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  1. We all know what the drought years looked like. It’s altogether too easy to say “find a good, cheap QB and spend your cap elsewhere.” The reality is that this is very difficult to achieve as there are few good, cheap QB’s who are NFL ready.
  2. I do not know whether to laugh or to seek to do harm to you for making this statement. I guess laughing is the least juvenile response so I will go with that.
  3. I hate to say it but your 4 sentences above ring very true to me. You can say it was a one game issue, though in my opinion you’d be wrong. The game in Cinci that was stopped due to Hamilin’s unfortunate ordeal, started out with Cinci looking better than the Bills. I actually think it might have helped Buffalo to have played that full game and been beat. Had this happened, they would have seen schematically how they do not match up well to Cinci.
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  5. Terrible goes further than that ….. Bills out played in all phases of the game …..
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