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  1. As a type 1 diabetic it's easy to control these thanks to pumps and continuous glucose monitoring systems. Granted I'm not running routes etc which can impact sugars quicker than normal but one can carb up purposely to help avoid lows. People questioning effort don't watch enough football to realize all guys don't go balls to the walls on every down. My issue with McConkey is he doesn't beat people with pure speed but seem to make moves to avoid getting hit etc which great in the return game but as a receiver I worry as he struggled with injuries in college what's going to happen when the big guys start hitting him.
  2. One of the Robinsons might be there at #28, I wouldn't be shocked if we grabbed one unless get a good offer to move down.
  3. No surprise as some have compared him to Josh Allen and we all know who's running that team. That said would think the Patriots only ones that would trade down toss in with talk Daniels upset with the Commanders Maye might not be there at 3.
  4. Washington has a bunch of 2nd/3rds so I'd definitely see if they'd be willing especially if a good Edge rusher and/or OT is still on board at 28 as assume they stay at 2 and take a QB. Yet admit we need a pass rusher too.
  5. He was higher on my list pre-combine. I first pegged him as our pick back when the season ended.
  6. Move back, he's upset about no 3rd for Edmunds and wants to get some guys that can start in 2024 and maybe 2025 and to me that comes from quality picks early and easiest way to get more is to trade down in Round 1.
  7. Legette is my 3rd realistic guy after top 3. As like Thomas Jr., Mitchell and Legette. As to me his size/speed separates him from the McConkleys Persall and Worthy to be a WR1 Yet if we wait or trade down can see taking a Franklin or Baker or Walker as WR2 guys that can play on the outside.
  8. You might want to move this to the main forum. Legette, he has more upside. Toss in McConkey had a back issue which to me a scary injury as sometimes you can never fully recover from them.
  9. and to me WR isn't a trade up worth position, yes Julio Jones is a great example but he's the exception not the rule. Toss in did he ultimately win the Falcons a championship? No. Honestly I'm a wait and see approach, obviously I'd love Brian Thomas Jr but he'll likely go before us but don't feel he's so much better than some of the guys behind him. Yet think a guy like AD Mitchell's stock falling and could be there, if not hope we land a quality pass rusher if not trade back and hope to get a Legette in the early 2nd and get another pick that can help. As we aren't just a WR away, we have plenty of holes on the depth chart and some of them like DL don't have as great of prospects as WR does. Also the idea of two WRs baffles me especially early, how many passes are we expecting these kids to get? As to me Kincaid, Shakier, Cook and Samuel are going to get the majority of looks this year. I'm guessing the rookie might get 80-100 targets at most. Sure I could see taking a flier on a kid in Round 6 or 7 that could also pose as a return specialist and develop yet not likely starting material.
  10. Gotta do something with it when the Regal on Elmwood closes...
  11. I wasn't advocating we add Lockett just it make more logical sense to move on from the 30 plus year old WR vs Metcalf.
  12. If anything new management would move an aging Tyler Lockett over Metcalf.
  13. Did you see we were missing Milano and Bernard, Spector in that game? Oh and we signed a LB in the off-season.
  14. Bills trade #28 to Washington for #36 and #78. With pick #36 we take the best WR on the board who I am hoping is Xavier Legette.
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