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  1. People actually subscribe and pay for this type of garbage?
  2. Fitz is the Rasputin of NFL QBs. Has made a very profitable career for himself and is genuinely a good dude. When you look at what he's earned in comparison to what he's accomplished you can see where the Harvard education came in handy. Being smart and athletic are a killer combo.
  3. Agree. Fitz always plays with a chip on his shoulder against the Bills. Fortunately his surrounding cast is pretty bad and shouldn't be a problem against our D.
  4. The Jets and Titans were both tabbed as playoff contenders before the season began. But because they haven't met expectations and the Bills have all of a sudden we have to disregard and belittle them? No, they have not stomped any of the team's they've beaten but they are 4-1 and by appearances are on the way to a 10+ season. They've shown marked improvement from last year and are trending up. No longer are they being taken lightly and have shed the label of FA wasteland. Enjoy what is happening with this team and their future.
  5. WHAT? That's about as ridiculous a statement as I've heard in a while. The Jets have a formidable front 4 but desperately lack on the back 7. With the exception of Moseley and Adams they're not very good and have been torched regularly. They are a better team with Darnold but not enough to overcome the hole they've dug. Remember, if not for some unfortunate miscues by the Bills that were not entirely on Josh he had no problem at all moving the ball against them.
  6. I could be wrong but I don't remember him being a problem the one year he was here. The guys a tackling machine but don't know if he's a scheme fit, but the man can play.
  7. So basically you're disregarding what Josh (4th Qtr) and the Defense did to them Week 1. Nobody wants to see them get beat more than me but the Jets are not that team. Darnold couldn't do anything against our secondary and the Pats may be a little better in that respect. All of a sudden they're world beaters because they barely beat a team without their starting tackles, a sorry D and boneheaded coach at home? C'mon man! They'll be lucky to finish 5-11 with Darnold.
  8. Well I guess that makes him better than Brady cause he looked pretty sorry as well. What other excuses can we make for the Kissing Bandit?
  9. You don't have to convince me bro, I always thought he was and is overrated. Offensive guru who neglects every other aspect of the game. Defense and game managment are an afterthought with the Walrus.
  10. Anybody bother to think the Texans maybe a pretty good team?
  11. Last week, "Rosen named starter for rest of season". 3 quarters in " Rosen benched for Fitzpatrick". What a dumpster 🔥.
  12. It maybe just 5 games but it's pretty obvious that at this particular juncture in his season he's not a RT, not even close. I think everybody has accepted that he may very well end up being a very good Guard. Unfortunately Dawkins isn't a franchise LT either but could more than handle RT duties better than Ford. I guess the search will still be ongoing for the elusive franchise LT.
  13. I knew I should've inserted (sarcasm). But hey, your ideas not bad.
  14. I know. Has anybody talked about maybe trading for Melvin Gordon?
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