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  1. I like Ullmark for this season because it's short but in a normal 82 think he's shaky.
  2. I brought him up in another thread but JaCoby Stevens from LSU could be a viable Milano replacement and/or a big nickel. I think we could get him round 3.
  3. If he's cut he's free to go where he wants. New England has major questions on offense especially QB. I wouldn't go there if I was Ertz. Seattle has Wilson and good WRs so Kelce could benefit there but wouldn't dismiss us from the conversation as we have many of same things Seattle offers yet have a bigger upside. The only thing is cap space might limit us.
  4. Trey 6.5 sacks in his first three years is a classic over pay.
  5. Brown at $9.75 million is a lot. I like him as a player but not at that cost.
  6. The longer you take to sign him the more money he'll command if continues to succeed here. I get want to keep his salary low but next season last year that happen as in 2022 he gets top 10 QB automatically if/when take on his option.
  7. He's played 4 seasons, I assumed Tampa didn't pick up his option considering he's been subpar. I guess I was wrong as shocked they took on his 5th year option. With Greg Olsen retirement Hollister could be a priority for the Seahawks.
  8. Guys that Josh can turn to in the QB room and trust.
  9. Ngakoue is vastly over rated and considerably under sized. While I agree Jefferson and Butler need to go the only pass rushers I like are Judon, Dupree or Floyd. I'd also look to do something about Addison's and Klein's contracts. As both are over paid but showed at times could contribute.
  10. I think Barkley offers Josh a better sounding board or level of knowledge than Webb. I think Fromm replaces Webb yet wouldn't be shocked if we add another veteran QB if Barkley somehow leaves. Colt McCoy be a guy I'd like.
  11. Assuming Covid isn't a thing Buffalo in Toronto makes more sense.
  12. I'm not as emotionally invested in sports as was in my youth (I'm 43) so yeah it was easier to take. Not to mention KC has been killing everyone the last two years. Yes we had chances but they outplayed us and we deserved the loss. For that I can accept the loss.
  13. While he hasn't lived up to his draft status OJ Howard's going to be an UFA. If we want to take a chance he could be a budget add. He offers more size than Knox and better receiver than Lee Smith so an ideal #2 TE with #1 upside.
  14. Considering I'm almost 3 months older than Brady, yes this does make me feel old.
  15. TE Hunter Henry as an unrestricted free agent, I wanted him last offseason but the Chargers franchised him so he wasn't available. I hope he is this offseason as still like to add him.
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