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  1. Harty apparently rejected higher paying offers, multiple teams, to play here. I love the film on him, and expect him to make a big name for himself here He adds another dimension to the O with his speed and is overall a much better WR than Lil Dirty Have very high expectations for him in this o
  2. That's awesome. Knox is a beast. Add Kinclaid in 2 TE sets and motion him out. It justvadds a whole new dimension to the O. If the D goes nickel, we can likely run on em all day, or mix it up, Lil play action. They go 34 or 43 and we have huge match-up advantages all over the field
  3. I mean yes and no. Frazier called those 2 defensive plays not McD I still think Hill taking it to the house on their previous possession got into Fraziers head and he went super conservative to avoid something like that
  4. I agree brother I have Brown penciled in as our day 1 starter. Expect and at this point demand a big jump in play
  5. It's legit competition. Read the comments in the Shell thread on the video posted. Hawks fans called him a stud, diamond in the rough etc. He was mind up that game and apparently got a bad injury but he seems like some reasonable competition for Brown considering the cap
  6. Good question. Without Jones, no chance and they letting their best pass rusher frank Clark leave Buf is sooooo close. That Bengals game was an outlier We played 17 other games , tough opponents and lost 3 games by a combined 8 points
  7. Judging by that video and the comments, that's the competition for Brown. Ford also has a nice sack here
  8. I get the helmet part but the Derek Carr part went over my head. What does that mean lol
  9. 39 years old and loves Taylor Swift😂😂 He did an interview , wfan played some parts, He knew every album and song . Just very odd to me.
  10. I'm just saying, watching a guy like Mahomes get 100+ yards a game on easy check downs n dump offs is something I'd love to see incorporated in Josh's game more. So many plays a RB or TE is sitting underneath for easy yards and he doesn't try
  11. Interesting, never heard of that. My only question would be why they didn't try or succeed in trading with anyone after that. I mean Russ was a stud then and Allen was a huge question mark Just seems a little fugazi
  12. Definitely not the biggest blunder. But something not mentioned- Jerry Hughes. Signed 2 yrs/10 mil Had 9 sacks, really came on late, 7 sacks in final 7 weeks . Man we could have used that production after Von went down Wish Beane kept him at that price over Shaq but understand the reasoning with Von and the young guys Link? Never seen or heard of this. Considering 2 QBs went before him , i just don't know
  13. Allen refuses to check it down. Been saying this since his rookie year. The check downs would negate his reason to run
  14. Maybe I'm delusional but I don't see McDs seat being anywhere near hot, unless we missed the playoffs, no chance he isn't here next year. Idk, I consider him an excellent coach
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