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  1. If it means another marriage uhhh no.
  2. Similar to Marv Levy but think more knowledgeable when it come to running an offense. Yet as a game day guy isn't at his best when spotlight is on him.
  3. The Dolphins getting Talib from the Rams this past season another example.
  4. It takes a special breed to run down field trying to make a tackle or avoid a tackle. I'm not sure an elite talent would want to risk it all playing 'teams.
  5. If he didn't have to live in Archie and Peyton's shadow he might be more well thought of. I think he's a HOF maybe not first ballot but he was an above average QB in the Jim Kelly model.
  6. We might get one big name ala when we signed Morse this past offseason yet expect us to get more of the good not great guys out there that fits in what we're trying to do here both scheme wise and locker room wise.
  7. Edwards was similar to Andre Roberts in that he was more of a return specialist than an actual WR.
  8. Clowney and Quinn are probably the top draws but I like Mario Addison and Emmanuel Ogbah. Markus Golden and Arik Armstead could be guys in the mix that might be worth looking at.
  9. I think the director of this one really didn't want the viewer to side with Hernandez but present a reason behind why he may have done it, as feel they showed both sides of the issue and it did end with stating pretty much that at the end of the day it was Hernandez's choice to kill the guy.
  10. Yet is the 4th best WR and 6th best edge rusher a better group than 4th best edge rusher the 6th best WR? With the way they talk about this draft I think the latter plan is a better approach.
  11. I remember reading this article before the draft and having reservations about Watkins. Yet I felt Eric Ebron was a better option. https://www.si.com/2014/04/15/sammy-watkins-clemson-nfl-draft
  12. What do you expect from a rookie WR? To me a good rookie WR year for a guy who's behind Brown and Beasley in the pecking order is 30-40 catches maybe 600 yards and 4-5 TDs. I think we can get those numbers from a guy like Pittman Jr in Round 2 and have gone on record I like a Curtis Weaver in Round 1 in my early draft analysis.
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