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  1. I definitely get what you're saying. I really do. That said, they do play against each other. If Allen has an awesome game, it does affect how Mahomes has to play if he wants to win the game. And vice versa. A QB typically has to play better against a top QB because they're playing against each other. If Mac Jones were playing against Mahomes most wouldn't think that Mahomes would have to play as well to win that game. That said, if he was playing against Brady or Rodgers most would say that Mahomes would have to be on top of his game to not only keep up with a QB like that but win the game.
  2. Oh for sure. I definitely see your point. That said, they might be a tier below Allen and Mahomes. Kind of like when there was Big Ben, Philip Rivers and Drew Brees. They weren’t rivals but they were a tier below Brady and Manning.
  3. It’s a two minute video, so it’s short but sweet. Even the guy that picked Mahomes said that Allen has a higher ceiling, he just doesn’t do it as consistently. I really do believe that Allen vs. Mahomes is most likely the new Brady vs. Manning rivalry. My hope is that Allen is the one that has more success over the long haul. Hopefully it starts this weekend. Go Bills! Your thoughts not only about this upcoming game but do you think Allen can be the one that has more success vs. Mahomes over the long term? Edit - For some reason, it won’t let me direct link to the video. Click on the link below and then find the video called “Allen or Mahomes: who will Carry their team to the AFC championship game?”. https://www.espn.com/nfl/team/_/name/buf/buffalo-bills
  4. Hmmm. I guess the Chiefs fans should be worried since KC scored 42 points against the Steelers in the Wild Card round.
  5. I feel dirty because the Steelers are the team I hate the most. That said, go Steelers!
  6. Congratulations you guys for picking Dawson Knox (The sleeveless wonder). Five catches, 89 yards and two touchdowns. Go Bills!
  7. No, remember this game is rigged.
  8. If we play like this, nobody is stopping us. Go Bills!!!
  9. Man, bro, that’s some awesome work that you’re doing. hopefully you’ll be able to get on every once in a while. You always have a place in this thread and forum! Go Bills, 27-3 at half!
  10. @EmotionallyUnstable, did you have a sequel dream where it finished off the playoff game between the Bills and Pats? If so, any updates?
  11. He should have a chance at a really big game tonight. I’ve heard that they might double Diggs and JC Jackson may cover our #2 WR. So, go Knox! Go sleeveless wonder!
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