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  1. Should add incentives for the new team name. The Washington Trailers? The Washington Anchors? The Washington Rear Admirals?
  2. Kinda agree. Part of me would gladly welcome their situation for a Lombardi 🏆 in the trophy case.
  3. Fair enough. A lot here are still hung up on that play.
  4. Plenty of blame to go around in that game. He had a career season and if Josh improves I expect him to be even better with less attention paid to him with Diggs on the other side.
  5. So you want to take the high road and just acknowledge the "we've been there" approach? Commendable but I don't share the same sentiment. If Josh can lead this team to a title I will let every other fan base know who the current reigning champs are every single day until opening day the following season. With all the grief and insults over the past 20 years it will be rightfully warranted.
  6. You are taking trolling to the next level. Whether you're here for irritation or useful knowledgeable banter is debatable. Personally I'd be upset as well if I saw my rivals build their team in a competent and sustainable manner while my team continues to implode with over paid useless FAs, a clueless HC and players who just want to jettison the dumpster fire the Jets are to date. Shame really because I like Darnold and think he'd be really good in the right organization. His developmental years are being ruined under that regime. Hopefully once his contract expires he can go elsewhere and thrive.
  7. Wrong. 15. NE 19. Car 24. Buffalo
  8. Maybe it works for them but I'll say this much. They will need to commit to a QB very soon a tailor an offensive game plan around him. Stidman and Cam are two totally different QBs. They still have the same offensive players and Cam has chemistry with none of them and it's not like he's coming in, learning a new system and start playing lights out. Plus, when did he play last? Stidman IMO is still the best bet to start albeit now has some competition.
  9. He mentions that the Bills picked Allen over Jackson and now have to deal with the inaccuracies. Hey Mike! You know what other teams picked a QB before Jackson? EVERYONE!!!!!! Well said. I 👀 what you did. 👍
  10. Where's Adam Schein and Peter Schrager when you need them?
  11. So smooth!!!! He shook me out of my shoes just watching from my recliner.
  12. I like the kid and if he shows well in training camp and preseason (if) there's no reason why he can't be our kicker in the upcoming season. Though Hauschka was money in his playoff game against Houston he really had his troubles last season, in particular the Browns and Dallas game. The sense of confidence really faded on him as the regular season went on.
  13. 5 of the 10 were picked in the 2018 draft. Smith #8 Edmunds #16 LVE #19 Leonard #36 Warner #70 Great class for LB's.
  14. Not unprecedented in any way, especially with the type of coach McDermott is. He preaches culture, unity, discipline and accountability. It would clearly send a message to the entire team. Plus playing the Jets Week 1 doesn't hurt the decision making.
  15. I think he avoids league discipline but McD might give him something to think about. Maybe a 1 game team suspension. We can beat the Jets without him. Depends on the alcohol results. If inadmissible he may skate on all of it.
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