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  1. Add Singletary completely whiffing on a block, that lead to a huge sack.
  2. Which small market team has won the WS other than KC recently?
  3. He had a chance at a fresh start. Vikings released him in August, he worked out for a number of teams (Including the Bills). It appears he didn't "wow" anyone, as the Vikings signed him back in late September. That should tell you something.
  4. I am staying at Staybridge suites medical center. half mile to the stadium, pretty affordable hotel too.
  5. Your original statement was "The Bills don't have the tiebreaker against the Titans" How the hell did this turn into a 3 way tiebreaker with the Raiders involved?
  6. I love when someone is wrong, and an lol is attached to the wrong statement.
  7. Barnwell blocked me a few years ago, when he claimed Tyrod Taylor was a good QB. Who gives a rat's ass what that idiot thinks. He knows nothing about football
  8. Right, with the blitz coming from that side. He checked the blitz and liked Brown with one on one coverage.
  9. 5 quarters of bad run D really has an impact on most, huh? Still being 3rd in pts against. I cant wait until Sunday
  10. Cool story, tell people who actually give a *****. This finding a way to put the Bills down is absolutely tiring. They are 6-2. Live with it, or cry yourself to sleep about it l.
  11. Interesting take. I think the play calling doesn't allow for that. Bills o line were taking the Pats DL to the woodshed. 6.4 YPC for Gore, but wanted to try and unleash Allen, instead of feeding Gore.
  12. Browns have given up the 4th most YPC. With Singletery finally unleashed, our running game will be an issue for the Browns also.
  13. Last 6 carries for AP yesterday -3,0,4,0,0,-2. Hey, I know being positive isnt the norm around here, but maybe the figured something out?
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