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  1. I never believed he'd be more than mediocre. I think his first 2 starts were a product of having 2 great WRs and a new HC, leading defenses not knowing what to expect. I was not impressed at all watching him vs Buffalo and last night minus that bomb to Waddle. So I believe he'll still be the same, a middle of the pack, game manager QB
  2. I never understood this phenomenon. We should be helping fellow Bills fans instead 🎯 If anything we should be helping each other out.
  3. I thought he did his 1/11 fairly well. He's no Po or Hyde but he's formidable and a heavy hitter. According to PFF , Groot is the 2nd best graded 2nd year player, behind Parsons and ahead of Waddle. His grade is 89 , Parsons 92 and Waddle 84 Kid is a Problem.
  4. They had a drone and uploaded videos to social media. I just can't find it right now but I saw the vids on Twitter yesterday Remember- Mia had to leave Florida early so they were practicing in Cincy
  5. You're missing the point and clearly have a hatred for motor. Idk what you aren't understanding. He had a rough game on the ground last week, in limited opportunities but does great at pass protection and caught 9 for 78 and a TD. That's terrible 🙄 And we must be watching a different game cause he looks damn fine to me..
  6. Say what? He had a TD and 95 scrimmage yards last week. Prior 2 weeks he averaged 4.5 ypc Last 6 games last year he was the 6th best fantasy back. He doesn't get rushing opportunities
  7. Really.? Didn't know 4.7 ypc on 518 carries was considered terrible 🤣 🤡 Barkley averages 4.6 on 712 carries🤡
  8. Motor is SOO underrated. If we gave him as many opportunities as Barkley he'd put up close numbers. Barkley is more talented but Motor is a clear RB1 in the NFL. Great vision, rarely fumbles. He can catch and pass protect Rev that Motor Dorsey.
  9. They let 20 seconds just drain near midfield. It was very strange
  10. Great quote actually. I used to hate and despise him , from a fan perspective. As I've gotten older I definitely respect him as well. He's a living Legend
  11. Seriously. This was my concern coming into week 3. And Motor is a legit RB1. He can obviously run well, great at receiving and pass pro. We have to run more with the back, just to have a Threat of a run game. Allen accounting for 90% of our O every game is unsustainable
  12. Thanks for sharing I learned that teams look WAYY better when they're not playing the Buffalo Bills
  13. It's more what Joshua Allen did. He is the Dolphins daddy after all. Apparently The Dolphins organization feel like he started having an affair with the Patriots and karma came back on him for in fact being a father of 2 and being unfaithful to Miami - allegedly
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