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  1. Yes, this class is very deep at WR. Still, this franchise is entering year 4 of the McBeane rebuild. There is an expectation whether fans have it or not that they will progress beyond making the playoffs. To that point, I would expect them to look for players who can help now. It wouldn't surprise me to see them continue their habit of trading up and doing so for someone who can produce immediately. They don't have time to let a player develop. The time is now.
  2. Only if he floats. Then again, what also floats? Small rocks? Churches? I think a duck also does...and Beane is no duck. Couldn't resist the Holy Grail reference. Beane clearly isn't a witch. RIP Terry Jones of Sir Bedevere fame.
  3. I could go along with Kiper's prognostication...if Russ Brandon was still heading the show circa 2008. The decision to take Hardy (RIP) was total need. It speaks to the penchant for (credit to @BADOLBILZ) using their 2nd round picks across multiple regimes on needs. I know it's popular to project Buffalo taking a WR in RD1, but I still can see them focusing on a DE and then moving around the board for a WR. It's waaaay too early, but I could see that scenario playing out.
  4. I would not convict the Saints or the Archdiocese of New Orleans in the court of public opinion yet. I understand in the perpetual 24/7 news cycle that news demands instant analysis. Then again, it should be patently obvious that an allegation may not always be substantiated.
  5. There really are no words to say at times like this. Healing after tragedy is never complete. Just gotta pray for him and his mother.
  6. I feel like Andy Reid has always been a big guy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9J43shDi3XU
  7. I'm mystified by NFL coaches who force complex schemes onto their young players, especially knowing they'd be going with Allen who was more raw coming out of college. They started 2019 with that young QB, rookie RB, a brand new (minus Dawkins) OL, and still Daboll wanted to do only his thing. Offensive game planning requires significant precision and thinking that unit would somehow come together with that scheme was absurd. In fact, I read on this board and McD said himself that they had a whole new offense. (EDIT: Go figure. ) It stands to reason you modify what you're doing on that side until they get it. It'd be better to have fewer plays that players know really well than this complex system that only a few (veteran) types can. One would think that the OC in his second year could recognize this, but I don't know how observant Daboll is. He seems removed from on-field stuff, as evidenced by his play-calling in the Houston game.
  8. Picking up the pick and EJ Gaines for Watkins, then receiving another pick and Jordan Matthews for Ron Darby was maybe McD's wildest swing at getting rid of players he didn't want. One more reason JA needs to work out. And here we are 2.5 years later talking about drafting a WR1. Need to see evidence McBeane know what they're doing on that side of the ball. I'm really to interested in whether they're willing to take a swing on non-choir boys who can perform on the field.
  9. Are they thinking of interviewing Brian Daboll for the job? If so, I'm all for it.
  10. Teams are not hiring defensive coaches to be HC's because it takes more to grasp the intricacies of offensive football. There's a big problem when Buffalo couldn't score more than 19 points in their final 5 games. I know there are some here who place the blame on the players, but it's largely a HC unwilling to see that his style of football does not work when playing the big boys. It's why McD is 3-17 against teams that eventually made the playoffs or in the playoffs. His averages in those 20 games? ~12 points for against ~26 points allowed. I've noticed that most teams who identify that their QB is franchise material surround that guy with weapons. KC is one of many to do this. They don't spend 3 of their first 4 first round picks on defense. Or eschew skill players in the draft for plodding OL who can't play the position they were drafted for. The 2020 off-season is about Josh Allen And that means McD has to change from riding his defense to being an explosive offense.
  11. The past does not predict the future, particularly when it involves players in the NFL Draft. Whatever happened to "Trust the Process" anyway? The fear and anxiety around these parts remains palpable. Just let it ride man. It'll all work out in the end.
  12. After these last 2 posts, I don't know who you're blaming anymore. First it was the players not executing McD's scheme properly. Now it's Beane for not acquiring (even though McD runs the show) enough offensive talent?
  13. Here's Brandon Beane at the final presser: "And a lot of times, if you make the playoffs your last game is kind of emblematic of—if you don’t win it all, whether you go to the championship game or lose like we did—a lot of times it kind of shows you where your season went, where you’re good and where you need to get better. And I thought we saw that [on Saturday], we just didn’t score enough points." In the final game, Buffalo scored 13 points in the first half. Yet, in the second half they scored only 6. I'm sorry that you blame the players for not executing the McD designed game-plan. This argument ignores that McD is at center of organizational decision making. Because, if it's the players who aren't good enough for you, who is picking the players or having the major voice in that process?
  14. McD is in charge and he's been there for 3 drafts, so therefore 2017 is not exempt from the discussion. After all, they used 2 2nds on offense that year. That's six "shots on goal" in 3 drafts from rounds 1-3. And even then, it wasn't until the third off-season when they became aggressive and signed skill types (Brown, Beasley, Kroft, drafted Singletary). It shouldn't take that long. Something is amiss on offense when you produce less than 20 points per in season 3 of a rebuild. Part of it, IMO, is personnel, part is coaching, but the bigger issue is organizational strategy. There's no offensive identity after 3 seasons.
  15. It is widely understood they need more play-makers and better OL play for Allen. How is that still possible after 3 off-seasons of rebuilding? Sure, there's promise, but it's fair to expect more than hoping these players have potential. The question still stands: what evidence is there that McD knows what he's doing to align an offensive strategy to personnel to in-game planning? It doesn't take 4 off-seasons to have a solid offense.
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