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  1. Josh refused to take the underneath routes every time! They were there. He didn't take what the defense gave him.... Forced it down field instead
  2. Pretty cool but he didn't play in the social media era . Kind of hard for players not to read the press
  3. A. I had Covid. Have antibodies B. I stay in pretty decent physical shape. C. My mother is an RN. Reported no huge rise in ICU cases and I'm in NYC area. Heavily populated. I trust my natural immune system to handle a potential illness ✌❤ D. Wish you and your loved ones nothing but peace and good health! Link?
  4. Thanks , wasn't even thinking that.. Going to look at potential arrangements
  5. Same to you. Wish The best to you and your loved ones. My mom got vaxxed, I encouraged her- 60 , Recent breat cancer, I was glad she got it. I'm in my 30s, have the antibodies, work out, do cardio, take vitamin D. Yes , flu vaccines are worked on constantly and consistently. This isn't that This specific vaccine has been worked on for almost 2 years. Historically, vaccines take 7-10 years to hit the public. I don't trust a Vax that was made available in 15 months!💯
  6. Wow. I was going to go to my 3rd game this year, Nov 21 vs the Colts. I guess I'm going to have to sell the tix. I'm not anti vax. I'm pro vax. I'm just Anti THIS VAX My antibodies have been phenomenal. I have no reason to put an experimental drug in my body! 💯
  7. Solid post. I agree with most. Let's see how this progresses. Week 2 in Miami is suddenly a huge game for us... We need the W. Don't care how we get it but starting 0-2 would really be brutal. Willing to give them a pass in week 1, the stadium rocking, playing against a phenomenal front 7 and 3 very good WRs(Johnson,Claypool,Juju). I think their passing O will have much success going forward and we'll look back and say we did very good vs an elite D. Not looking forward to seeing them in January though
  8. Yup. Levi played a good game, not great or elite but good.
  9. Thank you! These fumbles will eventually kill us in an important game. He has been lucky , not losing too many but it's only a matter of time before that trend goes the opposite way
  10. This isn't a Lamar vs Allen thing. I know Fumbles have been an issue for Josh in his NFL career and I strongly believe these consistent fumbles will start impacting games
  11. Dionte Johnson TD was one of them. Great coverage, better catch , he's a great WR
  12. Their DB made a helluva play. Feel like ppl are so quick to slam Dabol or the execution by the O but sometimes you have to tip your hat to the D on a helluva play.
  13. Absolutely agree Idk why ppl are disagreeing with you or my post. Allen has had these issues for 3 seasons and I was hoping he would limit these mistakes at least in year 4. I understand it was 1 game. I understand it was against a very good defense but i hold Josh to extremely high standards, considering his contract and career trajectory. He played very mediocre yesterday and this fumbling issue will lose us games in the playoffs or big reg season gms. It was a huge play yesterday, momentum shifter. This needs to change...
  14. I'm actually good with everyone except Allen and the punt team. They lost us this game. McD is great, our D looked phenomenal, Dabol is great. So ya, wrong thread chief.
  15. He has been fumbling pretty consistently for 3 years. We're not going to get so lucky recovering them alot and they're going to cost us some games.
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