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  1. You're failing to mention how limited his resources were because he intentionally took on all that dead money. Buffalo had the Lowest active salary cap by over 15 mil to the next team. Very underwhelming group of players but considering the assets he had to work with , it's understandable.
  2. JerseyBills

    What do you want to see this offseason: Free Agency

    I kinda disagree . He is essential for McD defense , he demands a double team and frees up DL and LB. I know Taron,Levi and Edmunds had a big impact but he was our biggest fa aquisition and a big reason we were #2 in ypg. Slightly overpaid , but definitely nowhere near as bad as ppl on here say. His numbers will never reflect his impact on this defense
  3. One of Shadys most impressive attributes is in the pass game , and even in a down year , when he was targeted on 3rd down , he found a way to get past the sticks. There was a thread about 2 weeks ago , about Shady having one of the best yac for RB , problem was he just wasn't targeted enough. I feel that's his biggest asset at this stage. Proof...
  4. I think we trade down and grab one in the late 3rd Rd. I'm not well versed enough in cfb to speak on a specific player but I am very high on and impressed with Beane and his scouts. I mean just look at the young influx of talent littered throughout this roster, impressive to say the least
  5. I personally think we're going to add a young guy and have a 1a 1b type of situation at RB.
  6. JerseyBills

    Rookie Grades series at NFL.com

    What a joke
  7. I guess we'll find out because he's not going anywhere and with his salary will be a huge piece on O. I just watched a season highlight video and he still has that elite vision and cutting . His injury and terrible ol really hurt him. I truly expect a big year from him and we need to use him WAY more in the pass game. He was criminally underutilized in the pass game this year. He still has the juice
  8. I think Hunt is a bit overrated , his whole , short career , he has had defenses really keying in on Hill and Kelce. I'm not saying he's not a very good RB , I just think the Chiefs didn't really miss a beat without him. He would obviously be a nice piece on offense but as cliche as it is , he just didn't fit in the bigger picture of the culture being built here. I still think Shady is better too, he's going to have a huge bounce back year but we do need youth there,not sold on Murphy
  9. JerseyBills

    The Top 50 NFL Free Agents Of 2019

    Ya McD loves running the big nickel too. Rafael Bush is solid Depth but was the weakest link in the secondary.
  10. JerseyBills

    The AAF Thread

    I admittedly didn't watch the 2nd half , I went to my buddies to catch the UFC fights but overall I thought it was a solid debut with potential.. I'll be tuning in tomorrow
  11. JerseyBills

    Taron Johnson playing very good ball.

    Extremely impressive , especially coming from a small school like Weber St , I saw the natural talent in his first couple pro games. Besides the great coverage , he is extremely physical in the run game , he really popped off the screen to me , his awareness and instincts are off the charts and he did this with a bum shoulder since at least week 5. What a player
  12. JerseyBills

    Maybe now the story will be told on Gurley...

    Mcvay said in his post game presser he's fully healthy. Strange
  13. JerseyBills

    Should look familiar to Bills fans

    Belicheck defense on 2 weeks prep is just unbelievable
  14. JerseyBills

    Super Bowl 2nd half Game Thread

    Belicheck is just unbelievable on defense with 2 weeks prep
  15. JerseyBills

    Young Bills getting some love from ESPN...

    Ya absolutely , he was the best deep threat in many categories , and I love that he did it the last 6 games as opposed to the early season, so there's no excuses that teams were still getting comfortable on defense. I think the opposite is true about him being a 4th WR on most teams, I think he'd be in the running for top 2 WR on the majority of teams , he has serious superstar potential , just tremendous upside considering his college career. From week 10-17 he's up there with D Jax ,who has Mike Evans and Tyreek Hill who has the best TE in the game , these guys had superstar WR that defenses have to prepare for. Foster had Zay Jones , which makes his performance even more special. At the very least he looks like he's going to be a legit deep threat that teams have to respect, with hopes he turns into a complete WR