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  1. WGAFF..... I still remember seeing Joe getting slammed by Bruce onto the frozen turf, grimacing in pain with his eyes shut as the last of his air escapes his lungs in a cloud of frigid breath. Those were the days!
  2. With 90 mil in cap space no player is out of our price range. Whether its spent is a different topic. 1. Derrick Henry 2. Ngakoue 3. A. Cooper 4. Best FA OL or draft prospect
  3. I'll say it again. How did a defense this bad make it this far?
  4. I don't watch a lot of NFC games but man, that GB defense is pretty bad. How did they get this far with that D?
  5. I think both Shaq and Phillips will find bigger paydays outside Buffalo. I'd like to retain both though. Rotation is a big part of this defense and these guys are perfect for that.
  6. Chiefs and GB. The stage is set for State Farm Insurance commercials to explode on SB Sunday. Plus I can't get over the fact that Tennessee is still playing and we're not. I don't care what anyone says, outside of RB Buffalo is the better overall team. We should be playing KC in the AFCCG.
  7. Dude, I was in the saddle 3 days after. Just gotta be careful and don't get crazy. Slow Canine is the way to go if you get my meaning.😋
  8. Probably inguinal if the case. No biggie. Put mine off for almost 2 years before the protrusion became obvious. I'm sure it didn't effect his play. I was physically active the whole time with no limitations or pain before surgery. Just needs to be addressed before any exertion for at least 3 months. At least that's what my surgeon says.
  9. He was fired initially then upon further review the call was overturned. NFL still can't get it right.😊
  10. This kid was the consensus #1 WR in a draft that included OBJ, Mike Evans, Jarvis Landry, Brandin Cooks, Davonte Adams and John Brown. And to a lesser extent K. Benjamin, Q. Enumwa, Marquise Lee, Jordan Matthews and Allen Robinson. What happened to this kid? Well, at least he got paid but talk about underachieving.
  11. Don't see the fascination with this guy. I don't find him to be an elite player like Donald or Mack yet hype always surrounds him. Doesn't seem to be a process guy and seems to be all about himself.
  12. Henry is not doing here what he's doing in Tennessee with this O Line.
  13. The more I watch the more infuriated I become. Tennessee and now the Texans. The Bills should still be playing right now.
  14. Cmon dude. I think Peyton was 0-3 in his first 3 playoff games. Let's not jump to conclusions already. He's not my QB but he's still pretty darn good.
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