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  1. billsbackto81

    If Allen is real deal, bills make playoffs

    I agree with your assessment. He's got two speedsters on the out side to keep the safeties honest and out of the box. He's got a solid slot receiver and hopefully a tight end to go along with that either in Kroft or a draft pick. The improvements on the offensive line will also help Shady get back to form and help Allens' own rushing as well though I hope he does less of it this year. Looking forward to significantly marked improvement from Allen.
  2. Thats true Gunner but the Bills were already rumored to jump the Jets via a Colts trade up. I'm just saying from a GM perspective the Jets didn't leave their QB hopes to chance and felt that deserved a little kudos.
  3. No offense, but how would you know this?
  4. Both teams were drafting what they believed to be their future franchise QB. Regardless of when the trades were made the Jets ensured themselves of getting one of the two they valued most. Maybe the move wasn't "special" but it was definitely proactive. Acquiring a first rounder from KC. The trade up with Cincinnati for Glenn. All this was done to get their QB of choice in 2018. Everyone knew this, including the Jets. They made the deal the Bills wouldn't. Beane kept his capital and acquired some nice talent but if he coveted Mayfield or Darnold that ship had sailed.
  5. Forgive me for forgetting TB in the equation. Was my spelling ok at least? Any opinions on the post or were you just fact checking?
  6. After Buffalo acquired #7 from Cincy I thought it was a brilliant move by the Jets from GM perspective to leap frog the Bills. As great as Beane has been he really screwed the pooch on that one. He didn't believe the Jets would overpay as much draft capital as they did to acquire 3. Wrong! When you're looking to get your franchise QB you should leave nothing to chance. The Jets guaranteed themselves to get Mayfield or Darnold, they didn't leave it to chance. Now if Allen was the intended target all along ( I don't think he was), then all this speculation doesn't matter. If they targeted someone other than Allen I can see them being furious because they really killed it trying to build capital to get to 7 and probably had designs to move up from there. But there really is no need to rehash any of this. Jets made their move and the Bills made theirs. We got our franchise QB and I look forward to years of epic division battles like those of the 90s.
  7. Because if you were just to sit there and take it, I think it would be a miserable depressing existence ------------------ I disagree with this assessment as far as Rodak being defensive towards the comments from Bills fans. I think he'd lead a miserable and depressing existence even if he wasn't the Bills beat writer. 😋
  8. billsbackto81

    Ed Oliver to visit Buffalo

    No, it doesn't.😅 And he was quadruple teamed on that play.
  9. billsbackto81

    Ed Oliver to visit Buffalo

    There won't be a need for that because if he doesn't fall to us that just means an equally talented player like Williams, Allen, Wilkins, Gary, White or Ferrell will be there. Though I'd prefer Oliver you really can't go wrong with the 9 pick.
  10. billsbackto81

    Time to think About Suh?

    I don't think he's overrated, he just lacks motivation. He only plays when he wants to and that is unacceptable on this team. You'd think playing with Donald would motivate him to have a monster year. NOT! He's just out for a paycheck and is trying to remain on the West Coast.
  11. billsbackto81

    Raiders Release Jordy Nelson

    Definitely. We have enough little speedsters. Draft our future star WR whoever it is. Brown, Campbell, Samuel, Butler, Sills, etc. are all better options than a one year rental in his twilight.
  12. billsbackto81

    Panthers have released Matt Kalil

    Mills is an ALL PRO in comparison.
  13. billsbackto81

    Now go get Duke Johnson please

    If Shady couldn't make chicken salad out of chicken poop from that offensive line what would you expect Murphy to do. Apparently Cleveland's waiting to see what type of discipline the NFL puts on Kareem Hunt before they decide to move Duke.
  14. billsbackto81

    This just occurred to me....no Panthers free agents to us?

    Davis=Old Williams=Hurt Funchess= Overrated Tolbert= God No!!
  15. billsbackto81

    Now go get Duke Johnson please

    Shady and Gore are gone next year. Duke is a nice piece to start a new stable of RBs.