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  1. next stop in breaking the stalemate: what do you think the average salary for that player should be, and do you think gabe should be a top 5 average salary in Buffalo? and I’m not a huge fan of just taking games/plays out but in weighting his production from the past and looking forward part of me always wants to lop about 50 yards off that one catch and still credit him with a long TD but like 48 instead of 98 to normalize it a little.
  2. more specifically I was saying no one twisted his arm or forced a coordinator on him. He picked the side and let him run it for years, with a little trade back and forth between the two. Whether or not he made the play call, he picked the defense
  3. to continue on getting to the same page… 15 per game would put him 8th in carries by your definition bell cow means Henry, Jacobs and borderline chub also, 21 touches vs LV…
  4. Terrible sequence by the lions. wont matter but incomplete, run out of bounds and a sack while running out the clock is criminal
  5. I think that’s not a terribly unfair comparison - good guy, well liked, hard worker, and has a spot in the league but not the guy for this roster or scheme. because he is a wr instead of running back the pay is also about 5-10x, which makes it even worse to sign on for a veteran contract. He’s a guy a team with a rookie qb can splurge on as part of a 3 WR platoon that costs too much for us
  6. And we may soon see Jordan Addison in Minnesota join those ranks the lions have invested in creating that dynamic. tampa has been that type of team Heck, if not for Russ, sutton/jeudy could be an interesting pair as having a high end WR2. It hasn’t worked out but it’s certainly the plan.
  7. ultimately, at what moment does anyone here say “it’s gabe Davis time” he’s the deep threat that can’t outrun guys hes the big body that isn’t a reliable 3rd down move the chains target he’s not a bum that doesn’t belong in the league but he’s kind of a tweener that’s not particularly good at any identifiable role or skill set
  8. “if they don’t like him they could cut him or make him inactive or not throw to him” as a wr2 -ie top 64 wr- that he is down at 66 in targets on a passing offense that is top 10 in plays run and passes thrown might indicate to you that they are limiting their play design to him. They aren’t scheming up gabe, they are letting people forget gabe.
  9. and I’m arguing that he’s been running past guys deep a lot less often since his big KC game because he’s not fast enough to be a consistent deep threat.
  10. agreed. Predictable times are a blessing and early Sunday is by far the least impactful on the work week. roll those on Monday or Thursday and it blows up two business days. At least Sunday is free pre game
  11. has it struck you yet that he’s not getting the targets because Josh and Dorsey might like him less than you? to be an established WR2 on a team that runs a top 5-10 play volume (and passing volume) and be 66th in targets is in and of itself a red flag.
  12. Unfortunately his measurables don’t match what you are saying and his tape doesnt show a burner deep frankly. his agility measurables are very low for a guy in the league and we see that pretty consistently in his play specifically.
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