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  1. As stated above, Fromm didn't get a real shot to play/develop last year. Absent COVID, last year Fromm would have likely been a clear #3 behind Barkley while he developed, and then this year, he would have moved up to #2 with the release of Barkley. The plan has been pushed back a year. He develops as a #3 behind Trubisky and if he shows, he's the #2 next season and if he doesn't, they will move on and sign another veteran FA and/or draft another developmental prospect. Webb is on his 3rd team and if he hasn't stuck on a roster by now, he just doesn't have the talent. He appear
  2. I recall seeing a recent Josh interview where he said he was going to look further into the vaccine. He wasn't committing to getting it one way or the other. I suspect that after looking into it, getting information from medical personnel, etc. that he'll get vaccinated and it will be a non-issue. Just my opinion.
  3. I prefer the Bills and the way they do things. I'm fine that the Bills passed on Clowney while the Browns gave him a sizeable deal. The Bills had a better record than the Browns last year, were a higher seed, and advanced further in the playoffs than the Browns did. That said, the Browns were much improved last year and played well in the playoffs. Although aided by the Mahomes injury, they gave KC a better game than the Bills did, and had a chance to win it in the 4th quarter. I was hoping they would, so that they could come lose to Buffalo and see the Bills off to the Super Bowl. It di
  4. Yes. NFL football is one of my favorite things in life, but there are enough games. I already "borrow" enough time from my family to watch the games that are on. Plus, the toll of an extra game is bad for the players. You can argue that you are trading off a preseason game, which is a good trade for the fans, but that extra preseason game doesn't impact the starters, as they aren't playing in it anyway. It does take away an opportunity for the guys at the back end of the roster to show something and maybe make a team. (I'm not advocating for more preseason football, but just refuting the
  5. Rumor has it that Kraft has extra cash now that he has stopped visiting the "health" spa.
  6. This thread is making me think back to the heyday of Ted Washington and "Fat" Pat Williams. They were good ones. Hopefully, we can find a similar type of player in the draft. That, and/or a good year from Star, should really allow Edmunds and Oliver to do what they do best.
  7. I didn't see that article that showed the statistics when I previously commented. The fact that the NFL average is well below the national average for the same age group is very telling and says that it isn't the problem that many believe it is.
  8. I'd be curious to know what the percentage of NFL players who get into trouble with the law compares to the general population of the same age group. While a number of NFL guys definitely appear on the police blotter, the vast majority do not. I think it's unfair and inappropriate to the players and the league to simply be dismissive and call it a league of criminals or thugs. On the other hand, while I believe in second chances, some of these guys are given 3, 4, 5 and more chances to be a part of the league simply because they are talented guys who can help a team on
  9. This is a smart signing, along with the other veteran OL signings. A few thoughts: 1. If you sign 3 or 4 veteran OL with starting experience, chances are that at least one of them will do well in the Bills program and be a significant contributor. Sign 1, maybe not, sign 3 or 4, your odds go up. 2. Even if these guys don't become significant contributors, they provide solid injury depth. Given their starting experience, they won't be "deer in the headlights" if thrust into action. 3. Going this route allows you to draft OL in the late rounds or go the
  10. It's the guys who have all the physical skills AND work hard at their craft that become great. Great to see guys like that on our roster. Hopefully, younger guys like Gabe Davis can watch, learn and emulate. Being a "process guy" isn't always being a choir boy, but one who is dedicated to the team and to their craft. Imagine what a great defensive lineman a guy like Marcel Dareus could have been if he had Diggs' work ethic and dedication. It's a part of the draft and pro player analysis to find these types of guys and I think that our current FO does a pretty good job at it.
  11. Some people forget that the Bills were not terrible for most of the drought. Rather, they were endlessly mediocre. 6-10, 7-9 types of teams. Not 2-14 teams. That means they won a fair number of games, which makes this an interesting thread. Here are a few games that come to mind for me. These are just from memory, so I don't have dates/years: J.P. Losman led a game winning drive against Jacksonville, in Buffalo, ending up with a last-second FG. E.J. Manuel led a game winning drive against Carolina, resulting in a last-second winning TD reception in the corner of t
  12. I wonder if this is just a camp body. Didn't they more or less bring everyone back, plus sign some other OL too? Whose spot is he going to take? Perhaps Winters'. Ty is gone too, but he's a tackle and this guy is interior. How many backup spots are available and who's in the mix? I have no issue with this signing or others like it, I'm just wondering what he fits in.
  13. This is good for the Bills. It shows that guys can play in Buffalo and still get major endorsement deals. I suspect that Allen will have tons of endorsement opportunities if he's interested. He has MVP-level talent and a ton of charisma and personality. He seems to have the ability to connect with all types of people.
  14. I have family in SD and have been to several games there. Yes, they do have a solid fanbase. My family there is all Bills fans, however. The reason nobody went to the games in the soccer stadium is primarily that this was a transition stadium on their way from SD to LA. The team had already left SD, so why would SD fans go there to support a team that just abandoned their city? Also, the soccer stadium is in Long Beach and that's a fairly long drive from SD with tons of traffic. If the Bills left Buffalo for Toronto and played one or two seasons in a soccer stadium an hour no
  15. What color face masks did they have this past season? I watched every game and probably every snap. And I have no idea.
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