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  1. Also a guy like Hollins, ppl bring up his poor stats last year but the prior year in LV he went for 57/690/4.. Could be a big upgrade over Sherfield/Harty in the WR 4 or 5 role. Him and MVS both around 6'4 , clearly size was an important attribute to Beane
  2. I'm very excited about Davis, optimistic he'll have a big role. Cook was 3rd, almost 2nd in scrimmage yards for rbs, top 15 is straight disrespectful. I agree on the drops but he also made some big time catches, no reason he can't keep progressing and improve in that department, I think he's way closer to top 5 then top 15
  3. ya he looked really good under Brady, was very impressive. We got a stud rb1 , Cook reminded me of prime Kamara last year, Davis should be a great complement and Ty as 3 is a great group. All 3 are lethal in thepass gm too DE will be interesting, Kingsley would be a slight surprise i like his progress, we got Von,Groot,AJ, Smoot, Solomon,Kingsley , feel like I'm forgetting someone, do they keep 6 des?
  4. Def more . Brady highly values the run game as he should and we finally have a run game with Josh Can play the What If game at any position
  5. I completely disagree. Even if he's not a starter, Edwards was the 6th ol and excelled in that role, which Brady implemented a few times every game, he was also a quality starter in LA He's probably our most underrated olmen
  6. hearing him mention trey Hendrickson hurts, I wanted him in FA so bad few years ago..
  7. I'm in my 30s, no kids , I can't get into college ball anywhere near I'm into the nfl, even if Buf has a bye or playing Thurs or Mon, NFL Sundays is like a holiday. CFB Saturdays mean nothing unless I'm betting
  8. He really didn't get opportunities til week 7. Previous 6 weeks he had 4 rec in limited play. Shakir got super high potential going forward. Skys the limit. Kupp is a good comparison. Shakir awareness and being "twitchy" after the catch really caught my eye, incredible, making him very elusive I said this a few times that he had to be a big factor in Bills moving Diggs, knowing they have a potential superstar already on the roster
  9. nice. I'm 36 my gf is 25 but i look 25 so it's hard to meet women my age n I'm attracted to girls that age.. i always looked super young since 8th grade, i hate saying my age irl to ppl cause it always turns into a conversation that I'm lieing
  10. Diggs,Brown and Beasley all had their best years here. Shakir,Samuel, Coleman and Kincaid all have potential to be elite
  11. What track record..?? This is Bradys 1st offseason, obviously he was heavily involved in these acquisitions. Diggs n Davis were statistically bad under Brady. Kincaid, Shakir n Cook were the studs. We keep them , add a few pieces, which our new oc n offense approved of. Idk how they're unlikely to step up to elevated roles based on a few games under Brady
  12. Absolutely. I respect any opinion whether it's different or the same, I might clap back tell you why I disagree but We definitely have alot of unknowns but I still heavily prefer that over the "knowns" last year, when our borderline WR2 went down it was Diggs,Kincaid, Shakir. Everyone else shouldn't have been on the field for a divisional playoff game. We have the team that beat us top WR in that game as our WR4/5 That's a W imo. Let's see the rankings in 6 months
  13. Woahh. All i did was express my opinion. This will be the most well rounded , dangerous and balanced O in Allens career
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