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  1. I’ve looked forward to their release the last few years. Hopefully they keep the same team that’s makes their schedule release.
  2. The safety room is gonna be pretty much 100% different. I hope getting rid of the one person that knows the defense doesn’t backfire.
  3. Sign Baker to 101 guaranteed deal. I’m sure he will be their savior 😏
  4. If we win it all I won’t care it will be a new generation problem.
  5. The Swifties need to go. God I hope we can finally slay this team in the playoffs.
  6. They play down to the competition a lot which can be very frustrating.
  7. That is one heck of a list Miami has there. There should be zero excuses why we can’t stomp a mud hole in their butts.
  8. It’s close but I would’ve left that alone
  9. It’s a real possibility. You can restructure or extend Dawkins and Hyde to free up like 11.4 and they can still restructure White. They still have some options left to free up more money
  10. I liked last years video too. What a great shot at the Lions 😂
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