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  1. I'm thinking (hoping) Nanker knew that. I haven't heard any complaints from the media about him doing the religious and praying thing yet, but was hoping we would, so it could be pointed out it was from one of their historic heroes. It was masterful baiting and trolling by Trump.
  2. LOL'ed at this one, good stuff. And my goodness, our first lady is stunningly beautiful!
  3. BOOMER SOONER! SOOOO pumped about this pick!
  4. You guys keep having him wear that ugly crap, he may change his mind
  5. Fortunately, he seems to be into it. But for the love of him, and all people that have to see it, stop with the ugly zumba stuff. Just ugly for the sake of ugly isn't clever/fun/special.
  6. Yeah, you Buffalo people and your stupid Zumbas needs to end. That's terrible But MUCH love for the pick and the benefit to the team. But please stop making people wear that terrible stuff
  7. And how the F did this STUD fall to us at #9! It was a coup that we got a top 3 (at any position) talent at #9. I don't understand how ANYONE could be anything but super-duper stoked about this pick. Some people are just not happy about anything. But this is one of those that, sit back, relax, we got a PLAYA!
  8. Spoiler Alert: Yes, yes they did collude with paid agents of Democratic rival Hillary's campaign.
  9. How long has than old biddy been in office in her district? Yeah, she resembles that remark.
  10. Are you related to them, Foxx? Awesome fam, if so
  11. ROFL Is that a Bills shirt?! Hell yes! I'm a die-hard Bills fan in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Trust me, I don't even have region to give me a tie - to give me love; no one understands my 30+-year love of this team. But I'd shave my head that way if we can finally get there!!!!
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