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  1. I tend to believe KC figured out Buffalo’s “rules” last year in the AFC CG. Smart coaching will often win. Dabol needs to learn not to outsmart himself.
  2. He needs to make the roster first. Then he can be the holder.
  3. You win you win - as the tradition here holds only the Cheatriots* heave earned an asterisk
  4. That’s material for a movie script…. Hope he finds some measure of peace in the midst of all of this chaos…
  5. Can’t you raise kids right? We are contacting children’s welfare now. Be prepared for hard labor in Siberia for your failures.
  6. What a horrible thought … i did laugh though :LOL:
  7. You should be banned from watching Bills games and eating wings.
  8. That had no impact on the game outcome…. None whatsoever…..
  9. Isn’t it against the law for Bills fans to even be in proximity of a Pizza Hut? Seriously, what real Buffalonians (WNY’ers) would want to eat anything there?
  10. Depending upon COVID situation it is also really nice to stay on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. Where depends a bit on your budget but I have used the Four Points and found it nice but not spectacular.
  11. Wow - now you have to wonder, is this true and what comes in exchange.
  12. Wow - that is an amazing fact. Makes me appreciate the Bills front office that much more.
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