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  1. Exactly. If he takes another jump this year , I'm all in with Allen. He handles himself like a franchise QB off the field like he should, very impressive, and his leadership is great. That'd be my test results , without the cocaine
  2. They feel they can have a much cheaper option with similar production. With teams gameplanning for Hill/Hardman and Sammy disappeared for multiple games at a time , but he has done that his whole career.
  3. Ya I can't argue that at all. I think you can make an argument for either trio and we have yet to see Diggs in this offense.
  4. Not sure if this is thread worthy. Mods can merge if needed. .. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001108262/article/vikings-wr-adam-thielen-calls-diggs-trade-a-bummer I just caught this article and again , Diggs work ethic is highlighted again and Thielen is clearly a bit upset. Everybody that talks about Diggs from the Vikes organization has had nothing but extremely positive things to say , except the bitter fans. Not only is Diggs a #1 WR on the field, but he's one off the field too. Football is everything to him , he elevates his teammates and has a strong work ethic. P.S - Just ordered my Diggs jersey
  5. Hill/Hardman/Watkins or Diggs/Brown/Beez ??!? I think you can't go wrong with either group and even though they have the speed advantage , Diggs and Brown have elite speed .. They don't have that true #1 though like Diggs. Watkins isn't close to Diggs level,imo and I like that Beasley adds that elite underneath game KC doesn't have.
  6. Feliciano isn't losing that spot unless he's playing C. He was a beast all year and his versatility is great. What a steal he was last off season That's a deep , versatile group of OL. Wow. Not too shabby
  7. Yes he had that humble but hungry vibe McDermott preaches. That's a great story. Hang in there. I have bad anxiety and probably undiagnosed depression. Awesome to have a guy like him be so down to earth and use his status to spread positivity and joy. Before we hung up, I asked if it was SB or Bust. He said on paper yes , but honestly he can't tell because they haven't gotten together and he can't feel the vibe of the team. Was hoping he said hell yes , but appreciated the honesty I meant always knew he'd be a DB at NFL level. Was surprised he went undrafted
  8. 😂😂😂 Was a question about the secondary. And I don't want to have people saying Levi said this player is this and that.
  9. Idk who saw that Levi Wallace made a post with his phone number, encouraging ppl to reach out. So I sent a text yesterday. Followed by a picture of me in some Bills gear. About 30 minutes ago I get a CALL back! I asked him how involved McDermott was in the secondary. He said extremely involved and immediately mentioned McDs attention to detail. Second question I can't discuss. I could, but I'm not a scumbag and wouldn't do that to Levi. Asked him how he honestly felt during his rookie off season where he went undrafted. He said he always knew he'd be here and was baffled by not getting picked. Was confident from day 1 and I believe him. Great great guy. Super mature. I gained so much respect for him. He's definitely a process guy and he has serious potential to make a jump this year! And just really cool for him to have an almost 15 min conversation on the phone , real humble , fits the culture perfectly
  10. https://t.co/tHNoxJlY18 Nastyyyyy footwork. 🔥 😮😯😲😀😃😄👍👍👍👍
  11. I know. He definitely has flashed the potential. We'll see . Hope Kroft can do anything. I don't remember him catching a ball besides the Pitt game (huge catch nonetheless)
  12. Bills are going to be a very fun team to play with. Several players should get bumps in ratings. Diggs is a 93 now.
  13. Great point and I agree. Never forget him missing a fumble recovery because he started celebrating because of a sack and didn't even see the ball , vs Miami. We upgraded at DT big time , Butler , QJeff and when you also account Harry and Oliver in year 2.
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