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  1. Tom Pelissero @TomPelissero · 19m The #Titans had three new player positives and five new personnel positives for COVID-19, sources tell me and @MikeGarafolo . Both Titans and Vikings, who hosted them Sunday, will suspend in person club activities starting today. NOTE: Please stay on topic so this topic doesn't get pulled
  2. if the rest of my picks go through I'll be fine. So I can't pick last nights game obviously but also can't pick the one tie breaker.
  3. I missed last nights pickum game so filled out the rest today and hit save. it says incomplete 🤷‍♂️. I hope the rest of my picks will count, I'd like to get out of 84th place lol
  4. Bishop was arrested by Folsom police on her birthday in June 2019 after her former boyfriend confided to his ex-wife that he was concerned Bishop was “grooming” their son, court records say. I could use some "grooming'
  5. Have a nice day, I sure someone much smarter here will explain why "dude"
  6. You deserve nothing, but if your in Philly in the wrong state that might be your problem.
  7. Sure going to be interesting the 1st bad game he has around here.
  8. Looks bigger than 7. “In consultation with the St. Joseph County Department of Health, the Notre Dame Football program has decided to pause all football-related activities until further testing is completed,” the team said in a statement. “Combined with last week’s testing results, a total of 13 players are currently in isolation, with 10 in quarantine.”
  9. I knew it was on purpose! This was brilliant, much cleaner than the baseball bat to the ribs I assumed.
  10. If you start at the bottom its even messed up. The Jets are like 26th or 27th? Read a NY paper they are square in last.
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