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  1. That pretty much covers all the possibilities. 👍 I’ll go out on a limb and say they go 2-2.
  2. It more reminds me of his 1st year with the Jets. He had them winning, and believing so much in him that he got the contract he wanted and they jettisoned Teddy Bridgewater.
  3. In my casual (non studied) observation, it appears Morse is good at getting to the second level and pulling, but not good on bull rushes and at the point of attack. Feliciano, at center, seemed better on his weaker points.
  4. Yikes, not good! ..... especially Dawkins. What is the one position is becoming a big draft need? Got it, pass rusher, & I agree.
  5. Pete Gogolak was the first soccer style kicker in the NFL and he started it with the Bills. He was only with them a year I believe, before he defected to the NY Giants. His brother Charley also played in the NFL, but wasn't as good (iirc). Before Pete most kickers wore a special kicking boot..... wow, old memories. I think Tre is Tom Janik.
  6. You better get it checked out leh-nerd! 🤞
  7. I agree with the comment on your avatar, by the way. Very cool.
  8. When I looked at it I thought it was soldiers in the foreground and perhaps a commemorative design for Veterans Day. It wasn't until reading your post I realized what it was.
  9. He's fumbling the catch. I saw his first game with Carolina and he fumbled his first two punts. I couldn't believe they sent him out there a third time, but he made a real good return on that one. Evidently the muffs continued and they gave up. I always thought he had an attitude when here previously, and was lacking in maturity. According to reports he had turned a corner on that this summer.
  10. LOL, why do you think there is anything wrong with ones knees at 60? Mine at 63 are as good as at 23. No one in their 40's, 50's, 60's etc is as athletic as in their 20's, but it's not like arthritis starts setting in when you hit 60. In fact, I climbed a 14er in CO a couple years ago, no problem. 60 sounds old until you get there. If one halfway takes care of oneself, you'll be surprised how it isn't. Perhaps you meant a 90 y/o. 🙂
  11. Flipped your numbers? #3 beating #6 in 11 out of 20 games would make #6 slightly LESS likely. Though I would call it a statistical toss up and say the 6th seed is not automatically in an underdog position.
  12. I hope to see a lot of Matt Barkley playing, because they are so far ahead that they want to rest Josh and get Matt some reps.
  13. Me three. (not #me3) @Kelly the Dog you'll have to report me to principle, because there's no principal here. 😜
  14. Much more alive though. HBD!
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