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  1. ok! Send me a Whatsapp and maybe we can se the game together.
  2. I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Here we dont have any bar to see the game but you can see the game in Star Plus live. DM if you want and I help to see the game or with info about the city !
  3. he was one of the best RB in the NFL in pass pro too in 2020 or 2021....
  4. Making cap space for Chandler Jones???
  5. He's from Scranton, that adds up to a lot!
  6. One question. If you kick an onside kick and get the ball back....Do you win the game by scoring a field goal or does the other team have one possession to win/tie?
  7. If he can cover a TE (kelce specially), he became the player in the galaxy.
  8. But you missed out on winning $41,000 of the check you would have cashed for playing next week....
  9. Buenos Aires, Argentina. The games Starts at 8.30 PM. I think I won't be able to eat until the game is over.
  10. This is especially true because the Bills have an offense that can sustain long series, so the defense's recovery time is greater than an offense that is bad or has many threes and out. For this reason, it is that it should not be necessary to rotate the defensive line so much so that they stay fresh.
  11. McDermott need to go ballistic with officiating today. diggs.jpg.jfif
  12. I think he didnt want to hit the goal post at full speed and because of that he stop the run.
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