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  1. Domed stadium downtown please. I was never a fan of downtown location, but with recent canalside events I could see that being a whole different experience down there. And the domed stadium would become a venue for many more events. Think trade shows, concerts, heck Buffalo would even be in the running to host a Super Bowl someday.
  2. Was fun to see the posts on this one. Looked like Josh had fun too. He One hopped it. Like so many - throwing from a mound: that step downhill throws off your normal throw and causes the release angle to be down into the dirt. I was hoping Josh, having been a pitcher (way back when), would have overcome that. But throwing on a flat football field and working the last 3 years on his mechanics. I am sure his muscle memory of baseball pitching is gone.
  3. Oh yeah, if I recall: a signing bonus is paid up front, but as far as cap book-keeping it is spread over the length of the contract?
  4. Digs was the biggest opportunity for restructure cap savings. Looks like the Bills could create another $20 mil in cap space if they did all the restructure moves identified on the overthecap web site. Seems like plenty of room to do as many deals as they want....
  5. Interesting that these scores also matched up with what most of us were feeling: the AFC East teams helped themselves greatly in this draft, along with Cleveland having a good draft. As McDermott has stated: every year we start again - working our way to the Super Bowl - Go Bills!
  6. Looks like large catch radius and good hands. Not much YAC for as big as he is. As was mentioned: looks like he needs off season ballet to get more balance and fluidity...🕺
  7. Thanks for the replies and insights. Gives me some leads to check out ....while waiting for draft day 😉
  8. I have been reading much about the return of Star - the one true 1 technique DT, we have. If he does not return in good shape , or doesn’t perform at a high level - are we back to last years defense? i am concerned we don’t have a back up or injury replacement for Star. Seems like our last hope is the draft. I am worried about so much being based on a rookie. what do you guys/gals think about the others on the roster who could play this spot? Any injured/dinged up players returning that would be challenging Star - or are the backup? How about those who follow college and
  9. I have a different thought - I think Sanders could be the insurance in case Beasley is slow to return from his broken leg. And right now i think it is Diggs, Davis and Beasley...with Sanders as 4th with McKenzie a in there too. Not sure I see Sanders as the #2 - I think that is Davis now....
  10. A while ago there was an idea to cover the existing stadium. I think it was like the old UB bubble...an inflated roof. Seems like that could go up quick, and only have to last 10 years or so, till a new stadium is built.
  11. Hmmm. I see Browns players wearing white and also red in addition to the black. So there is some variation allowed. Either of those others blend more to the Chiefs red with white stripes. Just saying be smart on the choice And Chiefs DB wearing red gloves just gets holding call...red hands on Browns white jersey...
  12. Have noticed this before, just saw it again. Wyatt Teller wearing black gloves, gets called for holding on red jersey Chief. Why these O-linemen cant get smart and wear gloves that match opponents jerseys - making hands more camouflaged? Same thing with Def backs. Any small advantage would be worth it. i remember years ago the story from a Bills lineman - was wearing some bright colored “lucky” gloves and getting holding calls - he changed the color and the holding calls dropped.
  13. Creativity on offense is also outstanding! Makes the Bills so fun to watch. Special teams getting in that groove too. Go Bills!
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