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  1. think they forgot him or… do you think the guy that’s acted incredibly erratic since his big contract might’ve checked out on taking calls and the team can’t force much on him during the offseason? I’ll say, the other two are a bit old but I can’t think of many extensions for huge dollars that have gone worse, quicker, than the Saints trio of graham, gallette, and now Thomas. All three were huge deals and two were gone within a year and Thomas has been a non stop major in house issue where I think they would love to walk away from him if they could. it’s so rare to
  2. Imagine asking for so little and the team struggling to agree to bend even that far
  3. ultimately he could be listed at WR and play a FB role. This designation doesn’t change much. And we can keep 12 tight ends and no full backs if we wanted. I think we all pictured him in the kind of H back, versatile around the line of scrimmage role, and not a big threat split out wide consistently. Even as a “FB” officially I think we all expect him to be an in line blocker like a TE on snaps and more of a passing threat than a traditional FB too. it’s a pretty minor procedural update in the grand scheme.
  4. meh. For roster designation it doesn’t matter much. Eligible for a few new jersey numbers but everything else is exactly the same.
  5. I will say that waiting til camp is silly, albeit better than never.
  6. I think prevents is a tricky word. it substantially reduces risk, even if not eliminating. Clearly the Nfl wants to encourage that reduced risk. the NFLs issue in this is going to be figuring the tipping point on vaccinated vs unvaccinated to make that serious call on forfeiting a game. If it’s blended and no known source, how do you call it?
  7. it may even continue relatively uninterrupted. We will see. if he could land in a place that’s a bit of a media black hole, that may help. But winning cures a lot and he’s a very good qb. I would not be shocked to see a big package with playing time qualifiers on the first rounders.
  8. Im not saying this trade makes sense but a consideration on any round two pick for a rental is we would be ideally trading 60-something and if not signed would got 90-something as a comp. so trading back a year and a round, not just giving up a 2
  9. if he voluntarily isn’t showing up already the league office may be a bit slower to take a stance that they would have to legally defend. showing up forces their hands to say whether or not he’s allowed in the building.
  10. I think the point being made is “I am here and they have not done it yet - for a reason” as opposed to staying away and the reason potentially being that he made it easy to side step the formal designation being placed
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