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  1. I've seen 23 professional predictions so far and it's pretty split on who they're picking with the slight edge going to Buffalo. 13 picking Buffalo and 10 picking the Dolphins. Just because they didn't get a true #2 doesn't mean we didn't get weapons for Josh. We got the best pass catcher in the draft but he's a rookie. Give him some time. I get it, we all wanted a true #2. But our RBs are weapons in their own right as well. Cook has the third most yards through the first three games since Spiller in 2012 and Harris/Murray are getting the tough yards that'll save JA from taking too many hits. Go Bills!
  2. Per usual with Miami, JA is going to shine (9-2 against them) and the offense will get their points. So, it's up to the defense to slow down the Miami O just enough. There are two players that I've been thinking about for my impact player: Matt Milano or Leonard Floyd. Pressure is going to be very important to get Tua's and the WRs' timing off just enough to stall some drives, which is where Floyd comes in. That said, it's going to be important to also clog up the middle of the field against Tua, which is where Milano is needed. While it's a tough choice, I'm going to go with Leonard Floyd. Especially with Poyer out the DL in general will need to have a good game. He may not even get "home" but his pressure will make the impact. While they won't be completely stopped, he'll be disruptive enough to keep the Dolphins out of sync at times during the game. It'll be the "enough" we need to keep the Dolphins from outscoring JA and our O. Look for him to have a batted down ball or two as well. Who ya got? Here’s a preview of the game. *Click on “Watch on YouTube” in the screen below. Go Bills!
  3. Very impressive! Shoutout to McD for taking the aggressiveness up a notch (more like three). Another shoutout to our D-line. They’re playing lights out. Let’s keep it up against the Dolphins, fellas! And to think, Von Miller is almost back. It’s about to get nastier. Go Bills!
  4. Because of the overall play of Bernard in the Commanders game (well deserved), not really seeing the love for AJ. This was an awesome play. Give AJ his props. Go Bills!
  5. Congrats to LyndonvilleBill for picking Bernard! First player since 2007 to have two sacks, an INT and a fumble recovery. He just dominated the game. Go Bills!!!
  6. Good one! 🤣 “Blame it on the rain, yeeaaahhhh” - Milli Vanilli Considering the rain, who is your impact player?
  7. Prediction of the year so far. 🤣 Relying on Reid all the way to the SB! Go Bills!
  8. The Commanders DL is impressive. Their secondary? Not so much. So, my impact player is #14, Stefon Diggs. JA will be pressured at times due to the DL. But, JA often excels at eluding pressure and passing outside of the pocket and will continue to find Diggs for key 3rd down conversions, chunk plays and even a big TD catch that goes for at least 36 yds. Diggs shines in his hometown and is my impact player of the game with 108 yds, with one of the receptions being at least a 36 yd TD. Who ya got? Here’s a preview of the game. *Click on “Watch on YouTube” in the screen below. Go Bills!
  9. Do you know what the ratio should be or is 5:1 wishful thinking? Not being snarky at all, just asking if you know. You would think when talking about big time throws, that the likelihood that it’d be completed, that percentage would naturally be lower. Thanks, Simon. Go Bills!
  10. No one’s denying that JA didn’t have a bad game. He did. Like some say though, it’s typically not as bad as it seems when you’re going through the bad time. I remember (i’m sure we all do) when he went through a slump in 2021 for a stretch and many were concerned as well. But, he got out of that slump and that slump helped change his game in-year. That’s the same year he went on a tear in the playoffs. While he needs to cut down on the turnovers, here’s an encouraging stat when it comes to his big time throws vs turnover worthy plays since 2020. Go Bills! @Success, @Freddie's Dead, @NewEra
  11. You might be onto something, bro. I was thinking about picking him for a couple of the same reasons as you. It would be great if Gabe could have a strong game! @without a drought
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