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  1. Logic (and I find your screen name ironic) here goes. It is logical to conclude that this close to the draft those in the NFL Insider club are deliberately manipulated for purposes of subterfuge. They get some clicks, but none of them knows anything for sure. And Buffalo isn't about to let out a secret, at least nothing specific. A savvy NFL front office doesn't tip their hat on a draft pick even late in the 1st round. Because I'm all good with not knowing anything but realizing Buffalo's front office is confusing others about their intentions. Or, are you that me-
  2. Why anyone believes anything coming out 2 weeks before the draft is beyond me. These people get "scoops" and it's just disinformation meant to throw other front offices off. Don't believe the hype.
  3. It'll be free to watch all the games from home. And best of all, those not receiving a vaccine will be free of vaccine-related side-effects.
  4. Surprised no one has said OJ yet. Then again, he hadn't, ahem, done anything felonious during his playing career (that I know of). Couldn't stand John McCargo. Probably had to do with them drafting him, trading up to do so, and his having no gap discipline before being shipped out...then not passing his physical with IND. Which made him go back to Buffalo. Just a slug.
  5. Tampa's defense is still a 30 front. David and White are the ILB's. Your point?
  6. Classic Royale surface level analysis. Ignores that Tampa runs a hybrid 30 front with White primarily an inside LB as opposed to Milano, who is strictly a Will behind a 40 front. White is 3+ years younger than Milano, somewhat more durable, and used almost completely different in Bowles' scheme. I'd also argue he's more productive, but that's somewhat subjective. What isn't is that White played 93% of snaps in 2020 compared to Milano's 31%, hence my durability assertion. Yet, it's the same because they're LBs. Now conflate away.
  7. I expected the last 2 off-seasons that Beane would influence McD to begin shifting more cap dollars and picks to the offense. Either he's tried and failed or this was not a topic during off-season reviews. An executive, even an admin GM, should have enough sense to know paying a WLB that amount does not contribute to more W's. And, that the defensive scheme needed the overhaul. Lost in this debate is that McD is designing the scheme and Beane is acquiring the players to fit that. The GM has the latitude to get it done, but not full freedom to alter how they line up on defense
  8. Last year Brady had the best skilled talent surrounding him in his career and needed it. Russell Wilson's public spat prompted Seattle to re-sign Tyler Lockett despite Metcalf set to cash in big soon. KC, as you note, is pursuing elite athletes who create matchup disadvantages and Buffalo had better get on board soon. Yet, McD and Beane seem comfortable running very similar personnel and schemes in hopes it'll finally defeat KC or the elite teams. There's still the emphasis on rounding out their defense to run McD's inflexible scheme. Maybe they draft a WR who can fly and pr
  9. Who at OBD is using Tony Pauline to put out disinformation? I don't see this team going RB, but stranger things have happened. This time of year believe absolutely zero about which player an organization is interested in. The likelihood it's true is remarkably low.
  10. Aside from a very talented DE (who admittedly may need seasoning) there's nothing on D right now they need in the 1st round. Drafts aren't for this year when you're this low in the 1st round and I wish people would stop looking at rookies as the solution to team needs. You can now shade more toward BPA than need.
  11. But it gets fans on message boards excited like it's their fantasy football team. And it gives radio show hosts a topic that isn't the Buffalo Sabres.
  12. Kim to me seems to be the Marie Antoinette in all of this, especially since she assumed the presidency for both teams. I never thought that when Terry was spending big dollars 8-9 years ago on the Sabres that Kim was as concerned about the financial health of the team because they hadn't yet spent on the Bills. The Sabres were Terry's toy and he had money. They maintained the lifestyle. Fast forward to today and they were losing a reported 40-60M per season with the Sabres even before the pandemic. Only now, they have a massive acquisition with the Bills that doesn't afford th
  13. The board has always been about football. Now there's just more of the social media influence pervading threads and behind others being opened. 10 years ago signing a backup DE in UFA would not have prompted 12 pages of discussion within a couple hours. Now it does. Kind of a reflection of society at large and not surprising.
  14. I'm resigned to McKenzie re-signing. At least now I am.
  15. This kinda fits within the idea that something's eventually gotta give in defensive spending with Allen and Diggs coming up for extensions. They can't afford another big dollar defender, especially one who is not a pass rusher or solid in coverage, without something else being sacrificed.
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