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  1. Absolutley. How many times did the bills find a way to lose gamea the past 17 years. Different team. Different year.
  2. When i saw the gruden qb camp with mahomes years ago he said he just cant wait to murder the league actual qoute . Well he is. in his second year he murdured it. But with josh so far hes not murdering anything. Hes bringing us back. Pat was with andy for 2 years. Josh is in his 2nd year with dabol. Mohomes is throwing 50tds. Josh is brining us back(come backs) and not putting up those godly stats. Is it the person? Is it the coaching? I think i might have a good idea but i like opinions. Josh said no one wanted him growing up even having to transfer and community college etc.. Idk. Let me know
  3. It is disrespecful. We all know about this lb group. They don't know mat milano was arguably the best bills player last year.
  4. Honestly if your talking *****, it can be fighting words.
  5. "Is that delicate resident really walking his cat?"
  6. Just curious. Thanks for responses.. Usually in the past if they the the player he was usually on the list. Guess not.
  7. I glimpsed the tv preview of who might be next and they showed darnold and allen. Not sure what day it wad. Couple days ago. Thanks!
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