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  1. And to think a few years ago, we were the vultures picking over the leftovers. Beane has been masterful turning this around.
  2. He's the new Tashard Choice on coming and going
  3. I'm taking the goat for a walk at the Mall! Not yet, but Andrew is buying them on the black market so all will be well.
  4. NBCSN was supposed to have the Louisiana Derby on today but didn't, not sure what happened there as I never looked at my Twin Spires account. I saw on Bovada the other day you could bet on over under on temperatures in select cities over under! Seems like there could be some money made there.
  5. Bills make the playoffs in 2/3 years after 50,000 years. Allen comes in and has done wonders with what he had to work with and won some games on his own. But yet we have another thread should we get rid of everybody just amazing.
  6. Considering all, no. The only 'unreal" thing is that people paid attention to Andrew. Of course the 10 police cars might have something to do with that.
  7. Hokie ... long snapper is always a concern so Reid Ferguson better know I have my eye on him. Otherwise RB, bleck. Singletary seems like he's done at 10 carries for some reason and theres nothing behind him. I'd also wack Jason pegula Good job.
  8. Anybody have any connections where I might get a case or 2 of masks? I'm the CFO of a agency that serves the ID/DD population. NYS OPWDD has put in a strict requirement that in our high needs homes all staff have to wear masks 24/7. So we are currently running through about 300 a week and these things can't be found. ...Please PM me with any suggestions or leads. Thanks... Mike
  9. I was born in 60 so when that happened I had less a clue then I have now.
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