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  1. I wear a mask, and follow all of cdc suggestions, but I don't think people not following the protocols is the problem. Thats pretty much what I got from it.
  2. Nolan Ryan led the league in walks 8 times, and has an almost 5 walks per nine in his career.
  3. Did anyone else know that Russ's brother is VP and General Counsel for Pegula sports?
  4. That other countries/races have national anthems? I'm not agreeing with the black national anthem, but that comment was dumb. Yes, asians and spanish people have their own national anthem. I'm first generation american, so obviously my parents have a national anthem from where they were born.
  5. Yeah, depending on where their family originated. Sure, there is a Asian and Spanish national anthem.
  6. That dude has a serious crush on Tyrod. It was crickets after the Jax playoff game, until this article. Barnwell is a joke.
  7. You are on crack. Good luck with all that.
  8. He said 2021. We traded a 2020 first round pick. See the difference? You are reaching, big time.
  9. The day of being patient with QBs is over. Allen improved his completion % by 7 in year 2, was one of the most accurate intermediate QBs in the league, which was a HUGE improvement from year one. To think he cant make another jump, with better weapons is laughable. John Brown and Cole Beasley had career years under Allen. Now another year continuity, with the OC, OL, WRs, adding Diggs and Moss. I see no reason why Allen can't make another significant jump in year 3.
  10. Well we traded the 2020 pick, not 2021, so your logic makes no sense. Also it's just an opinion. Who knows what will happen.
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