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  1. I have to think he’s getting at that (less so Watson) McGee clements McKelvin stretch. Though a few receivers were in there too. In theory, having a back or WR makes a lot of sense. We’ve just too often had 1 dimensional guys like Roberts or even Easley. Our WR depth hasn’t been good enough to burn roster spots.
  2. 664 return yards underscores how little value the position has. That’s 41 yards per game when taking a knee (or tossing the ball at the ref) gets you 25 I’m all about Tannehill getting the feather in his cap come payday. Not a big deal but let some team pay him for the honor instead of josh getting the bump.
  3. If they didn’t make the trade I don’t think anything’s changed that would justify a big jump in valuing him. id be down for the move but don’t see it happening
  4. Or he just got high/drunk and did something dumb. I’ve always suspected that while his home life is likely a bit dramatic that night was probably mostly youthful indiscretion and not psychotic break.
  5. I haven’t quantified it but I bet he bails with his back to the line less often
  6. I mean it surely didn’t help but you can’t count on three guys that haven’t proven it to all be above their average. that said I’m surprised zay went from heavy load of ok play to totally not functioning.
  7. At this point I’d almost never return. It feels like punts constantly have penalties and kicks rarely pay off. Wades classic pint catcher is fine. I’d venture that player would rank better than average just fair catching 90% avoid tragic shanks/blocks on punts, boot it through the end zone and kick FGs about average and paired with the no return returner and you are practically top 10
  8. he played well but in his 6 games he kind of alternated quality- odd games 1 TD in 3 weeks, the even games 8 tds in 3 weeks. generally efficient but defense and Mike Thomas did A LOT for him. heck the Dallas win was 12-10 for instance.
  9. I think the issue is defining fine too. He’s not a strength but you can be a successful team with him still. He’d be a little overpaid but whatever, as long as you aren’t counting on him to be an above average guy. we need 1-2 more pass catchers above him. If he prevents you from going after that he is a problem,
  10. point whizzed right by you and you were too stubborn to realize it
  11. you could argue two heavily invested in passing games reached the big game just as easy. You know, if you were trying to cherry pick a point. which is kind of the thing- super bowl teams tend to be good all over. That’s how you get the best record in the regular season, bye and home field etc... we can invest like that for a bit. We wasted a year of it here though.
  12. Best part of that flag is not being a throw. He’s really going to end today with quite the stat line
  13. I wasn’t faulting the decision but if you are the HOF coach and your owner took the decision from you for a sense of loyalty and then in the same year the owners guy might leave by choice and your guy gets his first ring... he’d be understandably frustrated I think
  14. if it’s a true story, BB really has right to be mad and it’d be extra amusing if Brady walks away from the team this year
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