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  1. The Jokeman

    Joe B: Post Minicamp 53 Man Roster Projection

    Holmes is a proven NFL Special Teamer and can be a red zone specialist, I realize Reily has more potential but sometimes you taken the given than the chance.
  2. The Jokeman

    Doug Whaley Has Landed a New Job

    He had a good eye for LBs that's for sure.
  3. The Jokeman

    Charging the Mound

    I'm okay with it but I hate when it leads to bench clearing stuff.
  4. The Jokeman

    Is you're Dad the reason your a Bills fan?

    Nope, my dad's from Indy and as a result a Colts fan. Yet I was born in Buffalo but always liked the west coast (as grew up an Oakland A's/Rickey Henderson fan) so my early team of choice was the Raiders because of Marcus Allen. Yet once the Bills trounced the Raiders in the AFC Championship I became a Buffalo homer and haven't stopped since.
  5. The Jokeman

    Favorite Beatles Album

    Revolver remains my favorite with the White Album coming in a close second.
  6. The Jokeman

    All Time Best YouTube videos from TBD: The Collection

    Oscar award winning short film And something NSFW that always makes me laugh...
  7. The Jokeman


    I use reddit for meme's or tech talk or as mentioned by row unedited content.
  8. The Jokeman

    When does Josh Allen Sign his contract

    We have one roster spot open, yet it doesn't mean we might cut a few guys and replace them with others. I would hope they try and add a veteran WR to compete for the #2/3 spot.
  9. The Jokeman

    Homemade Pizza Thread

    Some low carb crust ideas I use include low carb flat bread tortillas yet lately been doing portoblo mushroom caps as find their less soggy then cauliflower.
  10. The Jokeman

    Mandela Effect

  11. The Jokeman

    Valu vs The Home Depot

    Oh I know about that feature as it helped me find some wood dowels a few weeks back, yet with the trimmer it told me see a store associate.
  12. The Jokeman

    Valu vs The Home Depot

    I've had good and bad experiences at the Home Depot, on the bad I went to one that their app/web site had they had a certain wall mirror in stock. I asked an employee for help locating the mirror. She walked away and never heard from her afterwards. At that same store I saw another employee who couldn't locate it either yet she called in to another store about 20 minutes away and see if they had it in stock, they did. So I went to that store and sure enough not where the other mirrors were and was ready to quit when an employee there helped me locate the mirror that were in a special stocked area. I know people will cry a mirror? Truth is those things are expensive and was able to get a 42 inch mirror for $25.00 which is a steal. Other times have had good experiences is when I couldn't locate a hedge trimmer because again they had them set aside in a sale section. Yet the best is one I needed help getting a certain sized bolt, usually this is when you want a small mom and pop store yet the guy working that aisle was able to size the bolt and find me a replacement within 5 minutes of dealing with him. Yet I do like Valu too but because of location and amount of things to get I usually stick to Home Depot.
  13. The Jokeman

    Favorite songs from the 80s

    Too many to mention but one I didn't see was Safety Dance by Men Without Hats.
  14. Wasn't Chris Hairston the other player? If so I beg to differ.
  15. The Jokeman

    Miss America Pageant - No more swimsuits

    Look for the tv ratings to drop or maybe have it not on tv at all anymore.