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  1. Do I believe some people have prescience/psychic abilities? I do. Do I believe everyone who says they're psychic or gifted in that realm? I do not. I've seen (a lot of) hucksters in my days in the entertainment world, and seen how they actually got their results. But, I've also seen more than one honest/real person do some astounding things which I still cannot explain without acknowledging the possibility of true psychic abilities. It only takes one such experience to make you a believer. Is this psychic ability a universal human talent that is latent in most of the population? Possibly. The US Government certainly seems to believe it's true enough to spend (hundreds of) millions of dollars on research projects designed to tap into this ability. The use of remote viewing and "psychic spies", or their attempted use at the very least, by everyone from the CIA to the USN to DARPA is not so easy to dismiss. Doubly so when you see the programs were not one-offs, but rather extended through decades and multiple independent projects. Is it just government spending and folly run amok? Possibly... ... but doubtful imo. My personal belief is that we, as humans, are much more powerful than we realize in many ways. A lot of time, effort, and treasure has been spent throughout the centuries trying to make us forget just how powerful our consciousnesses actually are -- both individually and collectively. But that's me. As for deja vu -- one experience when I was young, a really vivid recollection of having been somewhere before while visiting for the first time. It still shakes my dad up talking about it.
  2. POTUS agrees. https://mobile.twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1244338645198352386
  3. More (longer thread if you click with good info both above and below this segment:
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