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  1. In one post you admit you know dick about this case and should read more — now you say as a fact that Flynn was “pretty reckless with the things he did”. So, tell us, what reckless things did General Flynn do? This will be great... 🍿 What a choad.
  2. That four day turnaround from what should be a banger of a Tennessee game is not my favorite, but the game should be one of the best of the year.
  3. ... And you still didn't link where I said "all polls are fake". Huh. Funny that. Who could have seen that coming?
  4. This goes alllllll the way back to the original sin: illegally letting contractors, not agents or intelligence officers but outside hires, access the 702 database without a warrant or oversight. This is where this scandal started, with 44's administration doing "business as usual" (business likely learned from 43's administration) by illegally surveilling their political opponents through private contractors (think Fusion GPS, think Halper) who then leak the illegally gained information to media cut outs to create scandals and smears from smoke. If Horowitz is moving here, then that's a GREAT sign.
  5. *Haven't listened to this one yet, but stashing here so I can later.
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