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  1. It looks like our state tax is 33 cents on the gallon. Right now local gas is about $1.95/gallon for unleaded regular.
  2. We homeschooled my son the past three years before putting him in a charter high school this year, and he slid right in to the shutdown. We didn't blink about it until one of his teachers sent out an email to all the parents and students, wondering why only a couple of students are doing the work. He literally had to write "I can SEE when you log in to do your work! You're not on vacation." Kinda funny.
  3. But it's funny in its own way because it keeps the leftwing meltdown alive. It's sofa king funny. Especially the Hillary tweet earlier this week. It's vile and disgusting, but damn do I enjoy chuckling at these unhinged nutbags.
  4. Nothing. It's been the fastest way for the state to bring in money in the past. I'm actually surprised it's only 80 cents on the gallon. The funny part is that the state was considering a road usage tax that pings people not just on gas, but how much they use the highways. Which was funny at the time because it was the state's way of getting more revenue from people who bought electric cars to avoid paying for gas.
  5. The reality is that this is going to open a lot of eyes to the benefits of homeschooling, which is why you're seeing that ridiculous article. The teacher unions have been going out of their way to get the states to destroy home schooling opportunities, and this is going to put a dent in those efforts. Parents are getting a first-hand look at how easy it is for their children to pull down school work, get their work done in a dedicated school desk at home, post it back up, line up virtual meetings with classmates, and essentially remove a lot of the ridiculous brainwashing that comes from today's hard-left school curriculum. And look, I'm not saying the whole world is going to embrace homeschooling. It doesn't work for a lot of families where both parents work, and a lot of parents on social media right now are joking about the challenges of the whole family being quarantined, but I'm seeing so many people posting home schooling activities they're doing with their kids, and it's incredible to watch.
  6. I keep waiting for Morgan Freeman to show up with a bag of E-1101.
  7. As much as detest Trump's tweeting, I think sometimes it's a necessary evil to the extent that no one else can take up his fight with a bully pulpit of relative size. The left is notoriously taking his comments out of context and turning them into bits of nastiness, and this is just a byproduct of Trump's extemporaneous nature. But they have done this with GOP presidents for years. The beat the snotschitt out of Bush during Katrina...and he never fought back. The MI governor is a perfect example. She's completely talking out her ass, and by Trump fighting back, the light is cast on her incompetence and ultimately she starts walking back her nonsense simply because people HAD to pick a little deeper and realize she was full of crap.
  8. I'll post this again: if you are watching what is going on in this world, and the only thing you can contribute to the conversation is to blame people for something over which you have no control, then STFU and let the adults get back to work. People like @Tiberius can only complain. They can only second-guess. They can only flail around mindlessly screaming gibberish and wasting time. They will forever be part of the problem, and never be part of the solution.
  9. What a vile and disgusting pig. It's impossible to imagine how disgusting the tapioca must be in her noggin' to think that is a helpful comment to make at such a critical time in this country. Thank God for the electoral college. Who knows how many would be dead if this pig were in the WH.
  10. That just underlines my point. The current logic is "It's not perfect, but at least it's not (fill in the blank)." It's not difficult at all to pull the stupid $11B marked for the ADF, IDA, etc. And it's embarrassing anyone would even consider it worth putting in there in the first place. This isn't difficult. But we're just supposed to accept it because it's better than nothing. It sucked when Obama did it and it sucks when Trump and the GOP do it.
  11. On the other hand, anyone who thinks Pelosi is the winner in all of this has a leftwing hand up their puppetass. Pelosi did more damage than anyone by trying to push AOC's agenda into the bill.
  12. The bill sucks, and that's coming from someone who potentially gets the best part of the bill, the forgivable small business loan.. The people in charge of passing this bill should look at every line item request and ask/answer one question so simple that even a Tibs/AOC love child could answer it: Does this help Americans get through this economic schittshow? There's a bunch of stupid stuff in this bill and there is literally NO REASON for it to be in there. NONE. The idea of "Well, we have to hold our noses and push this through so it looks and feels helpful right now" is bullschitt. Sorry. Hate the bill. Absolutely hate it.
  13. I disagree. This is bad Trump. He has a great opportunity to take a higher road than he usually does because more people are watching than ever before. Being openly critical like this from someone on his own party, who is just taking a stand he promised to take when elected, is a bad look. Especially when you have nutbags like AOC going fully unhinged as a backdrop to the adults in the room. I really dislike this part of Trump...at least as it relates to his own party. He can do this to crazies like Schumer and Pelosi all day. Unfortunately she represents everything the Democrats hate: a, calm, rational, well-spoken woman sharing common sense. Especially compared to this batschittcrazy loon. It's more fun to watch on mute, by the way.
  14. Who, exactly, are these experts and where are you getting their data? Don't mean to be prodding, but I've spent years hearing how 'all the experts on this subject matter' insist global warming will destroy the earth in 12 years. So, please show your work if you don't mind.
  15. Someone should call Bill and see if she's available.
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