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  1. Funny story, store manger at the grocery store I worked at in the late 70's was trailing a shoplifter and approached him near the checkout. Dude pulls out a stick of gum and somebody says "he's got a knife" when they saw the foil. Larry planted the guys face in the keyboard of a register. They never fixed that one
  2. Pictures from Elmira... https://www.stargazette.com/picture-gallery/news/local/2022/06/17/flood-72-50-years-ago-elmira/7636671001/
  3. Josh OJ Charlize Theron (to protect me from OJ like Atomic Blond)
  4. I just saw that episode on CC this weekend LOL
  5. Lee Harvey Oswald had a clean record to before he supposedly blew JFK's head off
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hurricane_Agnes A I just moonlanded your link, sorry. Nobody died in Elmira but peeps did in Corning
  7. This year is 50 yrs since Agnes destroyed lot of property in NYS , PA and more. ...Not sure how many lost family or property in this tragedy but thought I'd throw it out there. I was lucky at 12 yrs old , lived in northern Elmira so no property damage . AOMC was 2 blocks from my house so we didn't see a lot of of my mother who was a RN. Biggest thing I remember is the constant Army helicopters fly over my house 24 hrs a day bringing in supplies and people. It was crazy as a kid to understand. Please feel free folks to share your memories
  8. Aristo... thos sucks. Dacshund 1 blew his acl out in both legs at a different time. Vet did surgery in his office and he was good after both surgeries. Dachshind 2 had back surgery at Cornell his recovery was little longer but one day I came home, he chewed through the kiddie gate and was happily sitting on the couch LOL. no keeping either "down and resting" when they were ready to go. Good luck!
  9. I go to my NP barber and get a hair cut and physical at the same time.
  10. This thread needs Dr Phil to enter and say "Its not all about you". Get well Kim!!!!!!!!
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