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  1. If he doesn't win the Super Bowl, he's borderline. If he wins it this year (or in the future), he's in for sure. The guy has had great success with 2 different franchises and led both to many division titles, playoff appearances and now the Super Bowl. There's no question he knows how to create and run an offense as well as anyone in the history of the league. He also comes across, at least to me, as a good guy.
  2. Clowney undoubtedly has a ton of talent. I just don't see him as the type of personality that fits in with what the Bills are trying to build. They don't want another Marcel Dareus situation. Big FA contracts can really hurt a team in the long run. I think that Beane will be thrifty in FA, like last year, and save that cap space to re-sign his own who will be up in the coming years: White, Milano, Allen, Edmonds, Hyde, Poyer, etc. If he does spend big dollars on a FA, I believe it will be a guy with big talent who has also has a positive injury history (meaning very few) and demonstrated high-character and leadership skills. Having said that, those types of guys don't hit FA very often.
  3. Although the cop was probably doing the job he was assigned to do, he could have been good-natured about and not acted like a douche. He looks like a dork on a power trip. That aside, there's just no excuse for what Beckham did. In the aftermath of the LSU victory, he: hit a cop in the butt in the locker room (which is assault, whether sexual or not), followed by a brief confrontation with the cop gave cash to college athletes on the LSU team interrupted the congratulatory speech the LSU coach was giving to the team It's just more inappropriate and juvenile behavior from this guy and completely disrespectful to the LSU players, coaches, and university. It's not about you, OBJ. STFU and let the kids enjoy their moment. I can't argue that Beckham has talent, but I do not ever want to see this clown in a Bills uniform.
  4. He had the "sports hernia" repair surgery that many athletes have. It's not really a hernia. It's the shredding/tearing of the tissues where the bottom of the abdominal muscles connect to the pubis. The symptoms are similar to a groin strain, but it doesn't heal like a groin strain does, which is why guys have the procedure. Athletes can play with this injury, but it is extremely painful a few hours after the activity, when the body has cooled down. The recovery from this procedure isn't substantial (a few weeks to a couple of months) and he'll be good to go in the spring, if not sooner. I'm glad it's nothing more serious.
  5. I agree with the premise here, but there are 31 other teams who also know that Drake had a great finish to the season and that Harris is a good back to find in the draft between rounds 2 and 5.
  6. I don't have a problem with the spirit of the Rooney Rule. There may well be some level of racial bias in the NFL hiring process, whether conscious or unconscious and I like the idea of giving some guys a chance that they might not otherwise get. The problem with the rule is the instance where a team knows exactly who they want to hire. If that candidate is not a minority, they are forced to conduct a sham interview with a minority candidate just to satisfy the rule. You could argue that this type of interview is a waste of everyone's time. On the other hand, you could argue that the interview gives the minority candidate some exposure and an opportunity to practice his interview skills to be better prepared for the future (even though he has no shot at the job they are interviewing for). McDermott, while not a Rooney Rule candidate, had some unsuccessful HC interviews in the years before the Bills hired him. I would guess that having that experience helped to prepare him for the interview process with the Bills. Does anyone know of a situation where a Rooney Rule interviewee ended up surprising people and getting the job, when it was pretty clear that they only got the interview to satisfy the rule? I can't think of any off the top of my head, but would be interested to know if this has happened. Rooney Rule aside, I am pleased to see the Bills doing whatever it takes to improve. Teerlick, by all accounts, was a good coach, but Washington appears to be an even better one.
  7. As others have said, the Teerlick move now makes sense. I don't think he was outright fired, but he was probably encouraged to look elsewhere because the Bills knew they were going to sign Washington. Perhaps Teerlick had the opportunity to stay on, but he may have had to work under Washington, somewhat of a demotion, and he elected to take the VT job instead, where he could still be the #1 D-line coach. It also gave him the opportunity to work with his old buddy.
  8. I have many friends in Wisconsin who are huge Packers fans. They have been frustrated with McCarthy for years and were very happy to see him gone. They felt it took way too long to get rid of him and that he wasted some of the best years of Aaron Rodgers' career. They believe that McCarthy was carried by having HOF QBs. There was also an article about the Packers that came out within the last year that was pretty damning. It was written by Tyler Dunne, formerly of the Buffalo News. One of the stories I remember from it was rather than attend practice, he was getting massages. When players wanted his time, he was a real prick. I don't know what the truth is, but it's interesting stuff. Here's a link: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2828649-what-happened-in-green-bay Could be another disaster in Dallas.
