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  1. NoSaint

    Your Concert Experiences

    Best zepplin cover band around. I mean that in the best and worst of ways!
  2. NoSaint

    Hauschka's Health - Day-to-Day with a Hip Injury

    The ref falls back into the shot at the end and is clearly not looking that way. Hard to rage against him not seeing it. Guy can’t have 360 degree vision
  3. Outside of specifically signing 4-5 league best guys and carrying a ton active on game day he’s been a train wreck his whole career. In a role like that youve got to get more out of less. You are churning bottom of the roster guys and have to get them up to speed fast and consistently. He’s terrible unless he has super established guys week in and week out that are not needing coaching
  4. NoSaint

    Second half: Week 14 Jets at Bills, 1pm CBS

    Hes the worst
  5. NoSaint

    Should the Bills Trade Down in 2019?

    Fortunately we do have a ton to spend in free agency. If we can add 2 OL and a WR before the draft, that first round being BPA isn’t awful. It’s not a train wreck where we have “meh” talent across the board as much as having a few catastrophic spots. A few key pieces goes a long way next offseason.
  6. NoSaint

    Noah Fant in round 1

    I’d even argue next year is the year. 2 lineman, 2 or maybe 3 pass catchers (could be a TE) I’d prefer a vet lineman as practice rules slow development If they aren’t a 10 win type of team next year, this regime is going to need to explain some stuff.
  7. No worries - I just think there’s a worth mention gap between instant head coach material and guy that might get rumored around an individual job by a lone reporter. Like if I post oldtimeaflguy might be considered that doesn’t thrust you to HC material. I doubt it goes far or stretches to other teams, but maybe. Still a lot of football left. If allen looks solid he could get calls.
  8. I think you are likely overstating what his current status is. Someone could have him on their list but that doesn’t mean he’s suddenly the hot name out there also- offense. Anyone with any offensive success shoots up lists. That’s why some of us argue that you snag the offensive mind as HC and then you can get a great and steady dc
  9. It’s a “don’t even crack the door on allowing confrontations with refs” situation. You may not like the ref here but players can’t think that’s remotely ok either is all
  10. Could be. Player vs ref is a much riskier situation both for potential injury as well as integrity of the game though so it tends to come with really escalated punishment
  11. What’s the normal ratio on that?
  12. Means a ton 6 months before the decision needs to be made
  13. Half was an arbitrary term but for sake of discussion the salary floor is a 5 year rolling average of cash spent. You could carry over whatever in a single year but have to spend on average over 5 years 89%(though I think that may have scaled a point or two higher over time?)
  14. So if we carry over half and have a ton in 2020.... when do you think he finally spends? Just saving it all for allen preemptively?
  15. I do often waffle back and forth about how much the nfl should really be investigating employees off field beyond mandatory reporting of any arrests/charges to the league. At this point hunt wouldve been better off if handled handled differently by HIMSELF, right?