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  1. They all pull th!s crap. I was on the $20 a year plan and they auto renewed me for something way higher. I had better luck, they canceled and then I signed up again for $20 a year
  2. USA got spanked in their mens team soccer Opener 3-0 by France. Please feel free to post any results or thoughts on the games here
  3. How nice of the OP, lets go O's and @Gugny Mets. Screw the Evil Empire
  4. I get what your saying and I enjoyed Astros posts here also. The point is why should the owners of this site advocate for someone on another site?
  5. You beat me to it! If it was someone like Yolo or Kirby Jackson maybe then.
  6. Orioles manager Earl Weaver married a women from Elmira when he was a manager here for O's AA team. came back in off season and sold cars for Elmira Chrysler Plymouth.
  7. Thats not to smart by the bar owner to lose customers over Peacock and $7
  8. OP should change the subject to yanks and MLB. crazy 9th inning in Baltimore for O's vs Yanks
  9. This is a Yankees thread, a lot of us like other teams ... Someone should have started a MLB thread
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