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  1. Man Thurman was so good. Underrated as heck. Can't wait to experience January football in Orchard Park in person.
  2. You're right. I can't even say anything to this. I agree , this is very possible I had the chance at +700 he will get arrested in 2020 , was going to put 350$ and chickened out. That 2500 would be nice . Ugh. Easy $$$ I agree. You're basically a test rat , to see if medications, most taking weeks to fully "kick in " and many result in advertise effects
  3. The mental illness is the reason he can't see it. You know the law was waiting for any reason to get Brown after the public disrespect and humiliation. Brown is really really far gone to not have the awareness to avoid the police in every way , shape or form. We all know what he really needs is a shrink and medication.
  4. It's well documented AB is a P.O.S but the trainer knows AB will pay him handsomely. Definitely the fall guy. AB is a straight scumbag
  5. Apparently he threw rocks at a delivery truck because they refused to deliver because of non payment. Brown looking like he'll be arrested on Battery charges depending on driver. Hope the driver doesn't take the money and maybe AB wakes the heck up. I feel bad for the guy at this point. I know it's funny , he's a jerk , but he's clearly mentally ill and needs help , he's human.
  6. I was genuinely happy to see Ragland make an impact in the Championship game. Great run defender just a big liability in coverage. A nice chess piece and luxury to have on the D versus run heavy teams
  7. I also think the constant smoking of k2 just exacerbated the illness. That stuff has turned alot of guys legit crazy.
  8. Good question. It really leaves you hanging there at the end
  9. That is such a clown move , I'd be embarrassed if he was a Bill. He looks like a 17 year old that can't hold his liquor, trying to get laughs from his friends. Smh
  10. Sarcasm or not , ppl feel this way. I am now fully on board with him staying, glad actually. He did much better in the booth , he's open minded , getting players thoughts and ideas on play calling . He'll have at the least , Allen , Motor,Knox,Brown,Beez , majority ,if not all the same OL and likely a huge upgrade at RB,WR and possibly TE to pair with Knox. Players , especially Allen, love him. Love the continuity, while I hated his play calling at Hou and other games, I feel he'll learn, grow, evolve from it.
  11. I guess it was a big part of the story. The prosecution actually wanted to use his sexuality as motive , that Loyd caught him in the act. But was never used in court
  12. I just finished it. I thought it was. I mean depending how interesting you find the whole ordeal. I learned alot of little details I wasn't aware of and was intrigued throughout Ya I forgot and saw that in last episode. I agree with many on here, that it is no excuse. I think it was one of many factors. Interesting part was his childhood friend saying how he wished he was drafted as far as possible from Connecticut and maybe that's true
  13. Ya that definitely seemed to be a huge part of it. Definitely feel he had onset CTE. Crazy seeing Brady/Tebow meet and first thing Brady said was "I'm watching over Aaron" This doc is great. Very interesting and detailed
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