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  1. Wow. So sad. So young. RIP Sue.
  2. Jaquan plays hard, hits hard, and seems to have good instincts.. I like the pick.
  3. I have UM season tickets and the kid has got lots of potential.
  4. Boring and outdate to some perhaps . . . . Classic to others.
  5. Why would they change from their classic Jets uniforms? The classic uniforms are actually pretty nice. They already made the mistake of trying to fix what was not broken . . . as did we.
  6. As a decades long Buffalo sports fan, I have to agree with his assessment of some of the fan base and some of the media. Although we have some the best fans in the world, there is no shortage of miserable fans and current and former TBN writers (for example).
  7. Tate Martell was cleared to play by the NCAA.
  8. According to the PFF ranking, we made the 13th ranked center the highest paid center in the NFL. I hope Mitch Morse plays up to his contract . . . otherwise McCoach are overpaying guys just as they thought the prior regime had done. I will wait to see how Morse performs on the field, but it is interesting nonetheless.
  9. McCoach managed to get the word "process" in two times in the same sentence. Well done. No doubt, he will be ready for OTAs and the regular season. He just has to go through the process.
  10. Wade is missing and should be on the list.
  11. Does anyone know what this guy has that the prior MIT guy (who was fired) did not have . . . or was this just a case of firing a guy that was hired by someone else and bringing on someone else? Buffalo Bills Hired MIT Grad Mike Lyons in 2013
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