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  1. I wonder if they feel they were scammed at the poker table the night before and decided to go Vegas OJ and get their ***** back or else...... I'm takin' this!
  2. Southern Tier IPA and Michters Bourbon here..... Go Bills! Cheers! <clink>
  3. The upper corners were empty for the most part but it had to be 95% full?
  4. I was there with my buddy Tom. I remember having 8 of those heat packs going in. I had it all figured out. 1 for each hand, 1 for the front of my boots and 2 for behind by ankles on each side. They were good for 8 hrs and that would get me through the game so I opened them on the 2 beer walk into the stadium. They were cold before the 1st qtr ended. Although they brushed off the field, the stands still had snow in them. We had frozen snow below our feet and I laugh because I brought in a ripped Bud-Dry 12 pack container to stand on for insulation. It didn't help lol. We also brought in blankets and remember he and I getting pretty close towards the end of the game as more people left. I remember the wavy lines the brushes left. It was so cold you'd go to the smelly warm pissed bathroom because they had heaters and big troughs. The heat was the main thing, you just tried not to breath too deeply. My toes didn't feel better for 2 days. I seriously thought I might lose a toe during that game. It would of been worth it!
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