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  1. Not to mention their point differential was like 11 points through 10 games. Far from impressive especially against the competition they've faced. But a win is a win and it could possibly be a blessing in disguise for them. We didn't care what others said when we were beating up on bad teams last year and they aren't either. They are brimming with confidence right now with SB dreams. It could catapult them to the next level or crash back to earth these next 3 games on the road. We will see if the Dolphins are for real soon enough.
  2. This team is limping through the regular season and it will most likely take a small miracle to get the #1 seed. I'm confident they'll get in the post season but unless everyone some how gets reasonably healthy for the playoffs the SB is a pipe dream.
  3. I think Jackson might have lost his shot at a mega contract. No way am I giving this clown a mega deal after what has become an embarrassing and pedestrian season. And now he's exchanging classless barbs on Twitter.
  4. Will she go to church at least? Remember, he's fighting for Jesus...
  5. You're pumping up a team that hasn't made the postseason since forever. They finally get a creative offensive mind and some talent at WR and all of a sudden they're Bill Walsh and the 80s 49ers. Their D is garbage. This team without their entire starting secondary still held them in check. Allen and Co. on an off day still put up 500 yards. They're improved, yes. But they are not SB contenders. Nope! Let's see the warm weather speed demons in Arrowhead or Buffalo. If not, do you really see Allen having trouble in Miami on a 50 degree day in January?
  6. Here ya go! FinHeaven.com Go hang with your people. Don't come back crying when they go 0-3 after 3 roads trips (SF, LA and Buffalo) and are 8-6 fighting for the 6 seed.
  7. Can't hurt having Tre back and lining up a former pro bowl vet on the other side. Might take some pressure off Dane as well.
  8. Unfortunately everyone thought the first 2 games were the standard, not the exception. Heck, even losing by 2 in Miami with half our starting D in 105 degrees putting up 500 yards of offense was impressive. Nobody wants to see the lull that every team goes through. Heck even Pats fans wanted to run Belicheck out the last 2 seasons. McD has done an exceptional job with all the injuries the team is dealing with. Still in prime position to make a postseason push. Baltimore went through similar last season and immediately circled the toilet. Not this team 👍
  9. Coaching did win us this game. Bad coaching on Campbell's part that is.
  10. I guess in the grand scheme of things he's made some great chicken salad with the ingredients he's been given.
  11. Maybe if you weren't so selfish and lent Beane your Crystal Ball we wouldn't be in this mess. 😥
  12. Correction, 7 days. I forgot they got Thursday Night.
  13. The Lions have one of the worse defenses in the league against the pass and run. And even though the Lions offense has played well as of late, outside of RB maybe I'm taking the Bills offense all day. And even if I did agree with you GB it doesn't take into account the Coordinators and their lack of production and uninspiring play calling
  14. This is what gets me. Even with all the injuries the Bills more times than not are fielding a more talented team on offense and defense. Why are they having so much trouble lately scoring TDs and getting pressure on opposing QBs? Opposing teams as of late look so much more motivated than Buffalo. Our coordinators have been lackluster as of late. Predictable and unoriginal. Screens are getting sniffed out, quick crossing strikes are met with hands up in the passing lanes. Defense should've sacked Goff 5X with their starting the Guards out. Keeping Jackson in majority of the game while getting destroyed constantly. Winning these last 2 games under unfortunate conditions and quick turnaround was admirable. They got 10 days til their next game and it's a big one. Hopefully Dorsey and Frazier draw up some goodies for a solid stretch run.
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