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  1. Frank Sinatra - Songs for Only the Lonely Beatles - Abbey Road Lyle Lovett - Step Inside This House
  2. This is funny. I mean, really funny. As I follow this upcoming election, I think to myself, "Hillary losing to Trump has to be the single most embarrassing moment in time for America's leftists. Surely they learned their lesson! Surely they realize now that posting old, previously debunked photos and videos is not going to work THIS TIME! Surely they know that the people who support Trump are not as dumb as they think!" Then I come here and find posts like this and realize you leftists are every bit as stupid as we ever hoped. Oh, well. At least you're not posting about Russia.
  3. I'd be willing to bet that when it comes to Trump rallies, the media will not air them live like they did when he ran against Hillary. If they don't, that will be the moment you can believe the media realized they got him elected in 2016. If they do cover him wall-to-wall, God bless them.
  4. I'm almost ashamed to admit this, but I play Words with Friends and each day they have a Word of the Day, where they give you the definition and audio play of the word. Yesterday, the word was "Pride." There were 10 definitions for this word. The first definition was "An event, as in a parade, primarily to emphasize misunderstandings and accomplishments about the LBQTLMNOP community." Number 10 was something about a group of lions. You WILL be made to care.
  5. The breaking point for CA, unfortunately, was an LA deputy city attorney (Elizabeth Greenwood) getting diagnosed with Typhus. A quick Google search says Greenwood says she has a Juris Doctorate from Loyola and a bachelor's degree in Quantitative Economics and Political Science from Cal State Dominguez Hills. I'm no lawyer holding a juris doctorate, but I'm pretty damn sure she didn't spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to earn some top-scale law degree so she could step over feces and rats on her way to the office every day. Now granted, she can leave and find work elsewhere, but first she needs to win her $5M lawsuit against the city.
  6. This is kind of the sad truth. SFO, LA and NY get the photos ops because their policies have led 10s of thousands of people to congregate in large pockets. But go to Portland, or Seattle, or Spokane, or Albuquerque or Denver, or many smaller cities, and they're everywhere.
  7. Interestingly, CA already already forces upscale communities to provide affordable housing to low income folks because it's just not fair that people with money get to live in the nice communities. That said, you have to wonder who's in charge of editorial writing for the LA Times when you read something like this: Gee, LA Times. How can it be?
  8. You see a problem, but Libby see's job opportunities created by the problem. No way those police officers earn an extra $100/hour if Libby didn't create such a terrific hiring environment.
  9. Interesting article. It's odd to me that cities could get residents to pay a special tax to address a special problem, only to wake up and find out the tax money isn't enough and is lining the pockets of special interests, leaving the special problem to grow and fester. Weird. Especially after watching the state bring its high-speed rail project to reality on time and on budget.
  10. Los Angeles: Come for the Handouts, Stay for the Typhoid.
  11. Damn. She was pretty young. Do you know what happened?
  12. The truth is, most people don't really find Biden creepy. Most people...at least those of us with a conservative tilt...like to bring it up because it's a perfect display of the left's hypocrisy. When EVERYTHING becomes sexual assault, then everyone is open to that accusation. Was there really a good reason for Franken to lose his seat?
  13. My second year in college, as editor for the school's newspaper, I got wind of a group of educators trying to get the campus pub shut down. I interviewed various members of the group, who all denied they had any intentions of closing the pub. We ran an article with a huge headline: GROUP DENIES PUB CLOSING. The next day in journalism class, I got taken to the woodshed by the teacher. He spent the entire class explaining to everyone that what I did was a lot of things, but journalism wasn't one of them. It was humiliating, but the lesson was learned. Appears to be an irrelevant point these days.
  14. Show me a leftist who DOESN'T blame someone else for their problems. You can't. It's their calling card.
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