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  1. It depends on how it affects your sentence structure, whether it has that effect.
  2. Or adios Rafael Bush. With Alexander's size I think he may be considered for the big nickel that they tried to play Bush in.
  3. Do you have some specific information on his health? What makes you think he won't be healthy after having a full off season to get healthy?
  4. Cart and horse. I like your enthusiasm though. 😎
  5. I'm guessing you must be a NASCAR fan, though Jeff (Geoff) Bodine is long retired now. No doubt you're referencing Russell here, eh? 🏁
  6. Perception and reality. Regarding coaches wife's, I remember when Jerry Glanville was hired his wife said she cried; then years later when he left, she said she cried again because she liked the area and loved the people.
  7. Unfortunately it's the Steelers 5th, from the Ryan Switzer trade, that we got from the Raiders.
  8. Great story! I see Bills fans proudly wearing Bills jerseys and hats everywhere I go. This summer out in Colorado and this fall down in FL. What's surprising is they are often young enough to not remember the winning years, they grew up during the drought. Loyal fans we are, bandwagon fans we are not!
  9. You can't get unemployment benefits if you are fired, only if you are laid off.
  10. That's all I need to know. not interested. Looking for: 1. Separation 2. Great hands 3. Catch radius
  11. He recently just signed a contract for next year, so he is coming back. He also recently said he still enjoys playing and would do it all again even given the concussion. I don’t think he feels double crossed at all.
  12. People learn by watching (it’s how we all learned our language, etc) and Josh said he learned so much watching DA take over the offense when he was hurt. When he came back he was greatly improved and he credited DA. Derek likely doesn’t want the grind of a coach, lower pay and enjoys the CBA restrictions. Another added factor is the number of years playing adds the the now rather lucrative NFL pension, something he’ll collect on long after his playing days are over.
  13. I think he needs to be moved inside to G or C.
  14. I only remember him playing right corner back. This would seem to agree: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/B/ByrdBu00.htm
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