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  1. NoSaint

    Can Murphy be Allen's Thurman Thomas?

    Murphy is not a player of note. Shady is his Thurman Thomas if wanting to force the analogy
  2. NoSaint

    Personal Foul Penalties?

    Plus half the time they dint actually understand and properly communicate the rule
  3. As he’s already been active he can’t be pup, right? as it’s a 4 week injury potentially with 2 weeks and 2 days until our opener.... I think you just list him inactive for 2 weeks. Allen starts, peterman backup and go from there the biggest change is peterman is now a lock for the 53
  4. NoSaint

    Advice Needed re: Managerial Dilemma at Work

    Yup.... though if you were in that moment at work, it’s not impossible you’d space out and forget the IM is blocked. Im not saying it’s no big deal but if usually a stellar employee and it was a catastrophically embarrassing moment paired with an ineffective way to communicate- way different than coasting out cause my tummy doesn’t feel good and not telling anybody cause I don’t really care. One I’d try to grant some grace and the other would get a pretty quick pink slip
  5. NoSaint

    Advice Needed re: Managerial Dilemma at Work

    Agreed. Unless she’s legit had an accident in her pants, she needs to communicate in person and direct there. Her pride in front of him can’t be prioritized over his ability to do his job in front of dozens of key people i will admit that if she’s almost 100% on that every other day I’d consider some slack/empathy but if it’s a semi regular occurrence then my patience would be gone
  6. Deadspin had an article a few years back about a dude that applied for press passes to braves games. Just made up a newspaper name. He was consistently approved for full access for a couple years and hung out in the club house. There have been a few remarkable stories about guys that dressed out and sat at the end of the bench at basketball games etc... but post 9/11 it’s probably a lot more likely to catch you a felony than it would’ve 20+ years ago
  7. NoSaint

    Kyle throws punches at Jordan Mills

    Obviously if it was you would’ve posted it first 😇
  8. NoSaint

    Cardale starting tonight for Chargers

    I was more pro-Rosen of the two. I didn’t see the cards game but would react by saying that how a first preseason game goes isn’t worth much reaction. It felt like he was already a huge long shot and that the guy that couldn’t stay out of fights when visiting HS football games back home probably needed to be out of buffalo to have his best shot (still an incredible long shot)
  9. NoSaint

    Based off last night I am taking AJM over Peterman

    I wouldn’t be shocked it that was the plan. Curious to see if petermans stats effect how next week is handled. I took last night as petermans audition for 53 or trade.... and that AJM and Allen would end up 1-2 in no particular order.
  10. NoSaint

    Peterman is now officially TRADE BAIT

    My point was he has flaws. He may overcome them. They may end his career. But to pretend that everyone that’s skeptical is ONLY looking at the San Diego game is disingenuous.
  11. NoSaint

    Peterman is now officially TRADE BAIT

    What are you counting as downfield?
  12. NoSaint

    Peterman is now officially TRADE BAIT

    Soooooo why do you think he was a day 3 pick before that game?
  13. NoSaint

    Tremaine Edmunds played light & tight

    Needs work but also doesn’t need to be running through brick walls in August. It’s a loooooong season. His camp will be about getting good reps balanced with keeping him fresh for the much longer nfl season.
  14. Yup. Seems if we cut streater we can pick him up at any time too, which is a consideration. I think he watches from home til injury.
  15. NoSaint

    [edited title] Robert Foster, UDFA - Roster shot?

    Ouch. A few of these takes are aging very poorly. always has to be a huuuuge red flag when a talent that big produces that little in a college career