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  1. I appreciate Frazier efforts, but being a great coordinator doesn't mean you'll be a good head coach and he was a very bad head coach. Maybe he's learned and his 2nd stint would be better, but that's something different from being a good coordinator.
  2. Remember last year at roughly this same time when we were panicking about the offense? ..then it all fell apart in the playoffs so we should definitely be worried.
  3. We're calling him Jordan Power now? I like it.
  4. With him, their defense can be close to putting up as many points as their offense does some games..
  5. I think it's more the human sacrifice than the smoothies. Has anyone seen Giselle since the 'breakup'?
  6. So I'm told Beasely is what the offense is missing and it was a mistake to let him go..
  7. Some of ya'll have some strange work places.
  8. His impact in the Bucs game right now can't even be put into words.
  9. Kelce is amazing. Everyone knows he's going to get it and they can't stop him.
  10. Posting in the Wrong thread has people triggered... sorry.
  11. I think Sean Payton is watching these games and thinking 30 per year, not 20...
  12. Broncos are really letting Russ coo...er.. warmup leftovers in the microwave
  13. Depend on 'close', but had they put him in earlier they might not ever have been down 10-0 I'd guess it's already lost.
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