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  1. there’s no way most know the story. Not a chance. I’m not even sure if we asked at the gate of new era we’d get a large majority that spit out the name Bill Cody, yet alone could speak to who he is. You think fans of other teams are rattling that off universally?
  2. surely the guy that checks hundreds if not thousands of house numbers a day is aware he should look without you emailing his boss to tell him that he should look at the huge number on your house. of course it’s your right, but seriously think about it.
  3. so what’s the upside on reporting it?
  4. If not a regular issue, let it be. It’s a astronomical unemployment. Give a free pass unless it’s commonplace for the guy to mess up.
  5. yup. Being better than average is his price of entry to the conversation these days. It won’t indicate he’s the guy, but is a step towards it as he hangs with the trajectory. If he falls short it’s trouble, if he’s good it’s on to the next test.
  6. right, it’s possible to make a run with plenty of rosters but some key positions being good certainly helps
  7. I suspect there are a few things working in the bills favor- small market not particularly activist market not many knowing bill cody but with things like statue removal stretching pretty far, it’s not impossible
  8. I’d likewise be surprised but not sure watching a goal line run vs an rbi double in the gap would lend itself to the term splitting hairs here. They are drawing lines in between all kinds of gatherings that are much more similar to each other than these.
  9. kind of feeling the same way. The polar opposites of total disregard for science paired against an over the top fear has really done us no good. If we could’ve followed a measured and practical approach across party lines I think it could’ve been realistic to have sports and probably even an ok attendance level. Now I won’t be at all surprised by a full cancellation
  10. It’s Drew’s last year. The windows closing. They will see what happens at qb after but that’s a matter of opening a new window it’s really a shame the saints didn’t get another ring. Hell of a stretch of losses in the playoffs. that whiffed tackle on diggs, the obvious rams call, etc... i want to say in a 10 year run they had like 5 playoff losses on the final play (vikes x2, beastquake, rams, and I think niners if I remember correctly)
  11. Volume of people and proximity being grossly different
  12. when your sponsors start pulling dollars, and you are already in an economic downturn... motivation to change happens
  13. honestly most teams don’t have 5 solid lineman either. It’s not a bad crew
  14. yup. Most places will realize this is a bad spot to force an 18 year old to make a decision to play or not... ncaa is still kids playing uncompensated and has the dark underbelly of unreasonable coaches that hold grudges. suddenly a kid has to quarantine or be in a bubble for months for free because he wants a fair shot at making the team next year, for instance?
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