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  1. Last 14 games , meaning 11 in Nov/Dec/Jan Josh Allen has 33 TD 3 INT.. I think he'll be just fine bud.
  2. I'm excited to get Norman back next week. Even if he doesn't have much playing time, he's a respected Vet that seems All In this year and will add some fire to the Defense. They played awful in 1 half (LA) , played bad in 1 half (Mia) and played very good in 8 quarters. Gotta be more consistent. Confident McDermott will right the ship. Alot of defenses seem to be struggling.
  3. This is the content I'm here for!! He was abysmal, awful , terrible. I always point back to Buffalo late last year and Tennessee in the playoffs. Both produced a blueprint on Lamar. Stop the run. That's it. Without the run and play action , he is an atrocious passer.
  4. I got receipts , after the MVP and everything, that Allen would be the best QB of that draft class. Lamar was exposed by Buffalo and Tennessee late last season . You take away the run game, Lamar is a below average passer. Poor mechanics, poor reading the field and makes poor decisions. Phenomenal athlete, one of the best athletes in the game, average-above average QB. Allen is levels above Lamar in terms of the passing game.
  5. Big Time! Davis can play boy. Like I said, down our TE1 and WR2 , we didn't miss a beat on O. Very impressive. Think it all started with the Diggs acquisition. I got receipts saying he'd fit the O like a Glove! And he has delivered big time!
  6. Oh definitely but either way it wouldn't have counted. Clear p.i but ya that showed he has some serious athletic ability. Just feel Knox is on another level, in that department at least. Hey, it's a great problem to have. And Gilliam is just a very intriguing player, can see him at FB , TE , WR , again, just phenomenal roster building no matter how you slice it
  7. I see why you would say that but I disagree on Kroft being better in the pass game. Knox has had some drops but has made up for it with some big time catches . Kroft did only have 25 yards. But yesterday showed that we are pretty deep at TE. I mean between Kroft and Smith, 3 TDs on 26 yards. Knox does much more damage in between the 20s. We were down Knox and Smoke and still had our way in the pass game. Phenomenal roster building by Beane
  8. Yes they are. Totally unbiased. Anyone else familiar with Geoff Schwartz , former Giants OL aand his breakdowns on twitter? Guy is such a d bag and absolute hater of the Bills and Allen. Can't stand that dude!
  9. What's he doing poorly? I haven't seen a decline at all. He plays as a centerfielder in this D and Poyer will get up in the box. Hyde is more in that unsung hero role in this defense but very very important for it to be successful. The defense as a whole have had 4 fantastic quarters and 2 very poor quarters (2nd half vs LA and Mia) . Like Shaw said, they'll be just fine by November. Hyde is playing just fine now imo.
  10. Eh, Yeldon was solid. He's a nice luxury as a 3rd down back but Moss is a perfect complement to Motor. Motor is a stud. His shiftiness is elite, he has great vision as well. I'd like to see Motor get about 65% of the touches and Moss about 35, as well as goal line situations where he's a beast
  11. This is a Big Deal! He has been so good, I think we're desensitized to it. The Football Gods blessed us for acting like we were a 10+ win team , when we'd go 6-10 every year, for 17 years. Josh Allen is our reward. Thank you Football Gods
  12. Guys , don't click the links! ***** em. They purposely try to piss off Bills Mafia cause they know we care. We'll click, we'll chirp about it on Twitter , give them traffic and more money.
  13. And bro, this was his 3rd game , in his rookie year with limited practice. This kid looks and plays like a first rounder..
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