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  1. Historically there has been talent here and coaches have been able to recruit. TN has a huge and exceptionally avid following. People here bleed orange and white.
  2. He does have to place the ball on the tee to kick off.... but your point is understood.....
  3. What are you, a table hugger? You can’t save them all.
  4. While I’m sure some of it is swelling - the size of his calf - damn!!!
  5. I attended a game back in the 90’s at Arrowhead. People were very nice to me and my friends (all wearing Bills stuff. We got beers food and good natured ribbing as we walked from our spot to the stadium. It was a great group of people.
  6. It’s strange in a way but yes this belongs on the list
  7. His start record is worthy of some great respect
  8. The only small point of disagreement is that our WR corps is not 100% healthy with Beasley being the worst off.
  9. What are you going to say next, that I am not Nigerian royalty?
  10. I rember a guy guy giving a friend this line in grad school. It was hilarious 🤣
  11. Dabol’s methodology calls for attacking what he believes to be the weaknesses of the individual D the Bills face that week. Whether the Bills run, or not, will depend upon this philosophy.
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