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  1. Eric Moulds was one of my favorite Bills during that era. I’m sure when he watches JA play at the stadium on Sunday, he’ll be wishing he had him at QB when he played instead of the likes of Todd Collins, Rob Johnson, Doug Flutie, Alex Van Pelt, Drew Bledsoe, J.P. Losman and Kelly Holcomb. Where do you think Moulds would rank in Bills and in NFL history if he had JA as his QB? https://www.yahoo.com/sports/eric-moulds-named-legend-game-104520649.html
  2. Just like we were surprised that the Dolphins game was close, I think we'll be surprised that the Bengals game isn't as close as expected. While the Bills won't blowout the Bengals, I don't think it'll be a down to the wire, nail biter either. I could see a 10 point Bills win. Of course, I'll take a one point nail biter as well. As Josh says, all that matters is surviving and moving on during these one week seasons. The impact player that'll help bring the big dub to Buffalo on Sunday is Taron Johnson. He'll be flying around doing his 1/11th to slow down the Bengals passing attack just enough to make a difference. Look for him to have a sack, some nice run stops, a couple key pass break-ups (or 3rd down stops before the marker) and possibly a game sealing INT like he did against the Chiefs. Who ya got, Bills Mafia? Go Bills! @Freddie's Dead, thanks for the encouragement and support, bro!
  3. I know it’s a long shot for the Jags to win but it’d be huge to go into our game with the Bengals knowing we’d host the Jags in the AFC Championship game if we win. Please, Trevor, go 38-0. Stay undefeated on Saturdays and beat the Chiefs! https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/35486630/trevor-lawrence-perfect-saturday-record
  4. “The NFLPA Alan Page Community (APC) Award is the highest honor that the NFLPA can bestow upon a player.” Bring it home, Damar. Go Bills! https://www.buffalobills.com/news/damar-hamlin-named-a-finalist-for-nflpa-alan-page-community-award
  5. Three way tie for first with 12 TDs Daryle Lamonica with the Raiders- 1968-69 Kurt Warner with the Cardinals- 2009-10 Our very own JA - 2021-22 Keep it going Josh. Go Bills!
  6. Congrats on picking either Johnson or Elam, fellas. Oh, and honorable mention goes to @wjag for predicting that Reid Ferguson would compete all long snaps without issue. 🤣😜
  7. Congratulations to, @Big Turk, for the thread he started getting to 100 pages. Pretty impressive for a game week thread. There's more posts in this thread than I have posts in my TBD career. Go JA! Go Bills!!
  8. We all know how well McD and Frazier do against rookie QBs. That continues against Skylar and the Dolphins. Honestly, you could probably pick a few different players on defense to make a big impact because the Dolphins fire power just isn’t there due to all the injuries. I’m going with our defensive warrior, Jordan Poyer. He’ll lock down the backfield and takeaway the deep ball which closes off one of the only chances the Dolphins have at even keeping this remotely competitive. Look for him to have an INT as well as a couple other game changing plays that take away the will of the already punchless Dolphins. Hopefully we can avoid any major injuries as this is as close to a bye week that the Bills could’ve received with having lost the opportunity to get the #1 seed. "There’s only one thing left to do. Just win it all!" - The Shnowman Who ya got? Go Bills!!!
