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  1. My off season wish, I want @Brennan Huff to be the new Bils gm. He obviously knows more than the GM who built a 13-3 team, that went to the AFC championship game.
  2. Who is upset? If you heard Beanes PC on Friday, he said players will be available, as cuts will happen.
  3. You dont like adding depth at pass rushing and o line?
  4. Maybe they will draft a QB, and use one in the first half, then another in the 2nd half
  5. Miami had a 2 QB system, I wouldn't I wouldn't judge anyone from that offense harshly
  6. Dude had over 700 yards last year, and 5tds, with Brees missing 4 games.....
  7. Did you even a comment, when we went 13-3? You are annoying, and a troll
  8. Right, he was just the most double teamed DE in the NFL, and still had a top 10 pressure rate.
  9. Watt has made over 100 million in his career so far. Why is he driving from GB to Chicago, or Clevland to Chicago? Dude has played in Houston, while married. If Houston wasn't a dumpster fire, he would have never left. Now proximity for a couple years to his wife is an issue? Is he driving to Chicago after Sunday games, then coming back a day or two later for team meetings and practice? The NSWL ends October 30th. I think we need to stop thinking proximity to his wife is some huge factor.
  10. Throw in a lifetime supply of wings for his wife, from a place of her choosing, and no one will beat that deal.
  11. It probably because he drops every other pass
  12. Yeah, I don't think people are realizing this. The cap was supposed to be around 201 million this year, now in the 170's. Beane said as much. They probably wouldn't have been as aggressive last off season. I guess Beane should have predicted the covid pandemic effects.
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