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  1. It WOULD be a disaster for a democracy. Good thing we're not a democracy. Seems to work perfectly for a representative republic, though!
  2. I've watched Morgan Freeman forever, and loved him for a long time, then he said some stupid stuff, and made me think he was just another stupid lefty. This makes me think he has his head screwed on half-way right, at least. He'd be a GREAT person to come out, and publicly condemn the stupid stuff going on right now, in the name of race.
  3. Woah, please do not post such things on this site. PLEASE.
  4. Again, where is my "WOW" smiley/emoji/like/whatever-the-heck-you-call-em!
  5. I normally dismiss what you write, as you generally come off as a leftist ideolouge; But what you've said here is worth noting. I GUARANTEE most of us want the same things, and while we may disagree with how we get there, I'm so glad I didn't put you on Ignore, and miss this. I think the vast majority of the US wants what we'd consider "normal", meaning work hard, do good, and help others. That's kinda what we're about, and why everyone wants to be here. It's the stuff in our constitution that none of us made, but what keeps us "special" in this world. Why people still, in droves, emigrate to this country, in search of what we've grown up in.
  6. Before reading through the thread, I'll answer; not as much as I used to be, or as much as my mom would like me to be, but somewhere between devout and casual. I don't even make the major Holy days now, as I used to. I really need to clean my act up, and get back to church. I won't comment more, before reading through the thread, but I really do need to clean my act up, and get me and my family back in church. I believe in God, pray almost daily, but normally for self-serving reasons. I need more church in my, and my family's, life. TRUTH.
  7. Are you kidding? Have you heard Cruz speak/read his tweets? He's an outspoken voice, and rails against the media. I voted for him in the general, and as some others here have said, I abstained in the presidential election this last time. Trump will get my vote this time, and I'm hoping to have the opportunity to vote for Cruz again.
  8. But he was found not guilty. Now, it was on the Chewbacca defense, so I'm not sure if that still stands today. But, at least back then, he was found not guilty in criminal court. It's funny seeing people pretzel themselves about this stuff now.
  9. Again, I'm BEGGING for a "WOW!!!" 'like-button'. The others just don't capture the mood. Methinks they'll rue the day they chose woke, privilege-shaming over law and order (and the force that ensures that in general). But what would we call such a team? And how would we remember their phone number? And why are we just now thinking of this?!
  10. I feel like an A-hole, because, at the time, I actually didn't hate Romny. Now, I also recall, at the time, I was more a "Tea-party" conservative type, because I like the rule of law, and not seeing out our rights regarding international trade deal stuff screwed over. I get, now, that Mitt is a party guy, and didn't give a flying F about conservative principals. Sucks I was wrong at the time, or now, or both. Probably more wrong, then.
  11. Again, can we get a "WOW!" emoji? The other's just sometimes don't grab the sentiment. WOW is all one could possibly gather from this.
  12. We had these agitators bus'ed in to Tulsa as well. Walking down the middle of the street, without required permits to protest. I don't like having to have a permit to protest, but then again, it's a massive annoyance to have people meandering in the middle of the street, where someone could get hurt. Just stupid as sin! If you want to protest, go for it. But gather in one place where people can recognize what you're doing, and do so peacefully. Anything more, recognize that you're just making a nuisance of yourselves, and you do more harm than good.
  13. well then go to bed, ass-clown, no-one keeping you up.
  14. We REALLY need a "WOW" emoji for such things, as the stock ones available just don't capture the proper response!
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