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  1. How much does that change when you take Morse out of the mix? I believe they overpaid to get him - not faulting the Bills but that is what often happens when you pursue top FA’s What is also lost in this analysis is that JA helped make them look better in 2020. His escapability is off the charts.
  2. The caveat here is that the run game in 2020 sucked. It’s hard to believe that the Bills are truly 10th in the league given this. I get it that the Bills relied heavily on Josh’s arm and did well. However, I have to believe that the absence of a run threat hurt them, especially in the AFC championship game.
  3. At #30 you select BPA with slight nod to need. Beasley, by NFL standards is not young. I am not saying the Bills should look to replace him nor am I in favor of Moore. You look to build through the draft.
  4. We’ve warned law enforcement and security. Suggested they shoot on sight.
  5. Given our collective I.Q. Doesn’t add up to double digits, do you really believe we are capable of staying on topic?
  6. NPR did a story the other day on the car warranty calls. Not surprisingly, the number of people that unfortunately fall for the scam makes it a very lucrative business. It now originates overseas and it is hard for law enforcement to hold anyone accountable. One of the originators of the business in the U.S. built a $26 Million mansion off the proceeds before he got shut down and ultimately went bankrupt. It’s sad to think that probably most who are caught up in this crap are elderly folks who likely can’t afford to lose money.
  7. It no longer makes any sense to draft a RB in the first round. Teams, now including the Bills, have moved to a RB by committee approach and the trend will not likely go away. As Bills fans we have been blessed with the presence of some very special RB’s over the years. I think this has made some of us nostalgic for the good old days. They’re gone. This is not to say that the Bills did not suffer last year due to a lack of a running game threat. I believe the situation has more to do with scheme and o-line than RB.
  8. Just typical pre-draft speculation. Depending on who is left at the spot some team will “over pay” them to get there.
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