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  1. You are right. It was Bridgewater. I guess the correct statement is he made Darnold look like a legit starting QB for 4 games at the start of the 2021 season. Not particularly impressive but I remember the gnashing of teeth among the Jets fans.
  2. You can't really say he had McCaffrey. CMC only played 3 games in 2020. He played 7 games in 2021 but seemed hobbled even when he played. I am definitely not sold on Brady but Chosen and Samuel had career years in 2020 and Sam Darnold actually looked like a legitimate starting NFL QB for half a season.
  3. You can eliminate exactly the same labyrinth of deductions etc. while keeping the tax brackets (though obviously the brackets would shift and the rate at each bracket will be lower). This is what they did with Gephardt-Bradlely in the 1980s.
  4. Because it will lead to a worse product on the field for their customers and increase harm to their employees. Doing everything possible to Increase revenue/profits without regard to consequences is greed.
  5. Not sure I understand your point since what you said is exactly what I thought I was saying. People conflate a flat tax with tax simplification but they aren't directly related. Tax simplification is about getting rid of as many deductions and credits as possible, not making the tax rate flat. Of course since higher earners tend to use more deductions and credits it would allow one to make the tax brackets less progressive to keep effective tax rates the same.
  6. The starters don't really play in the preseason anyway. I don't think that decreasing the number of preseason games will affect the injury situation at all. The extra bye week might help but I would think much less than an extra game would hurt.
  7. The problem isn't the scheduling. The problem is that the playoffs will more and more be a question of which team has the least injuries to their most important players instead of which team is the best.
  8. Ugh. Just more teams playing in playoff games with half their starters out. Go back to 16 games and increase to two bye weeks. The greed of the league and players, since they have to agree to it, has no bounds.
  9. Maybe. One of the reasons mentioned by the executive was that Gardner should be called for holding on every play. I assume part of the survey was "who do you think is overrated?"
  10. A flat tax has nothing to do with simplifying the tax code. Plugging your income into a website and having it spit out a number presents no difficulties. What tax simplification involves is getting rid of all the various deductions and credits that people are addicted to.
  11. On jetnation there is a similar thread about how an anonymous NFL exec said that Sauce Gardner is one of the most overrated players in the NFL. They are similarly upset.
  12. This top 32 business is getting pretty ridiculous. I am constantly seeing the complaint that the Bills only having two receivers in the top 32 in 2000 even though they had the 5th (Diggs) and 33rd (Davis) in 2022. Would the Bills receiving corp be any different if Davis had a few more yards and finished 32nd? Did KC having the 29th (Kelce) and 32nd (Rice) really mean that they were better than the Bills receivers in 2022? The Bills receiving corp may very well such even if they have two top 32 receivers. On the other hand, if by some miracle they finish with a top 10 receiver and a couple in the upper 30s or lower 40s they will be perfectly fine.
  13. Allen was never in the MVP conversation last season. He finished 5th in the voting well behind Prescott, CMC, and Purdy. The MVP is 50% a team award anyway. Once the Ravens dominated the 49ers in Week 16, it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that Jackson was going to win it, especially since CMC and Purdy splitted the 49er vote pretty evenly.
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