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  1. I know right! Talk about making yourself "flame proof". πŸ˜† Good post though OP. I'd love to see the team make a push for Snacks Harrison. I'd even give Earl Thomas a call to bolster our Safety position.
  2. I'm a little more concerned about the Raiders. Titans and Bears are the weakest 3-0 teams out there. Titans have barely, and I mean barely beat the Broncos, Jags and Vikings on a last second FG. Bills offense is much stronger than any of those.
  3. Poyer has been absolutely playing with fire since his extension. Dawkins has played well also . Love seeing guys earn it.
  4. Gotta be honest. I was a bit embarrassed when they did post game interviews and were speaking with Kroft. I did not recognize who he was. I had no idea what this kid looked like. He hasn't really stood out in any way outside of the injury report since signing here. Good for him though, he played well.
  5. Seattle's defense has been worse than ours. They've been absolutely awful.
  6. Baldy really puts together a great review and the end zone camera views are incredible. Really gives you the QBs perspective and shows the precision of those beautiful throws. Oh and Baldy, Kelly retired in 96 not 86. All good though, keep those reviews coming
  7. Currently The Bills are ranked 16th. Ahead of teams like Seattle, Dallas, GB, Saints and Houston. The D's shortcomings can't be singled out by any one specific player. It's a team sport and the unit is only as good as its scheme and how the scheme is executed. It's always 11 vs. 11. The players will eventually get on point but the coaches also have to put them in position to succeed.
  8. I mean the OP is not exactly wrong and if you think the D just had a bad day you'd be sadly mistaken. This has become all too common since Houston last year. The D has needed the the O to bail them out this season. That is not sustainable.
  9. Surprises: 1. Daboll's playcalling, but to be fair he probably needed Josh to improve and an infusion of talent before it could happen. 2. Gabriel Davis. 4th rounder playing well beyond his raw rookie status. 3. The NFL. The fact they were able to save this season during the pandemic with barely a hiccup is remarkable. Disappointment: 1. Overall Defense. The regression is shocking. 2. The dreaded 3rd Quarter woes continue. 3. Inability to finish teams off. No killer instinct.
  10. Combination of many things. 1. Injuries 2. Scheme and defensive playcalling 3. Still not stout enuff up front. 4. No consistent QB pressure 5. Lack of CB depth opposite Tre 6. Lackadaisical (especially 3rd qtr) 7. No killer instinct, need to put teams away.
  11. When the D is on the field as long as these guys have been and you're not getting to the QB or causing TO's you're gonna get tired. Tre like every other elite DB works best when he only has to cover the route that's being run. Once the freelancing starts the advantage goes to the receiver. They have to get consistent pressure.
  12. Nice insurance to have as a spot starter in case of injury to the big 3.
  13. Saw that too. Some teams just get the breaks. That was an obvious push off to gain separation.
  14. Nope! Go to 19:00 and listen to Ryan Talbot talk about it. He mentions that NFL refs tweeted about it and justified it. Absolutely mind numbing that they would stick up for that awful call.
  15. Here's what they need to know: Joshua Patrick Allen QB1 (3 GAMES) 1038 YARDS PASSING 9.1 YARDS PER ATTEMPT 71.1% COMPLETION RATE 10 PASSING TDS/ 1 BS INT 2 RUSHING TDS 124.8 PASSER RATING 18 PLAYS OF 20+ 3 PLAYS OF 40+ PFF Analysis: Takes too many unnecessary risks..πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
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