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  1. I agree with much of it but will offer a few points for the sake of someone throwing out counter points here instead of just piling on. 1) the guys an advance scout, right? His job is to be at their next opponent so any coverage of him would by definition come at a suspicious time 2) we project a lot of BBs personality across the organization here. I agree that he’s incredibly detail oriented. I’m not sure he’s involved in mid-season web content on that level. Unless there’s a nefarious use behind the scenes I can’t see him touching it. 3) if you were filming someone and someone called you on getting a shot you couldn’t have, I’d assume you’d offer to delete it. ultimately, if he has the full 8 mins of the sideline I think they get hammered. If they don’t, it’ll be a relative non issue.
  2. right but again you aren’t using solid comparables. the assistant reports to you. The students are under your care. the subject of a documentary film crew isn’t implicitly tasked with monitoring all camera angles at all times while also performing his actual job. The producer of the segment bears responsibility for his crew. If the crew is feeding film back to the pats it becomes a football ops issues. I’m not saying the pats are not guilty. I’m saying some of you seem so worried that they will be found not guilty that you are coming up with relatively weak ways to try to seal off the exits instead of realizing the elephant in the room can’t fit out the door to escape anyway. Fighting to nail up a 2x4 to hold him in isn’t terribly effective. ultimately, the tape will tell the story. It doesn’t matter if the subject was a scout, cheerleader, equipment guy, snow shoveler or accountant. The camera guy either was focused on sideline coaches making calls in a meaningful way or he was filming general B Roll around the stadium and field and only caught the coordinators in passing shots. If the dude zoomed in on the OC all quarter like the bengals employee said the pats will get hit hard. It’d be almost impossible to explain a non-football ops reason to do that. If he was 75% profile shots of the scout working, 20% catching some plays over the scouts shoulder to give a feel for the view he has and like 5% pans of the crowd and maybe 1-2 play calls thinking he was catching cool context shots- it probably won’t go anywhere beyond some fines
  3. right and I’d bet that he knew every player on the field and what he was allowed to do. but that doesn’t mean you know what’s on the principals computer screen while he’s observing you, for instance. theres enough red meat here that latching onto narratives like it being a scout involved as the subject doesn’t need to be important unless/until he’s somehow tied to nefarious behavior. In theory he’s watching the field doing his job.
  4. Really arguing a meaningless point at that level. either they were filming for the scouting department and it was for football operations or they were filming for social media promotions and that a football employee was the subject doesn’t much matter in the realm of it being football ops. And if he’s doing his job watching the game he likely doesn’t know what each possible camera is filming at any given moment
  5. im not sure you’d expect the scout being filmed to also be clearing what are legal camera angles and if they crew are consistently following policy. he’s there to scout the game not police the filming
  6. yea- but they were punished. and if they cheated here they’ll likely be punished. But just because buffet once did it doesn’t mean you throw the book at him without investigation or fair process.
  7. meh- the jets were entering the week 4-8. They should probably keep his touches pretty minimal in December at that point. People already decided who he is and what they think about him.
  8. On day two it’s a pretty reasonable discussion
  9. meh. It’s a bit of a tough point to argue. Would JG beat out Brady on the depth chart based solely on practice reps? not sure anyone would pull that trigger on the 2 seed in December. I’m sure they’d be interested based on his now much more extensive resume, but he wouldn’t have that.
  10. what was the alternative? Brady would have to be gone by now. They couldn’t coexist this long.
  11. yet there’s no early indication of this being at other games... yet.
  12. it’s entirely possible we learn more. This far it’s not portrayed that way, but could easily come out.
  13. Not to defend but by nature of following this guy on his job he’s the dude that goes to the next opponents game to scout them, no? like he would be that guy at any time they did it. That’s why I’m surprised the bengals game would be the week they pull that card out of the deck
  14. post of the thread! im picturing the bengals accidentally deleting it instead of sending it. that said, it’ll lend some credibility to the process after the nfl bungled spy gate
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