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  1. BuffaloBill

    Happy Birthday to Buftex

    He is an impotent person today, Happy Birthday Buftex!!!!
  2. BuffaloBill

    Full Intelligent Breakdown of DK Metcalf

    Talk about risk reward type pick.... it may depend as much on the coaches and system as it does on Metcalf. Sounds like he could be a match made in heaven for Josh. The Speed on The Bills with Foster and now Brown would be elite and scary good.
  3. BuffaloBill

    At What Temps Do You Set Your Thermostat

    HEAT (When Temps Outside Are Below 40): At home during day: 67-68 same At home whilst sleeping: 67 same Away from home: 66 If I think about it the same - If I forget 67 (too lazy to program) AIR CONDITIONING (When Temps Outside Are Above 75): At home during day: 72-73 Same At home whilst sleeping: 74-75 way too hot 68 Away from home: 75 same
  4. ED, depends and dentures ..... they happen to all of us in old age ...
  5. BuffaloBill

    [Vague Title] An top OL just became available. Wow

    There have been far worse .....
  6. BuffaloBill

    Previous poster’s hidden talent.

    Has collected “seniors” underwear from nursing homes for years. He then skillfully frames it for display in his home.
  7. BuffaloBill

    Happy St Patrick's Day!

    Don’t cause nationality confusion .... everyone is Irish today and Polish on Dyngus day.... that is if you consume copious amounts of beer on each day.
  8. BuffaloBill

    Ryan Fitzpatrick to sign with Miami

    He will. Fitzy has had quite the career ....
  9. Stop being logical you’re ruining the thread ...,,,
  10. BuffaloBill

    Josh Allen, the slot WR and a summary.

    Was he getting paid by the word?
  11. Three out if five above average starters. Also, without the injury in 2017 Spencer long was the 10th rated center so he played above average at arguably a harder position. This could mean 4 out of 5 above average starters. Plus, who knows how much upside Teller has and who the Bills pick up in the draft.
  12. BuffaloBill

    Ron Darby Man Without A Team (edit: re-upped with Philly)

    Hopefully he has a good season.
  13. BuffaloBill

    Happy Birthday Mrags

    #stay ... happy birthday!!!!
  14. Sounds like the AB trade was not as close as some suggest. Maybe Bean was simply being diplomatic.
  15. BuffaloBill

    Tannehill traded to Titans

    Wow .... Peterman looks like a good option here...