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  1. Swalwell drives to the hoop -- And is REJECTED by basic facts and evidence. So close! (click on the tweet for a soundless short video)
  2. I can see that if there's only investigations without indictments. If there are indictments, especially of high ranking (cabinet level, Lt types), then its a much different conversation. It'll be impossible to ignore or brush aside if Comey, Baker, McCabe, Brennan, and Clapper get indicted. Even more so if that swings to the Kerry, Lynch, Rice level of the coup.
  3. (But nothing has been happening) This is much bigger than simply partisan politics.
  4. https://www.msnbc.com/all-in/watch/former-cia-director-barr-investigation-an-outrageous-move-60303941876?cid=sm_npd_ms_tw_ai Holy framing, Batman. The opening of this segment I haven't heard DOJ (yet), but their attorneys are sending angry letters to one another rather than forming a unified front
  5. I'm not on Facebook either, so I'm not certain -- but I know some of the fake set ups have/had verification on Twitter/Instagram over the past year. It's a big problem (which I imagine happened to the last administration as well - scammers gonna scam kind of thing).
  6. This is about Iran and the GCC/US fight against their proxies which have been covertly happening for the past 2 years in earnest. The Kashoggi matter was also about Iran and the MSB more than it was ever about KSA.
  7. That's as American as it gets. (If that's a real account and not a fake "campaign" account -- there are dozens of fake ones that look very real -- then it is indeed gross. But completely on brand.)
  8. Trump tweeted this during his flight to Japan Brennan is packing a bag for his bolt hole from what I'm hearing. Clapper's got the goods on him and isn't afraid to use it (per my master of whispers), there's a negotiation going on between both sides right now. Comey is apparently still in the woods looking for that perfect selfie light... he's resigned to what's coming, or oblivious to it. ADDED: Right on cue: Unpopular and difficult -- like treason, sedition, and murdering US journalists in Los Angeles, right, John?
  9. Taking this a piece at a time, not to be combative but to stoke a real conversation with you I pay the most attention to facts and evidence which can stand up on their own. What I do not do is rely on the media to tell me what to think or how to think when I analyze said evidence. But I do pay attention to the entire media spectrum, it's too important not to when you're talking about a story as explosive as this. You can't just brush this aside. This was THE CLAIM made by not only members of the media, but members of Congress, President Obama's cabinet members, and Hillary Clinton herself. They not only said this conspiracy was real and resulted in Trump stealing an election which he actually lost, many of those same people and media members said they had undeniable evidence that the crime happened. We now know, without question, this did not happen. There was no Trump/Russia connection. There was no conspiracy or collusion to work together. There was no being "soft" on Russia to get their help. Not a single American was indicted by the SCO for anything relating to the 2016 election or collusion conspiracy. Not one. Doesn't that bother you at all? Do you just give them a pass because "your" media tells you something else? The same media, I bet, who lied to you for two years not only about Trump/Russia but years earlier about WMD in Iraq. Incorrect. "Interference" and "Meddling" are not synonymous the way they've been used by the media since 2016. The Russians did not change a single vote. They did not hack any systems which tabulated votes. What they did was purchase a bunch of facebook ads (for 10k, not even enough money to move the needle in a two horse town let alone the country) -- AND WORK WITH HILLARY CLINTON'S CAMPAIGN TO SPREAD INTENTIONAL DISINFORMATION TO THE PUBLIC in the form of the Steele dossier. Does that not bother you? Is that news to you? Do you deny this is the reality? If you do, you need to go back through this whole saga with fresh eyes because you've been lied to. Trump did not "know about it" -- he was running for office and had no connections to Russia per Mueller's own report, the House committee and the Senate. But you know who did know about it? Obama. And despite knowing about it, he did nothing to prevent it, in fact he ordered US Cyber command to STAND DOWN. Why? Because they wanted to push and sell the Russia/Trump story to the public. Because Trump/Russia was an invention of the Obama Administration, the Hillary campaign, and the USIC. This is revisionist history and completely incorrect. The biggest charge was TREASON and colluding with a foreign government to STEAL AN ELECTION. Obstruction only became "the biggest" thing once those promises of Treason turned out to be frauds. Incorrect. Mueller punted on his decision and Barr ruled the way he did. Mueller's report is completely unchallenged, it's not "proven" by any stretch of