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  1. Looks like a 16-4 loss tonight, with 4 errors and 5 unearned runs. LFGM!
  2. I think its great that Erie County has taken this stance. This isn't anything but 'Murica, ya know when we lined up as kids to get rubella shots at school. It sounds like this younger generation are a bunch of pussies that are afraid of a shot.
  3. Then have the men in trench coats get involved was a robbery on live TV
  4. If I followed CFB besides Notre Dame I'd take the Texans. Then study up on who is the best long snapper
  5. I thought we had a no solicitation policy here lol
  6. The Stats class revisited, this is great. I love your conclusion and thanks for your effort.
  7. I saw them and thought WTF? I suppose the O's will be wearing green like they make me often feel.
  8. Cigarette smoking, got a real bad flu one winter and had to stop. Still did some but got married and stopped. Dumped her too! lol. I'd say at worst 1-2 packs of Marlboros and that was the 80's. When I see the price in stores today I don't know how peeps can afford it. I was paying 10$ a carton now its 10$ a pack
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