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  1. Is 2 catches a game and like 2 tds a year really a big part of an offense that had 4(?) hall of famers including 2 at his position? If he wasn’t a role player, who was?!? Outside of buffalo and the lett family, I’d venture not terribly well known. that play was likely legendary even if he’s not though
  2. Wait... you are a cfo/it ops director?!? for what, the AAF?
  3. If minuscule compensation, Reed on a 3 year 24m non guaranteed contract doesn’t kill me. ill keep echoing that we are in a spot to take on a few guys that you can’t count on or don’t make sense positionally or... if we take reed reed as a 1yr 7.5m swing with 2 team options to follow... meh. Not the worst use I’ve seen of a late pick.
  4. Those offseason practices are always a balancing act...
  5. Its a tough situation. I think that the fact that TWO of his sons spent time in prison and even after one died he didn’t step back and take a break worries me about Andy Reid the man. That they did drugs doesn’t terribly concern me but how he handled it and some whispers that floated around did. That man, for better and worse, is a football coach and his best and worst qualities are likely to bleed through. addiction is a tough and extremely complicated thing and I am among the last to look at it as a moral failing by anyone. I think that as a leader of men he has struggled to show that he practices good self care and by proxy often struggles with proper care of others. That may reflect in both his personal and professional life. That’s a very difficult conversation to have off the cuff on the radio though. I’m hoping he stumbled haphazardly into a tough topic and wasn’t just trying to score points. Those are widely different things.
  6. I picture him erratically throwing people out the exit off his back foot
  7. I’m not even sure it was thaaaat oblivious to give it a shot. And I largely give cam a hard time. contrary to this thread, it did not appear to actually be first class that he was speaking with. He was trying to move from row 3-4 of coach to the first row of coach so he’d have the wall in front of him instead of another seat. Not sure what they are swinging on that upgrade that day but I’d venture a lot less than $1500 and if somebody was expensing the ticket they might think twice about putting some crisp bills in their pocket. I’m on the tall side but I’d think twice before turning down (a weeks pay/a free vacation/season tickets/insert appealing alternative of your choice) to give up just the extra knee space. If I paid for first class on my own- obviously that’s a thin proposal to just cover my already incurred expenses and maybe a nice meal on top
  8. I get that cam has an assistant. I’m also very well seasoned with travel. Heck, that’s probably why it was a bit nails on the chalkboard-y to read. You may as well be talking to EII about your adventures on the canals of Illinois right now 😂 Perhaps it’s a regional, or generational or some other thing but from this side it’s reading a bit tone deaf and then assuming I don’t know about either of those things feels like doubling down on it. At its simplest, I’ve just never referred to any of my team as the help, and never will. Ill chalk it it up as a misunderstanding or agree to disagree. No biggie.
  9. Obviously he should’ve planned differently if it was absolutely vital. It’s not like he freaked out- dude offered a person in a slightly more spacious seat the change in his pocket, which wasn’t a small sum... Once denied he went back to his seat. I’m not sure the “back of the bus” and “needs to hire better help” attitude is hitting the mark you expect. In a thread about Cam, you are coming off as the pretentious one 😂
  10. It looks like he was just asking to move to the front row of the coach section
  11. You can watch their routes without ever seeing the qb or ball, frankly. Brady is an impact but it’s not impossible to look at the guys
  12. NoSaint

    In Bloom

    Way to go and “Courtney love” EIi’s most salient post to date...
  13. You can compare if you have time and want to. Various things like physical measurables, catch rate on well thrown balls, footwork, so on and so forth are apples to apples even if stat lives aren’t
  14. I’ll say guys that talk smack about the last team coming in are likely to do the same going out. As for talent... he is a good player but at one of our qbs weak points. If josh takes a big step, he’s a great resource. If not, he could be a sore spot. ‘‘Tis the risk of a pickup like this. Clay never got utilized by Tyrod in our quest to throw between the hashes. Josh isn’t tyrod though.
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