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  1. It's pretty crazy that this week's and last week’s game came down to a failed attempt on 2nd and Goal from the 1 (both plays amounted to negative yards). If you have 2nd and Goal from the 1, you expect to punch it in and the odds are heavily in your favor that you will. So again, pretty wild that it happened two weeks in a row. We all know the scene last week. Josh, because of the struggles of the center/QB exchange throughout the game, had to be in shotgun. The result, a play that loses a couple yards. 3rd and Goal, incomplete to Diggs (almost intercepted). 4th and Goal, the short and incomplete pass to Lil Dirty. Bills lose. This week. 2nd and Goal from the 1 and a MONSTER stop by Milano (IMO, this was the defensive play of the game) that resulted in a four yard loss. 3rd and Goal, LJ is stopped at around the 2 or 3 yard line. 4th and Goal, the amazing INT by Jordan Poyer. Bills storm down the field, win the game and all is right in Bills land. Side note - the Bills caused seven negative plays against Baltimore who is the #4 ranked offense (they were #4 at the start of the game, that ranking could be different now). That's some incredible defense we're playing especially with some significant pieces still out. What a great game and what an amazing play by Matt Milano. So glad we were on the winning side this time around. Go Bills!
  2. The defense has played very well against Lamar in the two games they played against him. I’m not saying Lamar won’t have a good game, but I’m not concerned, because I think the defense will do enough against him. Sometimes you can make just as much of an impact off of the negative plays you prevent as you do the positive plays you produce. So, I’m going to go with Mitch Morse. The center QB exchange most likely cost us 10 points last week. The bad snap that cost us three points at the end of the half and putting Josh in shotgun on second and itches at the goal line (if I recall correctly, McD mentioned that one of the reasons Josh was in shotgun in that situation was because of the struggles with the exchange during the game). Besides that, I think he’ll be a steady presence as well as a solid blocker against a formidable front four for JA on an o-line that’s banged up right now. This can give JA the time he needs to really carve up that bad Ravens secondary. Who ya got, Bills Mafia?
  3. With all the injuries this week, it's been a little tougher to predict an impact player since there are so many possibilities of how the defense could scheme to cover weaknesses/injury. I'm going with Jordan Poyer (JP). Even though he's questionable, Leslie Frazier alluded to players being able to play when they know the scheme well and go through their mental reps well. I hoping he's hinting at JP playing with those type of statements. Here's my reasoning for picking him. He could very well have a very strong behind the scenes impact. Even though Jaquan Johnson is solid and are two rookies are capable and growing each and every play, it still helps to have a veteran back there who's seen it all. JP will be able to instinctually see things that they may not see yet. JP is also a very good communicator which provides a solid presence for the other three. On top of this, JP has been balling out and already has 2 INTs on the year. That said, even if he doesn't get the stats, his impact will be felt in the ways I described above. Who ya got, Bills Mafia? Go Bills!
  4. Love the attitude and culture that Von Miller is bringing to the defense. It’s definitely apparent in the first couple wins with how dominating the whole team has been. “We have an attitude of domination,” Miller said. “We're not playing the game to just win the game, we’re playing the game to dominate the game. And we've got a team full of killers.” Also, right above the article there’s a nice video segment with Stefon Diggs about the mindset of the Buffalo Bills this season. And people are picking the Dolphins. 🤣😜 Go Bills! https://www.espn.com/blog/buffalo-bills/post/_/id/37476/bills-defense-stays-hot-despite-injuries-but-can-the-unit-keep-it-up
  5. They showed this stat towards the end of the game. It’s the most games by any team in the NFL since 2017. That’s the process, Mafia! Beane drafts them. McD develops them and turns them into winners. What a front office, what a team! 72-17 the last two weeks against the SB champs and the #1 seeded AFC team. The Bills are for real and much of it has to do with these two. Go Bills!!!
  6. Good article about one of TBDs favorite whipping boys (of 2021). Even the shnowman didn’t like him last year. Now, he’s proud of him. Bobby Hart mentions how high the expectations are here compared to other teams he’s been on. Love it! https://buffalonews.com/sports/bills/how-a-position-switch-and-some-brutal-honesty-helped-bobby-hart-rescue-his-nfl-career/article_e3366470-35fb-11ed-8a1d-cb7dc5f76845.html Go Bills!
