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  1. The 2 teams from Texas are not better , we're at the same level at least.
  2. I'm not clicking that link. If you are writing for the NFL and have that opinion , is absolutely awful and the writer should be humiliated. That couldn't be further from the truth. Not a chance in HeLl that McD goes anywhere.
  3. Ya I like this idea. With quality depth at rb , they can really scale back his workload. Exactly, just get him in open space, sit back and enjoy watching him work.
  4. I don't want or anticipate Shady going anywhere. I think he's going to have a huge bounce back year and be a great weapon for Josh... Zay I'm not as high on....
  5. That's his specialty, is run blocking. Has been a consistently very good Run blocker , and very mediocre at pass blocking . Morse , for starters will make the whole line better when he's back week 1. I think Big will likely just sit him til week 1. But ya , Spain is a weakness at pass blocking but like someone said had a Great DT in Kaiwan Short .
  6. Thank God Detroit took Hockenson , who I'm sure will be a great TE , but things really fell out way and Beane maneuvered through the draft perfectly if y a ask me
  7. Only reason he was so cheap is cause his availability issues. I said if one of Gaines or Kevin Johnson stay healthy, it'll be a big help. Beane did a great job in signing 2 CB on the cheap because of injury concerns . This is why it wasn't just one. KJ has played lights out and would probably start on any other secondary. 🙏 He stays available. Great depth!
  8. The major way it evolved is Fantasy Football. Millions of casual fans who couldn't name 3 Bills players are playing fantasy and a good portion of those are watching live
  9. I feel Hughes is elite , he set the all time record for hurries in a game @Min last year , passing JJ Watts. He consistently disrupts plays
  10. Andre Roberts. This guy was one of the key reasons the Jets beat us in Buf. He had 2 monster returns to set the Jets up deep in Buffalo territory. I believe they got 10 points off those drives, he was the X factor that game. We saw that tonight with the O turning a great return into 7 . He's also a big part of the pass game. Just a great signing
  11. You can see a clear talent gap. That carries over. We have top notch coaching.
  12. Pre season or not , Allen looked decisive, comfortable and confident. Traits that will carry over to the season. With these touch throws and more check downs , he's going to be damn near unstoppable. Can see Alot of games like week 17 , 5 total TD . He's a stud We're down our top THREE TE for example and you'd never know given how good Sweeney looks. We're a deeeep , talented team. Defense is going to be dominant with a potentially very good offense = Success. Can't wait to see the Jets week 1
  13. Ya , he's a ST demon but what about Wade now?! Curious to see him go against a 1st or 2nd string. Rest Shady,Gore rest of pre season. Give Single , Murphy and Wade some touches early. If he has that home run ability , that's a helluva asset
  14. How about Shady McCoy tonight?!? Everybody talked like he was done , I see him being regular Shady this year. He's a weapon that is a nightmare matchup. Teams used to Soley focus on stopping Shady, now they'll have to account for a legit pass game which is going to bring out vintage Shady McCoy.
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