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  1. I guess it was his fault Hamiln died and they had to pay for a clone to show in Buffalo
  2. I hope Andruw Jones makes it one of these years. good player
  3. Lets get er done and start the roll to a SB win
  4. Tage with a hat trick and Sabres win in OT 5-4. Now have beat the B's and Caps within 4 days, when was the last time they could say that!
  5. I'm sorry, is there a thread on it? If so I will delete mine. Mike
  6. When ya think of all the strange things that have happened in the last year to the Bills and WNY its crazy: Kim's Illness The Tops Shooting Knox brother dies The Ariza mess Hydes season/career (?) ending injury Blizzard #1, game moved to Detroit Blizzard #2 , 40 plus people die A life threatening injury to Hamlin John Murphy had a stroke (Update 1/6) ..How much more can one team and community take. Mike
  7. Did ya just go there for the bathroom and had to buy something?
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