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  1. Hilarious thats all I can say. I gave it no longer than 2 pages for his thread and lost. ... Just quit playing it before games. Do you walk into your job and stop everything for the national anthem?
  2. Not for nothing but I live in Horseheads NY. Sorry that ruins your day
  3. I want in before this thread gets sent to hell aka PPP. . I give it no more than 2 pages
  4. Why don't they just give them one of those shots with the Bill Gates tracking device in it that some people are so afraid of.
  5. I hope Herman Cain signed a waiver at Don's pep rally in Tulsa. He's in the hospital with Covid now.
  6. Agree as a Nets fan on Atkinson. NY Post today said that Steven A was blabbering that the Knicks might wait 1 year for Doc Rivers.
  7. I was pissed when they let Kenny Atkinson go. I assume Kyrie had something to do with it since thats his past MO. The Nets would have been better off with D'lo and Durant but of course thats not how the NBA works. Your right Spencer and Levert are fun to watch. Isn't D Jordan signed for 4 years? ...Nets never get a break. The tragedy with Petro, Larry Brown quits in the middle of the playoffs, and now this. ...
  8. Since the Dr J day ABA days. Don't bring facts here it ruins agenda's.
  9. lol, ok thats a pass. I don't know why the Nets are bothering to go to Orlando. Dinwiddie and Jordan are already covid'ed and Chandler said screw it.
  10. Big fan I see, NBA games are 48 minutes. 4 quarters at 12 minutes per.
  11. He's a big mouth radio talking head that states his opinion like fact so he's not intelligent for change, he's pandering
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