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  1. not only is it not perfect, it’s not really meaningful in any way.
  2. I guess that depends on if Hopkins was the lynchpin or Watson actually is. im not saying zero impact but I think Watson is one of the better young QBs and won’t drastically regress Just because he isn’t being propped up artificially by the team around him like so many other young guys we’ve seen. He is a centerpiece player it seems.
  3. BOB has outperformed my expectation a few times but if the team finally runs off the rails and players quit it would be about the only way I see a drastic change in Watson outside injury.
  4. wait, you are saying the OTHER people are the persecuted while playing the woah is josh card?
  5. Jesus... it’s disrespectful and he shouldn’t have to see people question his future?!?
  6. having a thread about a hypothetical Watson option isn’t truly wanting to replace him any more than a “would you rather have jim Kelly at 24 years old or Allen” thread. It’s a deep in the offseason, at home quarantined, time killer way to spit ball qb values and rankings. Every fan base does this stuff even when winning.
  7. No ones legitimately game planning to get Watson. It was a silly “no sports at all” thought activity. and there’s no reason I have to be with Allen or not. It’s really easy to think he’s a good player but not be sure long term. I think he will win a lot with a roster built around a rookie qb contract. I’m not sure if he will win as much after it’s built around a vet qb contract. Pretty standard issue for all but a very few young QBs
  8. Saw an article the other day on some group coming back from a like 2 week wilderness excursion without technology
  9. 25+ per game is largely a myth. That’s 400+ carries. Very few have ever done it and it’s ruined careers. in this offense I expect one back at 15 carries, the other at 10 a game and over a season they split about 75-100 catches. If our RB2 totals 200 touches then he’s worth a solid pick.
  10. Season 2 sure to be lit. Cardi b is starting a gofundme for joe who is campaigning for a presidential pardon.
  11. to be fair it’s a backup like WR3 or your 5th guy on the DL. he will get a lot of important snaps, whoever it is. because we have luxury money I wouldn’t mind being a little silly with offering a late pick for a solid overpriced vet somewhere even. Or a vet free agent AND a day 2 pick.
  12. meh. If they thought it was securing their qb of the future- to create space I’d say they would be willing to look into restructuring a few guys and giving a qb a deal that’s signing bonus heavy. it’s a commitment to a few guys to be there a bit but not thaaaaat difficult. Just have to bet on the right people. that’s the larger issue here. A short term deal has little flexibility in structure. If they trust him on a 4-5 year option they can do a lot more to flow money how they want.
  13. you can do a lot to afford guys without drastic changes in the roster
  14. worst qb room in the league really caps how high you can get.
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