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  1. Was Ted Washington and Pat Williams both Tom Donahue? Which one was it who supposedly went to Donahue's office and begged to stay with the Bills.
  2. Don't forget getting rid of Ted Washington because Gregg Williams didn't like fat guys and essentially wrecking a top of the league defense.
  3. I believe it was overwhelming arrogance in combination with the incompetence. I knew something was wrong when Marvin Lewis, who everybody expected to go to the Bills, chose the Bengals instead.
  4. Not surprised that the guy from NFL.com is the easiest grader.
  5. I have to believe some of these exceptional numbers are due to the lack of a combine this year. I would be curious if someone analyzed these numbers for this year vs. previous years. For example, average 40 times for all drafted wide receivers, this year vs. previous.
  6. The Browns had a really nice draft. I think most folks on the board would be pretty happy if the Bills had gotten the players the Browns got in the first three rounds.
  7. Probably you are correct. Either they really are going to take Mac Jones or its just the media repeating itself. I don't see any purpose of the 49ers floating fake stories about it.
  8. I don't understand what the point of a 49ers smoke screen would be. Everyone is pretty certain Lawrence and Wilson will go 1-2. There is almost no chance that the 49ers will trade out of the 3rd spot so what advantage do the 49ers have of trying to fool people? The only advantage I can possibly see is to waste other teams time. Is that enough?
  9. I doubt very much that a the speed of football that Gronk caught was any higher than the speed of a football coming out of a a big arm QB. Someone on Reddit (don't know how reliable) claims the terminal speed of a soccer ball is about 55 mph, I would guess that of a tumbling American football would be similar or even less. Josh Allen threw 62 mph at the 2018 combine.
  10. I always rooted for Losman -- probably the QB I rooted for the most during the drought outside of Fitzpatrick. He was definitely overdrafted, which was not his fault. It is clear now he was never any good but he did show a bit of promise for the one year. The Bills' oline was pretty much horrible in pass protection the whole time during the drought but his was probably one of the worse during the whole era. It was such a pleasure and shock watching Allen seemingly have 10 seconds to scan the field during the last quarter of the regular season last year. I thought this only hap
  11. Also Wentz's reaction is pretty common. I don't remember if Brady was angry at the time of the pick but clearly he was later. Also Roethlisberger was angry about the Rudolph pick and obviously Rodgers is mad about the Love pick. I guess they felt they needed backup if Wentz failed and hope that Wentz would see it as a challenge rather than throw a hissy fit.
  12. New England did it pretty regularly -- 2016 Brissett (3rd). 2014 Garoppolo (2nd), 2011 Mallett (3rd)
  13. 16 games and especially 6 playoff teams also. Never understood why they didn't just go to two bye weeks. I would guess they would get almost as much from the TV networks with 2 bye weeks as with 17 games. The players would be happy and they could probably have used it to get some concessions from the NFLPA. I know they tried it in the 90s and it didn't work but fans didn't have the plethora of information sources to keep their interest up like they do now.
  14. No real players -- except maybe Rob Johnson -- who, at least according to Marty Biron, actively rooted against the Bills when Flutie was playing, but definitely lots of coaches and front office 1. Rex Ryan -- such a megalomaniac 2. Gregg Williams -- Mr. Blowhorn 3. Tom Donohoe -- thought something was wrong when Marvin Lewis chose the Bengals over the Bills. 4. Mike Mularkey -- trick plays when up 30 points is just karma waiting to happen 5. Doug Marrone -- although I liked him much better after he left.
  15. Did he actually say this? Usually Beane is not that blunt -- especially with regard to a fairly high draft pick.
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