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  1. I agree that Diggs is a super competitive guy and I don't think he needs any extra motivation to play well. He's motivated to win a playoff game, regardless of the opponent. I also don't think that extra motivation is as effective (on game day) for skill position players as it is for guys who block, tackle and hit. A skill position player who is over hyped might be more inclined to make a mistake - drop a pass, overthrow a receiver, etc., whereas a guy in the trenches may play better (hit harder, etc.) when playing angry. Aside from game day - practice, weight room, studying the playbook,
  2. Nick Mullens, CJ Beathard, whoever they draft, whoever they add in FA, or Josh Rosen (who I believe is on their roster now). They seem to be a defense and running game dominant team, so they can be successful with average QB play. It got them to the Super Bowl last year. Jimmy G wasn't slinging it around too much. When they get healthy, they can win with one of the QB options listed. Of course, even if they get healthy, their defense could drop off with Saleh's departure. Either way, Jimmy G was not a difference maker for them.
  3. I think it's great that the Ravens are getting all of the hype. The week before the Colts game, the Bills got all the hype and we're considered the hottest team in football, and the team nobody wanted to play. The Bills came out a bit flat and fell behind to the Colts, but outlasted them in a close game. I think the Bills thrive and do much better as an underdog and play with more of a chip on their shoulder when they are disrespected.
  4. This may be to our benefit. A passing team like the Bills can benefit from pass interference calls. A running team like the Ravens can be derailed by holding calls. I have no evidence to support this, just my thoughts after reading the quoted post.
  5. And a credit to the front office and coaching staff for being patient while these young players developed. There were many calls to move on from Bojo and even a few for Bass earlier in the season, but the Bills have been rewarded with excellent kicking because they trusted the process. Perhaps similar trust will reward the team in the development of AJ Epenesa, another player who has shown flashes, but hasn't produced consistently at a high level. You could apply the same logic to veteran players too - think of AJ Klein. While most here (me included) were ready to dump him because he was t
  6. While Freeman's experience can't be discounted, I don't see how you can activate him on less than a week's practice with a new team. What happens when a play is called and he goes left when the play is designed to go right? A botched hand-off resulting in a fumble? Allen getting blown up on a missed pass protection? He is on the roster for emergency purposes only. Yeldon plays ahead of him, Williams plays ahead of him and Jones plays ahead of him. There are merits to going with Yeldon (more experienced) or Williams (young legs, looks explosive, played recently and played well), but cons
  7. I agree that Williams played well against Miami and deserves a shot. Yeldon is also a capable player with NFL experience who is available. He played pretty well in his limited action this year (against Tennessee, I believe). That said, for some reason, this coaching staff has always been reluctant to use Yeldon. I assume those 2 guys will play ahead of Freeman, as they know the playbook and have put in the work all year. Freeman is likely insurance in case of another injury - Stills appears to be the same as to the WR corps.
  8. Obviously, I am biased, but I believe that Josh is the best player of the 3 and the most deserving of the biggest contract because of it. That said, I'd agree with others who say that whoever signs the latest will probably get the most money (see Tre White example). I also see Josh being the most willing of the 3 to take some kind of long-term, more team-friendly deal, like Mahomes did. Josh loves Buffalo and is a perfect fit for the team, the city, etc. Things like the community donating all that money to Children's Hospital after his grandmother died matter to a guy like Josh.
  9. I slapped them aplenty back in the day. I highly recommend it.
  10. Just a shout-out to Wade, who likely is a good guy who works hard in practice. He won't be elevated for this game (and if what I read on this board is correct, he isn't even eligible to be called up). The interesting call will be whether it's Williams or Yeldon.
  11. While I love to eat and drink for football games, I find it difficult to do so during an important Bills game. I need 100% focus on the game and not on the wing sauce I just spilled on my shirt. Given that the Bills are not the first game this weekend, I can eat and drink during the first game, then focus (and yes, continue drinking) during the Bills game. Last weekend, I (mostly) waited to indulge until after I had recovered from the emotional roller coaster that was the Bills game.
  12. I believe the Chiefs will be rusty against the Browns and the first half will be close. In the 2nd half, the Chiefs will be warmed up and will pull away. Until proven otherwise, they are the best team in football. If the Bills play their best game against the Chiefs, they can hang with them and have a chance to win, because the Bills are also an excellent football team. Since the Bills and Chiefs played the first time, the following has happened: 1) Allen has gotten healthy; 2) the Bills have made adjustments on defense and are playing much better (not lights out, but better, as they had
  13. This play was one of the few where the Bills actually had some pressure on Rivers and I think the Bills defense forced the throw to be just a little bit off. So the play was there if the Bills hadn't disrupted it, but they did.
  14. I do think it helped Josh, but I also think it helped ALL QB's across the league. Assuming it did help, I also think that he'll be fine when the full compliment of fans come back. I believe he would have developed either way, but this may have helped him develop more quickly. I also agree that some of Allen's best performances in the past - the Minnesota game as a rookie, several Miami games, the Dallas and Pittsburgh games last year, etc. were in front of fans and he did just fine.
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