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  1. No argument from me dude, I liked the guy. As I mentioned, he didn't pan out but he wasn't a bust. At least to me he wasn't.
  2. This is starting to be unhealthy😆 Being the #1 RB in that draft is like being the best looking person in an ICU Burn Unit. Who else was relevant? Ryan Matthews maybe? We had FJ and Lynch, albeit disgruntled. We didn't need to take a chance on a scat back. Was he the top RB? Maybe, but he wasn't a Top 10 talent or a need for the Bills.
  3. I liked him as a player, though we didn't need to overdraft a RB. All I said was he was a good player when healthy. If you want to compare where he was drafted to his career production I guess you can make the case. But, like I said before it's not a players fault if a team picks him sooner than projected.
  4. Ok. I'll breathe in some of your air, but something tells me you live in Colorado😆
  5. I guess your opinion of a "bust" differs from mine. When I think bust I think, Manziel Ja. Russell T. Mandarich Ki-jana Carter Charles Rogers Akili Smith V. Gholston Ryan Leaf, etc.... Not one productive season among them. There was a time, though short, CJ looked like he belonged in the NFL.
  6. In 2012 he rushed for 1244 at a 6.0 yard per carry average, 1703 scrimmage yards and made the PB. In 2013 he rushed for 933 in 15 games at 4.6 a carry. Did he pan out? No, but he was not exactly a bust.
  7. Whitner and Spiller were decent NFL players, they were just over drafted. Not their fault there. Maybin and Graham had no business in the NFL and were horrible decisions.
  8. Maybe, but they do have a good team when everyone is healthy. I don't think they beat Baltimore for the division but will likely be a WC contender. Last year can definitely serve as motivation for a young team with talent. Nah. Don't see it. KC/ Bills are the top tier Bal, Cle, Tenn, Miami, Colts are 2nd tier Cinderella hopefuls.
  9. Well, when your franchise has played at 1:00pm 98% of their games scheduled this past decade is it really surprising? "Daytime" drinking is pretty much a given. 😆
  10. Leodis. Too many memorable gaffes. Poz. Always seemed injured and never became the impact player we would've like. Gilmore. Nuff said. Tyrod. He was not good yet had so much advocacy from players as being mistreated because he was, well, you know.... He got so much misdirected credit for the playoff berth when it was the D that carried that team along with Dalton and Boyd.😆 Any decent QB would have won that game against Jax. He was pathetic.
  11. It's not up to me to prove it. Easy to play Monday morning analyst knowing what we see now. Most had him ranked over Josh and some even over Baker. His draft profile was considered "Starter ready with Pro Bowl potential. Do you really think Josh would be the stud he is if drafted by the Jests with that coaching and front office?
  12. Darnold would've done fairly well if he were drafted by a competent franchise with an idea on how to build a team. He's not without skill.
  13. 😆 How do you fully guarantee 80% of a contracts worth for a guy with his injury history? Kudos on his agent's part in the deal.
  14. He's fast and runs hard which is probably the reason his injury history is what it is. But when healthy he's the homerun hitter we need. He should be excellent in rotation with Moss. I think Singletary may be done for. Shame cause I like the kid and he's shown flashes but has faltered in key situations.
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