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  1. I hope the bears have Geico insurance on their caves since Yogi and Boo Boo do. I wonder when they hibernate if they wake up scratch their ass and take a biggg shitt whilst reading all the newspapers
  2. I'm not touching this unless the bread is toasted. I had too many made when I was a kid with a parents hand print on them.
  3. I really find it hilarious that a Noob like you spends all his time in this stuff. Smells like a burner account to me
  4. HAHAHAHA... Thats great, heads are exploding across TBD
  5. Revenue goes down then so does salary cap. So profits should still be there
  6. LOL nice picture Gug, next time stand back further
  7. Good Lord, We have "The Edmunds report' now what is this cable news
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