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  1. Trent only played played 3.5 years here so no he never saw a second contract with us. Fitz got a second contract yes.
  2. The problem is the NFLPA, agents and the league expects UFAs to command top dollar if they're in the discussion of next great one see Tre White, Ramsey, Humphries as examples at CB. Each of them ended up the top paid at their position when they're contract ran out because that's how the system "works". TBH I think QBs earn way too much and it be awesome to get Josh at a lower rate than top dollar but he's likely going to get it if he keeps putting up numbers like he is this year and we keep on winning.
  3. Murphy is good as gone and If I'm Beane I let Butler walk too.
  4. I wonder if the Rams would be willing to move A'Shawn Robinson who's been injured most of the season?
  5. He was cut, he'd be a good add but who do we cut to add him or do we just IR someone for the roster spot?
  6. I think sometimes refs don't/do call penalties to allow someone else to figure it out. Specifically on TDs they'll call it a TD more often then not because know it will be reviewed up stairs to confirm/deny it. That said they do favor certain players IMO as how many times have we seen Josh get nailed with no call yet another QB like say Brady takes the same hit and gets a roughing the passer penalty etc.
  7. Indeed, I'm loving this show. I just worry that sometimes too many characters/sub stories as love Homelander and Starlight but not big on Maeve, The Deep or A-Train.
  8. Or maybe put him on the nickel/slot to replace Taron Johnson.
  9. My wife showed me this last night, we were cracking up over the bracelet and eyeline.
  10. The Patriots haven't been a great drafting team with Belichick at the helm by himself. So I wouldn't be overly worried if they ended up with a slew of picks.
  11. 1 of those misses is questionable and the XP could be blamed on a bad hold. Could he do better? Yes but he could do worse. Unless he costs us a game or two you keep him. Yes it doesn't hurt to keep a short list on hand yet looking at the free agent land scape who's better?
  12. If he isn't playing here you might as move him for something/someone who can.
  13. His sacks are memorable but nothing else so far except I 5hink he's a LB with his size and uniform #.
  14. The Bills can cut Butler next year and clear out $6.8 million alone toss in Trent Murphy's $10 million won't be there. I'm not worried about cap space as Beane structure most of his contracts well for next few seasons.
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