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  1. yea, like I said, top 30 really tough, top 40 with work, right? And I think just yards is a tough metric to rank guys on solely. You know, injuries, poor qb play, incoming rookies. We project his best stretch to 17 healthy games with a top qb but probably a handful of other guys would push up if you did the same. if you just take a list of the top 100 wrs and start sorting ours… it gets hard to push anyone above 40. A few places I’ve seen start our best one around 50, which is basically dead center of the WR2 group (I’ve never thought 45 vs 55 is any real distinction for instance)
  2. so the challenge here: not an insult as I believe both have talent and a spot in the league but… which of shakir and Samuel do you consider a top 30 wr? Honestly, pen to paper are either confidently top 40? It’s hard to get them there. if we don’t have a top 40 guy we are talking average WR2 for our top WR? Unless Keon plays much better than the 8th picked WR should, we are looking at a rough overall room.
  3. its wild to watch him argue definitions but have it fly by him that you can state that someone factually has a stated opinion on the subject. that he ranked them 28 is a fact. That opinion was derived from whatever analysis he made of the various groups.
  4. with average health, they’d instantly be top tier Super Bowl contenders if they add him
  5. in 9 games he had 6 carries and 5 catches. I’m not sure you can put any stock into any outcomes of his touches though he did average 10 yards a catch in those 5 plays so I’m particularly stumped by the narrative you gave
  6. truly a puzzling spot. and we are all here because we like to figure out the why/how hit this one was a real struggle. he had the talent to be on the field are we to believe he couldn’t pick up a few packages a week? or did the coaching staff believe anything short of the playbook being 100% wide open with him on the field was unacceptable? but Dorsey is in Cleveland which makes it all the stranger
  7. At this point? Very little and a lot of incentives. probably not worth the headache here but there may be a team out there that appreciates a reliable short yardage contested catch option. hard to think he will age gracefully though, given his current lack of self awareness
  8. I do not believe the coach gets that duty on his own in pretty much any building The roster building implications of long term keepers and cap implications certainly trace back to the GM
  9. I keep echoing: I’d love to know what happened last year. either way, huge questions about why we didn’t at least have a guy added to the practice squad last season
  10. to some degree… imagine having the best point differential and a long playoff streak and landing 10th seems more insult than compliment, right?
  11. the counter: we weren’t alright without a number 1 in those big moments so I guess we will see going forward
  12. our best wr room is always the room we have in June when they are full of potential
  13. yea, the post as an argument is a bit “but ackshuallly” guy as a random trivia tidbit, fine enough, but to argue cost with the entire season running at a fraction of a percent of his salary when paired with the jerseys received are all worth more than the cost is an eye roll
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