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  1. Another great Kyle story. I can’t wait until he goes up on the wall.
  2. Article fails to emphasize how important it was that Foster turned his game around. TheBills got an absolute steal in him.
  3. ^^^^ shooting your own nuts off is a bit more than a bad day
  4. So so you are saying that you feel teased by all of us old nasty men in this thread? That’s sad and pathetic.
  5. But it is the outer or main crust king 🤴?
  6. Then why do we not say “did you like the crusts?”
  7. However, the whole exchange and poll is then invalid. It is built on the absolutely false idea that there are somehow two crusts. There are not. The crust is the crust. Therefore, the conversation is really about the crust that extends beyond, or perhaps, over, the other components of the pizza. While, I suppose maybe there is some combination of events that might render the crust beyond or over the other ingredients to be “good” while the portion of the crust under the other ingredients is “bad” there are not two crusts.
  8. Well, then to your point he is only 50% effective. It would be best to cut him now and spare us the misery of watching him play.
  9. I agree mostly with what you say here because Oliver has to prove himself. However, Kyle’s play may have been slipping and throughout his career Kyle has been part of defenses that have consistently struggled against the run. There are scheme issues and no one player is to blame but if Oliver does not live up to his potential and hype or if his somewhat smaller size for the position works against him then the Bills could be in trouble against teams that run up the middle, again.
  10. There are no “outer” and “main” crusts. It is all one and the same. Some people do not eat the “outer” crust, their loss. The crust is critical to a good pizza. Ever eat one that is soggy or flimsy and it matters little what else is there.
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