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  1. I can care less as long as he keeps getting us Ws. He played a phenomenal 2nd half and wasn't bad in the 1st , we just couldn't punch it in the end zone. 0 turnovers last 2 games too. He's progressing imo. And you can't count him out of any game. 10-7 as a starter. Probably 11-6 if not injured at Hou
  2. I think they can be the best Defense in the game, for sure. I don't understand discrediting the iint or FF ..Phillips had a nice sack the previous play and Tre just made two great plays. Sometimes you have to just tiip ur hat and compliment the player. Tre baited Fitz on that throw. Great play by a great player in a huge spot. We're 5-1 and haven't given up over 21. They did play a bad half but held them to 7 in the 2nd. They're elite , and their ceiling is the best in the game
  3. He has ice in his veins. Big Time CB.. His rookie year he iced the game @ATL and had a huge FF vs TB and iced the game vs KC last year. Special player. Great teammate as well
  4. Hau$ch White Brown Honorable mention to Allen
  5. im as optimistic as they come but i have to agree. Allen has looked BAD the last couple games man. And the Fins aren't playing with their Wilkins/Jones/Howard, probably the 3 best talent wise. Just a terrible showing so far and really starting to change my perception of Allen.
  6. DL should be ashamed, going against a ragtag OL...Man this is pretty brutal... Props to Mia OC, great play calls, not so much on our side.
  7. i'm getting a bit worried because this has been a theme all year. Yes, they've been great in the RZ but they get yards but just can't punch it in way too much it seems to me. Knox did have a big drop but Josh needs to see Brown there.
  8. i thought he has had a very good year. Especially that NE game, he was everywhere.
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