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  1. Yesss. please tell where I need to go? We are going to stay in DC on saturday and sunday (all day for the game). I am thinking on going to white house and The National Air and Space Museum of the Smithsonian Institution. any other places?
  2. Thanks. I Will go to the stadium with mi soccer team jersey (Tigre) wha share the bills colors!
  3. If wey start taigate at 8 am we are going yo be drunk, sleeping or bith at Game time, hahahahah
  4. Yo must visit BA. Is an awesome city and right now very cheap for the americans.
  5. First....thanks for the answer!} About comanders game, We will like to Join you and your group!!!!!!!! We are going to stay in NYC and travel to Wash on saturday. The same about the tailgate!!!!!! I am going to loose my voice for sure. We Argentines are very passionate when it comes to sports and with what I expect on this trip, I am not going to miss the chance to scream like a madman 🙂
  6. I not an art man (more sport man) but I read about Wright a lot. I will try to visit some places he designed.
  7. The truth is that I don't understand why I'm such a fan of the bills when I don't know anyone who has lived in Buffalo or has a tie with the team in the city, but the love I have for a team that plays more than 5500 miles from my house is incredible.
  8. I am going to see about this bus. This is a very god option. Here we drink a lot of Fernet, so I will travel with a bottle!
  9. I'm a huge soccer fan, so I'm really looking forward to the experience of watching the Bills live! I Will go to Gabriel's Gate to eat wings! Thanks for the idea!
  10. hahahaha We have a very nice girls, but we dont have the Bills.....
  11. Good morning. After more than 20 years as a fan of the Bills, this year I will fulfill one of the biggest dreams of my life and I will travel from Argentina with my brother to see them play live against the Raiders at home and then with Comanders (or whatever they are going to be called at that point in the season) as a visitor. First, I wanted to thank everyone who day by day makes this forum the best sports forum in the world and who have helped at least my passion for the Bills grow to unsuspected limits. Although I have been following this forum for years, there are some doubts that I have and with which you may be able to help me: - We will be stopping, I think, at the Lenox Hotel. Looking at google maps I see that you can go to the stadium with the bus number 14. I ask you if this is possible and how long it takes approximately. Will it be very complicated then the return? If there is any other better option, please tell me. - Regarding the tickets, I have doubts whether to go to home side (I understand it is the sunny side) or if it is better to go on the opposite side. - What time do you recommend we arrive at the stadium? ¿10/11 am? - Apart from Niagara Falls, which other places recommend we visit in the city (we will only be there on Saturday and Sunday of the game). - To go for a walk around the city I see that there is a public bicycle rental system, is this correct? - What place do you recommend us to eat? It does not have to be luxurious but something that makes us feel that we are living the Buffalo experience. Any other recommendation you can make would be appreciated. Sorry for so many questions I'm Go Bills! Ps: If someone comes to travel to Buenos Aires, do not hesitate to contact me!
  12. ok! Send me a Whatsapp and maybe we can se the game together.
  13. I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Here we dont have any bar to see the game but you can see the game in Star Plus live. DM if you want and I help to see the game or with info about the city !
  14. he was one of the best RB in the NFL in pass pro too in 2020 or 2021....
  15. Making cap space for Chandler Jones???
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