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  1. It's funny. Not 1 peep from NFL players. If they want to stop hate and racism in this world, they have to condemn it in every situation. Just goes to show BLM is a sham. Not the message but the Movement.
  2. I'll never forget Micah Hyde saying around week 8 of Edmund's rookie year , that he already feels he's going to be wearing a green jacket 1 day. Absolute Stud. Can't believe we snagged him at 16 , phenomenal trade up by Beane
  3. Ya I like MetLife. I live in NJ , about 15 min away from the stadium. I was at the opening XFL game there, had field access and it was an amazing experience. You can watch from field, or the stands and have a restaurant/bar right there on field level. Overall I feel it's a significant upgrade over the Meadowlands
  4. I see alot of comments very upset and saying they're done with the NFL. Is this further dividing things? I personally don't have a big issue with it but I don't like politics in my sports. Thoughts? https://www.yahoo.com/sports/-nfl-to-play-black-national-anthem-before-the-star-spangled-banner-at-week-1-games-211305337.html
  5. He was on a 3 gm win streak to his and Pits credit. But ya, that was easy $ for this defense.
  6. I don't want a political shouting match , but I completely disagree. I don't see much that can be done to control or contain this virus. If he started a quarantine earlier, cases would just spike when restrictions are lifted , as we're seeing. The virus wouldn't have went away , it would literally be the exact same outcome. Vaccination seems to be the only hope to getting life back to completely normal.
  7. I'm slowly coming to the realization there will be no NFL season. It's heartbreaking, with the Bill's being the favorite to win the division for the 1st time in my adult life but just a hard truth I'm going to have to accept
  8. No bail either. Once the inmates find out his charges , and they will , he'll either be constantly fighting or moved to AdSeg , or "The Hole" , where he'll be alone in a tiny cell for 23 hours a day.
  9. True or not , none of us know who Fromm really is , except those close to him. I've joked like this to close friends, especially in my early 20s , but never had a racist bone in my body. I'd imagine it being very hard going through high school and college with a bunch of mixed teammates, as the QB , and truly being a racist.
  10. Interesting, even his teammate Mike Thomas took a shot at him.. I personally agree with Brees regarding the flag . I also hate that athletes are held to a higher standard on social justice issues. They play ball for a living , and their opinions hold as much weight as yours or mine. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/drew-brees-addresses-nfl-players-kneeling-in-2020-i-will-never-agree-with-anybody-disrespecting-the-flag-164423496.html
  11. I Ya I imagine there's more as well. Either way we have an advantage on O and D because of all the returning starters . Especially over teams looking for rookies to make an impact. Diggs , Moss and Davis are really the only guys on O that are new , as well as Maybe 1 new starter on the OL. The defensive additions of Addison , Butler and Norman all played in this scheme.
  12. It's an interesting concept , I'm sure the coaches have discussed all the possible ways to use Big Ed . I remember about a month ago, Chris Brown saying that he feels they'll even kick Oliver out to DE , because of the depth at DT and the ability for QJeff and Epenesa to kick inside and Olivers explosiveness for his size should give OTs trouble
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