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  1. There is also the reality that we are unlikely to see diggs/Davis/McKenzie play 17 regular season plus multiple post season games all 100% healthy. im not dying for OBJ but I think there’s something to be said for extra depth at receiver and some extra attitude that this team should walk away with rings if they show up.
  2. well, he made it clear who his source was, which means the value is a total question mark and any real reaction are kind of pointless.
  3. “your policy states ownership is subject to harsher penalties than players. When you fielded reports about conditions with the redskins organization or viewed video of Robert krafts handjob in a human trafficking/prostitution sting - why were they not punished in line with this young man”
  4. i will own, surprised the nfl would risk this going to court. We will see what they try to impose now. Major fine and very modest change to the games they might skate without court. I’d still be shocked if they go big and end up in court. And then if they go small, it hardly seems worth the risk and continued headlines.
  5. presumably she utilized past nfl punishments, and that was a threshold used for severity previously
  6. Recently added a couple billy strings shows
  7. Yes, because the group here is far more savvy at employment law (remember, this is an employment law case)
  8. I hate to continually have to disclaimer that I’m not supporting Watson - but I’m not with the following statement… her stance wasn’t that this was some novel case. It was a non violent sexual assault. The nfl presented 5 incidents, and 1 was removed. There’s been some parameters over non violent sexual assault punishment. The uniqueness of his case being a volume of 4 incidents.
  9. roger does not want to be in court discussing krafts incident now does he?
  10. the guy has missed 23 games when all is said and done. I imagine this received at least slight consideration
  11. again, landing him in court answering questions about Kraft, etc… nope - not likely happening
  12. again, on the field and off the field impacts being far different issues to deal with. And the CBA addresses them as such.
  13. not to mention Watson taking the nfl to federal court and asking for review of evidence against craft, for instance.
  14. and liability is a broad word here right? You can settle a lawsuit if you have done nothing wrong but want to avoid the circus of an accusation. I’m not saying it’s the case here but many get these concepts mixed up and it’s a real important baseline to these discussions
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