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  1. He was cut, so no he won't go in comp pic formula.
  2. Veteran depth that might be cheap, he was on my list before free agency started and have no issues bringing him in.
  3. Lawson gives an edge defender that occasionally can get to the QB. Essentially what we want Boogie to be.
  4. I just question Shanahan at times, like McDermott knows how to build a team but are they good enough to win a Championship? Time will tell and with as much they gave up for Lance and with the poor results thus far how much time does they have left?
  5. We also need a LB, DT and S. I expect a few more of these cheap vets will be added so not relying on rookies. I like the idea of Shell at RT, Lawson at DE and Phillips at DT to shore up depth.
  6. One could argue the AFC is better in terms of teams top to bottom. The 49ers have a great defense and skill players yet still lack a game changing QB if Purdy remains hurt but still he's also a question mark.
  7. We could take a TE at 27 too since we have not much behind Knox.
  8. I remember the year he came out he was on my list of guys I wanted to draft. Nice compliment to Cook/Hines in has size And more of a runner than receiver.
  9. 4.45 not bad speed. This could be a solid under the radar signing. https://nflcombineresults.com/playerpage.php?i=28209
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