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  1. It used to be that the best RB was taken at or very near the top of the draft. The QB was expected to hand off most of the time and occasionally throw. Generally only 2 WR’s on the field and there was a big blocking FB. Now, the NFL features 3 WR’s, no FB’s (to speak of), pass catching RB’s and TE’s that play more like WR’s. All this to feature the QB’s arm, football I.Q. and running talent. Which era was better? In my book it was when you had a mix of both: Kelly & Thurman Aikmen & Smith Montana & Craig Manning & Faulk (& James) Staubach & Dorsett Bradshaw & Harris
  2. I feel as though he Isabella a weapon that has simply been hidden. It would also seem that Harry has more to offer.
  3. OJ was exceptional in his talent. It’s just sad to see what he has become as a human.
  4. I think just the crowd of people who gathered at my maternal grandparents home (not every year). There were individuals I called aunt and uncle as a kid who were not, by blood, in that status. I was just told they were. Card tables TV tables, people sitting and eating where ever they could. Fun times.
  5. Sanders had an other worldly combination of power, speed and balance. Maybe the only other player to have anything similar was Bo Jackson.
  6. Do you think that the majority of women involved in such lifestyles or “trades” are doing so because of free choice?
  7. Eli Ankou NFL 360 documentary about his work with indigenous people Eli’s Foundation Website Good work on Eli’s part. It’s tremendous that he is using his NFL platform to raise awareness.
  8. https://www.drive.com.au/news/2018-2021-bentley-continental-gt-and-flying-spur-recalled/ Wow, that is a simple potential explanation for the crazy acceleration and speed in a spot designed to make it difficult for people to rapidly navigate barriers.
  9. Shows every Eagles “tush push” this season. They really have perfected the play. Hurts makes it work as Minshew was not as effective.
  10. Thanks for the info. The trick with all of these subscriptions is to remember to cancel before auto renewal. That’s the game they all want you in. They hit your credit card because you lose sight of it.
  11. Some things are better left in private. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!
  12. Not a tesla, ‘eh’…. See, we can speak their language….. You’re blowing a hole into my peameal bacon and beer demands. Has to be from Canada to the US…
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