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  1. he’s a good not great player, and filling a big role in a strange season while injured. and was playing against one of the better play designers and play callers. its a tough league to play consistently excellent defense in on your best days. At the moment the decks slightly stacked against him. Hopefully he gets healthy, gets good reps and settles in.
  2. Don’t like no shots at the end zone first even if you get the onside you may not get to the 15 for an easy-ish TD shot but could get a kick to tie
  3. he’s been this player for 4-5 years now. M he still CAN but with the way the teams built he won’t. The deep threats are terribly erratic and he might have the best short-mid range trio around in Thomas/cook/Kamara
  4. Yea, I don’t mind a few plays here and there but he gets a ton for his current role. Like elite non-qb or low end qb pay. he doesn’t have the snap count or impact to be that rich - and I think he dies what he does pretty well
  5. honestly, the single play in a vacuum didn’t bug me but with the DPI on a totally uncatchable right before it’s tough to see no call even if not a huge push. It’s been really consistent like that going against them for a year and change
  6. yea I’m not sure he made it to the line of scrimmage and they gave him a full yard. Should be an easy review
  7. Saints have been abused since the rams game. among the most against them and nearly none in their favor. sure things like depth of targets matters but it’s like every borderline PI call bites them since calling out the league that was a hell of a stop
  8. you really enjoy being the starter of threads
  9. Just because it could’ve worked out doesn’t mean it’s ideal. there are plenty of throws im thrilled josh can make if needed late in a game and trying to come back. many of those you don’t want to see thrown in the situation we saw there
  10. Or he just had a couple less than perfect plays coming off a bizarre offseason. but maybe he decided to start coasting 3 weeks ago. Maybe.
  11. And ours will get it done more often than most. it was a tough half not a bad unit.
  12. and yet it happens regularly in the nfl it happens who cares what fans declare the leader of the team of the rings that scare me in a shootout, power running is lower down the list. Don’t love any weakness but I’ll take the paper cuts over being susceptible to big plays bad weather is completely overrated here otherwise, spot on
  13. Welcome to Winning in the Nfl. you have to score a lot and hopefully your defense holds up for stretches along the way.
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