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  1. You seem to have quite the problem with it whenever a Bills player jaywalks. Wonder why...
  2. Glad to hear it only took you almost 30 years to learn that turnovers are bad from Superbowl 27
  3. Yea, Dallas has a slightly different problem. They're too loyal to their "GM"
  4. yea, I laugh at all the teams that got trucked by such a garbage TV. How bad were those teams?!
  5. Not chipping Jones with an RB on the biggest play of your season is mistake
  6. Wait, are you implying we have posters who aren't AIs on here?
  7. The Bills have a lot of players whose 'value' goes beyond the stat line. I'd like a few more players whose value is in the stats.
  8. Pretty sure you were trashing Beane when it looked like Bates might leave. Then again.. you're a broken record.
  9. ..and part of the reason they didn't do it anyway is they chewed up time on their drives. Something that Dorsey doesn't seem to understand. Yes, it's exciting to go 80 yards in 3-5 plays, but it's a lot more valuable to consistently be able to do it in 8-10. There was that rumor last year about McDermott talking to Daboll about "complementary" football and the offense running more and the Bills offense changed and we all saw the playoffs.. Did he have that same conversation with Dorsey and, if so, why didn't Dorsey take it to heart?
  10. Went there.. 1st thread I clicked about the aftermath of the Bengals/Bills game was a moderator who believes that Damar Hamlin died and was replaced by an imposter. I'm glad that place exists to take the runoff.
  11. I'm not in favor of him being moved to DC at all, but the reasoning here is not the best imo. Simply because he can't teach technique or teaches ineffective techniques for the lineman doesn't necessarily mean he lacks the skills to manage a defense overall. I think the more sensible reasoning is that he likely has many of the same philosophies as Frazier and McDermott and they're not panning out. Personally, I think this defensive staff needs more.. friction.. amongst itself in mindset. It's been too insular and isn't adapting well to the current NFL landscape.
  12. I'd be willing to bet that Reich will get pick the QB in Carolina.
  13. Ahh, So the same problems that existed all season long were just one stinker after another until the final bad day. Gotcha.
  14. Ok.. how about why those same problems existed before this game for much of the year? They lost to Zach Wilson after a bye week. Were they tired then?
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