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  1. And it happens in other sports too. In last night's Sabres game, Dahlin took an obvious boarding penalty against Foligno that was not called. The referee must have realized his mistake, because less than a minute later, he called Dahlin for a penalty on Foligno in front of the net that didn't look like much, and was certainly nowhere near the penalty that the first one was. Refs are human. We all have events that happen quickly and we wish we had reacted differently. Same with the zebras - and they have the ability to quickly atone for their mistakes.
  2. They are great owners and we, as Buffalo fans, are lucky to have them. Our teams are staying in WNY for the foreseeable future. They also have both the resources and the desire to be successful. They have made some mistakes in management hires (both in retention of the old and hiring of the new), but I believe they have learned from their mistakes and righted the ship. Beane and McDermott are doing a fantastic job and Botterill and Krueger appear to be competent at their jobs and have things moving in the right direction.
  3. Gronk actually did a comedy special on Showtime or HBO (I don't remember which). He was the host and did a few jokes between acts, as he introduced a series of comedians. While he wasn't stellar, he was good enough to pull it off, which leads me to believe he might have enough to pull off this gig. He won't be as polished as a guy like Howie Long, who comes across very well, but he might be as good as some of the former players who have done this. Terry Bradshaw has somehow made a living out of it and guys like Michael Irvin and Shannon Sharpe are still a part of the sports media....Love him or hate him, Gronk is a Hall of Famer with high football IQ and he's a charismatic personality.
  4. I also over-reacted to the pick. He bounced back nicely. Then again, most of his picks were against good defenses like the Pats, the Titans, and the Jests (back when they were still good....😀)
  5. While he makes some big mistakes, Allen is a gamer. He elevates his game in the 4th quarter when we need it the most. It's the "it" factor that many other Bills QBs have lacked. Fitz, for example, had many huge games with big passing numbers and multiple TDs. When the game was on the line, however, he usually threw a pick or fumbled the ball. Tyrod was a little different. He didn't have the big passing numbers that Fitz had, but he similarly lacked the ability to get it done when the game was on the line. Rather than a pick or fumble, Tyrod meekly turned it over on downs. ☚ī¸
  6. It's a combination of a very good defense and a very easy schedule to date. For what it's worth, the same can be said for the Bills. The best offense each has played was when they played each other and the defenses ruled the day. I think both defenses are very good and will prove it over the course of the season, but the performances and statistics of each will decline a little bit as the opponents get better. The '85 Bears and the best Ravens' defenses were better. Statistics aside, they dominated everyone they played and did it over the course of a full season and playoffs, all the way to Super Bowl titles.
  7. Foster had such a huge impact the latter part of last season, so it would be a boost to have him return to form. I agree that with Duke in the lineup and playing well, Roberts returning and getting a few snaps and McKenzie getting his sweeps, there doesn't look to be much of a role for Zay other than depth.
  8. I'd be interested to know if this is true. And if true, why Allen did it. Did he identify something in the defense that tipped him off that the left side would be wide open for the bootleg, or did he simply decide to gamble and take the game into his own hands? Either way, the result was fantastic, but I'd feel better about it if it was the former and not the latter. (I prefer an intelligent read properly executed versus a gamble that was lucky and paid off.)
  9. I don't see that in Lawson - I don't believe that he's having a good year simply because it's a contract year. I think he's a young guy that came into the league injured and playing under one regime, then then switched to another regime. It took him some time to develop and get comfortable with his role in the current defense. I think he has shown steady improvement every year and has the fire to be a good player. If you can re-sign him to a reasonable deal, you do it. If another team lures him away with over-the-top dollars that are going to hurt the long-term salary cap, you wish him well at his next stop.
  10. I was pro-Rosen. I still think he has talent, but has not been put into a situation where he has any chance to succeed. He has been on the worst team in football 2 years in a row. No OL, no WR, no running game, etc. Plus, his teams have had rookie coaching staffs with seemingly no plan in place. I hope he ends up somewhere that he has a chance to show what he can do. That aside, I am very happy that we have Allen and if re-drafting, would take him above any of the other guys. He is doing very well so far and still has a ton of room for growth. Mayfield and Darnold will be solid starting NFL QBs. Rosen might, if he can get into the right situation. Jackson will be boom or bust, but I think that injury will do him in. He's booming so far this year, but I think he will struggle against better defenses and he has a pretty small and thin frame that could get him injured as long as running is a big part of his game. Allen has all of the physical ability, plus a bigger, stronger frame to sustain more hits (and being taller, he might not get as many head shots). If he continues to progress in the mental part of the game (which he is demonstrating an ability to do), the sky is the limit for him. He could be a huge star. He's not there yet.
  11. I agree with the earlier post indicating: 1) McD is evolving as he gains more experience as a head coach and is making better in-game decisions; AND 2) McD has more confidence in the current squad, which is allowing him to take more risks, as the chances of success are greater. Not only is he better at down and distance, he's also better with clock management and replay challenges. I am enjoying seeing the improvement! That said, I disagreed with the decision to kneel down at the end of the 1st half of the Giants game. We had time, decent field position, timeouts and lots of momentum. We let our foot off of their throats and allowed them to get back in the game a little bit. I would have tried to get into FG range (at least). I realize that there is the risk of a sack, fumble or INT, but the way the momentum was at that point in the game, I think it would have been worth the risk.
  12. He's got a little Brett Favre in him. Makes amazing plays and wills the team to victory. With that comes some poor decisions. He's still very young and green, so hopefully he can work those poor decisions out of his game.
  13. To my knowledge, the stats don't factor in WHEN in the game things occur. In close games, long drives in the 4th quarter that result in a TD are evidence of a successful offense. Although it would be great to see the offense be consistent throughout the entire game, it isn't realistic. Despite his mistakes in earlier parts of the game, Allen and the offense has been clutch late in the game. They have put together long scoring drives in the 4th quarter when they needed it. That's why they are 3-0. This is what the team has lacked in the past. Tyrod Taylor kept the team in games by playing mistake-free football, but when we NEEDED a score late in the game, he couldn't product it. Fitzy played some great games and put up some points, but when they NEEDED it late in the 4th quarter, it usually ended up in a turnover. Allen seems to have the "it" factor and he seems to be a winner. We're only 3 games in so far and have not played the best opponents, but I like what I see so far. Stats are great for Fantasy, and Allen and Brown cost me there, but I will take the win on the field any day!
  14. I (respectfully) disagree with this. I spend a fair amount of time in SE Wisconsin. I'm actually going to be in Milwaukee tomorrow. I also lived in Chicago for many years. Kenosha (the SE border of WI and IL) and Racine (the next city to the north) are all very much Packer territory. The folks in those areas have a term called "FIBS" - "Fuc*&ing Illinois Bast*#ds." They strongly dislike Chicago and Illinois. They are all about Wisconsin and love the Packers. I do agree that there are some Packer fans in Minnesota as Wisconsin and Minnesota share a border and the Packers have a longer history.
  15. While true, it really depends on how you define "market." The Packers' true "market" is the entire state of Wisconsin, including Milwaukee and Madison, which have much larger populations than Green Bay. That said, Rochester and other parts of upstate & Western NY, and arguably Southern Ontario, are parts of the Bills market. Depending on how you run the numbers, the Packers' market is larger than the Bills'. If you include Toronto, the Bills would have the larger market, but if the "Toronto series" is evidence, Toronto is not part of the Bills market. And, as a prior post just mentioned, Green Bay has a national following due to its history and tradition. Plus, players like Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers drive TV ratings, as people want to see marquee players. Let's hope that Josh Allen evolves into that type of player!
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