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  1. They are redesigning so the snow only falls on the visiting team
  2. I don't think the picture was as sharp as Mondays Bills game , but it was in Cleveland not OP
  3. I only got the 12.50 off each payment
  4. Has anyone got a email saying that their ESPN+ service is renewing at 99.99 from last years 69.99? I get prices are going up but 42%? I cancelled when it ends next month.
  5. Around The NFL @AroundTheNFL · 11m Cleveland unveils new "Brownie the Elf" midfield logo for 2022 home-opener
  6. Thats my choice, a great game and then off to a SB we should have won
  7. Bears say they are moving... https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/34536485/chicago-bears-conceptual-plans-326-acre-property-includes-construction-domed-stadium No renderings yet
  8. Loved when she asked if there were any Bills fans there and it got loud
  9. I can't believe this thread keeps going, he's gone who GAF
  10. Can we at least get some renderings of the new Peace Bridge? That sure is taking a long time to build
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