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  1. That makes sense as far as the case before Judge Robinson is concerned but since that Watson has publicly said he believes he has done nothing wrong you would think he would need to come up with some explanation for the 60 masseurs for general PR purposes. But most likely, they have given up on the public as a lost cause.
  2. Serious question. Has Watson or his defense team ever explained why he had 60 or so massage therapists?
  3. Yeah, PFF had the Jets draft rated as an A in their draft regrade after the first year. Becton looked really good the first year but he had injury issues even then. However, everybody blamed Gase for playing Becton when he should have sat. Mims also flashed after missing the first half of the rookie year.
  4. With Becton out, Joe Douglas' 2020 draft is truly horrific, especially considering he had two 3rds and three 4ths: (1) Becton (OL, 15 games in 3 years, finishing only 8 of them) (2) Denzel Mims (WR, 8 receptions 133 yds last year, coaches complained about attitude and that he didn't know the routes -- supposedly better in camp this year) (3) Ashtyn Davis (S, started 13 games last year out of necessity but basically not very good) (3) Jabari Zuniga (DE, spend almost all of 2021 on PS) (4) La' Michel Perrine (RB, 4 games, 8 carries, 31 yds last year) (4) James Morgan (QB, released after one season with 0 NFL snaps) (4) Cameron Clark (OL, retired due to injury concerns) (5) Bryce Hall (CB, only good value in the draft -- but really should not be CB1) (6) Braden Mann (P, 18th in avg net yard punting -- very inconsistent, not what you want when you draft a punter)
  5. I did not listen or read his articles during the Super Bowl year since you just couldn't do it back then if you were out of the area. I listened to him in the on GR after the Super Bowl years and he made a whole lot more sense than people like Chuck Dickerson or Art Wander. I understand that is a low bar.
  6. Its basically all about having a video. If any of the women videoed him behaving this way (and I am incline to belief that most of them are telling the truth) he would be suspended for life.
  7. A fake field goal on 4th and 24? You don't need analytics to figure out that was stupid.
  8. Or you can follow a team and say WTF are they doing? All through the drought years from starting Rob Johnson against the Titans to firing your OC because you lost 34 to 31, any respectable writer didn't need to wait to see if many of the moves were futile or not. Unless you are an absolute shill, covering Buffalo sports for the whole 17 years is going to make you understandably pessimistic. He just held on to his skepticism too long. After all, what did Pegula do with the Sabres or the first two years with the Bills (Rex Ryan) do to inspire confidence? He is suppose to be a writer covering Buffalo sports, he should bring in a more realistic attitude than a fan. I read the article and I cannot see what even the most strident homer should complain about. One quote taken out of context does not reflect what he wrote, which was a very heartfelt sentimental piece. edit: I changed "would complain about" to "should complain about" since obvious some people are complaining.
  9. Yes, there are exceptions but on average they work out and that is all you can really apply statistics to. Statistics cannot predict exact results just what is more likely. If you look at after each of those seasons, I think you would say exactly what the statistics regarding the previous season's record predicted. The schedule for 2020 was really difficult and the schedules for 2019 and 2021 were significantly easier. (Although the 2019 schedule turned out to be a easier than even predicted while the 2021 was a little bit more difficult). To go back to the original post that I was responding to, I am simply pointing that there was no huge difference between what the strength of schedule was thought to be at the beginning of the season and what it was thought to be at the end.
  10. This is simply not true. Based on the previous seasons' records the Bills had the 24th most difficult schedule in 2019, the 5th hardest in 2020, the 23rd hardest in 2021 and has the 12th hardest this upcoming season. In fact, most likely the primary cause of the Bills drop in defensive ranking had little to do with the defense (or missing Star -- a prime example of correlation is not causation) and mostly because they had a murderous schedule especially during the first half of the season. Similarly, the reason the Bills defense did so well without Tre White was not because White was not missed but because they faced a bunch of very weak offenses at the end of last season.
  11. This is clearly wrong. The Bills were up at halftime against the Titans and were up in the 4th quarter against the Steelers. They were even up early against the Jaguars.
  12. Do people not read beyond the headline? Rugg's attorneys argued that the police did not have probable cause to test him. As noted in the article, linked helpfully above by Limeaid, the argument got laughed out of court.
  13. This has nothing to do with attracting more fans to the game -- most of the students will already will be NFL fans as you said. That is not the point of putting it into a college campus. The point is to create a spectacle that will make the game different. That is what can be promoted.
  14. Obviously it won't work if you have a lot of games at colleges but you can make an event out of it if it is one game a year. Call it the campus classic or something like. Make it a big deal about what college will host it that year. There is a lot of games on TV right now and ratings for Monday /Thursday night football are okay but could use a boost. Anything you can do to differentiate a unimportant mid season game would help. You don't think ESPN wouldn't promote the hell out of a game at South Bend? It is probably all you would hear about for two weeks. You would have the students going crazy. People would watch it as long as it is only one (maybe two) game a year, similar to the Winter Classic in hockey.
  15. I agree with the rest but if you limit these college site games to one or two a year on a Monday or Thursday, you would absolutely get increased ratings. People will tune in to watch a game in Bryant-Denny or Beaver Stadium for the spectacle as long as you don't do it very often. Have all the overseas games be in the same division and use college site games if you don't have enough oversea games for the division. That way, everybody in the division has a neutral site game.
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