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  1. Dude, as impressed as we all are with the dynamic passing attack the Bills have you'd have to be pretty naive to think they'll be any sustainable success in the future if they don't establish a competent run game soon. Honestly I'm surprised they've gotten this far. What Allen, Diggs and the offense have done this season is nothing short of remarkable. This is similar to what Baltimore did last year before they got figured out this year. Catch everyone by surprise with unconventional offense. I wouldn't expect the same results next year without a good rush attack. Doesn't have to be elite, ju
  2. Great stat! Ravens blitzed an NFL high 46% first 17 games of the season. Only 20% against the Bills on Sunday. And when they did Josh went 6/7 for 57 yards and a TD. Even without a run game you just can't rattle Josh. Best pass blocking O line in the league.
  3. True. Let's not forget the big guys like Williams and Mongo. This is the best pass protecting O line in the NFL.
  4. Brad Johnson Trent Dilfer Mark Rypien Joe Flacco Nick Foles All of them can't carry Jimbo's jock. Goes to show you there are so many other factors besides QB play.
  5. Watched Rex Ryan this morning and he made a great point. Hollywood is a good WR but not a #1. Lamar isn't the most accurate QB and needs a big bodied WR with wing span and contested catch ability. Andrews is good but to me is a safety valve not a primary option. Also, you don't need a top tier RB when your primary rusher is your QB. A game plan that has obviously run its course at this point.
  6. if he plays, the bills win. if he doesn't play, the bills win And when the Bills win all we'll hear is how Mahomes didn't play or didn't play well because he was hurt. And.....jimmy crack corn and I don't care......
  7. His receivers really let him down. Running wrong routes and dropping passes in their hands.
  8. Didn't make sense. Why not wait til the season was actually over to announce your retirement? Just caused distractions.
  9. Should've been caught. NFL players are supposed to catch balls that hit them in both hands. Saints have had a lot of drops this game.
  10. The league will extend the playoffs an extra week to make sure he plays.
  11. This is what happens when everyone calls you a genius and you start believing it.
  12. WTH was Henne doing? All you need is a FG. He's gonna get killed if KC loses this.
  13. Browns gonna Browns guys. No easy paths to the SB. From Tough D to Tough D to Potent O. Bring it! Show the doubters it's no fluke and prove you've earned it.
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