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  1. All I know about Duke is if Coach K was still the Olympic coach we wouldn't have lost in basketball today to France! Sacre Bleu!!
  2. So your saying they are a couple? Who'd a thunk
  3. This one has nothing to do with the vaccine, OP said so.
  4. Always good to see the Ice
  5. I'd say west of Binghamton, Chemung County has a solid Bills base
  6. Gregg Bell @gbellseattle Redmond police chief Darrell Lowe: Richard Sherman tried to break into house of his ex-in-laws around 2am. Domestic violence specification to the burglary charge is for his relations of address’ occupants, “not because of violence against any family member/significant other”
  7. Might want to read this.... https://www.arcgis.com/apps/MapJournal/index.html?appid=5508484140a84023a1e2d8b080e14d0a
  8. Well your in luck, next time ya come through theres one right across from Mooneys that we had lunch at the last time. We'll eat there.
  9. No problem. Interesting I don't think we saw those commercials down here, but I do remember that slogan
  10. That was a great store and Bob Hurley a great guy. ... I assume ya mean Sindelar. He still plays on the seniors tour and lives around here. He messed up his back big time and got divorced from his long time wife. So I don't think he's physically or mentally 100%.
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