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  1. join in the fun on PPP they love people like you
  2. Thats nonsense, rich people will always buy them for image Nice satire
  3. MLB: Tampa to Montreal (thanks @Royale with Cheese) ..........Miami to Charlotte or Portland NHL: Miami to Quebec City (nords vs C's was awesome) ...........Carolina to KC NFL: Jacksonville to London (just get it over already. I don't like it but it will happen. 10am games are a nice add) NBA: Somebody to Seattle. SuperSonics never should have been allowed to leave
  4. I would agree with that. Whatever hope there was for EJ was destroyed by St Doug.
  5. I would hope it would be after dinner and flowers, show some class
  6. Not sure how you can say he would be successful elsewhere. Different team, different coach different owner etc. Too many variables
  7. @Gugny always loved him. BUT, I don't get NBC right now due to the Nexstar vs ATT (DTV) pissing match
  8. @Cripple Creek brings great wisdom , he should have been a mod
  9. I refuse to implicate a innocent person like @fl az fan
  10. WGI has all their permits well in advance for races and other events. They were basically renting the track to this clown and he must have thought he could just show up. I have to wonder how many of those acts were really under contract
  11. I've said it before and I will again, my tags say do not remove by penalty of law! Now if some one knows a good lawyer let me know and I will reconsider
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