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  1. Is this where we finally get to see *belinda* ?
  2. Look at when they were signed though, Nelson was after the free agent period ended and Norman was before it started.
  3. I'm pretty sure the PS doesn't count against the cap.
  4. She didn't age well but back in the day, Nikki Cox.
  5. Buffalo did infact have a major league baseball team. They were part of the Federal League in 1914/1915. The BufFeds/Blues had a player lead the league in HRs in 1915 named Hal Chase who was considered one of best fielding first baseman in his era.
  6. Cheesy grits are my personal favorite yet live in Buffalo and can't get them many places.
  7. I liked Space Ghost too but sometimes hit and miss.
  8. Home Movies was the best cartoon on [AS].
  9. I don't think they would have as AB always about AB. Diggs has his diva moments but it's obvious he's been about the team since he got here, maybe because he connected to Josh but think the Minnesota media put some false impressions out there about him. I give credit to Beane for jumping on the chance to bring him here even after the first attempt failed.
  10. I just introduced my wife to this movie last night, it's still great.
  11. Oh now that you mentioned Mark Harmon it made me think of Summer School.
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