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  1. Ease up dude…not saying it is the biggest hole. Do you really want just another thread on CB’s, Interior linemen or Edmunds? Thought this was an interesting conversation. If you’re not interested - just keep scrolling…
  2. Thanks for correlating the CBA rules changes on amount of practice time, to why the punter specialists are always the holder now. I had not noticed that “all” the holders are now the punters - but couldn’t recall a recent one that was not. I still think if a team was looking for an edge - having a speedster or a guy with a good arm being the holder - would be a way to get an advantage, and complicate other team’s preparations.
  3. Was thinking about maybe the opportunity is there, to use one of our other special teamers: Kumerow, Stevenson, or Taiwan could take on the PK holder duties. I recall that Tasker used to hold at for at least a couple years? And Frank Reich did it too? was just thinking if that is such a concern for “Punt God” , there should be other options… Does anyone on here know if anyone else on the roster have previous experience as a holder? I know some of you follow college football too…
  4. Great post! we still have WR’s Hodgins, Kumerow, Stevenson and Gentry on the roster too.
  5. I know this is all “on paper it looks good”….just saying spent 2 days watching this…and had some opinions… the Jets have a long way to go…but seemed to help themselves…but don’t scare me… KC is the hump we have to get over. And they did what looks like smart drafting…I think overall the Bills gained more so far this year…we will see on the gridiron or as Mike Tyson said “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” and the Bills are just the team to do it! GO BILLS
  6. Of course picking that many - early in the draft they should do well - But man those are nice picks. Jets 1 (4) Ahmad Gardner Cincinnati CB 1 (10) Garrett Wilson Ohio State WR 1 (26) Jermaine Johnson I IFlorida State DE 2 (4) Breece Hall lowa State RB 3 (37) Jeremy Ruckert Ohio State TE KC 1 (21) Trent McDuffie Washington CB 1 (30) George Karlaftis Purdue DE 2 (22) Skyy Moore Western Michigan WR 2 (30) Bryan Cook Cincinnati S 3 (39) Leo Chenal Wisconsin ILB who else do you think did well so far?
  7. “Return man” Got my attention. Start him there. Give him a chance to work his way into the O. Maybe the change of scene - with our mature leaders - helps him wake up and be a pro.
  8. Ascending: Groot! Upgraded talent on the line, plus offseason of pro conditioning he moves up to phenom. Dane Jackson - gets early playing time with Tre not fully back for several games - and the strength of the D line harassing opposing QBs - makes him look real good. Descending: Moss, Kumerow, Sweeney, Basham…the talent levels at those positions push these guys to many inactives this year. Shocking: Milano! With upgraded talent on the line - he comes alive to take over several games this year. Look for a strip / sack/ fumble recovery for TD in one of the first couple games. And then in the playoffs! Packing: Matakevich, Ford and Haak lose position battles in training camp
  9. I spit coffee I laughed so hard! All I could picture was that SNL skit with Sean Connery on Jeopardy - asking to take the category “ass ending for $100”…
  10. Great responses , discussions and viewpoints posted here! I am of the opinion now that the Bills should sign a veteran CB and keep the picks. But if they aren’t comfortable with what is available being in starting lineup for the early games, then by all means pull the trigger on this kind of trade. I am concerned that the current CB room is not “Championship Caliber”, will be interesting to see how this plays out!
  11. New York Upstate has the scenario where we trade this years 1st and 3rd plus next years 1st and 5th, to move way up and get DB Sauce Gardner! That is a lot , and I don’t watch much college ball, but the pundits think he is great. I think this would be a good deal to go along with the moves already made, all in for this year (and the next couple). We definitely need cornerback help, and not many draft picks will make an impact on this team, but seems the sauce could. https://www.newyorkupstate.com/buffalo-bills/2022/04/nfl-draft-2022-bills-find-missing-ingredient-add-sauce-to-secondary-in-big-trade-mock-20.html what do you think? Too much for a DB position?
  12. Modified the title for more accuracy.
  13. On Saturday, April 2, Cover 1 host Greg Thompsett suggested a trade proposal that could ultimately land Bradberry in Buffalo, while also clearing room for a veteran defensive end to be re-signed. Thompsett tweeted, “Ok… hear me out… [Bills general manager] Brandon Beane trades AJ Epenesa to NYG for James Bradberry… and then just re-signs Jerry Hughes.” Not the worst idea I have heard lately. What do you think?
  14. I hope Cody rejuvenates his career, and wins a starting role. I hate the idea of that being a wasted pick. I guess if he became the backup “floater” it would at least be something 😕
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