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  1. You build from the trenches, on both sides of the ball. Don't sleep on Cody, he's coming along.
  2. I think you're giving the alcohol too much of the credit.
  3. They were definitely trying to let him work out his long ball gremlins on that drive, I like the idea, still fighting them. He'll get it figured out.
  4. Damn you, I wanted to laugh, but canyon the same post about an injury!
  5. How does one lut people on ignore on the mobile version?
  6. We are fans of the team, and fans of his potential and moxy. You should be too, if you are truly a fan of this team. Josh doesn't call the plays, like long bombs on 3rd and 3.
  7. If that's not the same person, they're certainly cut from the same cloth.
  8. Agreed, no reason not to challenge it there. And really hard to say being tackled out of the air, early, didn't cause the incompletion.
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