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  1. Sorry for the completely off-topic reply here, but Mark Tapscott was one of my best friends in college. Glad to know his move up to the NE was fruitful, and that he's still writing!
  2. You're trying way too hard to give benefit of doubt, and defend the indefensible.
  3. Evidently, it didn't cross the line of scrimmage, which I missed live, if correct
  4. Than SOME fans, get it right! I never doubt until the final whistle!
  5. Good grief... I was hoping their passing would allow 100'ish ypg rushing, my was I mistaken
  6. I'm so glad that someone made this thread; I was JUST looking for it, and was wondering if it was here, or BBMB. Even if it originated elsewhere, I sure hope it stays, as I LOL'd through almost two whole pages, until The Jokeman brought a little too much reality to it. So, no more pics of Schlitzie I guess; not trying to make fun of people that can't help it. But hopefully people can have a sense of humor, and laugh at the rest of it. People really need to lighten up, FFS.
  7. After the draft, both Beasley and John Brown were available. I dropped a second TE, and a 3rd WR to pick up both, (never play with your heart, like I do!) Hopefully one or the other will turn it on at some point, and make one a good pickup!
  8. Man, I can't catch a break in fantasy football; I absolutely SUCK at picking RB's. Aaron Jones doing nada for me tonight
  9. How much longer will these people put a "D" next to their name? You'd think that Sane(r) people would think, at some point, to have a D next to your name means you have to be so far left, so into the race and identity-politics before actual ideas, that the VAST majority of the country don't agree with, that you're marginalizing yourself to a portion of society that can't get you elected. I pray the majority of the country is against the stuff the "D's" are putting forth (all of the intersectionality BS), and I'd think they'd see that (see: Trump). Maybe they'll get there (that understanding) after "2020 - Trump Wins!" headlines. Probably not even then. At some point, though, the D's are going to have to rein in their craziness. When they lose my grandmother and my father, who both 'lovingly' refer to me as 'Rush-baby', they've lost the core of the sane D's. They're never going to win again, with the loony-far-left that they're targeting now. At least for now, thankfully, there aren't enough of Tibs in the world.
  10. If that's the case, and they were working on the running game, (which is pretty clear from the game) then I think they'll come away thinking they did pretty okay, to be honest. The first 3.5/10 of the game was running when everyone knew we were running, even after some key 'injuries' or 'hurts' on the starting o-line. They showed that Shady and Frank still have what made them stars, even when they knew we were doing that. It wasn't until, like others have said, the last bit of the 2nd qtr when they allowed the O to open up and do their thing, that they showed what they are capable of with a balanced O. Exactly - someone else posted the stats, but pretty sure the top three were at +4.0 YPR
  11. I think so. To expound, I think we have a decent crop of 5-6, where the fifth and six (and maybe 7th) receivers are actually going to have to contribute on ST's. We, lol, certainly didn't have that problem last year. And it's a good problem to have, if Zay Jones is not longer being given a spot b/c of his draft-position, but is going to have to step up to make the team!
  12. I didn't get to see that, as I'm in Tulsa, but thanks for that info! He seems like the type that will take responsibility, but hopefully he learns from the mess-ups (and I think he is). As an aside, this was a blessing for me, getting to see them in prime time, on a national stage! I, as much as anyone, wanted them to 'unleash the hounds', but we got what we got, a pre-season game where they were working on a specific part of their game. I didn't get to see the first two, where it sounded like JA and the offense slung the pigskin around. We got a hard-nosed, pound the rock first-half. Boring, but they showed our RB's still have legs, both of the old guys
  13. He does, for the INT that was overturned by the penalty; I agree, fully. I hope that doesn't continue into the regular season. It was a bad decision, and hopefully he recognizes what he did and why he shouldn't do it ever again. But they're going to happen with JA, as I think he's very Favre like, in that he'll take a chance, as he trusts his arm, for good or bad. We'll see what happens going forward, but I was wearing my new JA jersey during the game Serious man-crush here, so says my wife!
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