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  1. I disagree on the beer statement. I've been drinking Omission Beer for a couple years now. It is "gluten removed" after brewing, so it tastes just like regular barley (the gluten source) brewed beer.
  2. Actually I think he’s bad enough that he can go to the wait at home squad. After watching his senior year at Georgia I was unhappily surprised the Bills drafted him. I think Davis Webb offers more on the PS, on field and off.
  3. I don’t think he has the speed for the return game. He has run a 4.67 and a 4.63. That is likely why they haven’t tried him there.
  4. Have you heard of the Houston Texans? Or perhaps the N Y Jets?
  5. Likewise, I don't remember any heat related issues in camp last year.
  6. All those players dealing with heat issues sounds a bit concerning with temperatures only in the 80's there. Players in the south have been training in the 90's for weeks now. It makes me wonder how are they going to deal with the heat week 2 in Miami with the 1 o'clock game time.
  7. I think you need a new calculator. With a current net worth of about $200 billion he could give 200 people $1 billion and then be penny less.
  8. So glad to see Riverton GONE! It's the best news I've heard this week!
  9. Gilliam is listed as a Fullback now and had number change to 41.
  10. I know what you mean, when I seen what he said he seen. Maybe Ice bowl is originally from Joisey.
  11. Gerald Ford couldn't have said it any better!
  12. I consider Basham’s potential as better than mediocre - more as a Phil Hansen caliber player. That is, not elite but dependably steady. What are you factoring on for the mediocre ceiling call?
  13. There is no family allowed at this Olympics, he won't be there. My first and last contribution to an Ertz thread.
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