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  1. The dude yanked the helmet off the quarterback -- the prima donna of the NFL--and literally beat him with it. Yes. You're crazy. My sense was that Rudolph was reacting to Garrett slamming him to the ground. His sack itself was a 'roughing the passer' in any other moment. Watch Mason's head on the sack.
  2. You tap Brady's helmet and it's 15 yards. Hit a QB in the head with his own effin' helmet? That piece of ***** should be done for life. Cut tomorrow and never picked up by anyone ever.
  3. He should never play another down ever. Ever.
  4. That's what Schiff likes to call "clear and indisputable evidence."
  5. Either let @TH3 answer, or pick a single username and try to stick with it.
  6. Perhaps you should let @TH3 answer the questions I asked him, and you stick to what you do; make grade-school comments at other posters. @TH3I'll ask you again; what are the Dems trying to prove Trump did wrong, and what is the evidence that proves their case? You argue that people are just posting twitter posts and not using independent thinking. Show me your independent thinking so I can see what you see in these hearings.
  7. So let me get this straight: there are no charges for impeachment, but all the witnesses so far have given evidence of...what, exactly? What is the evidence and what is it designed to prove that the president did wrong?
  8. Because to these people, the desire to say "I told you so" is greater than the desire to be a fan.
  9. I'll tell ya what...take DR and the twitter postings out of the conversation. Do two things: (1) tell me the charge for impeachment and (2) show me the evidence. Just those two simple things.
  10. It's not difficult for people who understand the game of football. It's mostly difficult for people who try to justify their deep football knowledge by first suggesting that (fill in the blank) will fail in the NFL and then return to message boards when the player isn't an immediate success to remind everyone how smart they were to see (fill in the blank) was going to be a failure. It's lazy work because predicting failure in the NFL is THE single easiest thing to do. And I don't put a lot of stock in fans who wake up each day looking foward to seeing how many times they can post "I told you so."
  11. If RBG dies in the next 45 days, the 3-year far-left meltdown we've been watching will seem like a Bob Ross PBS Christmas special. You may get to watch Democrats literally schitt their pants on TV. I'm talking "end of Mars Attacks alien heads exploding to the sound of Slim Whitman" melt down. It would be epic.
  12. That'd be a good idea. His posts are so juvenile, it's really worth ignoring.
  13. Wait. So you're saying a poster who's total contributions here amount to "now I am scared" and "nutjob says what" is an NPC with no clue about what is happening? The hell you say?
  14. I've seen goose schitt that is more dignified than almost all media journalism, so that's not saying much. Jerry Sullivan's job should be to fill John Wawrow's empty scotch tumbler. Period. And Tim Graham should be in charge of ice.
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