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  1. I will try to stay off of your lawn.
  2. I was at the Wembley game as well (and the Arsenal/Everton game the day before).
  3. I am an Arsenal supporter and have been since the mid 1990's. I try to go to Arsenal games at the Emirates when I can. I happened to be in England in August this past summer, and Arsenal played Newcastle in the first game of the season at Newcastle. As a result, after spending some time in London, I travelled from London to Edinburgh (great city by the way) for a few days and then to Newcastle. I loved Newcastle. The city and the people remind me of Buffalo. The people could not be more friendly and their love of their team reminded me of Buffalo sports fans. Like Buffalo, Newcastle is a northern city with hard working people who like to go out and have some fun. The atmosphere at the game was great, and I happened to get a very good seat. I also took a tour of the stadium (the day before the game), which was a lot of fun. Also, for all of you single guys, Newcastle is a place where many in England go to for bachelor/bachelorette parties (or as they call them, stag and hen). In other words, people love to go out and party. I am an Arsenal fan through and through, but I now also hope that Newcastle do well because their fans are great. P.S. I watched the Sunderland documentary and enjoyed it as well. For years, I have never understood why some take the time to write posts like this. If one is really bothered by the topic, why "waste" your time . . . just move on while the rest of us enjoy the discussion.
  4. RIP Ben. May your memory be eternal.
  5. I have thought so for years. She also is very good at what she does. If I recall correctly, she even likes hockey. Her husband won the lottery.
  6. I agree. I thought it was very well done. I could not wait to watch it each week.
  7. I must have forgotten . . . which team was winning when RJ was last on the field in that game?!?
  8. Thank you for sharing. So true!
  9. Some of you may know that I have lived down here in Miami since law school. I used to work with one of Don Shula's daughters and became good friends with her. Because I grew up in Buffalo and am a lifelong Bills fan, she always knew that our friendship was genuine and had nothing to do with who her father was or the Dolphins. In short, Don was a great guy and was extremely nice to me. I remember having a great conversation in his office, which was filled with an amazing amount of trophies, cool photos, and other memorabilia. We talked about the Bills-Dolphins rivalry, how they beat us 20 games in a row, and that no matter how much us Bills fans disliked the Dolphins (as we now dislike the Pats), we always respected Coach Shula. He told me how impressed he was with us Bills fans and how much he respected us. Coach Shula is a legend. May his memory be eternal.
  10. I agree about your take re both Fromm and Tate Martell in this show. I am a Miami Hurricane fan and watched this after he decided to transfer. I think he has grown ups. some, but he did not come across well at all in that show. Fromm and his family, on the other hand, come across really well.
  11. Remember how many said Gilmore did not look happy when the Bills drafted him. I have no idea whether he is happy or not but the kid went to play college football in Utah. How disappointed could he be to be drafted by the Bills?!?
  12. It is his house in Nantucket. It must be his second home.
  13. It really does look like it should be a Raiders' stadium. It is very impressive. That is what $1.9 B will get you. I wonder what the final price tag with be for the Rams' stadium. Last time I heard, it was about $5 B.
  14. Watching the video reminded me just how much fun Roscoe was to watch. I think my heart rate went up watching the video. Roscoe could score on any play. His moves, speed, and ability to stop on a dime were amazing. I never understood some of the criticism from some of the keyboard jockeys. Roscoe had big brass you know what playing in the NFL given his size -- much more so than his critics.
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