edge was his eagerness to defend Adam Schiff -- who's about the most vile person on the planet. Maybe second to Gary. Funny how Garry/Warren just keeps rushing to defend the worst among us. Shows a lot about his character.
  3. He's a part of Google's Threat Analysis Group
  4. https://www.justice.gov/opa/press-release/file/1289641/download
  5. That was a fun one this morning. At least a few hundred miles away it was. A gentle rolling rock.
  6. Singer's ... preferences ... have long been an open secret in town. He's notoriously shy, almost cripplingly so. So, the efforts to "find people" for him were often passed off as being because he's socially incapable of doing it himself. I cannot speak to whether that's true or not from my own experience, all I know is that whether the methods used and people involved were illegal/minors or not is still a source of debate. I've long heard rumors he's deeply involved/compromised due to his preferences, and I know a few people who worked with and for Bryan who swear that it's all overblown. They say it's all about his personality quarks. But I want to be careful with what I say because I do not have all the information (but can send you a PM tonight with a bit more). He's brought this all on himself though, that much is for certain. And I do believe more scrutiny is warranted based on the number of accusers.
  7. He can't help himself. He's deeply embarrassed right now and spinning wildly to try to throw shite in every direction in the hopes it helps people forget his own idiocy.
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