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  1. Smith is good but not as good as he thinks he his and thinks he's worth. He has his flaws just like Tremaine. If he's an upgrade over Edmunds it's not by much IMO.
  2. WR is the last position I'm concerned with.
  3. They were just talking about this on Schoop and Bulldog yesterday. Sal was saying how impressive the safety depth has looked which didn't bode well for a Poyer extension with others like Edmunds, Knox and Oliver in the wings. Good to know but I'd rather see Jordan ball out if it's to be his last year here.
  4. That's kinda funny and kinda not but I'll allow it a give you a 😄
  5. RB is just not the premium position it was say 20-30 years ago. Outside of team chemistry you really don't lose much come time to replace one. Teams aren't breaking the bank for RBs. If a back isn't willing to stay on a deal that doesn't kill a teams payroll they just draft one .
  6. Does he play defense? Chances are we aren't punting. Maybe. But it was more a great play by Hyde than bad throw from Mac. Algohlor had Levi absolutely 🔥roasted 🔥 on that play. If Hyde didn't play the angle perfectly that's a TD all day and we're cursing out Wallace instead.
  7. He looks like Bruce Lee jumping in the air in the final scene of The Chinese Connection.
  8. It will definitely be a surreal moment for many fans of the Bills to see our team in what would be the most epic parade in SB history. I for one will admit they'll be more than a few tears shed that day no doubt.
  9. Cool story bro! If an albino bison brings home a Lombardi trophy I'm all for it.
  10. Not opposed to the blue helmet, but a white buffalo? That's a no for me dawg.
  11. I'd probably let him go regardless. It's a contract year and he's got Miller and a most likely improved Oliver and Groot. He most likely should have a very good year , plus I'm always weary of players that all of a sudden turn it on during a contract year a la Jordan Phillips and Shaq Lawson.
  12. Perhaps you're right, but it's not that far from the truth.
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