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  1. Maybe he will be tossing and turning the night before
  2. I forgot about Pickens. Peirce meh. I dont know much about Jones. In regards to Moore, it is like why draft any reciever then? Outside reciever wont start over Diggs or Davis. It is about adding weapons.
  3. On paper, the Jets are crushing this draft. 2 weapons for Wilson now.
  4. Yep. Also, guess what? Diggs was a 5th rd pick, and Davis was a 4th. Now, in a deep WR class, why can't we find a good WR today? I don't see why not.
  5. Sorry. Conner Rodgers source is Micheal Silver, and is getting all the picks to him. Its actually a good draft show.
  6. Both LBs are available Hill 3 good corners Hall Who we taking?
  7. Bleacher reports draft show is getting picks in quicker
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