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  1. Where's the Standing Ovation button? We need one! Well said Shaw66.
  2. The Bucs bring in Suh at 9.25 but offers for McCoy are reaching 11? Confused. Is he much better than Suh at this point or is it a scheme specific move?
  3. Had inguinal surgery last October. Nothing devastating. Went back to work 3 days later. As long as you don't lift heavy or exert yourself for at least a month it's no big deal. Abdominal, whew! That's a different animal all together. That must suck.
  4. What is it with these Cincinnati TE's? These guys are about as brittle as saltine crackers.
  5. Providing he stays healthy, and I see no reason why he wouldn't that is a hell of a bargain for a high-caliber pass-rusher.
  6. Never said that and wouldn't go that far but he's definitely had an underwhelming career thus far. BPA
  7. I shook my head and was really pissed when the Jets drafted him. I thought he would be a devastating force with Wilkerson and Richardson. And to this point I must say I haven't been impressed with Leonard one bit. Average player who is nowhere near the monster status he was projected to be.
  8. I love the pick, just don't think he'll be there at 28 though.
  9. Wow, way to be selective. I musta really laid into Harry on that one huh? This is why I ended my post with "flame away". I knew there'd at least be one or two of you. BTW, I do appreciate the young man's efforts.
  10. The "Factory of Sadness" reopens as The Cleveland Browns show the NFL world that some things just never change.
  11. I think it's awesome that Harry is a good human being an exceptional person at heart. Same with Lorenzo and other members of the team. Community contributions should not be underestimated. But, at the end of the day this is an NFL organization. He was drafted to stuff the run and chase down quarterbacks, not be a Goodwill Ambassador though it's always a plus. I'm not trying to undermined anybody's way of living or thinking. I've been a Buffalo Bills fan for over 38 years and consider myself an overall decent person. I'm not trying to sound selfish when I say I want to see my team lifting a Lombardi trophy than handing out turkeys on Thanksgiving. I do stuff like that at church during the holidays. Just being real, flame away if you feel the need to.
  12. Lee was never a difference maker or game-changer against the Bills. For that reason alone I will miss him. Too small to be effective as a run defender and average in pass coverage. Like Lawson he was overdrafted.
  13. If you don't change positions from time to time things just get boring.
  14. 4200 yards passing/ 38 TDs, 18 INTs/ 650 yards rushing C'mon Hap, are you going to tell me that stat line wouldn't be considered awesome by any fan base with a 2nd year QB not named Mahomes? Pretty sure you know I meant I'd rather see pedestrian numbers if it equates to winning and playoff football. I guess there's always the possibility he goes 5000/45-8/ 800 rushing at a 72% clip but I wouldn't bet the farm on it.
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