  7. You're predicting us to punt? Have we regressed that much in your eyes from week 1 to week 2? 🤣😜 Bills 27 Titans 13
  8. Monday Night Football in our home opener. It's going to be FANdemonium. Bills Mafia out in full force for all the NFL to see. The Titans would love to keep our high powered offense off the field as much as possible through long sustained drives. With Derrick Henry being the obvious focal point of the offense, our DL is going to need to control the line consistently on Monday night so that he's contained. Keep him contained and we have a great chance to keep those long drives to a minimum. Get the Titans in 3rd and 5 or more consistently and it's going to be a long night for them. I believe our DL will be up to the challenge. We've done well against Henry overall throughout his career. In four games against the Bills he has 334 total rush yards. Not bad but not great. Think about this. Take away his 76 yard run last year, which some would say shouldn't have even counted because of all the holding on that play, and his total rushing yards against us in four games is 258 yards. Even with Oliver and Settle up in the air, our DL comes to "eat" again and DaQuan Jones is my pick for biggest impact. Who ya got, Bills Mafia? PS - Who ya got, @Success? @machine gun kelly, @LyndonvilleBill and @muppy, it’s time for your predictions.
  9. JA breaks his single game completion percentage record - 83.9% JA had 353 total yards and 4TDs Jalen Ramsey allowed a perfect passer rating of 158.3 (PFF's initial grading). If I recall correctly, when they introduced him at the start of the game, he was the #1 ranked CB out of 116 JA had more rush yards than the Rams whole team - 56 to 52 (I know JA running, especially late, is a hot topic but still) No punt game again (four out of the last six games have been no punt games) First team in NFL history to have seven sacks, three INTs and not punt in a game ZERO blitzes in the game but SEVEN sacks We won by 21 points even with four turnovers (gotta clean that up though) The 21-point win is the second-largest margin of victory in a season opener against a reigning Super Bowl champion In the words of Sean McVay, “This was a humbling experience”. We be good, Bills Mafia. On to the Titans. Go Bills!
  10. I definitely agree. It’s probably because he hasn’t won a Super Bowl but I’m surprised he doesn’t get more credit at times for the complete turnaround he’s accomplished. Even some of our fans, they’re willing to turn on him after a couple bad decisions or games. I’m not saying he doesn’t get any credit, it’s just surprising that he doesn’t get more with how great of a turnaround he’s had, on top of how great his team is/has been. Coach McD is amazing!
  12. Feels great to have this thread again. It means football's back. Woohoo!!! I think it's most likely going to be a pretty tight game. Our offense is going to get their points. So, if our defense can create some sort of advantage (even a small one), I believe we win. My biggest concern on defense is our CBs especially against Cooper Kupp and company. Our starting CBs are a rookie and someone that's typically a backup if starters aren't injured (at least up until this point in his career). Dane Jackson did play well last year though in Tre's absence. With this in mind, if we can be disruptive and throw off Stafford's timing this could really help our CBs out. So, I'm going with our newly acquired LB, Mr. Von Miller. Games like these is why we got him. His presence can make the difference in a game like this with where our current CB situation is especially going against the quality of wideouts that we'll face in this game. Again, we may only need a small advantage in this game to win so I'm hoping that Von knowing the Rams players' tendencies can be somewhat of an advantage as well. Who ya got? Go Bills! PS- @LyndonvilleBill, do you know who you're picking? 🤣 @muppy, you going with your boy wonder? Or, are you thinking someone different for this game? @machine gun kelly, who ya got, bro?
  13. It's officially the first game week of 2022 which means it's time for the Bills Mafia edition of "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year". There's a link at the bottom of the post if you want to listen to the original song by Andy Williams. It's our most wonderful time of the year, Bills Mafia. Enjoy the season. Go Bills! It's the most wonderful time of the year With the Bills fans yelling And everyone telling you “this is our year” It's the most wonderful time of the year It's the hap-happiest season of all With those Buffalo beatings and tailgating meetings When games start in Fall It's the hap-happiest season of all There'll be Bills parties for hosting Labatts for toasting And fans in their stadium row There'll be scary drought stories And tales of 90s glories of Seasons long, long ago It's the most wonderful time of the year There'll be much blue cheese flowing And fans will be knowing When broken tables are near It's the most wonderful time of the year There'll be Bills parties for hosting Labatts for toasting And fans in their stadium row There'll be scary drought stories And tales of 90s glories of Seasons long, long ago It's the most wonderful time of the year There'll be much blue cheese flowing And fans will be knowing When broken tables are near It's the most wonderful time Yes the most wonderful time Oh the most wonderful time of the year
  14. JA is #5 The only people ahead of him is Mahomes, Donald, Rodgers and Kupp. Cool side note is that he’s ahead of Brady as TB12 is #20 Diggs is #22 WRs ahead of him are Kupp, Jefferson, Adams and Chase Poyer is #58 Miller is #73 (surprised he wasn’t higher) White is #88 Here’s the link if you want to dive into the details. Go Bills! https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/34459811/nfl-rank-2022-predicting-top-100-players-stats-notes-quotes-league-best-including-patrick-mahomes-no-1
  15. Ranked #3 is our very own Josh Allen, Stephon Diggs and Devon Singletary. Go get it this year, fellas. Go Bills! https://www.nfl.com/videos/nick-shook-explains-his-top-triplets-heading-into-2022-season
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