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  1. do it like 6 times and then fast count to catch them off guard
  2. that we can’t handle the difference between “the video suggests” and “that guy definitely tore” may be as much an “us” problem
  3. um, yea, throw that guy in. I think the bigger issue is getting into game shape to avoid a hamstring issue haunting in the playoffs because of how late in the season it now is
  4. I mean, what’s the positive spin on “definitely out til January but maybe next November” he’s allowed to take that range serious and not be thrilled about it. Even best case sucks for the guy and he couldn’t rule out the worst.
  5. The better team won. not an ounce of hesitation saying that. the lions will talk about moral victories and boneheaded mistakes from their staff managing clock… we will continue to watch for home field advantage in the playoffs while they watch our team on tv. Bills won.
  6. Easy: most are even worse even when healthy. perspective is a hell of a thing.
  7. they gave up 3 TDs and a FG. It was essentially “average” nfl defense despite missing most of their top end talent.
  8. no Rousseau, Miller, tremaine, Micah, and I’m not sure what tres pitch count was 4 day week, early game on the road My having virtual practices during the blizzard I don’t always love the coaching but we also have to be real that they should be getting beat up worse than they are at this point. To even remotely hold their own is a win.
  9. honestly, I’m no doctor so I simply want him to make a reasonable choice based on sound medical advice. I hope he is both safe but also gets back after his passion as soon as he can
  10. davis is a sketchy WR2 and good WR3 gentry isn’t an nfl player hard to see a path to paying Davis right now so a talent infusion would be needed in the long term blue print
  11. yup. or you line drive the hell out of it at some non hands team guy. If it bounces off his head, awesome. If not, it isn’t going to be a great return. but is “I got the hall at the 35” a momentum shift?
  12. my gut has always said that. Or even some 15-20 yard surprise bounce high in the air “Hail Mary” to field gets you pretty close to the touchback result but with high upside of someone mishandling it or your team snagging it
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