the imagination as none of the witness accounts were cross examined. Saying obstruction is proven, or strong, is just factually wrong. Legally, obstruction was decided. It didn't happen. It's entirely political now -- and again I have to ask, doesn't that bother you? Two years ago, everyone in "your" media and Congress were screaming that Trump was a traitor and they had evidence to prove it. Yet now they've shifted completely to obstruction of justice without acknowledging or accepting the fact that their earlier claims were proven to be lies. They lied to you, over and over again. Knowingly. They did this because they think you're too stupid to think for yourself. Doesn't that offend you? Or do they get a pass because Orange man bad? The result of the Mueller "stuff", the same "stuff" which the left and "your media" had built up as sacred and unimpeachable concluded the following: 1) Trump/Russia was never real. It did not happen, it was fiction. 2) Obstruction of justice did not happen. That's "The Mueller stuff". Which is a far cry from what you were promised by "your media", is it not? Do you understand what a FISA warrant is and the powers it holds? Because this statement leads me to believe you do not. When the government got a FISA warrant on Carter Page in October of 2016, that allows the investigators to use the massive powers of our surveillance state against not only Carter Page but anyone he EVER had contact with. And not only them, but also anyone THOSE PEOPLE ever had contact with. That's what two hops mean. It means they have the ability to comb through every inch of everyone's life whom Carter Page has ever said hello to. Every email. Every call. Every text. Every draft of a text. Every financial record. Every court record (even expunged ones). Everything. When they got the FISA on Page, he had already left the campaign. So why did they want to target Page? Because they wanted to get those powers of surveillance on Trump. And they did. "Legally" through this FISA. The Carter Page warrant was renewed 4 times -- through 2017. That means candidate Trump AND President Trump were under the most intense and powerful surveillance in the history of mankind. They went through his entire life, and the lives of everyone he ever said hello to, hoping to find ANYTHING they could to use against him. They knew they wouldn't find Russian connections (because the FBI invented that and knew it), but they KNEW Trump had to be dirty. He's Trump after all, there's no way he wouldn't end up being every bit as dirty as the other DC politicians, right? Guess what? After almost two years under the most intense and all reaching surveillance known to man, you know what they found? Nothing. He's clean. If he wasn't, they would have leaked/charged/buried him with innuendo. But they didn't find a single crime. Not one. That matters, does it not? Or are you supporting a system of justice that doesn't care about due process or presumption of innocence? This is window dressing for the simple minded. It's a trick. The government has had access to his tax records and financial records this entire time. As noted above, they dug into EVERYTHING. If there was anything untoward in his taxes, it would have been brought up long ago. If there was anything criminal, he would have been exposed BEFORE he was allowed to select two Justices, let alone be sworn in as POTUS. You have to think a little bit here. The only ones who think his taxes are hiding something are the ones who are lying to you. The same ones who lied to you about Trump/Russia. The same ones who are still lying to you today. Again, I ask you, when do you say enough is enough with the lies? Or does it not matter because Orange Man bad? The SDNY answers to one man: Nothing is going to come from those investigations -- because of what I said above. He's clean. He's been given a rectal exam by the United States Intelligence Community - that's the FBI, CIA, NSA - not to mention the IRS and I'm sure a dozen other alphabet agencies, and he came back clean. You're dreaming here because you've chosen to believe "your media" rather than actual first hand evidence. Again, this is a stale talking point after the FISAs Trump was under. If he was "out in the open corrupt" let alone closeted corrupt, it would have been flagged by this investigation immediately. You're badly misinformed by people who think you're too stupid to question their lies -- even after they've been exposed as liars. You must do better. So lost... see all the reasons above. Biden has zero chance to win. He's deeply involved in the illegal spying on Trump (and Cruz, and Sanders, and every political campaign), not to mention his corruption issues in the Ukraine and China with his kids. For a guy who seems to care about corruption so much, backing Biden seems disingenuous at best.
  10. DNI Coats issues statement on the Declass *thread with more: Coats provided the most crucial piece of evidence in this whole saga back in 2017, which is key to remember.
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