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  1. I grew up near the original Duff's, have great memories of going there and love the nostalgia, but the quality of their wings was never that great. They are relatively small and not very meaty. The Anchor Bar - same thing - great nostalgia - particularly because they invented the damn things - but not the greatest in size/quality. The best I have enjoyed is Gabriel's Gate and the Cole's/Brennan's restaurants. I have not lived in Buffalo in a very long time and have not visited in a couple of years, so my opinion and information is dated. I have never had wings at Bar Bill, but based on wh
  2. I live out of state and was looking for a good week to visit Buffalo this fall. By happenstance, my kid's school has Fall Break the first week in October, which lines up perfectly with the first Bills-Sabres weekend. This is a very positive development for me!
  3. The downside of streaming (at least for me) is losing DVR capability. I live in a western time zone and I have young kids, so often I am not able to make kickoff and need to record and watch later (all the while dodging my phone so I don't know the score and what has happened). If you are watching in real time, the streaming option is a good one.
  4. The initial comment was about OJ, not Shady (see below). And was sarcasm. I agree we should not bring back Shady.
  5. Why not kick the tires? One year deal, vet minimum. What have we got to lose?
  6. To respond to the original question, I would say yes, the Bills are a regional team. Bills "country" is all of WNY, extends east to Rochester and south to more or less the Pennsylvania border. Southern Ontario - Fort Erie, Niagara Falls, etc. is Bills country, but as you move west and north and get closer to Toronto, it becomes less so - NFL fans there seem to prefer many teams. Heading east, once you get past Rochester and get closer to Syracuse, it definitely becomes more of a mix of Bills, Giants and Jets. Separate and apart from this, as noted above in many places, the Bills
  7. He's a great talent, but not exactly a process guy. Plus, saying he'd like to play with Tre White is not the same as saying he'd like to play in Buffalo.
  8. I'm not an Apple guy. I use all Android devices and I'm a Directv subscriber. I think this would be bad for me. At least with Directv, you can negotiate a good price (or even free) most years - with a little work. Once it goes to Apple or another streaming service, those negotations and discounts are likely over. The upshot is that I am no longer tied to Directv for my primary television service....If it goes to a streaming service, I would perfer Amazon Prime, which I already subscribe to. I could also live with Disney/ESPN+. Although I don't currently subscribe, they do have enough co
  9. I'm glad the Bills are not on it. I can't see how publicly airing the private operations of a team would be beneficial. Then again, I also don't watch much TV outside of sports (the games themselves) and I am not a big fan of reality TV. I do enjoy the 30-for-30 series, but those documentaries typically take place several years after the events occurred, so they wouldn't have much impact on the current state of affairs.
  10. I don't think it makes sense to trade a proven producer and veteran team leader in Hughes when the three young guys are unknown quantities. Two are rookies and one is a 2nd year guy who got limited reps last year. Addision, on the other hand, was brought in as a veteran, has only been with the team one year, and he was not particularly productive, so I could see moving on from him. That said, did Addison restructure his contract? If so, parting ways with a guy who made that concession for the team is not a good look as far as attracting future free agents. The Bills are probably good enou
  11. For what it's worth, I have NFL Sunday Ticket, which has online streaming included with the package. I use it all the time when I travel domestically. Two years ago, I was traveling in Europe and wanted to stream the games to my tablet. The Sunday Ticket app sees the foreign IP address and won't allow access. I had the same problem trying to watch college games on ESPN. The solution was to purchase a VPN for my device. It make the web site or app think that you are operating in the city where the VPN comes from, and you can set it to various U.S. cities. It worked great for college foot
  12. Allen has everything you'd want for advertising - he's a great athlete and leader. His teams have had success. He's tall, strong, handsome, charismatic, funny, relatable, etc. My guess is that he's more focused on football and family and if and when he wants to do commercials, he'll do them. Perhaps he is more focused on working with Jordan Palmer on his footwork and accuracy than he is on getting to the studio for a shoot. I seem to recall Andrew Luck, during the early part of his career, declining advertising gigs to focus on football and perhaps Josh is in the same camp.
  13. I agree with the posts above that say that Hollister makes the team and that Gentry either ends up getting cut or on the PS. Hollister is an established NFL player who had a decent run with the Seahwaks and he plays a position of need. Gentry's NFL career hasn't really gotten off the ground and he plays a position where the team has a lot of depth. Josh's influence may have gotten his friend a shot at making another NFL team and a few bucks in his pocket, but I don't think it's enough to get him a spot on the 53. If he makes it as a 6th or 7th WR, he'll have to earn it.
  14. I know Schein from him being on Inside the NFL on Showtime. I honestly found him annoying was not a big fan. Based on his support of the Bills and Josh Allen, I'm thinking about changing my stance on him.
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