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  1. But it's funny because she really is stupid enough to post something like that.
  2. We both know that's the exception to the rule. Plus, the only thing they did at CHOP was shoot each other. That's my kind of enemy.
  3. It better be, because if this becomes a civil war, it'll be over so quickly the left will be sitting in a pile of their own schitt trying to figure out who they can blame for their historic defeat. Remember who has all the guns. It ain't the ones prancing around in taffeta skirts and punching 78-year-old women.
  4. Oh, please. You're acting like one day they let rioters run rampant destroying the city and the next day they welded the gates to a Jewish playground shut. You're just another conspiracy dude.
  5. Kinda like all those NY nursing home deaths are on Cuomo, right?
  6. The saddest Arkancides are the one you see coming. Let me be the first to say, "Rest in peace, Ghislaine."
  7. That would be fine if Biden wasn't suffering from dementia, or at least facing the belief by millions of people, that he's suffering from dementia. Eliminate the dementia angle, and I get your point. But all Trump has to say is "Is it really my tax returns, or are you afraid to display your dementia to people." He follows this repeatedly with "Biden must fear showing his dementia" over and over and you'll quickly learn that no one of importance cares about Trumps taxes NEAR as much as they are concerned that the next Democratic president looks to have the cognitive skills of a baked potato. UNLESS Biden shows his dementia on the debate stage. The Dems would bleed out voters. They wouldn't vote for Trump, obviously, but they will stay home and refuse to vote for a guy who goes blank because his brain is tapioca.
  8. Terrible idea. I mean, if Biden were running against someone like Pence, etc., I could kind see that strategy, but Trump would destroy Sloppy Joe 24/7 because the dementia thing is being discussed on a global scale by everyone. "Is Sloppy Joe afraid to show his dementia to the world in a debate?" Joe needs the debates to prove he's not a vegetable. Coming up with a childish ploy to avoid debates would seal it for the few people who still think Biden can complete a full sentence without soiling his Depends.
  9. Looks like the NYT is all in on going batschittcrazy left. Good for them. I'm sure it will help their credibility issues.
  10. But also ballsy as schitt. Gotta hand it to her. Hundreds of people tearing down their gate and threatening to kill them, and she stood her ground. God Bless America.
  11. Oh, please. They stood their ground to protect their property. You want to run and hide. It doesn't mean everyone should. God bless that couple for standing up to the pigs who were out to destroy their house.
  12. Almost as hilarious as leftists insisting that the NYT, a publication known by the world for publishing lies based on anonymous sources, must be correct on this because Trump is a pathological liar. Dumbest hypocrites ever.
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