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  1. NFLTradeRumors.co @nfltrade_rumors · 22s Arrest Warrant Issued For Antonio Brown http://bit.ly/38v7DGd
  2. I'll start a new thread Bills may get 5 PT games, anyone for 6?
  3. ProFootballTalk @ProFootballTalk · 11s Police say Antonio Brown has locked himself in his house while battery investigation continues
  4. Love your thread name! ... Reminds me of when Fly Williams was at Austin Peay, they'd chant "Fly is open go Peay"
  5. Shadys healthy he will be active and play. My 🔥 take
  6. Well this is interesting, I just read that winning in the trenches is coaching
  7. Your inside knowledge of the game should be a lesson for the commoners here
  8. I'm Sorry , I didn't know the stars in the crowd at a WWE enhanced event like this was so important to you. Lets us know what other stars brighten you life on the red carpet
  9. LOL on the NHL. I was bummed when they said he was out, not sure it would helped that much today. Awful shooting
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