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  1. Kelly of course the first name that came to mind yet given the breed Elberta or Duby Or Wheels comes to mind if your unsure then study your Bills history.
  2. I'm getting married on October 12 of this year, my fiancée sent me this and I immediately said "nope" and while we both like the Bills to me this be the most un-personal thing we can do on our special day.
  3. JohnC is with me yet he won't click the vote button.
  4. I don't want to see another team win their first Cup before the Sabres toss in am bitter about the ROR trade. So Go Boston!!
  5. That's kind of like the one I eluded to in the other thread. I think of her as my passing ship as when we first met we were both in other relationships so we were platonic, then after we became available we remained friendly in part I didn't have the guts to ask her out as didn't want to lose her friendship. I finally admitted to my feelings a few years ago so we became more than friends yet it didn't lead to a relationship but we're still friendly yet the communication not as strong as it was before because I'm in a healthy relationship.
  6. If you ever talk to her just be honest and be like, I'm sorry but who are you again? Or say that you're not Rob and you need to hand call to him and ask who she is etc.
  7. I agree to a degree on the first statement as me and my fiancee (both in our early 40s) still act a little immature at times yet when we have to we "adult". Agreed, plenty of time to have a family if ultimately you want one. I've had a few relationships that didn't work, the hardest breakup was one when I was fresh out of college as still had a wandering eye but eh in the end the one I eyed I ended having a longer friendship than had the one relationship with. Yet now in a lasting relationship with someone different and have no complaints.
  8. Phew! I was worried this was going to be another ROR thread.
  9. If looking for a good low carb pasta alternative I highly recommend the bean pastas from https://www.explorecuisine.com/ no joke as I'm a type 1 diabetic and find they are best alternative I've found that taste good and keep my sugar more manageable.
  10. You wanna spend time with house flippers? Odd.
  11. Pay to have a bubbler put in my front lawn as tired of having a swamp. Pay off the rest of my forthcoming wedding or honeymoon trip to Las Vegas.
  12. Oh yeah my grandfather would do sausage, meatballs and chunks of pork spare ribs too. I drool just thinking about it.
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