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  1. This^ From what I gathered that class has (25) 1000 yard seasons and (7) seasons over 900 yards as a collective group. Pretty impressive.
  2. 1. Roscoe Parrish, 2005-11 77 GMS 135 NUM 1,622 YDS 12.0 AVG 82t LG 3 TDs 2. Jeff Burris, 1994-97 54 100 1,045 10.4 57 0 3. Leodis McKelvin, 2008-15 98 99 1,021 10.3 88t 3
  3. I found the wording on this article kinda funny. Must be an omen. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/04/07/yannick-ngakoue-looking-for-a-team-that-has-a-great-culture/
  4. Thanks bud๐Ÿ‘ Something to watch on the midnight shift tonight.
  5. NFL COMP - Jonathan Williams Didn't we have one of those already?
  6. I think he's a better LB than Dawkins is an LT. Milano has the skill set to thrive in McD 's scheme due to instinct and coverage abilities but he's not a thumper. Unfortunately it doesn't mean he'll take priority. Having a competent LT is far more valuable unless that LB is a Ray Lewis or Patrick Willis or a player of that ilk which Milano is obviously not.
  7. I picked Dawkins because of the position he plays. You can make the argument that Milano is the better position player but Dion's position is the one of most importance. IMO Dion is a slight to above average LT and in today's NFL that's worth retaining. I could probably name 10 LTs that I'd rather have. Dion is a class act though and that carries weight with this regime.
  8. Exactly. He'd never let Winston tarnish his precious reputation.
  9. No way Belicheck will take that interception machine on his team.
  10. With a supposed groin issue that needed surgery.
  11. I find it funny because one of my favs from last season was in that very game. That diving INT by Tre on sideline when the Fins were in goal line. A TD might have put the game out of reach, but Tre said not today Fitzy.
  12. Kelly Thomas Smith Reed Lofton Levy Not sure this roster has 6 future HOFer's. Plus a borderline in Tasker. They are pretty complete though.๐Ÿ‘
  13. More like the sequel to Groundhogs Day.
  14. I have no words as far as this thread is concerned. But hey! I used to work in CheshireCT when I lived in CT. ๐Ÿค—
  15. No way Beane is giving 10 mil a year for Anderson to compete with Smoke for the #2 WR spot. Good, not great player with off the field issues. Glad he's out of the division though.
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