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  1. I have two black labs, and my girl decided she needed a little rat-dog. Picked up a sweet little long-haired rat-dog (sorry, she calls it a chiahuahua.) Sweet little pup, even if it resembles a squirrel or a rat.
  2. I've given up the fight again women wanting to kill babies. The Lord will deal with them. Players wanting to kneel; guess what, I can NOT like that, and can say F U, and not watch that BS. And I don't care about people WANTING to form a union. What I'm against is people being FORCED into a union. There's a BIG difference. I'm all for freedom, and if you, Doc Brown, can't see that I'm for people being able to make those choices, and not FORCED into them, then you've got the problem. I'm not for forcing anyone into any of them.
  3. I'm a BILLS fan, have been since '88. Where do Tulsa people watch the game together? I've been having to watch at Hooters, and it's killing me. Let me know where Tulsa people are meeting up. I represented the Bills during the bad; we're doing really really good now. Would LOVE to know where ya'll are watching the games.
  4. Pretty easy, if you figure out how we're different than every other country on that chart, AND on THE FACE of the EARTH (at least, as long as those on THIS side of the 'Isle' can keep it!) We're a FREE COUNTRY!!! Remember when that meant something, or was a proper (and somewhat relevant/respected) retort worth mentioning? There's your answer. And you're welcome, from those of us trying to keep it that way!!!
  5. If true, then let those Aged 60+ (and Israeli, but I'm not sure that part matters) get vaccinated, if it makes them feel more safe. For those of us that don't want a hurried vaccine (and even for those of us that have never, and will never take, a simple flu shot), please let us 'suffer in peace'? Thanks in advance!!!
  6. I'm going to come back to here, and continue reading from here, but THIS EXACTLY!!! It's the FLU, people!!! We'll have to learn to deal with this variant!!! When it's all said and done, it's going to be just like the ordinary flu that we deal with year-to-year (and, to which, I still have never had a shot, and won't now!!!) I've had the Flu, and I've had Covid. Neither are fun, but neither are going to kill you (unless they are!), and that has so much more to do with your age/comorbidities than the fact that we're dealing with a new strain.
  7. Ever price what putting up a bit of plexi-glass is, versus installing new ventilation/air-exchangers? LOL! It's really no wonder why people were quick to put up some stupid plastic pieces between themselves behind the counter versus those on the other side, versus actually having to have state-of-the-art air ventilation systems. It's also pretty telling those that CAN afford to do the second.
  8. What's your point? That the market hasn't completely ***** itself because the wrong person is in office? Give it enough time, and it might. You're already seeing gasoline prices going toward $4.00/gallon, and you know that's when people get really bent out of shape. We're trying to not get pissy, but we're heading there. Are you not annoyed that that's where your people want to see things;? minimum $4.00/gallon? Do you like/want $4+/per gallon? I don't get that you're some ######ed green-#######, that doesn't drive around. But maybe you are?
  9. Oh, near the $65 I suggest is good. I say it's better if WE'RE the ones controlling the price, and not the jihadis. Mr. President asked the jihadis to ramp up production, to try to keep the price down. They told him to ***** off. We don't want foreign ass-holes to tell our pres to F-off. But that's exactly what they did. We do SO MUCH BETTER when WE control that, which is what we had, before he came to 'power'. Good news, is, that he'll be out in the next year or so, even if that means the other woman takes over for him. That party will lose all control of the house/senate in the next year'ish. And, then, Americans will re-acquire the power when that happens, and when we 'elect' the next president.
  10. I'm just taking this one, which was from a month or more ago, to say; dude, stuff the "what a mess' schtick. It's way over played out by you. It's made me almost (not yet, but almost) 'ignore' you like I do the lib-tards. Please stuff/stop that 'what a mess' schtick. Please.
  11. I also own mineral rights, so I have a vested interest in seeing high-prices. I do NOT want to see high prices. It doesn't do any American well. I'd love to argue what a good price for a barrel of oil is. I'd LOVE to do that. I suggest, $65/barrel is good for everyone. If we can keep it around there, it allows domestic exploration and production to occur. It also keeps the foreign people at bay, as it's not really beneficial for them to send us a barrel of oil at less than that price. So, keep it at around $65, and we keep the bad-guys in their land, as it's not worth it to make stink here. AND, keep it at that price, and we can produce, productively, here, and we're doing well. That'll keep gasoline prices around $2.50/gallon. I think we can all agree that's a reasonable amount. BUT IT ALSO guarantees that we don't have to deal with foreign A-holes dealing with their production. If we can keep it around $65/barrel, it's not enough for the jihadi's to want to ramp up production, but it's just enough to make it worthwhile for our country to have production such that we don't have to hear from, or deal with, the jihadis. It's a win-win!
  12. LOL, are you in the fossil fuels business, in any way? I am: I've been on the production side, the pipeline side, and the end-user side I've been in the oil and gas industry since birth (and two generations before that). I'm now in the down-stream side, first time I've been there in over 40 years of O&G experience, but I'll retire here. That means, I'm in the very-government-controlled, utility-side of the industry.
  13. I bet you'll be begging for Trump in another month or so. Trump actually IS a VERY good communicator. You might not have liked his tweets (and I didn't vote for the guy when he was up against Ted Cruz), but he's actually a very good communicator. That's why he pulled in more of the black and hispanic vote than any president prior to him. I'm fine with DeSantis running. And if he does, he'll likely get the nod, because he's not Trump. But you really need to get over the anti-trump stuff. The guy is douchy, but he's the first person, since Reagan, that actually ran on, and fought for, conservative platform ideas.
  14. Here's the deal: Covid-19 is another Flu-strain. You're going to get it, or you're not. That's kinda up to how much you try to avoid such things. Eventually, EVERYONE is going to be exposed to it. You may get it, might not; but you can't live your life avoiding some strain of the FLU that we're all exposed to, DAILY, if we're out in normal life. SO, either accept that you might be exposed, or life your life in fear. ***** OFF if you think it's anything else. NOTHING ANY of us can do will change that we're going to be compromised in some way!
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