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  1. It's a lot like the time he called MS-13 Mexican gangbangers "animals." Everyone knows he was referencing MS-13, but the left claims he was speaking about all Mexicans and carry that lie to this day. As we know, when you lack intelligent, rational argument for your policies, then you lie and lie and lie about the other side. As it is often said, tell a lie enough times...
  2. Not to mention, their black Lt. Gov was accused of rape recently, and literally no one did ANYTHING about it. Believe all women. Except when they're raped by a Dem.
  3. As American Latinos, they probably want to come out early to help Trump build the wall.
  4. At the risk of people thinking I'm defending Trump, we need to at least be honest, and to be honest, you absolutely MUST explain that what he REALLY TOLD THEM was to go home, fix things there, THEN COME BACK HERE and show us how they did it. Those are two different things, and the truth of the matter is he probably did it on purpose to make everyone on the left piss their pants on public TV by, once again, only taking the parts that fit their narrative.
  5. Then explain it to me. Why ban straws? Why not ban ALL single use plastics; spoons, forks, whatever that thing is that KFC gives you. What is wrong specifically with plastic straws that it required a ban?
  6. I would argue it's more of an Us First, not an Us vs. Them. As an example, even the CA celebrities are pissed that the state wants to give free health care to illegal immigrants, but do nothing about all the homeless and drug issues. Do you know how hard it it to make Cher mad at Democrats?
  7. I've never been convinced that this is anything more than elected officials responding to campaign donations. PGE escaped a bullet after the Paradise fire since they were the one's who caused it. Instead, the state passed a bill that allowed SoCalEd and PGE to make up their fire-related losses by adding those costs to customer bills. I'm sure someone at PGE gave Kate Harrison a little sumpin-sumpin for her trouble to get this bill going.
  8. Wait. We're not going to die soon? Damn. I owe 100 grand to a fat-ass loan shark that I spent on a stripper name Molly Mounds.
  9. PGE and SoCalEd have been warning about a lot of sustained blackouts that will take place this summer to avoid whatever happened last year that wiped out the city of Paradise. I'm curious to see how often that happens.
  10. She's kind of predictable. First she announces a trip to Israel to see occupation for herself. Then she makes this statement If Israel unexpectedly denies her trip (as I read Netanyahu is contemplating), she has new red meat for the left, who generally hate Jews. Don't expect that to happen, from what I read, but I suspect speculation is enough for the left to create a frenzy. "If true...!!!" Footnote: I still don't understand why a majority of Jews continue to stand with the left in the US.
  11. I don't think that's backwards at all. I think you're absolutely right. But the original point remains; if you remove Bill from HIllary, she doesn't have the political resume she currently carries. There would be no Senator Hillary, or Sec of State Hillary or Presidential Candidate Hillary.
  12. @plenzmd1 Pretty much this right here. The primary leaders of the GOP have never punched back like Trump. They just the left tell lies and misrepresent stories on the path to the high road. That thread I posted is pretty specific to what I'm talking about and, I'll be honest, it's kind of odd you equate that to a pity party. It's a relative comment. I believe most people who aren't dead dog Dems don't find Warren, Hillary or Harris very likable or believable. Their histories are filled with disingenuous words and actions. Hillary = Corrupt. Warren = Fake. Harris = Corrupt AND Fake. Michelle has virtually always come across as above everything. Protective of her husband, yes, but she, personally, doesn't carry much baggage to the average voter other than being Barack's wife, and if you listen and watch her, you realize she's not Barack's wife. He's Michelle's husband. Assuming that makes sense.
  13. What I believe is that if you take Bill away from Hillary's world, she'd never be the political success that she has been (from a career standpoint...Senator, SOS, POTUS candidate, etc.). Likewise, If you take Michelle away from Barack, he's probably still a member of the Choom gang to this day. If I had to make a list of who would be the first female president, Michelle Obama would be at the top of that list, neck and neck with NIkki Haley, but certainly at the pole position of the Dem contenders by a country mile. Her demeanor, presence and speaking skills are everything you don't find in Hillary, Warren or even Harris. Unlike all of them, she comes across as trusting, caring, empathetic and genuine. Put another way, if Michelle Obama was running for POTUS for 2020, Trump would get destroyed. No matter what happens with this next election, I'm confident you'll see here in the 2024 field.
  14. Hell, she can barely make it out of her own kitchen with a potato peeler. This isn't her fight. It's Justice Dems' fight...and they're going to get their asses handed to them by people doing this longer and better than they could ever imagine.
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