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  1. Peter

    RIP Isiah Robertson.

    It is very sad to read this news. I enjoyed watching him play for the Bills. RIP.
  2. Peter

    Bills Release P Colton Schmidt

    Odd move. Gratuitous.
  3. Thanks. As I recall, all or most of that was him quoting rap lyrics. I am not aware of anyone who actually knows Josh and the person he is who thinks he is a racist or anything like that. As with the old tweets of Jack Eichel, I really hope that we do not get to a place where we are judged by the stupid sh*t that we say or do as kids - especially when the kid (and later adult) is not like that.
  4. Does anyone know to what he is referring when he says: "Everybody who knows me knows why I was so hard on him"? Is there a specific or personal reason why Jalen Ramsey does not like him (something other than Josh is a very raw QB etc.who may have been a reach)?
  5. Peter

    Ed Oliver won't be a Buffalo Bill

    If Major Applewhite applied the rule to all non-playing players (as has been reported), I have no problem with what he did. The coats are designed for someone with shoulder pads (i.e. players playing in the game) and there are limited number of them. If Applewhite did not apply the rule evenly, then I probably would agree with you. P.S. I think you may have missed my play on words. P.P.S. It did not help Oliver's cause to sit out for a game while "injured" but showing off before the game in a manner that would indicate that he is merely taking the day off.
  6. Peter

    Ed Oliver won't be a Buffalo Bill

    "Major" overreaction by Ed Oliver.
  7. Peter

    Week 10 Bills @ Jets first half thread

    Based on what I have seen so far, that certainly would be a defensible decision.
  8. Peter

    Week 10 Bills @ Jets first half thread

    I have no problem with the decision not to start Josh under these circumstances.
  9. Peter

    Week 10 Bills @ Jets first half thread

    Is icing the kicker while being up 31-0 at the end of the half part of the culture or the process?
  10. Peter

    Week 10 Bills @ Jets first half thread

    Did we really call a time out to ice the kicker after being up 31-0??????
  11. Peter

    Week 10 Bills @ Jets first half thread

    Full marks to the team and coaching staff to get the team ready for the Jets. Dominating first half.
  12. Peter

    Why did Rex only get 2 years?

    You left out the bit about throwing Rex under the bus with leaks about him being fired and then firing him in less than two years notwithstanding that he was able to be the best head coach since Wade even though he was the head coach of one of the most injured teams in the NFL. As opposed to the current guy who is going to continue to suck the life out of this team while there will be general apathy among Bills fans as we see so many of them dressed up as empty seats or $7 tickets in December.
  13. Peter

    Why did Rex only get 2 years?

    We clearly disagree. At least we both support the same two football teams . . . the Buffalo Bills and Arsenal.