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  1. Oh, look a bunch of people I wouldn't trust with a grocery budget trying to solve taxation.
  2. You think that matters to these people?
  3. Oh, look another thread with an anonymous source. Please stop posting the click bait garbage. The writers, at least, have a financial inventive. What is the incentive here? Attention? Is that really worth it?
  4. The jets are up against the cap and the Dolphins have two expensive WRs already.
  5. I hope he does because he has a large cap hit that they can't afford.
  6. He doesn't even have to "afford" it. The NFL has a program that provides private drivers for players that they can call anytime. In addition, teams often have their own similar programs. It can be used as much as a player wants at no cost to them. It will even take them back to get their vehicle or they can make arrangements to have their vehicle driven home for them.
  7. Next question to Patty should be, "Have you asked your dad to stop driving and set him with a car service?"
  8. ...and you think what I wrote was dramatic? I guess I bit on the trap and gave you the attention you were seeking.
  9. A thread giving a guy no one knows exists attention for saying something inflammatory.. well, @Alphadawg7 you gave him exactly what he wanted.
  10. What's left of SI isn't as smart a LLM algorithm.
  11. In a strange coincidence, that's the Sabres plan to get fans back in the seats.
  12. The numbers for QBs over 40 are bad in almost every regard. Outside of Brady.. there's a couple mediocre seasons, but the rest are not something you'd be excited about. I think Tyrod Taylor and his mundane, don't turn the ball over, play is more exciting for the jets imo.
  13. Two QBs have made it through a 16 game season at or over the age of 40 in the history of the NFL. Brett Favre did it one time and Tom Brady managed it as well. The numbers for QBs over 40 are bad in almost every regard. You can probably guess what the numbers are for QBs over 40 coming off a major injury are..
  14. These lists aren't written for accuracy. They're written to get attention. A list most people agree on doesn't get much.
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