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  1. I’ve followed him since last season and he was putting in this kind of work then too. It’s easy to see how he excels on the field with his work ethic off of it
  2. Does a 17 game season guarantee an extra home game though? Could be an additional away game for some teams, so season ticket holders may not benefit. in fact you may lose a home preseason game and not gain a regular season game. Does this make sense?
  3. Patriots are the type of team that will swoop in a trade for Russell Wilson somehow and boom they’re super bowl favorites. They have draft capital to do these kind of things and Bellichek may want one last hoorah to stick it to Brady. I would hate if this happened btw you can not truly believe Patriots are putting all their faith in Cam
  4. I went to Europe a few years back and had the season opener recorded for when I got back. I made it the whole 3 weeks, turned off all notifications and the day of the game I didn’t look at my phone whatsoever. I made it all the way back to the airport in Canada and my wife handed me her phone and just at that second my mother in law messaged her and asked if I was happy the bills won we still joke about it to this day but I can tell you that one message almost negated my whole trip!
  5. Even if I can’t get to the games, I’m thinking I still made a pretty good investment. I imagine people will be lining up to see the Bills play in the stadium again
  6. Did anyone purchase season tickets for the upcoming season? I used to have them a few years back and decided to grab 4 for this season in the end zone. Hopefully we’re at full capacity and can rock out at the stadium this year!
  7. Please hear me out and don’t just assume I’m trying to cause problems because I don’t think what I’m about to write is true but it’s a thought. The Bills and mainly Josh had an outstanding season and nobody can deny that. They did it though with empty stands, so in turn a simulated practice setting. This took away some of the noise and pressures of performing in front of others. Yesterday seemed to be the closest setting to a full stadium that we’ve seen all season and the Bills look overwhelmed and outmatched. We have already seen Josh get rattled in previous years under the spotl
  8. I’m just happy I can genuinely look forward to next season with real hope. For 20+ years now I’ve been excited for the next season because I love this team but always with the realism that I will be let down at some point. Not anymore...now we can plug in places to improve but we have a Quarterback and that is what matters
  9. he cleared waivers so he can sign with a playoff team now And thanks for the heads up...will definitely use the search next time around
  10. not true https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/01/20/unclaimed-on-waivers-mark-ingram-can-now-sign-with-a-playoff-team/
  11. Forgive me if there’s already been a thread started but I did not find one. Ingram has cleared waivers and available for pickup. He’s not young either but probably in better shape than Freeman and he’s a hard nose runner with some motivation to prove himself. thoughts?
  12. Would love to get WYO in here for a catch up post on her thoughts about these new Bills. anyone friends with her that could get her on here for a post?
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