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  1. How many coaches stick with the plan of not running their own systems?
  2. Gregg is a 43 guy that likes pass rush Or both teams like a lot of good players available in the draft
  3. Walter is just a guy. His insights and connections are below many poster we have here.
  4. I think most casual fans see these as a good chance to get to know who is out there and what various teams may need (or after the fact how other players did). I don’t think most are looking at it as insider facts- just a fun way to get the cliff notes of the league
  5. Longer Von Miller and like him more than Bosa and you are talking trade back....
  6. Ignoring Brady has 3 of the past 5 wins... I named Seattle very specifically in there (9ers didn’t win but were the same boat as far as structure and winning a ton), the rams this year got there and chiefs were in the AFCCG..... unless your plan is to trade for Brady/Belichick I’d argue a many/most of the really strong teams lately have been young qbs with overloaded rosters.
  7. Because this is what wins in the nfl and having a qb on a rookie deal removes all that pressure. We are truly in the window where we get 1-2 guys for free essentially. we can build our legion of boom and still pay a rb and it’s not the end of the world if adding harvin flops, or get the weapons Mahomes has or (so many examples)
  8. We are very precisely in the window where we should add 1-2 splashy moves at game breaking positions that would normally seem silly but today are practical for being an instant contender. A high end pash rusher is a great example. Then hopefully josh Allen’s pay raise is absorbed as he transitions off the team but by then Allen is good enough to carry extra
  9. If you wipe clowneys first year Clark has 6 more sacks but Clowney has 29 more tackles for loss. And has played on and off the ball a bunch. More tackles, more pass breakups. It’s not like he’s a slouch or mediocre.
  10. After 20 years of this, I can’t fault anyone for not being familiar with what success looks like. Or looking forward to orange slices at half time.
  11. Plus I'm almost positive he’s not actually Jim Kelly
  12. I suspect we’d all be better served by you leaving him be and taking your own advice of a walk 😇
  13. I’m fine with the normal posting but this ones a bit much, ice
  14. Min not sure that his volume of play is an endorsement of him as much as an indictment of others. I think hes he’s fine enough but don’t think anyone (coaches included) loves him.
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