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  1. Conor McDermott yes, Sean McDermott not likely.
  2. Who Is Series: Erik Magnuson https://ninernoise.com/2019/06/14/49ers-2019-series-erik-magnuson/
  3. Both are amongst my favorites, I also like (500) Days of Summer, Perks of Being A Wall Flower and when feeling Indie Juno.
  4. No, it's just his play on the Torrey Smith pass and others make me worry that he's the weak link of the secondary. Yet as bad as he looked on said play he still was able to cause an incompletion but it was worth seeing him out of position and having to turn himself around to make a play etc.
  5. Practice Squad number. He had the most Rookie receiving yards and averaged 20 yards a catch and offers size/speed to be an outside WR with costing very little against the cap. He might never be a true #1 but has a place in this league and rather it here than elsewhere.
  6. As a group yes, I'm not 100% sold on Levi as a starter but like our nickel and dime CBs yet I think scheme and coaching also plays a part as McDermott McDermott/Frasier know zone coverage.
  7. Whoops. Forgotten man but yeah I'd keep Lawson too.
  8. Yarborough seems to be the odd man out. I'd keep Hughes, Murphy, Love and Johnson.
  9. The wedding is October 12, and no sorry guys I can't invite you all. Yet if want to show up for the bachelor party let me know In terms of age, I'm 7 months older than her and I turned 18 twenty four years ago.
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