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  1. Dawkins probably has some Covid after effects and Brown is developing.
  2. I know we had interest in Jesse James and Kyle Rudolph this off-season, I wonder if could get either for a late round pick.
  3. The bye week definitely helps IMHO. Toss in having to win 2 games to get to the Super Bowl vs 3 is quite different.
  4. If he is out for a few weeks IR him and add a vet to replace him ASAP. Maybe sign Richard Rodgers off the Eagles PS now to get him acclimated to the playbook and ready to play against Miami.
  5. Obviously they had to replace Lewan, Bobby has NFL experience but I'm glad we lost him. Maybe we sign a veteran TE to the PS who could step in a few weeks if Knox has to heal up. I would have loved Richard Rodgers but the Eagles added him to their PS after trading Ertz.
  6. Lee Smith isn't here who was a great blocker and also did some damage in the red zone. Lack of a consistent running game hurts too. Also with McKenzie being more of a return man we haven't seen him in the offense as much this season. There isn't any single reason that said we're still scoring 30 plus points a week which is no small feat. We have a very good team, yes we can improve but most games are won/lost on a few plays and sadly for us they've happened due to rare circumstances and not overly worried.
  7. He asked to be cut so he could go to a championship caliber team. I wouldn't mind if they traded him but cutting him makes me perturbed as it's not a good presidence if other plays start asking for the same thing.
  8. The Titans lucked out on the Henry long TD not getting flagged, got a lucky bounce on the Jones sideline catch, lucky Moss did whatever the hell that was on the interception. Two TDs from Bills called back on penalties and honestly if the game was more crucial we definitely would have Bass kick the FG. It hurts to lose but eh the Titans made better on the two last plays of the game which decided the game. Yet I like my chances against them if we meet again in the playoffs.
  9. It's not all on him, Moss has been a minor disappointment at times this season. If he was better we might not have seen the QB sneak on 4th and 1.
  10. Held, illegal hands to the face? Either one could have been called. I disagree, he's still the weak point as yes, makes a good play here and there but still need someone better. Hopefully we can use a day 1 or 2 pick to replace him in the next draft.
  11. Even if didn't try it on the 2 pt conversion we might not seen it. As Allen was seemingly calling the play off in the 2 pt conversion as think he knew Knox's hand wasn't right.
  12. I agree but the game changes significantly if we up 14-0 vs 6-0 before the long run.
  13. Question is who was on AJ, Levi or Taron? Both did a poor job in the 2nd half.
  14. Yeah the hold on the TD run is frustrating as nobody wants to point it out but watching the play not Henry it rather obvious.
  15. Really? We score a TD on those 2 FG drives in first half I don't think King Henry gets as many rushes.
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