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  1. Our 2 safeties. Poyer could be gone next year and Hyde the year after. Are they valuable enough where we give them another contract when they're on the wrong side of 30 years of age? We shall see. It's a realistic possibility that both don't get re signed and that'll certainly change the whole dynamic of our D
  2. McBeane has been a blessing. They'll value a player with less skill and high character over a player with more but could cause distraction and division in the locker room. These guys just get IT. The same IT factor that our core players have. They were born for this and took a perennial terrible team into the gold standard in team building. The only thing missing is Super Bowls..
  3. Ughhhh... Reading it back, it's definitely a little bit of both. I'm not 1 to boast , I just saw this PFF post and wanted to make a post myself. But I also pumped myself up as well. Not something I ever do on this board but I feel a connection to 24, I saw his play from day 1 and knew he was a baller , so , ya I'm flexing a bit! 😁
  4. My fault. He got a 3 year extension in 2020 I believe. Not sure about the # change but I know him as 24
  5. You guys can look at my post history. I made a post after his first couple starts in his rookie year. He has been a staple to this defense and secondary, just a great nickel CB and the pick 6 against Baltimore, sealing an AFC Championship appearance was legendary. I saw this on Twitter and just wanted to share my appreciation for 24 on here. He was a phenomenal draft pick and a ferocious Inside DB. He's going to get paid next year! Super underrated. Possibly the most underrated player on the whole team! Edit - My post 4 years ago about Taron. Loved this kids game from day 1! Pardon me, I forgot about his 3 year extension. He will definitely get a nice pay day again imo. Such a stud and underrated piece to this defense Double edit- This isn't about me , just wanted to show that I appreciated his game since day 1!
  6. I certainly am. There was some Amazingly elite play by our offense. Spectacular. Bills deserved that 1 I still think the Hill TD on their last drive before the 13 seconds scared the coaching staff.
  7. We hit the lottery with this kid..
  8. First Mckissik , then CMC . They obviously wanted to add a duel threat RB. Cook obviously fills that role. Going to make this offense that much more dynamic. This O might break all time records , when you look at what we added and how phenomenal they were vs NE and KC to end the season. Adding a legit pass catcher in Cook outta the backfield is going to be brutal for coaches to scheme against this O.
  9. Geez. Losing 3 brothers to gun violence is rough. Glad he worked hard n stayed humble.
  10. Boogie was all over the line late in the year, producing. Love his versatility. Really nice chess piece for the DL
  11. Beane has said Moss was injured and they expect him to have a comeback year
  12. Also just his swagger , body language and confidence. We're drafting guys that love the game
  13. He was likely their BPA and also a position of need!
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