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  1. Yeah. My bad. When I start drinking on Friday, all the weekend days look alike to me.
  2. Eli begs to differ: Two clutch SB wins. Two SB MVPs. Dude should get in first ballot just for wrecking the Pats* perfect season.
  3. Which past prime time games did you like the least; the Thanksgiving Game vs. Dallas or the flexed Saturday game vs. Pittsburgh?
  4. I've said it before...if you ever want to grasp how stupid Dems are, just listen to them. And Rubin is one of the dumbest, except for the fact that she's managed to convince people she's a Republican. Here...Rubin retweeted this earlier... But not this shortly after...
  5. I don't know who Josh Jordan is, but he's a freaking idiot. There is no world where the Senate is supposed to do 'the will of the people" as defined by media polls. That's dumber than anything @SlimShady'sGhost posted, and that's saying something. TYTT makes is very simple for even a Josh Jordan to understand. If the 'will of the people' is really being spit on, then they can do what millions of Americans have done before today: vote the current president out of office. Just that simple. But a poll? Please. The last poll I paid any attention had Hillary in a landslide.
  6. I'm starting to think it wasn't the topic that made TBD push you over to PPP. I'm starting to think it's how quickly you are able to show how absolutely little you genuinely understand about what is going on. I supposed next you're going to explain to us that it isn't the House that needs to prove their accusations for the impeachment, but rather it's the Senate that needs to prove the accusations wrong.
  7. After Hillary's embarrassing kneecapping of Bernie, Gabbard is smartly going after her, fully aware that American's who consider themselves Democrats are begging Hillary to just please, please, please go away...while simultaneously realizing she won't. Good on Gabbard. I really like this woman.
  8. Was he giving this talk at the Robert Byrd Memorial White Sheet Building?
  9. The first 10 minutes of Season 1, Episode1 of "Brockmire" is some of the funniest stuff you'll ever watch.
  10. Actually, the things they want to help farmers fund are good things. Compost applications, grazing management, tree planting, etc. is all good stuff. But naturally people have to FUBAR it by referencing the scam that is global warming cooling climate change crisis. Next you note that they could raise $10M, and no one in CA thinks for one minute that any of that money will actually go to the farmers. But hey...look at that view!
  11. it's funny to me that more people don't see this as the final outcome. Why the hell do you think leftists are repeating the Pelosi mantra that "No matter what happens, this impeachment stays with Trump forever."? Because it's the Kewpie doll prize for coming in last place.
  12. Maybe, but where else can a person earn extra bucks for cheering on the death of an American president?
  13. His Dec. 23rd FB post is definitely Tiberius. Trump in a coffin, surrounded by smiling Obamas and Clintons and Bushes. He uses laughing emojis. Who loves dead Americans more than Tiberius? Damn. Everyone knows @Tiberius loves him some dead Americans.
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