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  1. it’s been the rule for awhile and not really been gamed by receivers
  2. to be fair the texans and vikes were thought to be in a playoff window. The jets are trash so they may not care Quite as much if we get a couple years out of him
  3. that doesn’t make a difference here though.
  4. I think there’s going to be cheap compensation for trades with folks happy to get anything while clearing space before next year. If you aren’t a contender and you are planning to have to cut a guy for the 2021 cap struggle - any pick you receive is a nice perk and you could potentially lessen the dead money.
  5. it’s not that it’s impossible, it’s just very rare. You can draft a franchise qb in the 6th round but I’m guessing you didn’t take out a second mortgage to bet on Fromm or peterman either. hopefully josh is the exception to the “rule”
  6. the branding of “helmet to helmet” is leading you astray. it’s a tough game and not every play is going to give a player a great option. That’s why the get paid a lot. In this case Hyde has to get lower or be ok with the penalty risk. I’m not mad at him or the nfl. and if your standard is perfectly calling these across all kinds of crews, angles, games, it’ll always bug you. We aren’t being singled out here. it’s the right call. i wouldnt be thrilled but I wouldn’t be able to say we were jobbed either
  7. normally would say the same but what do they care if KC takes a small mortgage out on their future to win now? pats aren’t a contender currently, as hard as that is to get used to
  8. if you are the Pats, does 1 year of Gilmore bring more value than a top draft pick? makes total sense to move him, get the pick and spend the $$ elsewhere instead of a one year rental outside their super bowl window
  9. a shoulder to the head/neck area is still a penalty. It’s not just helmet to helmet contact. Your photo is the definitive shot of it actually being a penalty.
  10. Almost leads him straight into the goal post which is less than ideal for the WR beautiful throw but not a particularly catchable ball in its own right
  11. I’m not huge on symbolic wins. Fans overuse the idea. But a definitive win here could be a statement game. even if many of our players don’t have deep history in this rivalry, all of them are well aware who they have to knock off to be the top guy in the division- which is something.
  12. we have a good bit of weapons. Sure another would be good but today was a lack of converting not a lack of guys.
  13. so most projections I see right now have them 78 over with 8 left on this years cap. so bar napkin $70m over with carryover. then you take Drew’s retirement and reduce that number further - by about 15m I believe, which takes you to 55m over (I don’t care to go look at the numbers at the moment for exact to the penny) so now you get into Thomas - his 12m salary comes out of 2021 since you aren’t paying it if you trade him. Saints then 43m over. Now his accelerated hits from signing and restructure bonuses would be $20m but 6m of that is in the 2021 cap projection you are using already already. so it’s 14 additional. again, i don’t think it is likely. But for accuracies sake I think you are double counting some 2021 numbers by putting dead money on top of a cap projection that also forecasts him as an active player and also counting stuff in 2020 twice... in addition to not acknowledging a major expected wash in drew. 111m simply isn’t the number.
  14. I believe they were like $20m over going into that offseason. Between the two they ate $26m on a cap that was like 140m at the time (plus Grubbs and lofton added another 10 or so- it was dead money everywhere and this board kept telling me it was cause of Drew- eye roll.) if you are slashing and burning and Drew is gone you might decide to just rip the bandaid and get high picks to get out from under the contract, avoid carrying the culture issues forward and get low priced talent in house down the line. im not saying it’s LIKELY but I am saying it wouldn’t be impossible or wildly out of character for them to look at.
  15. agreed a 3 and 5 is better than a 3 in 2 years if you even get a comp pick They made a reasonable move, the season went sideways, and they got a bit more value than if they let him walk - it’s never the dream outcome but it’s a totally reasonable move that I’d be fine with in trying to maximize our chances. We have fans that won’t support the idea of us being a contender until after we are in the game. problem is at that point you are past the window of optimizing your roster
  16. but he does have a wiki? Better than I thought!
  17. and if we traded for Thomas we’d call him a passionate leader because he would be our diva doesn’t make much sense for us and would be a tough pill for the saints... but they ate huge hits within a year of signing jimmy graham and junior gallette so it’s not without precedent
  18. long term? Not particularly. in a single game this year? He could be a variable and when you have the better team you don’t like seeing wild card like him on the other side.
  19. We just have so many good LBs that you would plY your DL out of position to make it work
  20. and if he walks, can angle at getting back a 3 in 2022 via comp picks
  21. That’s why some of us keep reminding y’all it should be the goal if not expectation right now
  22. you are really forcing it to make the comparison. It’s more “I want to compare these” than “these naturally seem similar”
  23. for a fan base buying into the process, results are the primary driver of the conversation here still.
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