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  1. I look at it like the Hail Mary - you don’t want to be 100% predictable but pressure is your friend, and if you don’t have to defend the first 5-10 yards underneath you can still have great coverage while firing a bullet at the qb i don’t blitz 100% there but overloading a spot on the line would be my tactic more often then not
  2. meh. It’d be irresponsible not to have on the radar but it’s a bit obtuse to publicly comment. I’d assume buffalo is starting some degree of contingency planning too.
  3. we are playing top teams. Many of these games will be near coin flips. No shame in that. He’s taking his best shot, not trying to be a purist bills fan
  4. he went back out to play with his kids on the field for a loooong time. It was the end.
  5. he’s got to pass protocol which is a series of tests vs the measured baseline, no?
  6. I suspect that we run a lot more. But I suspect it’s josh is beat up not just adjusting for the wind. I bet few to no designed runs for josh... We will see.
  7. Stayed down a long time too. very worried about that hit. We saw him muscle through an injury earlier this year and not look like himself.
  8. I’m more worried about that hit he took than adjustments. Hopefully they have him prepped to make it the 2nd half effectively
  9. Essentially teams built around rookie contracts and then those putting all their chips in at the end of a vets career. And then Rodgers. the chiefs and rams are just at the cusp of really having to peel back some luxury contracts.
  10. a good one can without a doubt give more insight as they get inside scoops from teams.
  11. Some of these will never be 100% clear
  12. They’ve had a GM for like 5 mins. this is just high level connecting of dots
  13. it’s such an unlikely play to keep possession that it’s practically up there with creating a turnover in value
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