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  1. We've "won the offseason" a few times before only to be disappointed when the season came. Let's hope it's different this time around. I'm pretty optimistic.
  2. msw2112

    John Miller gets nice contract with Benglas

    Miller played OK and showed some potential in the Rex/Roman/Lynn offense, but never seemed to fit in the McD/Dennison/Daboll offenses. Perhaps a change of scenery was best for all parties involved. If he fits the scheme, he could go on to have a good career as a solid NFL starter. It seems like Cincy overpaid a bit, but, then again, there's a reason they call them the Bungles. I'm glad that we're no longer the team that bungles every transaction. Good luck big John!
  3. msw2112

    Please don't forget our other new WR.......

    So we have improved!
  4. msw2112

    The Strategy of Signing Frank Gore

    My only issue with this is that RB is a position where late round picks or UDFAs can emerge and become stars. Some examples are Phillip Lindsey in Denver (just last year), Aaron Jones in Green Bay, Alvin Kamara in New Orleans and Arian Foster in Houston. Giving one of our RB roster spots to a 36 year old Gore may prevent that spot from being filled by a young guy who could emerge. With our current roster configuration, they HAVE TO let Ivory go if they decide to keep Gore. To give away TWO of those RB spots to aging vets well beyond their prime would make no sense, particularly when our starting RB is an aging vet who is past his prime . The 1 year, $2M contract is a non-issue given the Bills cap situation.
  5. msw2112

    Bills have interest in Seattle DE Frank Clark

    Clark is a good player and would be a nice add. I assume they are comfortable that the bad domestic violence issue he had a couple of years ago is completely in the past.
  6. msw2112

    Weddle to Rams

    It's a luxury to have a quality QB on a rookie contract. Without that, it is difficult to make as many moves as they have made in the last couple of years in FA. The Bills should be similarly situated for the next few years - now the QB has to develop (as Goff has in LA).
  7. Is this list all UNRESTRICTED Free Agents, or does it include restricted FAs?
  8. Funchess was a beast as a TE his sophomore year at Michigan and looked like he was destined for greatness. He switched to WR his junior year and his production dropped a bit, but was still drafted in the 2nd round by Carolina. He then had a couple of middling years as a WR in Carolina, followed by one great year, followed by another middling year. He has a lot of talent, but I get the impression that he's not the most driven player. He also could be a bit of a 'tweener - a little too slow to be a great WR, and a little too small to be a great TE (at least the blocking part of the job). If the Bills can sign him to a reasonable contract to be a complementary player, I am fine with it. If they need to pay him big money and make him a feature player, I would take a pass. I don't think he's a bust, as he has been productive every year, but he's also not a star. He's worthy of a spot on an NFL roster.
  9. As a Bills fan and an American, this is a tough one. Which would have been the lesser of two evils? I suppose that Trump will likely be out of office at the end of the 4 year term (if not sooner) whereas he may have owned the Bills up until his death (which could be 10-20 years).
  10. msw2112

    Cardinals tweet their support of Right Josh

    I live in AZ and while I mostly follow the Bills, I see enough of the Cardinals to be able to agree with the fact that Rosen was surrounded by a pretty poor cast. The Cardinals' O-Line makes the Bills' look like a wall of Pro Bowlers. Fitzgerald is a great player, but well past his prime and Johnson is coming off of a serious injury and didn't have a very good year. I was pro-Rosen pre-draft and think he'll turn out to be pretty good if the Cardinals can build around him, but I am now happy that the Bills decided to go with Allen. I should add that the Cardinals' coaching was horrible. They fired their OC mid-season and their head coach at the end of his one and only season with the team. Not a pretty situation. It's rare when another team is worse off and more dysfunctional than the Bills, but that is true of the 2018 Cardinals.
  11. msw2112

    Bills re-sign CB/Special Teamer Lafayette Pitts

    I didn't realize that Pitts went to Pitt.
  12. msw2112


    This fall, I was at Octoberfest in Munich, Germany. I was wearing a Bills cap. Sure enough, I heard a couple of guys scream "Bills Mafia!" and got some high-fives when they walked by.
  13. Perhaps he could challenge Marcel Dareus to a street car race.
  14. Tyrod was a good football player for the Bills, but had limited passing skills as a QB. He made very few mistakes, but his unwillingness to throw the ball into tight spaces or risk any kind of mistake limited his production greatly. The flip side is that he rarely turned the ball over. He was benched because he was highly unproductive in 3 straight games, not because he is black. Sadly, however, racism is alive and well and I'm sure that Tyrod and other black QB's have been the victim of it, whether the perpetrator of the racism did it consciously or unconsciously. A pretty good read on unconscious bias is Blink, by Malcom Gladwell. The book cites several studies that indicate how racism (and other "isms") grow out of unconscious bias. I like Taylor and think he's a quality guy and I wish him well. I am also glad that the Bills moved on from him, as he was not the answer at QB.
  15. msw2112

    How Does a Bills Loss Affect Your Life?

    A regular season loss bothers me for a day or two. Usually it makes me a little grumpy on Monday, then I let it go. A playoff loss when there are no expectations (see last season) is about the same as a regular season game. Other playoff losses (the Giants Super Bowl, the Dallas SB where we led at the half and the Music City throwback game) still bother me to this day.