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  1. Bro, I'm not saying that McD is the best coach in the NFL but we have a really good head coach. Vrabel and Shanahan haven't even won a SB yet. You have Reid on your list too. How long did it take him to win a SB? Keep your head up, bro!
  2. I agree, bro! I’ve said a couple times in threads already that this is the Chargers worst loss by point total this whole season.
  3. Why do we need to give them a pass? This is the worst loss by point total that the charges have had all season.
  4. Bro, this was the Chargers worst loss of the year so far when it comes to how many points they lost by.
  5. Bro, I’ve had similar thoughts before. It was very well thought out and well said!
  6. Yes, they were there in both 2008 and 2012. The same thing happened to the Cardinals where they played the Patriots in Gilette in 2008 and 2012. I believe the current scheduling format started in the early 2000s so something along the way must have tweaked the rotation a bit.
  7. Bro, the Dolphins are trying to keep pace with us. I know that anything can happen but we're trying to keep pace to get a higher seed as a division winner not as a WC.
  8. This is essentially going to be a road game for the 49ers so the line most likely isn't factoring in any type of home field advantage for the 49ers. Plus, we're the better team especially when you factor in all of their injuries.
  9. I'm not saying we did it a lot today but we had the Diggs PI and the Davis deep ball as well. 2 for 2 ain't bad.
  10. On 2.- I’ll take some responsibility too. I remember thinking during the game, after a good run play, if our running backs have even had a fumble this year but I didn’t say it out loud to my family for obvious reasons. And then, a fumble happened in the fourth quarter. Hahaha!!! On 9.- I wondered the same thing about that catch at first. That said, after that, it seemed like it was a good catch. Great thoughts, Virgil!
  11. I get what you’re saying but could some of that be (us not blowing out teams) because of all the teams that we have played above .500. I believe it was after the Cardinals game where I saw a stat of how many teams the bills have played that are above .500. The second closest team at the time played two less games than us when it comes to teams above .500. That was just the second closest team. When you only play 16 games, that’s a big difference.
  12. Yup, from start to finish. Yes, there was some drama in between but that’s why they play the game. This is the Chargers worst loss of the year by point total.
  13. That’s a great question, bro. I could be wrong but I’d say it’s a little bit of both? Him getting more comfortable in the scheme and our coaches getting to know him more and what he does best.
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