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  1. NoSaint

    Josh Allen coins #SabresMafia

    I’m not miserable at all - I’m just not celebrating the dude for being friendly, and not accidentally calling the city Pittsburgh in his tweet. hes a qb drafted in the top 10. He obviously has a decent chance to be an icon in the city. They all do and like 99% try to embrace it.
  2. NoSaint

    Josh Allen coins #SabresMafia

    Throw out #mafia for the other pro sports team and mention wings, and you “really get buffalo?” what if he wraps his truck and plants some trees downtown ala Rex losman? I don’t know that this tweet is anything beyond entry level checking the box of being aware of buffalo
  3. NoSaint

    Doug Whaley Has Landed a New Job

    Yup. and honestly, I’m assuming this is a nice 6 figure job that allows him to be around the sport while not having it crush an outside life. I know we assume the dream is to be at the top but it seems like it could be a pretty nice niche he found.
  4. Only in Buffalo is “playing meaningful games into December” some resounding success...
  5. To be fair, most of the counters I read had the statistical weight of replying “nuh uh” Guys simply saying “but the offensive line” without backing it up doesn’t give us much. Yup.
  6. NoSaint

    Eric Moulds... What happened to him?

    I suspect your the only one because it’s a ridiculous “stat”
  7. NoSaint

    Thoughts about the Bills Official Website

    As a fan that interacts with bills related content daily and year round.... it’s been years since I’ve been to the site on purpose and probably 15 years since I’ve had regular visits (say visiting more than an article every couple weeks) id challenge the Op to define who he thinks the target audience is, and who he thinks the actual current audience is
  8. NoSaint

    3-man QB competitions of Buffalo yore

    Generally, I’m sure the goal is to roll with him uninterrupted. And even if he doesnt start day 1, I’ll maintain the others really aren’t any real competition. No one in our front office is seriously considering mccarron or peterman being “the guy.” McCarron is like your spare change jar, and peterman a lottery ticket- they are real but you don’t really expect them to truly change you financial planning.
  9. Come on John.... you used a mediocre example to try to make your point and knock other posters. even if we throw away the reports and go with the idea that beane wasn’t interested.... what is it that you are thinking he knew that other guys paid to run teams didn’t know? Occams shaver is that we were interested in taking the risk but we’re more interested in risking Benjamin’s knees at a slight premium than Bryant’s decision making. Raiders likewise were interested in the risk and simply were on the unlucky end of it so far (though it didn’t cost them terribly much)... and last year didn’t pan out all that great for KB either. It’s what teams do- take some risks that you can’t guarantee the outcome of.
  10. The irony of your post of course being that allegedly the guys running the team were also interested.
  11. Its below average WR1 money, and I’d guess he’s among a very small number that are definitive #1 WRs for their team getting paid less than the top TE and RB on their team. hes a value player, generally speaking, even though I’m not a huge fan of his. He should produce, but I don’t think he’s a true game changer. If spending big free agent WR dollars, I’m not sure the big slow guy with bum knees and occasional weight issues is where I’m backing up the brinks truck.
  12. Its been a lot to process since clicking the thread.
  13. What qualifies as not being viable?
  14. I’m guessing it’s more than a “smarts” issue
  15. NoSaint

    3-man QB competitions of Buffalo yore

    Who really thinks this is a 3 man competition? It might be a stretch to call it a 2 man. Realistically it’s allen against himself.