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  1. I think he meant to say he spent 750 thousand pennies ($7,500 for you math wiz’s) on that woman. It looks like he may have put his POS car up as collateral to do so.
  2. Your double entendre is entirely inappropriate for this family oriented space.
  3. Truth be told, Toronto is better able, financially, to support and NFL franchise. However, the NFL has forgotten in its quest for revenue that there is a fan base that matters. Buffalo has the most loyal fan base in the league.
  4. If you set aside the idea that it is chili you will find it to be good comfort food. I agree completely that it is not chili, nor is it spaghetti sauce. It’s unique for sure.
  5. I lived in Cincinnati for a summer while doing an internship. I remember how Cindy natives proudly proclaimed that nudbars and pornography was not allowed in their city. Yet, across the bridge was all that you could stand. It was a stupid claim. I do miss 5 way chili though, yummy stuff.
  6. Cincinnati is separated only by a river from Kentucky.
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