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  1. Safeties won't kill the cap, re-sign them both since they're both playing at a high level and deserve extensions. We have more than enough cap room and no reason to make a hole when we don't have to.
  2. No love for Kwame Cavil or Naaman Roosevelt?
  3. I googled him and huh I don't remember him at all and yet I think he would since we share a birthday but he is 1 year older.
  4. Because Baker won a Heisman, had better college stats etc.
  5. I'm guessing a free agent OT. Isn't he a Jet?
  6. Considering Peterman's on IR that won't happen anytime soon.
  7. There's this thing called the salary cap which prevents getting all these guys.
  8. Not me, Gordon looked horrible against the Broncos yesterday and he's looking for a big pay day. I agree we could use another RB yet not sure Gordon the guy I'd pursue.
  9. Any kick over 45 yards is a gamble but the way Santos was kicking yesterday I think it was a poor choice by Vrabel.
  10. McKenzie/Robert Foster have top end speed yet Daboll's been keeping Josh's long attempts at a minimum this season in part to injuries and think they want Allen to refine his small ball skills etc. Also it allows for longer drives and the defense more rest between series. In terms of the topic of what we need, I still think we need a true #1 TE, Knox may become one in a few seasons but isn't there yet.
  11. Valid. But one could argue Pats D better than Giants D too.
  12. Will Wolford left following the 1992 season and the Bills offensive line was never the same. Toss in if look at some of the talent the Bills had to pass on in the 1992 to replace Wolford with John Fina it's criminal. Kelly benefitted playing in a non traditional offense and playing with Hall of Famers like Thurman and Bruce Smith, he was a good QB but felt there were plenty better in his era and this one.
  13. Maybe he trying to gather Intel if the Vikings gave him the right to ask for a trade. I'd welcome him for a trade for Zay and a mid round/conditional pick.
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