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  1. Then why not sign Tom Savage instead? lol
  2. Brian Daboll hired as new OC

    His NFL OC resume isn't that impressive. I would have preferred Chud or DeFilippo.
  3. Mike McCoy won't be the OC per Carucci

    #ClubChud with Dorsey as QB Coach.
  4. Count me in club Chudzinski as OC with Dorsey as our QB coach.
  5. OC Rick Dennison Fired

    TT was still bottom three passer with Roman and Lynn.
  6. Culley should not be QB coach

    Agreed, make him the Passing Game Coordinator and assistant HC or something similar. Then bring in Chudz as OC and Dorsey to be QB coach.
  7. OC Rick Dennison Fired

    How many OC does TT need to make him a better QB? Roman couldn't do it, Lynn couldn't do it and niether could Rico.
  8. OC Rick Dennison Fired

    Whoops yeah.
  9. OC Rick Dennison Fired

    I'm betting on Rob Chudzinski, Matt McCoy or Ken Dorsey.
  10. brees vs brady

    Tough call but think Brees might be a better QB and one would think as result have similar or better results than Brady. Similar debate if what if we took Marino instead of Kelly in '83.
  11. Cordy Glenn for Andy Dalton

    Cleveland almost got him for two 2nds at the trade deadline, I wonder if he'd cost the same this offseason?
  12. PFF End of Season QB Rankings

    A shame the metrics GM left Cleveland as maybe we could have passed Tyrod onto them.
  13. If the Bills part ways with Rick Dennison

    Canada is a nice thought as he has worked under one of the great "QB whisperers" of all time Marc Trestman and of course his ties to Peterman be intriguing.
  14. Top 25 free agents per G.Rosenthal...

    Why Mingo? He was a bust with Cleveland and Indy didn't have a great run D. I'm surprised no one's brought up bringing Zach Brown back after his success in Washington.
  15. Predict the 2018 OC/Rookie QB combo

    Accuracy isn't just completion percentage, it's also an ability to accurately throw to a spot on the field that a receiver can make a play on a ball and/or throw guys open. I mean that's why those that watch Tyrod are so critical because from a box score he looks like a good QB yet if watch him he's far from accurate.