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  1. I thought it was only a matter of time before Beane is re-signed. What do you mean?
  2. You don't get to set the signature win criteria because "experts" picked Pittsburgh. Buffalo didn't even win convincingly given the 7 point margin of victory. They played against a QB who will probably never start another meaningful regular season game. I'll contend that McD's biggest win in nearly 3.5 seasons is the Atlanta away game in 2017. Or, the Dallas Thanksgiving game. That's logical.
  3. McDermott is 0-6 career versus Belichick so I'm not assuming they'll win until they do. The way Buffalo has played these past 3 games - against 2 likely playoff teams and 1 who'll draft top 5 - demonstrates they're not yet ready for primetime. I'm amazed people didn't know entering the season how tough their schedule was. And that's with NE taking a step down along. Buffalo is trending down right now.
  4. Give McDermott a call and tell him to change a defensive philosophy he's had for years. Maybe a zebra can change their spots while we're at it.
  5. McD does not, as a rule, bring the blitz in the scheme and Frazier's calls mirror that. If you see more blitzing, it's because the front 4 is not generating necessary pressure. And the reason McD demands the front 4 get pressure is so that he can force throws into the Cover-4, Cover-3, or Cover-2. https://buffalonews.com/sports/bills/it-all-starts-with-the-front-four-for-sean-mcdermott-and-leslie-frazier/article_0526c65a-eece-11ea-820d-a7be0097eaed.html McD would not have hired Frazier if their defensive philosophy differed on this point so dramatically.
  6. Last season through 7 games Buffalo was +12 in point differential (and 5-2) after playing at NYJ, at NYG, vs CIN, vs NE, at TEN, vs. MIA and vs. PHI. Three of their first seven opponents were drafting top 5 just for reference sake. Plus/minus isn't the most important metric, but it's one way to evaluate how well a team is playing. And like last year, a LOT of fans were saying the Bills record was largely the result of a weak schedule. There are differences this year. First, the offense averaged 30 points for through the first 4 games and in their last 3 versus TEN, KC, and NYJ they're at 17 points per. This is either a trend or teams have figured something out scheme or personnel wise and continue to exploit it. More concerning is the defense's regression despite carrying over most of their starters into 2020. For these reasons, I don't think Buffalo is on the up-swing despite their record. They're more or less treading water now and have some difficult opponents coming up.
  7. Not every team is fortunate to trade with the dumpster fire Minnesota has become.
  8. McD blitzing more is him admitting the front 4 cannot get significant pressure. McD’s scheme needs front 4 to get pressure so QBs throw into his coverage. McD doesn’t have the horses to run his scheme after 4 off-seasons. And every one of those DL was signed in UFA, drafted, or extended by McBeane. Personnel evaluation showing some very weak points when it cannot support the HC’s scheme.
  9. Uninspiring. Expected more after 2 uninspiring losses. This sort of performance will not win against the AFC’s elite.
  10. Maybe add “practically” to the thread title. Q. Williams has made no such official request.
  11. Not all injuries are the same and some affect players given their position. Like, a WR dealing with torn wrist ligaments compared to a linebacker. Or, a right handed QB dealing with a right shoulder injury.
  12. Some key players, we're going to find out, are dealing with injuries that aren't listed. JA for example.
  13. McD will never run a primarily M2M scheme. Why, I don't know. Or why he is incapable of running other schemes that his precious one that clearly doesn't work.
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