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  1. Can you imagine the clear and obvious hate that will spew from the left if Trump nominate a female hispanic? Damn, I hope he does this. THEN you'll clearly see the hate the left has for this country, if you haven't seen it yet.
  2. Kamala Harris has been very clear; Catholics have no place in any court. This should surprise no one given the amount of money she receives from PP. At least she is clear, unlike Biden, who claims to be a Catholic but fully supports late-term abortions.
  3. You'd think some of them would stop, read what they're about to post, and ask themselves "Does this contribute to the discussion or make me sound batschitt crazy?" They either never do that, or have no idea what batschitt crazy sounds like.
  4. I think the high ground is an important place to start. However the left has made it clear they will do everything in their power to destroy anyone who disagrees with them. The people and cities they've destroyed over the past four years is undeniable...all in the name of gaining power. They've played dirty from the moment Trump was elected. They would NEVER afford anyone the high ground. Ever. Take the medium ground; praise RBG, nominate her replacement with a conservative female and do everything you can to get her on the bench. Especially because it's clear Roberts is no longer a reliable right-leaning judge. You don't let moments like this go by for the sake of being a nice guy. Just my cents.
  5. Someone can feel free to correct me, but I believe the precedent for decades has been that a president in the last year of his first term with a majority in the Senate can absolutely nominate and move that nomination forward. It's more imperative than ever, actually, because the left has made NO bones about the legal steps they plan to take to fight this election. It will no doubt end up at SCOTUS. There is no way you can know this and think the play here is to keep the courts at 4-4. And let's be honest. Trump could name a national holiday for RBG and the left would throw a schittfit. Any gesture of goodwill...any gesture at all...on his behalf would be quickly pissed on by the left.
  6. It was funny over the summer watching Vikings fans on Twitter comment how Diggs was going to a inaccurate QB and was going to regret leaving the Vikings, only to be followed by Bills fans posting these highlights. It resulted in one of my favorite shirts from 26shirts.com
  7. Thanks for the discussion. I learned a lot more than I thought I would. Go Bills.
  8. Apparently I'm not smart enough to see what you see about McDermott holding back injury information from the public. Help me see what you see. Help me understand why it's douchy. I'm always open to learning something. Feel free to contribute. Help me learn something new. Why is McDermott holding back injury info from the public considered a douchy thing to do?
  9. What's confusing to me is why you care to the extent you are being critical of him for it? Who is he being douchy towards by not releasing this information to the public?
  10. This is where the leftists scan your list explain how you didn't prove your point because you referenced townhall.com.
  11. Simply vote Democrat, sit back and watch your neighborhood burn to the ground!
  12. Okay. But again, what does it matter? Why do you care if he tells everyone earlier or later as long as the team knows and are adjusting accordingly?
  13. I'm not a fan of pointing out wins against weak opponents because it's still difficult to beat a weak opponent in this league, but my liver could've had a good game against the Cincy defense last night. Time will tell, but Cincy D was terrible last night.
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