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  1. We know he's had remsvidor, melatonin, and zinc. We don't know if he had HCQ (this time, he took a course of it earlier in the year) or plasma yet. I don't even play a doctor on TV so I have no clue what they'll do next, but I'd guess when he comes out of this he'll be touting all of them (and hope over fear).
  2. That's unfair to ask. He's not even smart enough to realize the sky is blue.
  3. It's working out that way even if it wasn't the plan. Only fools are still buying what the MSM is selling. And there are a lot of 'em, but they're making themselves irrelevant by sticking with them.
  4. But, you said just a few minutes ago this was your first one... Oops. Liars gonna lie. And you also said it was meant to be objective... Then 10 minutes later admit you were trying to be proactive -- which is NOT objective... You're so full of shite you can't even keep up with your own bullshite positions. Carry on being a dishonest asshat.
  5. You could have put this in any number of threads. It would be just as forgettable and stupid in those threads as it would be on its own. But, the asshat would rather ***** up the board like a pelican because he's in desperate need for attention. It's funny to witness a grown man continually make an ass out of himself in public. (note: he can't dispute this fact, so he's back to arguing with himself because it's the only trick in his bag.)
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