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  1. I guess I should read the article more carefully. It is not entirely clear that the Bills made an actual offer. It might be that they were just had serious talks with him. The article says he got a "two year deal worth up to 19 million" from the Saints.
  2. The Bills made him an offer to him right before the Diggs trade. https://www.syracuse.com/buffalo-bills/2020/04/buffalo-bills-were-pursuing-emmanuel-sanders-30-minutes-before-stefon-diggs-trade.html
  3. https://www.nfl.com/news/13-teams-above-85-percent-threshold-for-player-vaccinations 13 teams over 85%. Average is 73%. The large difference between teams is surprising. It would be interesting to know how the different teams handled the messaging.
  4. The 2nd string offense is definitely better than the Bills' starters in the 2018 opener: QB: Nathan Peterman RT: Jordan Mills RG: John Miller 😄 Ryan Groy LG: Vlad Ducasse LT: Dion Dawkins WR 1: Kelvin Benjamin WR 2: Zay Jones WR 3: Jeremy Kerley TE: Charles Clay RB: Shady McCoy
  5. They probably just had a good laugh. It is unlikely that there was much overlap on the guest lists.
  6. Absolutely agree that there is merits to both sides of this argument. I would add that the difference between the 2019 and 2020 defenses was not as stark as it may have seem. They were not as good as their ranking (3rd in yards given up) suggested in 2019 and better than their ranking suggested in 2020 (19th). In 2019, the Bills plays 8(!) games against the bottom 7 rank offenses in the league by yards: Jets (32x2), Washington (31), Pittsburgh (30), Denver (28), Miami (27x2) and Cincinnati (26). They only played two games against the top 11 offenses, though the defense
  7. I was expecting a breakout year from Edmunds last year. He really seem like he was ready to step up after a pretty decent year two. Hopefully, the fact that he didn't, was due to injury and missing other players. However, I do not know how Star went from TBD whipping boy to linchpin of the defense simply by not playing for a year. Something that always concerned me is that Edmund's pre-draft scouting reports all mentioned his freak athleticism but many also noted that he did not seem very instinctive and was often caught out of position. You might excuse this since he was extrem
  8. You left out an important part of the standard definition of click-bait -- that click-bait has the defining characteristic of being deceptive, sensationalized or misleading. If the definition is solely "something to generate traffic to their website" than any sports piece on the internet is click-bait since that is the only reason the writers are getting paid. So are you are arguing that because the Bills are a championship level team and that Beane won some awards any second guessing of the Bills and Brandon Beane must solely to be to be "edgy" and therefore dishonest?
  9. Sorry I just don't see it. I define click-bait as saying something outrageous that the author does not believe in, solely to generate traffic to their website, for example, anything that Skip Bayless says. I don't see how this particular instance meets this criteria. (1) Almost by definition a high ceiling, low floor, developmental prospect is going to have a higher bust probability. It doesn't mean its a bad pick, just a riskier one. In any case, it is not then surprising that this pick will be on some people's list of likely busts. So if someone was soley trying t
  10. Pre-draft, Rousseau was regarded as a high ceiling, low floor type of prospect so it is hardly surprising that he would be on some people's most likely to bust list. Also putting the next to last first rounder on his most likely to bust list is hardly a good way to get clicks. Much more effective click-bait if Simms picked someone who was drafted in the top ten. i
  11. He played a big role in the Bills' Bickering Bills reputation before the Super Bowl years. There were also a lot of stories about his exploits around town and in Fort Erie. However those stories mostly (but not completely) disappeared during the Super Bowl years and, of course, the birth of Hunter really changed his priorities.
  12. If BruceExclusive got those numbers from PFF, his quote was extremely selective since he left out the 57 missed tackles and 9 touchdowns surrendered and and the fact there were 4 other linebackers in Edmunds' draft year that PFF ranked higher (including three drafted after him). The TFL numbers 5, 10 and 4 are consistent with how he played over all: Year 1 -- meh: the excuse is he was a rookie -- however, there were several rookie LBs that played better than Edmunds Year 2 -- very promising: He looked very good, especially towards the end of the season. I was rea
  13. I meant it is hard to think that including no gain would make a difference in the rankings.
  14. Its pretty hard to make that consistent with the data on the teamrankings.com website. Pro Football Reference has Edmunds with 19 TFL loss over the last 3 years while TJ Watt has 42 TFL over the same time. It's hard to believe that there is not more than a few LBs between 19 and 42. The only outs I see is that PFF includes tackles for no gain (which I doubt makes much difference) or PFF has a lot narrower definition of who's a linebacker than teamrankings.com website. Edit: This is probably it -- they probably regard a guy like TJ Watt as edge rather than
  15. According to the website above, Edmunds was only on the top 100 TFL list in 2019 (ties for 12th among linebackers) and was not in the top 37 LBs in 2018 nor the top 38 LBS in 2020. Its hard to believe that adds up to 2nd in TFL or no gain over 3 years unless he had an unrealistic number of tackles for no gain. So did BruceExclusive just make up that stat about Edmunds being 2nd in tackle for losses over 3 years?
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