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  1. Another outstanding member of the forum driven away. I cannot believe the loss of civility that's taken place here where even simple debate is practically impossible. I really think the board serves as a microcosm for where society is going, and it's not good. Incessant arguing, an inability to listen, or the ability to agree to disagree. Some people ultimately decide to leave and replaced with those who have never heard the word decorum.
  2. More posters over the last few years see TBD as their very own clickbait opportunity. The self-centered types also live and die based on getting to post something before anyone else. Sad.
  3. Because many Bills fans have a huge inferiority complex and act as if criticism is directed at they the fan. The board should have a resident psychologist for instances when a national figure dares question what the Bills are doing. Dozens of posters have come and gone who went after those who expressed skepticism the franchise had turned a corner over the years. What's funny is hearing someone with the name "Logic" say that it's perfectly normal to get all emotional and start expecting big things without demonstrable results. No, the truth is, after all these years it's actually logical to hedge your bets and let things play out before getting worked up that everything has changed. Anything else is just illogical.
  4. BillsVet

    John Miller gets nice contract with Benglas

    Long and Miller probably have similar contracts. The agent talks up the total dollars, fans get carried away with it, but the guaranteed money is very little. IIRC, Long's deal only guaranteed 1.2M. I'd bet Miller's deal is along the same lines.
  5. Why jump to the extreme and declare that people "hate" Zay. It's an issue of him not getting involved, although some of that is on the QB situation, Foster out-played him down the stretch as a former UDFA. Beane didn't pick Zay, and as I've heard all along, has nothing to do with the acquisitions prior to becoming GM in early May 2017. And, sometimes praise is the kiss of death. Ever see the Godfather?
  6. Many writers and insiders have already stated the nature of these contracts and what you've posted here. The Bills are on paper better than last year and have set themselves up to go BPA in the draft. That's what their stated intention was. I still wonder whether or not they can make the leap from being a 6 to 11 win team and challenging for the division. Much of that still rests with the QB who has shown glimpses. Regardless of the contract specifics, it shapes up to be a deeper team that gives Allen the opportunity to succeed.
  7. BillsVet

    Le’Veon Bell Signinig With the Jets

    I take it Joe and dev/null aren't fully functional anymore. Sad. I've heard there's medication for those sorts of problems.
  8. BillsVet

    Le’Veon Bell Signinig With the Jets

    Their PS4 will be broken within months and our tinker toys will be fully functional.
  9. BillsVet

    Thoughts on the front office

    What happened to the first 2 off-seasons? Not the process? People have short memories. Their free agent moves last year, as others have pointed out, were not good. You'd hope they got their stuff straight this year and those signings of guys not named Morse will bear a better return.
  10. Marv and DJ's first go-round in 2006 UFA was about the same quantity of UFAs: DT Larry Tripplett TE Robert Royal C Melvin Fowler WR Peerless Price G Tutan Reyes S Matt Bowen CB Kiwaukee Thomas QB Craig Nall RB Anthony Thomas WR/KR Andre Davis But that wasn't the same in terms of quality. At least on the surface it wasn't.
  11. Jimmy Haslam and OBJ in the same organization? That's some dysfunction junction action right there. There's still only one ball on offense and with those personalities it's going to be real interesting.
  12. BillsVet

    It's early in FA, but...

    It's time to get a hobby if you've prioritized telling people "I told you so" about UFA signings on day 2 of the new league year. Pat yourself on the back. Job well done. Yep, it's guaranteed they're taking down NE in the division now. Didn't anyone learn the lesson that "winning the off-season" ain't all it's cut out to be? Doesn't matter...egos are involved and ripping fellow fans is the status quo.
  13. BillsVet

    It's early in FA, but...

    Does this qualify OBD for the off-season version of the Lombardi Trophy?
  14. A guy with the name "Logic" makes a general statement that free agents won't come to Buffalo and points to this UFA signing period as evidence. We forget that John Brown turned Buffalo down last year and it's logical to deduce that he went to Baltimore because they were closer to competing for a title. This, as opposed to Buffalo featuring Nate Peterman and likely a rookie at QB. Buffalo took Josh Allen last year and I'd say most fans think he'll take a step in the right direction in 2019. Still, as a player, you want to win AND get paid. It's why someone like Teddy Bridgewater turned Miami down to remain New Orleans' backup. It's why higher end UFAs like Morse, Brown, and Beasley are now willing to come to Buffalo. When you win or players think you've got a legit chance to win, your team becomes more attractive. That and you offer a lot of money. Buffalo still has a lot to prove on the field, but they've made some moves in the right direction because players think they're finally getting it right. I don't think there's a fan-base in the entire NFL with more of an inferiority complex. Yet, if you win, they'll come (apologies to Ray Kinsella) and hopefully Buffalo turns around after 20 years of bad to mediocre football so they can continue to attract better talent.