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  1. The Sabres right now are essentially where the Bills were circa 2006-2010: stuck in a never-ending cycle of stupid. Ralph hiring/promoting people he knew as GM who wouldn't work in the same role for 31 other teams. And that only happened when he saw an outside the organization hire fail. And now with the HC, hire, it's clear the Sabres went down the path of least resistance and hired someone no one else considered. Similar to Chan Gailey in 2010. Now they're trading/letting your best players hit UFA only to talk about draft picks under team control for a few years
  2. Is Doug Whaley's dad an NFL Executive to hire his son? Because that's about the only way Dugout Doug's coming back now. Blaming a now 81 year old for a draft pick when it was clear Nix was being moved out guarantees he'll be persona non grata in NFL circles. In 2014, I always figured the trade up for Watkins was Doug playing with house money with Brandon's urging. RW had died, the franchise was going to be sold, and Brandon and Whaley weren't sure they'd have jobs. So, they made the bold move to trade future draft picks they may never get to use for Watkins in what w
  3. The Pegula's have a habit or nicety about them of retaining whomever they inherit for their franchises. They then give those execs rope to hang themselves. Thing about the Sabres is they were Terry's toy until the losses started financially and people started getting fired or quit. As things got worse, they began taking more control and the results spiraled downward culminating in the Nix-esque hire of Kevyn Adams as GM. Retaining Whaley and hiring Rex obviously were bad moves for T/K Pegs. They got it right the second go-round, but I've heard (take it FWIW) thei
  4. No one has discussed the possible link between a woman co-owning an NFL franchise and these hires either. Is that a factor? Perhaps, although I know some will say that McD hires whomever he wants. We don't know, but it's reasonable to establish the connection between the co-owner and these hires. FWIW, Rex Ryan hired a female coach, Kathryn Smith, who served as an assistant in 2015 and 2016. For whatever reason (and I'm not speculating about her coaching ability) she has not returned to the NFL.
  5. They had invested 1.4B+ into a team, been duped into hiring Rex, and McD saw an opportunity because T/K Pegs were desperate and needed some structure to a massive investment. Enter McD and later his guy Beane. Even though they've made their share of mistakes, you can't deny it takes a solid plan and strategy to go 13-3. Drafting Josh Allen in a QB league was a big win. But once again, what we as fans think should be isn't the priority for billionaire types who own our favorite pro sports teams. Sure, they want to win, but on their terms and retaining control over their investm
  6. Ideas that make sense to fans need to be considered first in light of ownership and their priorities. There isn't gonna be a press conference where anything positive happens. There isn't gonna be a president of hockey ops hired from outside the organization. They aren't moving Kim out of the president role. Ownership isn't going to sit in the back of the room and be quiet. Ya gotta live in the real world and understand where Terry and Kim operate from. You can hate on Jack all you like, but their handling of his injury sends a message that Buffalo isn't a place you want to
  7. Fans can go after players all they want, but why are so many players (and now former ones) in Buffalo not happy? Is that an Eichel problem or is something deeper going on? The way you describe it, Eichel is a cancer who needs to be removed for them to move forward. He's infected that locker room and must be excised. Yet, it's high likely that Reinhart, Ristolainen and now we find out Taylor Hall know/knew there were deep issues in Sabreland. That ain't Jack's fault. The organization is a dumpster fire. You're don't finish last twice and in the bottom quarter o
  8. No one's gonna force them to check their egos. The deeper this goes, the more they'll continue blaming others (Jack, local media, NHL) as the reason for the dysfunction. They don't trust anyone from outside the organization because the last few GM/HC hires didn't go well. Which means they draw upon the late RW years Bills playbook and hire only people they know and the circle repeats itself.
  9. When teams aren't profitable, owners begin doing strange things and letting their ego(s) get in the way. They want control like they had in their private business, and allowing someone else to drive is anathema to their mindset. The Bills were a major investment that brought with it major revenue sharing. The Sabres were Terry's toy for a few years until they started losing 40-60M per. Besides, how much does fan response matter?
  10. False equivalency. Paul Hamilton has reported the Pegula's aren't enamored with all the power they handed McBeane. Given their track record, I could see them snatching away control if the opportunity presents itself. Today cemented that the Pegula's ownership of the Sabres is pretty much the final years of RW owning the Bills. They (emphasis Terry and Kim) made multiple bad executive hires, got bad results, and now do in-house hires because they don't know/trust anyone. Not to mention, they're hiring cronies, cutting costs left and right all the while alienating key players.
  11. It is quite a generalization to state that courts have "pretty uniformly" decided on vaccination requirements. You've long insisted on objective evidence to support assertions, and relevant case law is essential to your position here. Please cite the cases. An individual still has the right to elect not to receive the vaccine. And let's be clear, emergency use authorization vaccines are not quite what it was to receive your MMR or small pox shot to enter kindergarten. At some point, there will be people who decide against the vaccination for religious or other r
  12. I doubt McD would give analytics types the time of day even if they were in the room during meetings to develop their draft board.
  13. I think it was after the Houston WC loss when Beane said in the season ending PC that you're defined by how you lose your last game. The AFC CG loss was not the result of poor RB play, the lack of a 1T, or even CB2. The major personnel issue was a pass rush that could not pressure Mahomes and they've sought to improve that. Now, if only they can become more aggressive in game-plan/play-calling on both sides of the ball.
  14. For years I had hopes Buffalo would demonstrate a cogent long term plan across the roster and they're doing just that. The plan, as good teams follow, was to rebuild with a veteran while drafting their replacement. It took a little longer, but this draft follows that strategy. I'm pretty confident the plan is for Brown to slide into a starting role within 2 seasons. because you can't keep paying the 2 starting OT's what they are with a QB under a contract Josh is sure to receive. Dawkins and Brown count 17.5M and 21.6M against the cap barring restructuring in 2021 an
  15. It's not revolutionary for teams that are good to use the draft for what Buffalo did this year. Identify players with high reward potential who'll likely be in a rotation. What's not going to work is using the draft for need or, when your roster is thin at multiple positions, going BPA with an eye on those rookies starting. I'd rather be in the first scenario. The second is what (poorly) rebuilding clubs do year in year out...kinda like Buffalo circa 2005-2016.
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