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  1. One does wonder if those two cheap shots the Jets took on Allen was the result of some encouragement from Gregg. Its hard to believe that Tom Donohoe was so easily fooled by this tough guy act.
  2. It really doesn't seem that hard to do. I assume nothing will happen until a call like this decides a Super Bowl or at least a Cowboys game.
  3. You could argue that Murray was cheating but Murray weight 205 at his pro day and Russell Wilson weighted 204 at his pro day so if Russell Wilson is not small neither is Kyler Murray.
  4. I don't think there is much evidence for smaller guys being more injury prone. I don't remember Doug Flutie being very injury prone nor is Russell Wilson injury prone.
  5. Hopefully it was all first game jitters and he'll be fine but I don't understand why people are trying to make all these excuses for him. For example -- it was claimed he did fine because he made "6 out of 7" kicks. However, all the kicks he actually made were extra points or essentially old time extra points (17 and 22 yard fg) I don't think that McDermott is panicking but I am pretty sure he is concerned. Otherwise he wouldn't have kicked the last FG just to give Bass some confidence. Hauschka must have looked really bad in camp. I was surprised that they did not decide to at least keep him on the practice squad.
  6. Mostly agree with what you say here but I think Whaley did try to draft and get players to fit Rex's style. The stories at the time indicated Rex had a lot of say in the drafts. That was one of Whaley's issues.
  7. I wonder why they didn't isolate Davis Webb instead. I presume you could learn more at the actual practice and meeting room than as a part of a Zoom call.
  8. That is probably true though it also didn`t help that the gm who drafted him got fired before camp started. It looks like he made the Rams 53 this season.
  9. Not quite as bad as Jachai Polite who was drafted at the top of the 3rd round by the jets last year and released in training camp.
  10. Just curious, what is the point of releasing names one by one? I've never really understood that -- why do teams not just release all the names at the deadline?
  11. It does seem like a stretch to void a contract due to a one game suspension from two seasons ago. I guess the Jags feel their reputation among the players can't get any worse so why not give it a try.
  12. Jags voided the contract. Fournette has filed a grievance to get the money.
  13. Also if you had to have a mediocre QB as your starter, Tyrod was the perfect QB for the season the Bills broke the drought. The Bills won a lot of close games that season. If Fitz was QB, there would be too many late game turnovers for the Bills to make the playoff that year.
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