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  1. OHhhhhhh! Well that explains it all. Thx for the info, had no clue. Still feel they gave up a bit much
  2. I don't think it makes much sense for KC because of Dee Ford. I just don't understand why u get rid of a 34 edge rusher for a DE that never played in that scheme professionally. Plus you're giving up a first rder. Kinda off to me. Both will demand similar contracts. Basically swapped out a proven elite pass rusher in ur system for an unproven Edge rusher in said system, while losing a 1st. 🤔 🤔🤔🤔 I agree that Clark is a helluva player but so was Ford. And we've never seen Clark in this scheme as a Professional
  3. Nonetheless , a helluva trade. Not sure how Beane pulled that off. We got slot of Ammo heading into Thurs. I think he'll be wheeling and dealing all 3 days. You know what else I like more and more? The Star signing. We got a starting DT for the next 4 yrs who is a valuable piece to this Defense and scheme
  4. Carr has been almost fascinating to me . He was an MVP candidate in 2016 , on a Raider team that was expected to be legit SB contenders and then suffered that horrific injury in week 16. He and the Raiders been basically all down hill since then . I guess it was the injury, I'm not sure , but I'm fascinated how much worse he has been since Week 16 of 2016. Again, a legit MVP candidate , 2 years later and alot of folks don't even consider him a Franchise QB. Very intriguing player and situation. And yes , Gruden has been cringe worthy up to this point. Just makes me appreciate McBeane that much more , seeing how bad these coaches/gm combos are working out. Think we struck gold with these 2 and they'll be in Buffalo for a long time
  5. I don't think it's as big of a need as it looks on paper. Usually only 2 LB on field. Edmunds and Lorax never come off field. Milano sounds like he recovered nicely. Stanford is good depth and Alexander is a S/LB hybrid. Good addition for the Big Nickel . He can play and I'm assuming McD has a vision for him on this team. I'm sure they also add a rookie or 2 on day 2 and/or 3
  6. No chance. Coach and Beane both covet what he brings to this team on n off the field. He'll bounce back imo. And he'll have that C on his jersey. Randomly popped up in my recommendations. He still looked like a top 30 playmaker when he had some space. On those 3rd downs , in this video , he really showed off that rare vision and elite cutting all over the field. I love Yeldon as added depth , no more Keith Ford or random rb we pick up off of a PS mid year. We now have at least 3 capable RB and with those maulers on that OL , could see a resurgence in the run Game!
  7. Shady isn't going anywhere. The Bills are completely invested and confident in him. Plus they love his relationship with Allen. We have plenty of cap going forward. His contract is not an issue at all. I know I'm in the minority but I still think he has that elite skill set.
  8. Shady isn't a regular guy back there. He still has IT but I do think we need a replacement by next year.
  9. This is probably my exact , realistic list. I do think if Beane and Co fell in love with a likely top 5 pick, I don't see him hesitating If the price is right. Also TJ is also becoming more and more intriguing the more I watch of him. Looks like he could be an elite ,top 3 TE for a long time. Elite blocker as well, would just be a matchup nightmare
  10. Yea I know technically we have no Primetime gms , which is ridiculous on its own right but ya probably the biggest football day in the regular season. I think Allen specifically and Buf will be the talk of Thanksgiving. Ppl are going to be surprised how good Allen is
  11. What if Josh Allen makes a big time jump. What does that look like? How do you stop him .. We might just beat up these teams , especially early. Something special is brewing here, you can feel the positive vibes
  12. I don't think McD felt they were ready. Now in year 3 , with our core players all returning , they're ready
  13. I don't see how Thanksgiving Day , 430 against "Americas Team" isn't considered Primetime? That's as Primetime as it gets, all eyeballs nationally will be watching that game!
  14. I don't see why - they're only 2-3 in their last 5 on Thanksgiving, all @Dal at 430. They're talent level is equal at worse. Very winnable gm. Zeke should be hurt by then , and I think we walk in there 7-4 . Josh Allen n the Bills are going to be the talk of Turkey Day . Getting a big W vs the overrated Cowgirls. Millions of eyeballs will be on that gm , could see the bandwagon fill up with ppl just learning how good Buf is
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