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  1. Hated Aaron Maybin and James Hardy..
  2. Every team in that division should be improved though. Relative to the other 1st place teams in AFC , we got an easier schedule for sure. Rather play Wash than GB, TB or Sea .
  3. I have a feeling Beane trades up and grabs that impact player , potential day 1 starter. We have great depth and no glaring holes. If the cost is ok, I see a trade up
  4. Nice! I'll take it! Beane is really filling this roster out. This is veteran depth, mag not make the final 53. I think ultimately to go BPA in the draft. I'm starting to think we might be trading UP. Beane knows we are an impact player or 2 away from a Lombardi. I can see us moving to the 15-20 range and snatching a top 10 prospect. With 5 QBs likely to go in top 10-12 picks(Lawrence, Wilson,Mac, Lance and Fields) we can land a day 1 impact player in that range for sure
  5. Even if we had a pretty good run game last year, we might have beat KC. Our RBs couldn't do nothing and their defense knew it. It would have changed the Chiefs whole philosophy on defense but they sold out on our pass game nearly every play because they knew the RBs couldn't do nothing. Same with Baltimore. A solid run game would take our O to a whole new level
  6. Sammy "Glass" Watkins Over/Under 10 games. .. I'll take the Under. Heard his foot still hurts from his Buffalo days
  7. They were the best in 2019 though, with same guys. Edmunds/Milano being banged up made a big difference there
  8. I could 100% see Josh take a major discount to benefit the team. I really believe these guys love each other and their ultimate objective is to win a Lombardi. I'd be surprised if he didn't give us a discount....
  9. I saw multiple posts saying Juju turned down 9.5 mil plus incentives for more. Hes getting 8 in Pitt.
  10. That was actually just outside the 20, officially. The streak goes on !!
  11. I read they switched to a 3-4 and he didn't enjoy playing on the inside. But nice , versatile piece, hopefully he can reach his full potential in Buf, which has been the mantra. He's a genetic freak!
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