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  1. Surprised no one mentioned The Amish Rifle yet.
  2. So, what is the purpose of testing unvaccinated players at this point?
  3. The burning question: is he vaccinated?
  4. First post here. Follow the group regularly but never posted. Feel provoked to post after having been called selfish one time too many :). I have immunity (covid with long haul symptoms). I do not need the shot. Evidence exists of long term tcell immunity. Evidence exists that I am at higher risk of having problems if I do take the shot. The link I attached is long but is from a reputable source and worth the read IMO. The only benefit of me taking the shot is "super immunity". I and others with natural immunity are no more selfish than anyone who has been vaccinated and not gone on to get covid in order to achieve similar super immunity status. https://www.bmj.com/content/374/bmj.n2101
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