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  1. Yesterday there was a thread about coaching philosophy similarities McD and Jauron share. Well, it terms of public relations, McD far surpasses DJ as evidenced the HC's team message today Of course this is going to come out via Chris Brown and not coincidentally it's timed precisely to address an issue highlighted on TBD. Because the HC has been criticized for coaching not to lose and avoiding risks in high pressure situations. DJ and/or Bills media would never do anything like this to blunt any team or HC criticism.
  2. Defensively, McD's background is in the secondary and, in their first off-season prioritized remaking that unit during his. McD chose to sign Hyde, Poyer, and draft Tre White. No one can argue with those players being solid if not excellent players. In that way he's similar to Jauron, who spent a lot of resources in his first off-season finding secondary help. That said, DJ wasn't as successful with his personnel decisions there. Where they aren't similar is that during DJ's tenure, the Bills spent less than most of their opponents. McD doesn't have that issue because the Pegula's have proven they'll spend. I think their overall team philosophy is similar because they wanted/want to lead with defense while having a conservative offense that takes few risks.
  3. I see the merits in these arguments. In effect, get the stop on a crucial 4th quarter drive, as Minnesota did against Dallas, and the game is won. It's still a four quarter game and what you do before that final drive matters. The Bills have such a small margin of error that it means one side of the ball needs to come up big late. Against the Jets, and Titans it was the offense making plays to win. Against the Bengals and perhaps Washington it was the defense. This time, neither side made the big play to win the game. I'd say in the NFL of 2019 that limiting a talented offense to 19 points is good. Not great, but good. The same cannot be said about the offense. Scoring 14 points is mediocre to poor. McD himself has talked about needing to score 21 points per and I'm sure analytics combined with his defense first mentality means he's going to win those types of games. That said, I don't see there being elite defenses anymore. Not ones that week in and week out are going to suffocate opponents like some in the past before the league opened up the passing game.
  4. There is no one side of the ball at fault, but we're debating how much to blame one side of the ball or the other. That can be tricky because nuance doesn't work on message boards. Still, the offense should be expected to do more against that defense. And Buffalo's defense, despite some issues stopping the run, shouldn't be expected to keep that offense to less than 16 points. There's too much talent over there, despite the record.
  5. I want to think that their game-planning process requires the offense and defense to complement their strategy. As a result, I'd like to think the offense would run the ball to maintain possession, keep Cleveland's offense off the field, and keep the defense rested. But no (in John Belushi voice) the OC chose to attack Cleveland's 6th ranked pass defense and held off on going at their 30th ranked run defense. McD strikes me as a guy who wants to be the defensive version of Chan Gailey. As in, abdicate responsibility for the side opposite what he knows and trust it'll work out. Then it doesn't and he's left to explain what went wrong. You'd think something has to give by now, but beating lower echelon teams probably has delayed the HC demanding the OC make some play-calling changes.
  6. How many people on this board do not know how to spell the OC's name correctly? D-A-B-O-L-L The defense was good enough to win today. When you hold your opponent to 19 points and the offense can't score more, it's not a defensive issue. NFL defenses are not going to be the '85 Bears, '00 Ravens, or '02 Buccaneers and consistently hold teams to 10 points per. Not happening.
  7. It may be prudent to get Ed Oliver on a milk carton. He's been MIA for a while now and did not appear in the box score.
  8. I'm not as concerned with McD's decisions in-game as I am with his personnel decisions. He's not the guy I want with final say on players. For example, the defense he's sunk plenty of UFA dollars and high picks into can't seem to stop the run. After 3 off-seasons acquiring players to build his defense that's not good enough. And let's not even get into offensive philosophy. I haven't seen anything there which makes me believe they'll start scoring the 21 points per game he talked about needing to achieve at a Combine interview in February.
  9. What talented offensive coach will want to be the third OC to work for McD?
  10. Something about McD and a jacket...not sure though.
  11. What is it with these Air Force commercials...SMH. Oh, and there's a game today.
  12. A team of unknown players...that's likely how McD wants it. He's built this team in his image. How it works against teams in the playoffs is yet to be determined.
  13. It's transactions like this that are going to make the next CBA talks after 2020 all the more confrontational.
  14. These next 8 games will provide some illumination on McD, Allen, et al. I further suspect we'll be able to make some real conclusions about the Bills at the end of this season which we cannot today. I think it's time to watch and wait.
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