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  1. I think that both posters are correct. Elam played against Alabama, Georiga and other SEC teams in college that had high NFL draft picks at WR, so he did play against high-level competition. That said, these college guys (18-20 year old kids) don't yet have the strength and polished route-running skills that an NFL veteran WR like Diggs has. Assuming they hit their potential, they eventually will. In any event, Elam has clear talent and should "get there," but it's a pleasant surprise to me to hear that Benford is performing well. If he pans out, he could be another late-round CB steal for the Bills. Dane Jackson is trending in that direction already, having played very well down the stretch last season.
  2. I never want to see a guy get injured, but Stevenson had a long injury history in college prior to him being drafted. This has continued into his NFL career. Some guys are just injury prone and he is one of them. I think he was a long shot to make the team anyway and even if he did, it would likely be the Practice Squad. The IR gives the Bills more time to hang onto him and assess his future value to the team, but I don't think he'll ultimately be a roster player for the Bills. They took a late-round flyer on a guy with a lot of speed and some athleticism, but a long injury history. Sometimes things work out with these late-round flyers, but more often than not, they don't, and this looks like one that won't work out.
  3. This is a bad situation all around. The Cardinals had to pay him and really had no choice. He's their starting QB, was drafted first overall, has had some success with the team, and there was no Option B. That said, I think the Cardinals franchise will be hamstrung by this deal for years to come. Murray is a talented kid, but he's undersized and lacks leadership skills. He is talented enough to lead them to a winning record and maybe make the playoffs from time to time, but he's not the guy who is going to put a team on his back and get to the Super Bowl. He is also the type of guy who could lead the team into an implosion if things don't go his way. I am so very thankful that the Bills have a guy like Allen, who is the anti-Murray. He has all the size and then some, and all the leadship skills and then some. And Allen's contract is much better for his team and will ultimately give the team more flexibility to spend on other pieces around Allen to help the team be successful. Great job by Beane to get Allen signed when he did and how he did.
  4. The only guy on that list that I'd really like to keep is Cam Lewis. Aside from being a UB kid, he has played well whenever called upon and you can never have too many DBs. I suspect that Tre White won't be 100% at the beginning of the season, so CB depth is even more important. I also think Duke Johnson is a decent backup RB with pass-catching ability, but the drafting of Cook makes him expendable.
  5. This is a terrible name - much worse than Highmark. At least Highmark is easy to read, spell, and pronounce. And the words "high" and "mark" used together imply some level of success. Acrisure? Not so much. I'm not even (acri)sure what this means.
  6. My 9 year old daughter helped me create it. She was extremely excited to see your comment! I've been on this site for years without an avatar and she explained that in today's world, that was completely unacceptable.
  7. I've said this before - the devil you know is better then the devil you don't. Easy for me to say, because DTV just offered me Sunday Ticket Max for free for the 2nd year in a row, without any calls or negotiation for me! If Apple or Amazon get it, I highly doubt there will be any free offerings or negotiations for me or anyone else. And I'm not a fan of streaming overall. Where I live, there isn't a lot of inclement weather. My internet goes out a whole lot more than my DTV does. I also use my DVR all the time, due me being in a western time zone and games starting as early as 10 AM. Not all streaming services have DVR capablities. All the plusses of DTV aside, they also know that they are way overcharging me for my monthly television service (even with a $45/month discount) and that I would probably be out the door very quickly if they didn't have the Ticket. I am definitely watching what happens next year with very keen interest.
  8. I am very happy for you, and jealous too. I have a wife, kids and a job that allows some remote work, but not for any extended period of time. I live across the country from Buffalo and can't get back very often. I miss it every day. I was born, raised, and spent the best years of my life in Buffalo. To live there again and to live there "grown up," single and with a few bucks in my pocket would be awesome. (I'd also like to live there with my wife and kids, who have never lived there and would love it.) Enjoy every minute of it and Go Bills!
  9. I can't stand Bayless. He truly had the most punchable face in all of sports broadcasting. I have to believe that he takes the contrarian position on purpose, when he knows damn well that his position is ridiculous, just to get viewers and clicks. If not, he's a bigger fool than I think he is.
  10. Siragusa was a good player and extremely charismatic. I enjoyed him as a broadcaster. Seems like one of the good guys. While I have no idea whether his weight had anything to do with his death, I always worry for those ex-linemen who don't shed the extra pounds after they retire. RIP, Goose.
  11. I have not always been a fan. I thought he was an immature tool (although a great player). That said, he's grown on me in recent years. I think he's matured to the point where he still enjoys life to the fullest and has a lot of fun, but doesn't act like a complete douche while doing it. He also, through Buffalo connections, did a personal favor for a good friend of mine, so I can't hate on the guy anymore.
  12. The most dominant player in my lifetime would be Lawrence Taylor. Offensively, it's more difficult to pick one guy, because there are so many interconnected parts to an NFL offense. If the QB is throwing, he needs the OL to give him time, and the receiver to make the catch. A RB needs the OL to give him (at least somewhat of) a hole to run through. If you're taking about straight winning, I'd have to go with Brady. If you're talking about dominant play at one's position (which may correlate to wins, but may not necessarily), Jerry Rice was probably the most dominant WR. He was great with Montana, and with Young, and even put up good stats with the Raiders late in his career. Bo Jackson was also pretty dominant, but his career was so short that he can't be the guy. For RB, arguments could be made for Jim Brown (a little before my time), OJ, and Barry Sanders.
  13. If a few hours of paperwork saves the team $70K (either on the cap, or actual cash), why not do it? Every little bit helps.
  14. This looks about right to me. The last 2 decisions will be made based on special teams. I don't think Stevenson will make it, but I do think the return duties are between him and Austin. I would also give Kumerow the edge over Hodgins, as he's a very good ST player and seems to be a process guy. He was well-liked by Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay and I think the Bills like him too. Stevenson and Hodgins are candidates for the Practice Squad, although neither has a track record of staying healthy.
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