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  1. Fleming could be a solid RT option. Yet he might command too much money.
  2. If look at Peterman and McCarron both don't have elite arms or athleticism which to mean likes we prefer Rosen types and would love if we traded up for him. Yet I could see us taking a top flight LB at 12 and settling on Rudolph at 22 after Beaner's press conference today but again hope am wrong.
  3. I know David Parry is and that's why brought him up earlier. Here's his draft profile: http://www.nfl.com/draft/2015/profiles/david-parry?id=2552438
  4. DT David Parry be a cheap guy to bring in that might turn into a solid contributor.
  5. Dorsey was the Chiefs GM last year, what QB did they take? The one with the big arm and good legs, I think the Browns go Barkley 1 and Allen 4.
  6. Preston Brown to Bengals

    Gaines might be out pricing himself, as saw Houston was interested but they ended up going with James Joseph again.
  7. Josh Rosen myths

    Some guy named Aikman went to UCLA and beat us in two Super Bowls and won a third one too.
  8. Bills sign Trent Murphy

    Nope a twelve year old comment how Trent resembles Eddie Murphy or maybe an immature 40 year old would. 😉
  9. Bills sign QB AJ McCarron

    Yes but Jordan Poyer's wife is probably considered hotter.
  10. Bills Announce Six Transactions - 4 UFAs and 2 Trades

    STer, non starting Humbler replacement if ask me.
  11. Sal says UFA QB's was not the Bills plan

    Rumor is Matt Moore could be on our short list.
  12. Bills sign Trent Murphy

    Umm Bradham is re-signing with Philly so Murphy won't be playing with him anytime soon.
  13. Maclin released

    We need someone to replace Anquan Boldin. Seriously though, I wouldn't mind him as a 2nd/3rd WR.
  14. Bills signing S Rafael Bush

    Taken Tom Cousineau from us for a pick that turned out to be Jim Kelly oh and of course took Tyrod Taylor in a trade to be completed later today.
  15. Anxiety over QB Selection

    Or Cleveland themselves trade up to 2. The Giants are a tough team to figure out who they could be targeting if Barkley goes #1.