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  1. Or fans could think he’s top 64 but there’s another option that’s a better fit for us
  2. You call them inconsistent but 80% of the league is inconsistent and 10% is consistently bad. they are 1 game out with 10 to play. They might not make it but they definitely have a great chance
  3. just pack it up and head home I guess. Lost two in a row before the half way mark? ::eye roll:: I don’t know if Ramsey is the guy but we both know there’s a ton of football left
  4. I think at least a portion if the stress about trading picks here is being so accustomed to drafting at the top, not the bottom of the round too.
  5. you might not believe it but sometimes the splash is the smart football choice too, as scary as that might seem.
  6. get excited, it’s the new Nfl. Load up around your qb while getting a 30m a year discount on his contract and hope for a SB. At the end hope he’s the guy cause he’s going to count as 2 cornerstone contracts. If he’s more Russell Wilson, great, into the dynasty building with smart drafting. If he’s more Sanchez/kaepernick you at least enjoyed the ride before starting over. The one thing I wouldn’t want is a tannehill/mariotta style where you peak at a playoff contender.
  7. I never even implied Sammy propelled them. I said they took a swing at a high upside guy and got compensation back at the end too. Was trading pick 63 for 97 (or whatever the exact numbers) terribly expensive? im not a huge Ramsey advocate specifically but the dramatics around here involving anyone making a move is a bit much. I mean, comparing the defending nfc champions to the September afc wild card team is likewise a bit much. We are doing well and are entering the window they are exiting. seems beane is interested but hasn’t pulled the trigger yet. Hopefully he does make a few splashes soon.
  8. Do you really have to wonder if they thought of it? Do you think they just up and forgot about the cap? Or at the end of the year do they give him a high signing bonus contract pushing the hit down the line with plans of Gurley coming off the books sooner rather than later and Goffs cap hit to drop while the cap continues to rise?
  9. I wonder if they thought of this before making the move.
  10. If they are actually truly past their window it gets ugly. If they have 1-2 years left it’s “meh”
  11. Didn’t really cost them THAT much. a late second and a corner they couldn’t rely on for a 6, a year of Sammy on a rookie deal and a 3rd round comp pick? Doubt anyone lost sleep over it.
  12. ill again point to them winning their conference last year. plenty of day two draft picks don’t work out. They moved on, got a replacement, and received a 3rd round compensatory pick. Essentially they traded back 35 spots on day 2 of the following year to try to fill a hole there. (I’m aware of Gaines but seemed ready to move on from him) Id be fine with that choice here. Worst case is what happened, best case you get a good guy cheap.
  13. this boards been saying it for several years but I recall watching them in the big game despite having a shaky qb and injured star rb. I’m not saying model after everything they do but maybe there’s some sense to it. things probably hit the fan when their qb contract catches up to them and he’s not great... but if he does step up they will be relatively fine.
  14. I’d venture they plan on signing him.
  15. If you think they are late picks and he helps make at least 1 of them land in the 30s I would say there’s an argument plenty go for more. what’s a late 1 this year plus another late 1 get you moved up to in the draft? Teens, roughly? plenty of corners go top 10 and it’s not a stretch to argue that getting a proven guy offsets some of the cash compared to drafting
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