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  1. 23-9 Bills Bills and Under 🔒
  2. Well if we win , we'll have a 2 game lead with 2 to play because Ten/Hou play. Winner takes control of the South. So we'd be 10-4 and 2 of Ten/Hou/Pitt would be 8-6 . Technically doesn't clinch the 5th but it clinches the 5th seed lol. Big Game. No way I'd rather go to KC over Hou or Tenn . McDermott owns Tannehil!!
  3. I think the last 4 games he has done a much better job attacking the A/B gap . He has turned into a complete LB and his coverage ability and length make him a Nightmare in the middle of the field.
  4. Brian Baldinger (@BaldyNFL) Tweeted: .@BuffaloBills @maine_savage23 @steelers @_Dbush11 are both just 21 year old QB’s of their defenses. Lead their team in tackles and the talent is off the page. What were you doing when you were 21!? #BaldysBreakdowns https://t.co/pxFcReVaGG Am I the only one who didn't know he tipped that pass as well?!? Like Baldy said, that's one of the great defensive plays I've seen all year! Edmunds has been popping off the screen lately. I think he'll be an ALL PRO by the end of next year, at 22! I've never heard his teammates or coaches not just rave about him when broughten up. He's a special, unique talent. Guys like him at mlb , surrounded by great talent is a great way to build a Championship level defense. Imagine him and Kuechley on the field?
  5. A W vs Pitt basically guarentees us the 5 seed so it's a huge game. The 5 seed will likely be going to Ten or Hou and the 6 seed to KC. Huge huge game
  6. I wasn't impressed with Pitt versus an inferior Cardinal team. That game tape really calmed my nerves. Their O is bad bad. They had a ST return TD. Murray threw a brutal pick on Pits 2 yard line as well as 2 more Rookie ints and it was basically a neutral field with all the Steeler fans I see this game going like the Denver gm. 20-6 or something like that
  7. Just keep getting turnovers and they'll come! Hopefully this D can heat up with the turnovers heading into the playoffs.
  8. You also have to remember he caught under 50 passes in his college career! Mostly due to scheme. So this is his first season in years where he is getting multiple targets per game, at the next level . He's a star in the making I think. Very good blocker too. I think Beans did it again and snatched our future #1 RB and TE in the 3rd round of the same draft!
  9. He also made a game changing play with a defender draped all over him. We got 8 points that drive. Those drops were bad and potentially cost us points but he's a rookie. His future looks extremely bright and a guy that could be a franchise TE if he keeps improving
  10. Oh ya!! And was I the only one who saw hands to the face on Star for at least 2 seconds? With a ref right there! Ridiculous.
  11. The refs looked like they were employed by the Ravens. To miss those type of calls is just mind boggling and completely amateur . Glad he was so upset , especially the 12 man non call. That changes everything in that situation. Those 4 points were obviously crucial
  12. I think we handle them like we did Dallas. Just dominate and take advantage of their aggressiveness. Allen and Daboll saw it today , learn from it. Actually I see this being more like the Denver game. This D holds them under 10 points
  13. kemba◀️kyrie (@trepherd) Tweeted: 3 pictures of the bull#### calls that ***** over pats, Gilmore would’ve gotten a huge amount of yards if not a touchdown. Dorsett gets held before he can even catch the ball (no pass interference). Lastly Harry they said stepped out but it was obviously a touchdown... ***** refs https://t.co/tU19QBxdLf So basically they're finally getting treated like every other team? Including us today, at Home too Edit - can't lie, they did get screwed, but do did we today I felt
  14. I don't fault Allen that much but I'd love to have seen him immediately look for Beas with Brown having good coverage. Still, he went with his guy, hit him in the hands on a bullet. Extremely tough tough catch but it needs to be made.
  15. I'd be cautiously optimistic seeing them in the divisional round. Very very winnable gm
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