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  1. More than one flu vaccine is available to meet the various strains in existence. https://www.cdc.gov/flu/season/faq-flu-season-2019-2020.htm?CDC_AA_refVal=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cdc.gov%2Fflu%2Fseason%2Fflu-season-2019-2020.htm To the matter at hand...if Tre White sits out, I'm interested to see if he becomes persona non grata among Bills fans. Buffalo has a very difficult schedule this year. Missing their best defender, especially as the virus continues to deteriorate, is going to be interesting situation among the fan base.
  2. There are documented cases of people receiving the flu vaccine each year who still fall prey to that virus in one way or another. No matter what happens, one cannot assure immunity from a virus, be it corona, influenza, or otherwise. It's not a realistic alternative right now or during the next pandemic to spend months in one's house cut off from outside contact in hopes of avoiding the virus. These players have a right to opt out consistent with the CBA and NFL's guidelines. Does'nt mean it's proportional to the situation at hand.
  3. Right. Hard to identify when people have been back in their offices for a couple months now. I'm also dismayed at the lack of awareness on the virus, even nearly 5 months after it started to surge in the US. We know those aged 0-19 are the most unaffected by the virus. We know the death rate of those under 55, particularly those without a co-morbid condition, is infinitesimally low. You can't wait out a virus, although many are trying.
  4. Those teams also have good to excellent defenses. None have won SB's in the last 5 years either. I've read so many threads over the years about Buffalo players who really worked out hard during the off-season. That's good to see in younger guys, but by no means correlates to a strong season. Edmunds has been the ultimate potential guy to date, with the obligatory "he's so young" comment thrown in. Yet, the elite MLBs of the NFL drafted near Edmunds like Urlacher, Jonathan Vilma, Patrick Willis, perhaps Jerod Mayo and Luke Kuechly never needed so much lead time to excellence. They were instinctive from the beginning and no one can tell you off the top of their head who the DL were in front of them. And it's a tad alarming that TE says they don't need to change anything on defense this year. Frankly, teams are constantly adapting and scheming differently. Nothing remains the same for very long and just because you were good last year means nothing. As Jerry Glanville says, NFL means "not for long."
  5. Dr. Bob and Dr. Never-treated COVID-19 Gupta both are opining recklessly. Has anyone seen an OL or DL up close? They're not obese. Most of them are the biggest human beings anyone will ever see, but they're not fat blobs. Listening to Bob you'd think Nate Newton's are all over the field. Sometimes in airports. Otherwise they trend to about 60% of what FoxNews attracts.
  6. File this one under the Not Believable category alongside Greggo saying he would have drafted Drew Brees in 2001. First, Buddy wasn't interested in QB's because he hamstrung himself by signing Fitz to a decent sized contract extension the previous year. Drafting a QB like Wilson in the top 100 of the 2012 draft would definitely undermine that decision. Second, by 2012, Buddy was staring at his third season and had just signed Mario Williams in a last gasp attempt to improve on his then 10-22 tenure. Taking a young QB who clearly wasn't gonna start and probably wasn't ready to play makes zero sense. Pure revisionist history.
  7. Someday I hope TSW returns to talking about football and not about politics, pandemics, and protestors. Can't wait to see Buffalo win big games this year. Go Bills!
  8. Who's the last RB that lead their team to a SB? Maybe Jamal Lewis about 20 years ago. Recently, large contract extensions to RBs have not gone well, although perhaps this will turn out different.
  9. In light of current events, I'm going to assume that it wasn't boy scouts or any church group that vandalized the statue. I'll let the case play out, but a lack of celebration neither proves or disproves bad actors had nothing to do with it. I would point out that counter-destruction of any monuments has not been, to my knowledge, observed anywhere in the US.
  10. The mob never stops. Heck, they've destroyed a statue of Frederick Douglass not long ago. Collective ignorance of history is at an all-time high. Wikipedia? Now there's a source.
  11. Poloncarz should put his money where his mouth is and tell the Bills Erie County will eliminate all stadium aid after the current lease ends. Otherwise, he's just (as usual) looking for a headline.
  12. This thread (and credit to Rico for using this in the opening post):
  13. Two divided Americas continue to form and it's not surprising because the US has been on this road for decades. People keep getting dragged into this maelstrom via the cancel culture intended to force compliance to an ideology. And Corporate America is right in the middle of it, knowing if they don't embrace certain movements, they'll be hurt financially. Wall Street or in this case a private business like the NFL don't want to run this risk so they acquiesce in hopes of being spared from additional wrath. It is basic human nature to want to be liked and many weak minded companies/people go that route even if it means giving up your principles and values. That's what the NFL is doing as are many others. On the other end of the spectrum are the fans, many of whom do not believe what is being perpetuated in the media. Question now is whether they'll end up leaving and reducing their time and financial investment in the NFL. We saw that happen in the wake of things a few years ago when attendance was reduced as players kneeled for the National Anthem. If that happens again, where does the NFL go? They'll give into the mob, but risk losing a fair amount of fan support. There's no real middle ground in this anymore.
  14. There will always be the poor... Because this is TBD 2020 and people with any fleeting thought that comes into their mind need to start a thread about it.
  15. Let's be clear that there is no indication as of yet that McD persuaded her to have a listen. Second, she can do whatever she wants but that doesn't mean she's good at it. Thankfully, the Pegula's seem to have caught lightning in a bottle hiring McD and then Beane. Just like RW promoting Polian in the mid-80s. Thing with T/K Pegs is after retaining Whaley and hiring/firing Rex they finally found competent people at OBD. That said, Kim has seemingly no idea what she's doing as team president. That story about her talking about lifestyle in an employee presentation really tells me how tone deaf they are. If the Sabres don't improve next season the torches and pitchforks will be out for the Pegulas. Fortunately, I think the Bills are trending in a better direction.
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