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  1. Whaley had a great draft as a parting gift, allowed us the ammo to get Josh and added quality Trade is pretty even, we're a play or 2 from having 2 SBs, potentially, 21 and 23
  2. I'd throw in Edwards too. Brasy played alot of 6 ol and they were able to run very well with it , especially towards the end of season, finally felt like we could run even when the D knows it's coming and Edwards was great in that role
  3. Bernard playing would've won that game and I mean they damn near did win regardless, 2 missed fgs, a dropped td by Diggs, Huge drop by Sherfield, Jones getting to Allen at the right specific time. This team is well run n coached as any . Just gotta stay healthy
  4. I feel like they went 2 TEs alot with Dorsey and wasn't that effective, Brady then opened up the O, getting Shakir in the slot instead Knox is still a valuable piece but this contract was way too high
  5. Thanks, very interesting, didn'tevenknowthis was a thing, wasn't aware of this, Hyde too 🙄 but at the same time allows Beane to sign guys by manipulating the cap
  6. I'm really warming up to this kid.. He could learn alot from Diggs too but looks like he could be WR1b to Diggs. If they go WR in rd 1 , I expect a WR1 not a WR2. Maybe not year 1 but certainly year 2, otherwise address other needs
  7. It's not like the SB champs had some amazing offense. Also missing an all pro G
  8. Chris Jones was the playoffs/SB mvp I feel worse now then 3 weeks ago
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