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  1. meh, I think he probably saw more than one play. that said, I agree that zero is a big concern. Especially at the college level. He should have had plenty of “man amongst boys” days ala a guy like maybin at the very least.
  2. sure? Whaley was too. on your list nix was only in buffalo for acquiring Hughes though.
  3. he was hired to get the job and it’ll be his to lose — this whole charade is to ease the transition. Stepping in to take over immediately after trebek is a much harder process than having some fun first and handing the reigns less directly from trebek to him
  4. there’s a lot of “impressive athleticism even if it didn’t work” in that stack. just would’ve been nice to see a bit more “made both the athletic move and right read and resulted in success”
  5. If not for the 34 to 43 to 34 Whaley did pretty well stocking a defense. getting the qb right is much more important though
  6. DE - unlikely to get an immediate game changer there OL - we are win now and not likely to move the needle there you can find elite backs, athletic secondary players and good receivers there and all 3 are immediate contributors and fill holes down the line. I wouldn’t be shocked to see OL and DE on day 2 though as a more developmental piece
  7. Not racing to trade up for a TE. both a second tier position for impact as well as a steep learning curve. Rather spend a little extra on a good vet
  8. You could definitely have a tablet at the table with live access to a person and then just an automated runner. Hotels already have the early iterations of this for room service.
  9. gladney being an extreme example but with 90 man off-season rosters you are talking 3,000 or so guys that could be considered an Nfl player any given year, and fast turnover in that number (ie including retired guys makes the pool skyrocket) if you sampled 5,000 random 20-40 year old men I’d venture youd get some better groups, but also some worse. I’d be curious where the Nfl stacks up in relation to a similar population before speculating on why it’s worse. good info- thank you for sharing and shame on me for responding before reading
  10. also the ever true reality that we are guests in SDS’s house and were never guaranteed any semblance of perfect consistency - so no need to argue with your take here. its a pretty reasonable bend, if a bend at all, and no ones forcing anyone into the thread. not to get too far off the topic but I think it’s a good occasional reminder to let some of the entitlement go and just enjoy this for what it is and sidestep what you don’t like.
  11. id argue that giving an accurate conclusion that it didn’t establish causation but suggests there may be a relation is actually solid science. It didn’t oversell conclusions
  12. we never thought the pressure was on the pats cause we were picking high. We are the better team and they have to out due him just to close the gap yet alone talk about passing him
  13. terrible offense no doubt. has it actually been a worse offseason than normal? I haven’t followed closely but with nearly 3k guys either signed or around the fringe of rosters (entering draft, recently unemployed etc...) it makes sense you’ll see some arrests and some vile ones mixed in there.
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