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  1. Guardians of the Galaxy I (500) Days of Summer Juno Perks of Being a Wallflower Rushmore
  2. The almost full body tattoo a small turn off but who am I kidding? The rest is hot.
  3. I think we tried to get him back but he went to the Steelers to be with his brother. Yet the guy still doesn't get it by his comments on Whaley. I'd love to see him return here and be as good as he was but not a likely scenario. He'll just be another What IF guys that the NFL has seen any go in the past and maybe a lesson to those that think marijuana is just a recreational drug.
  4. Jake "the snake" Roberts messed with rick rude all the time.
  5. That's the whole shtick that he is supposedly be be annoying yet you watch more you realize the guy's got a good heart. The show was not the same when he left. What was the purpose of Potsy? I mean I guess Richie had to have a best friend but at least Mouth was funny. Quagmire is funny every so often but yes overall he is annoying af. Bernadette over Penny every damn day. One character am surprised got no mention so far was Michael from LOST.
  6. Links with traditional onions and peppers either pan fried or the wife sometimes tosses them in the oven. Also works good as an alternative to meatballs with pasta and sauce. I'll do the patties on the grill instead of a burger from time to time too.
  7. Total bummer as just started listening to the Fake Doctors, Real Friends with Zach and Donald podcast this weekend.
  8. Scrambled eggs with mayo on white bread. Others might be more sophisticated but to me just an easy comfort food that's great any time of day.
  9. I own the following sitcoms/cartoons on DVD in no particular order Seinfeld The Office Arrested Development The Critic Soap Head Case Extras Always Sunny in Philadelphia The League Night Court Flight of the Conchords The Inbetweeners Lucky Louie How I Met Your Mother New Girl 3rd Rock from the Sun Scrubs The Big Bang Theory Episodes Outsourced From the Files of Police Squad Freaks and Geeks Rocko's Modern Life Home Movies Beavis and Butthead
  10. They were expanded it to 12 for this season from 10 with the new CBA.
  11. I'd love to see him a back up here.
  12. Yeah no inside info from me so if you have some than you're better guesser than me.
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