  9. I'm not in favor of expanding to 17 games, but if they do, I like the proposed solution in the previous post of having the 17th game be at a neutral site. This way, every team keeps its 8 home games (both for home-field advantage purposes and revenue purposes) and the league gets more exposure in new markets. I have not seen statistics, but I think that the teams that have to travel to London in the middle of the season for a game are at a disadvantage (jet-lag, etc.), particularly the one that gives up the home game (revenue aside, you lose the home field advantage).
  10. The reason it is effective is that it occurs so rarely - it is the element of surprise. If it was regularly run, there would no longer be the element of surprise. There's also the risk of failure (incompletion, sack, etc.) due to the tackle running a pass pattern and not being on the line to block. It was great to see the Bills run it to perfection on Saturday! Too bad they didn't have one more trick up their sleeve late in the game.
  11. As to the comments about the Bills being a young team or not, the statistics may indicate otherwise, but the Bills are a young team. They have young players starting in a number of key positions, such as QB, RB, 2 of 3 LBs, all starting CBs (2 outside and slot), RT. Older vets like Gore bring up the average age. As to Milano, he and the entire Bills D had a poor game on Saturday. He's a valuable player who uses his speed in coverage and to go sideline-to-sideline against the run. He played the "viper" position in college at BC, which is a hybrid safety/LB role in Don Brown's defense (the same role that Jabril Peppers played at Michigan). 40-time aside, he plays fast and speed is part of his game. He's an integral part of our defense and will be for years to come. Objectively, our LB's, including Milano, are not thumpers and sometimes struggle against teams that can execute a power running game.
  12. Allen's physical talents are among the best the league has seen - size, speed, strength (general) and arm strength. But it's his mental makeup and maturity that set him apart. His willingness to be introspective, accept his shortcomings and work (and work and work) at improving them are extremely impressive. To put in simpler terms, he's a guy that "gets it." Over the course of the last year, he's greatly improved his mid-range passing game and in just a few short weeks, he's made a remarkable improvement in cutting down on interceptions. Next, he needs to work on ball security. Although the Bills have recovered many of them, he's had too many fumbles while running the ball. (The one late in the first half against Philly turned the entire game around and the Bills never recovered.) Given Allen's willingness to address his shortcomings, I fully expect he will get that corrected too, and of course, he can then focus on the deep ball. Allen is progressing nicely and the future looks bright for him.
  13. Josh's lack of success on the deep ball (bombs) is surprising to me, as he had a few last season, particularly to Foster. In fact, a lot of them earlier in the season last year were perfect throws that Foster couldn't track/hang onto, but Foster improved in the 2nd half of the season and hauled them in. This year, Josh's long throws are not close to the target. I assume that he will eventually hit on a few of these, and bombs aside, the rest of his game has improved tremendously. Losman wasn't good at much else, but I do miss his bombs to Lee Evans and interestingly, Tyrod had quite a few of them his first year as as starter and they seemed to elude his game in his last couple of years in Buffalo. Hopefully, Josh can re-establish his mojo with these types of passes. (Wasn't there a baseball ad that said something like "Chicks dig the long ball?")
  14. We've hit the point in the season where all of the NFL broadcasts are now showing the "playoff picture" during each game. There are only 6 games left. It is not too early to talk about tie-breakers, whether we control our own destiny or not. In fact, earning a tie-breaker is a further step in controlling our own destiny. I was not aware of the potential good news of a win this weekend impacting our tie-breaker status against one of the teams we are competing with, so I;m glad to now this now. Thumbs up on the post! Now let's focus on beating Denver. With a challenging upcoming schedule, we need every win we can squeeze out. As others have said, the Pittsburgh game may turn out to be a "play in" game for us. If we can beat Denver, the Jests, and Pittsburgh, I believe we are in. If we lose to Pittsburgh, a lot of things would have to go our way for us to get in.
  15. Yes and no. I definitely have emotional highs and lows during the games and can be loud and vocal, but I have to temper myself because it scares the children. They make me realize that some things are more important than football, which is a good thing! That said, football is something I really look forward to and it takes my mind off of some the other challenges of daily life, at least for a few hours a week.
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