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  1. No, he's not an NFL caliber QB on any level. We picked up Barkley off the scrap heap and he's 10X the QB Jackson is. That alone should tell you something. If at any time we need our 3rd string QB to bail us out during the season then the season is in essence over.
  2. The only thing Bernie perfected was Happy Hour.
  3. You know, if you're not gonna be obnoxious and crude in your responses it's not much fun for us to gloat in our preseason success. We're not used to communicating with other fan bases that are not coming off all superior N wat not.
  4. Well well well. Look who makes a cameo appearance at a time of crisis. LOL! You catch the game bud? Allens' looking pretty, pretty good wouldn't you say? 9/12 for 102 , one drop and a throw away. Not bad eh? Didn't even have to run. Solid protection and great touch on the ball. he might turn out pretty decent now that he has some actual talent around him on offense. See you soon....
  5. Don't know why but I'm just not worried about Hauschka. He's a pro and IIRC hasn't cost us a game with a miss since he's been here. Wade is very intriguing. Like to see him play against the starting opposing defenses to get a better feel. He's got great balance and runs like his hair is on fire. Josh has really taken his intermediate game seriously and it shows. Sweeney and Beasley will see a lot of targets with Brown and Foster keeping the safeties honest. Singletary has surprisingly good hands for someone who didn't receive much in college.
  6. So true. Barkley has looked every bit the part. Nice knowing our season won't be circling the toilet if Josh gets hurt or under performs. Matt has been really sharp.
  7. It's starting to look like he may be the most important FA signing next to Cole Beasley and John Brown. Hope Morse is ok to play cause Feliciano is a monster at Guard.
  8. Let's say both sides of the ball have a great year, i.e Top 10 finishes. I could see Daboll being a hot candidate for a head coach position simply because of what he has to work with. A second year raw QB project, aging RB's, no name TE's, patchwork O-line, and a WR corps many look upon as underwhelming. A Top 10 finish from that group would be the second greatest miracle next to the parting of the Red Sea. The Defense was already formidable outside some lapses in run stopping. Jerry Hughes, Tre White, Hyde and Poyer, Milano and Edmunds, and now Oliver are all quality defensive players. Frazier has much more talent plus has already had his shot and would be considered by many as a retread . The new NFL wants young, innovative minds to coach there teams. Daboll would fit the bill. Frazier, not so much.
  9. Miami Giants Broncos Bucs Redskins Arizona Bengals Lions Talent wise we are better than. These are we must beat if we expected to compete for a playoff spot. Titans Texans Jags Browns Jets Ravens Teams I feel we are just as good as. Games I think would be competitive for both sides.
  10. Did you catch that cat that used your head for a litter box? Damn dawg, not a comb in the world can cut through that mess!
  11. It's not so much that those guys can't beat him out, but when you have a highly paid player like him teams feel compelled to play them.
  12. Not bad. I was thinking Paup. I have a Takeo home and Moulds away.
  13. I'd rather he plays. He's already been paid a boatload and was torched constantly last season. Their secondary is suspect. Daniel Jones had a field day on them last week. He's not very good IMO.
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