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  1. Gale Sayers from a running, receiving and returning was the most complete player that the NFL has seen.
  2. Considering we took Marshawn Lynch instead of Revis your point doesn't make sense.
  3. I agree as a former Okoposo hater as he his first few seasons here were horrible, so give it to Okopo next season with Tuch getting the A and then when Okopo moves on give the C to Tuch. Makes perfect sense to me.
  4. The first episode of season 1 was great but some of them just feel like a total waste of time.
  5. Josh Allen Thurman Thomas Summer Sanders I chose Sanders because she actually likes the Bills and might have something to add to the discussion.
  6. The atmosphere was fair weathered, loud and proud when the Bandits scored but when we fell behind late and got very quiet. It was a good game but the Bandits clearly lost it in the 3rd quarter when we couldn't muster anything in terms of goals after Vinc finally started playing better as he was horrible in the 1st half moreso in the 2nd quarter.
  7. Turpin is 155 lbs, very small in terms of NFL size.
  8. If we can come away with a starting caliber goalie this offseason I'll be happy whether it's through a UFA signing or a trade I don't mind. As I don't see Levi in Buffalo for another three seasons (see finish this year in college, signing and two or so years in Rochester).
  9. I could see Austin beating out McKenzie since they both offer similar skill sets but Austin might be a better return man.
  10. I think the toughest thing is Baker's salary for this season as the Browns will have to eat some of it as not sure any team could take it all on.
  11. Actually I think Greg Mancz has a better chance.
  12. When he accepts a deal for the NFL minimum lol
  13. Goldblum always kills it because he's on screen for like 20 minutes during the whole movie. That said the movie was okay, I mean so many throw backs to the original movie including a guy who looked a bit like Wayne Knight, a Barbasol can and a few shots that clearly meant to emulate other scenes we've seen before, there was also a fun take on one of the less than liked sequels. I'd call it 2.5 out of 5.0 as was entertaining. The mother of the "girl" was a bit of an odd twist.
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