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  1. The first part does not surprise me. As for the rest, you left out that, according to Football Outsiders, we had among the most injured defense in the league the two years that he was HC. By contrast, last year, we had among the healthiest. Also, I would suggest that being flagged for having 15 players on the field at the same time is indicative of less discipline. Anyway, you and others have your narrative to push.
  2. Did you and others write a similar post when Rex was blamed for penalties? Did you and others write a similar post defending Rex when we had one less guy on the field against the Dolphins when our DB got hurt? Asking for a friend.
  3. Having 15 freaking guys on the field at the same time belies the narrative. I don't think I have ever seen a team get flagged for 15 guys on the field at the same time. It may even be a record.
  4. Exactly. What a bum. I could not believe it when we got flagged for having 15 men on the field at the same time. Oops. Never mind. That was McCoach.
  5. Back in November, I posted: "I suspect that McBeane are going to have to overpay to replace those guys that they thought were overpaid." As I recall, there were some who disagreed.
  6. Peter

    I miss that Son of a Bum

    I agree 100%. Not only is he a great coach, he is hilarious. I just read this quote about what he was planning on doing re Brady and the Pats:
  7. Peter

    Anyone buy a dog recently?

    Thanks for the advice to you and the others. We officially adopted yesterday. Because the dog (lab mix with some possible German Shepherd) is young and has not had his second set of shots yet, the dog is going to stay with its litter mates and get its second set of shots. We will be able to pick him up and take home in a couple of weeks. We ended up getting a male . . . not so much because he is a male but more so because my 16 year old and he bonded right away. The dog seems to have a great personality. We have our work cut out for us, but I am looking forward to bringing the dog into our home.
  8. Peter

    Bruce Feldman story on Dan Enos

    Irony "Saban Lies Way to 'Bama Job"
  9. Peter

    UB WR K.J. Osborne transfers to the U

    I have season ticket to the Hurricanes. I know that there are guys down here that are very excited about KJ. It will be interesting to see how he does. We went from a very depressing off season when Richt "retired" and what preceded that . . . to one where there is a lot of excitement in the air especially with Manny and most of our players staying, Jeff Thomas returning, and the transfers of KJ, Tate, and the DB from USC. Hope springs eternal. P.S. Regarding Tate, some think that there is a chance he can graduate from OSU this May and play this year or petition to play this year because of the OSU coaching change. We shall see.
  10. Peter

    Anyone buy a dog recently?

    Thank you!
  11. To each his own. I love Wade and think he would have won plenty of playoff games if he had been given the chance. In fact, he "won" the one on the road against the team that ultimately went to the super bowl . . . except for the fact that we got screwed over. He also is very funny and does not suck the like out of me as the other guy does. If we win playoff games in the future with McCoach, it will be a win win for both of us.
  12. Peter

    Anyone buy a dog recently?

    My older son and I are about to adopt a puppy from a local organization. The mom is a 60 pound lab mix who had 11 puppies that are now about 10 weeks or so. It is unclear what the dad is. We are going to look at the puppies this weekend. We apparently are third in line. I have never owned a dog before. [We just recently got adopted by two adorable kitties whose mom abandoned them]. One of the things that I read and have been told is that I should definitely get a male dog. I read that one of the main differences is: Female dog goes up to you and says: "Love me! Love me! Love me!" Male dog goes up to you and says: "I love you! I love you! I love you!" I thought that was funny. If any of you guys have any words of wisdom , please feel free to pass them along.
  13. Peter

    R.I.P. Turk Schonert

    Wow. Just wow. Far too young. RIP Turk.