  9. Von Miller told his teammates the season was an album and every game was a new song. In honor of that, buffalobills.com shares the story of the season as an 18 track album called “Don’t Blink”. Enjoy your trip down Fall 2022 Bills Mafia lane! Track 1 - Stars Shine Brighter in Hollywood Track 2 - Diggs Dominates in Primetime Track 3 - Miami's Heating Up Track 4 - The Boys From Buffalo Track 5 - Air Allen Track 6 - That's My Quarterback Track 7 - We Get a Bye Bye Bye Track 8 - The Spooky Bills Track 9 - I Get Knocked Down... Track 10 - To The Wire Track 11 - Movin' to Motor City Track 12 - Turkey Legs Taste Better After A Thanksgiving Dub Track 13 - Thursday Night Divisional Dubs Track 14 - ... But I Get Up Again Track 15 - It Might Be Chilly Track 16 - Hats N' T-Shirts For Christmas Track 17 - Pray For Damar Track 18 - Love For Damar Bonus (Track 22) - We are the Champions If you want a recap of each game, and also photos and videos, here’s the link to the original article - https://www.buffalobills.com/news/don-t-blink-telling-the-story-of-the-buffalo-bills-2022-regular-season-as-an-18- @muppy - Do you have a track title for Dawson? @LyndonvilleBill - How about you for Lil Dirty? @Freddie's Dead - I believe you like Sister Christian? “Motoring…”
  10. Jesus, thank you for answering prayers. Thank you for all the medical staff involved (from the field to the hospital). Thank you for Damar’s awesome recovery so far. Thank you, God!
  11. I got this idea from hearing that the person on SportsCenter prayed as well as some of the in person prayer vigils that have been happening. It can be healing and encouraging for people to see or say prayers or well-wishes. I know there’s some of this going on in the injury thread but this can be a dedicated thread just for prayers or well-wishes. Mods, please do with this thread as you may. God, even with the difficult circumstances, I thank you for another day of life. I start out by asking that you be with Damar. You care about him greatly. Thank you that he’s still alive and in the care of capable people. Give him the strength to keep fighting and wake up. In time, help him to make a full recovery. Please be with his family and friends. Please give them peace during this very difficult time. Also, give them strength to persevere through this long and unknown time. Please be with the doctors, give them wisdom with every decision they have to make during this process. Please encourage them as well. It must be a very difficult time for them. I also pray for all the bills players and coaches What they went through on Monday night was very difficult. Please give them peace and encouragement today. Please give them focus for next steps. Please give them the courage to reach out for more help if they need it. Thank you for hearing our prayers. I love and respect you, God. In Jesus’ name, amen. Please feel free to add your own prayer or well-wishes in this thread.
  12. "Bills lead the NFL with 100 points scored in the final two minutes of a half, 18 more than any other team and nearly double the league average (55 points)." "On drives started at or after the two-minute warning, the Bills have a league-high 40 points, 10 more than any other team and more than double the NFL average (16)." The Bills scored late-first half touchdowns against: Tennessee (1:00 remaining) Baltimore (:09) Pittsburgh (1:02) Kansas City (:16) Minnesota (:28) Cleveland (:14) the second New York Jets game (:26) the second Miami game (:00) AND...FGs against Green Bay (:00) and Detroit (:00) The Bills scored a late-second half touchdowns against: Kansas City (1:04) Chicago (1:02) AND...FGs against Baltimore (:00 to win), Minnesota (:02 to force overtime), Detroit (:02 to win) and the Dolphins (:00 to win). “He (JA) is very calm among the chaos,” offensive line coach Aaron Kromer said. Talk about clutch. Go Bills, keep the #1 seed! https://buffalonews.com/sports/bills/calm-among-chaos-how-bills-quarterback-josh-allen-offense-have-excelled-in-end-of-half/article_de6602d8-88a9-11ed-b87d-c3f316ed2c33.html @Logic @LyndonvilleBill @Freddie's Dead @muppy
  13. Huge implications. A victory gets us one giant step towards the #1 seed. At the very least, a victory secures us the #2 seed. Big games call for star players to show up and ball out big time. We’ve seen this player do it several times this year already. He’s been quiet the past couple games but it’s his time again. The big stage is his for the taking. You guessed it, I’m going with Stef Diggs. He’ll go for over 100 yards with a score or two. He’ll make a game changing play that will change the course of the game. He’ll help will his team to victory. I sense about a 10 point win (but if it’s a one point win, awesome). Stef Diggs will be a major reason why. He’ll show the Bengals and the league why he’s one of the best WRs in the game today. Who ya got? Go Bills!
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