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  1. Now that we understand your geography better, please explain how state of mind relates to geology..... and I agree attending a game live sure beats attending one dead. Sorry, I couldn't help it. 😁
  2. I lived in Allegany County in the 70's. Most people (young and retirees) move away from there, so I'm surprised you moved to there after Rochester and Syracuse. What part?
  3. As a very young kid I lived in the Town of Tonawanda and used to love Brighton Donuts. You mentioning "Brighton" Golf Course reminded me of them. Are they still there? Maybe @oldmanfan would remember them.
  4. Nope, Roswell, GA which is north of Atlanta. There are plenty of Bills fans here in the metro and we were heard loud and clear at the Falcons-Bills game here. Matt Ryan even said, "I guess the Bills mafia is real."
  5. Congrats on that! We, those that can, are blessed to be able to do for a living that which we enjoy. With the hours you post here you must keep some crazy hours. How did you become a Bills fan if in the UK? Do they get exposure over there?
  6. Now you have me curious; what was the better career move to?
  7. Who reported he is a legend? I don't see where you are getting this from. Does he have a reporter that's a friend out in Portland?
  8. Are you sure that isn't Sgt. Schultz from Hogan's Heroes?
  9. How many more would they lose if all their vets did the same thing?
  10. then, then? or than, than? Sorry I couldn't help it, but turnabout is fair play.
  11. Interesting Q&A given by scouts to Abraham. He looks like a McD type db. Good in zone, good foot speed, but man to man a weakness. https://www.nfldraftdiamonds.com/2018/12/abraham-wallace/
  12. It depends on how it affects your sentence structure, whether it has that effect.
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