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  1. Hey bills mafia! My family and I are traveling from SoCal to upstate New York at the beginning of July. It’s not as glamorous as it sounds, we’re driving. 😳😱 That said, it will be fun. I was curious, is there any special bills places to see or experience besides the stadium? We’re just going to miss training camp and we’ve been in and seen the stadium many times. So, I wanted to ask if there’s anything that you guys know of that would be cool to see or do that’s Buffalo bills related in the surrounding area(s). Maybe there’s nothing, but I thought I would ask. Thanks and go Bills!
  2. Yeah, it’s definitely going to be fun. You do realize that if the Bills win the Super Bowl this year that you’ll have to do this every year. 🤣😜
  3. Very cool that you’re able to do this. Depending on where my kids end up living someday, my wife and I might end up getting a fall home in upstate New York to be able to enjoy the fall and go to Bills games. Definitely try Abbot’s Pizza. Also, it’s just nice to drive 20 and 20A to experience all the different towns on that route. It could definitely be a nice day or weekend trip.
  4. Bummer, I was really hoping that we’d get an 18th game within three or so years. If 2032 is true that’s another decade away and most likely towards the end of JA’s career. 18 games a year (regular season) of J frickin A would be awesome. Thanks for clarifying though, bro! Glad you’re out of witness protection. I’m sure that was an experience.
  5. I love your idea, but I don’t think the NFL will go for it. They’re going to want to have games be played every week instead of having corporate bye weeks.
  6. Nice to hear from you, MGK. Clarification question on your comment about the 2032 CBA. Did you mean that we won’t have an 18th game until then, that we won’t have a second bye until then or both? I hope it’s not until 2032 as I was really looking forward to going to an 18th game sooner. Thanks for clarifying, bro!
  7. Dean, shh! You don’t want to make the 13 second crowd mad by showing that bad things can happen whether you kick it short or in the end zone. 🤣😜
  8. Josh Allen Stefon Diggs Tre White Micah Hyde Jordan Poyer Taron Johnson Matt Milano https://www.buffalobills.com/news/bills-today-these-seven-bills-players-cracked-the-top-10-in-pff-s-2022-position-
  9. Umm…it’s based on a new article that’s looking back at the 2018 draft and how good it was.
  10. Brady mentions that Nate’s hit was the worst he’s ever taken. Hey, it’s not much, but I’ll take it. I know there’s a few more but at least someone from the Bills did something noteworthy against Brady. Go Nate! Go Bills!
  11. Wow, didn’t recall that either. 2018 was such a great year for us when it came to the draft.
  12. Hey now. Thanks for your “solid” contribution to this thread. 😜
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