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  1. Right, with the blitz coming from that side. He checked the blitz and liked Brown with one on one coverage.
  2. 5 quarters of bad run D really has an impact on most, huh? Still being 3rd in pts against. I cant wait until Sunday
  3. Cool story, tell people who actually give a *****. This finding a way to put the Bills down is absolutely tiring. They are 6-2. Live with it, or cry yourself to sleep about it l.
  4. Interesting take. I think the play calling doesn't allow for that. Bills o line were taking the Pats DL to the woodshed. 6.4 YPC for Gore, but wanted to try and unleash Allen, instead of feeding Gore.
  5. Browns have given up the 4th most YPC. With Singletery finally unleashed, our running game will be an issue for the Browns also.
  6. Last 6 carries for AP yesterday -3,0,4,0,0,-2. Hey, I know being positive isnt the norm around here, but maybe the figured something out?
  7. Cincy GM told you that? What's his contact info? They have 89 million in cap space next year, spin however you would like.
  8. You mean the injured player who is ready to go after the bye week? Gotcha. https://www.cincyjungle.com/2019/10/30/20940068/a-j-green-injury-update-bengals-contract-nfl-free-agency-2020 Good grief
  9. Then why trade a 3rd for Benjamin? Move up for Zay? They have given up premium picks to move up in the draft the last 2 years. If AJ Green would have cost "multiple" premium picks, then sure. If they weren't willing to give up a 2nd for Green, then shame on them. Especially with 89 million of cap room next year.
  10. The most irresponsible trade, was when McDermott decided to trade down, instead of taking Mahomes or Watson. Also, our current GM has traded up every year. Whether it was for Allen and Edmunds, or Zay Jones (hi Ju Ju Smith Schuster).... but let's not trade for a guy like AJ Greene, because that would be irresponsible..ok McDermott.
  11. It's a clear sign that teams asking prices were ridiculous. Look at what career high 830 receiving yards Sanu went for.
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