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  1. True , it seemed to me like they were a very weak 11-5 . They were 3-4 versus teams with a winning record. 8-1 versus teams with losing records . Shoot we probably beat them in Houston if Allen didn't get injured, even though it was a blessing in disguise! I see a 6-8 win team. Their OL is brutal. Defense not what it once was.
  2. Hyde said yesterday that Neal was overwhelmed last year. Said they simplified things for him n he looks great now
  3. Absolutely. I love Lorax part time , if Murphy/Shaq step up we could have a deep dangerous DL I also feel Harry Phillips is going to be a very good player , that DL has so much potential!
  4. I can see him having an immediate impact sorta like Tre White , where we see very early on that this kid can play at a high level. Him and Hughes could be the quickest DE/DT combination in the game
  5. Absolutely . McCoy and Gore are also likely to get a bunch of vet days , nothing more than a camp body imo.
  6. He's played in about 11 games in his career and this guy really said he's going to struggle with short throws his whole career. Smh. That's either complete incompetence or a hater
  7. Ha i actually responded that way because of the news . Not because anything you said , which is my bad ! I actually agree with you , I'd be very good with bringing him back on in some capacity.
  8. I agree . I think White is just a better player than Norman was and allows so much flexibility in man coverage , Norman was known to be average in man but great in zone. White is great at both , will tackle and brings amazing energy to the team. He's a keeper
  9. Ya for sure , I think alot of ppl will be pleasantly surprised at how good he is. Zay can play in or out , if he can be a little more consistent , he'd be a helluva weapon and would allow for some great matchups with Beas down low and Foster/Brown up top. This could be a really good WR corps.
  10. Another awesome video. Another time I get the vibe something special is brewing with this team
  11. The DB group is special. I made a post about him after week 2 but watch out for Taron Johnson in the slot. Kid jumps off the screen , is extremely physical and very good coverage. He just plays with a ferocious streak and even shined with a bum shoulder. Going to be special
  12. It's not that deep man . I think most just dislike the Jests and want to see their new toy malfunction asap
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