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  1. Wow - it’s hard to believe that 5 years have flown by. It seems like yesterday.
  2. You think Russell Wilson is not elite?
  3. I thought this when I read it and I believe the stat is wrong. Yeah they have this whole thing where you can pay them to publish what you write. They supposedly qualify you as having some sort of “expertise” and then suggest that you get entry to a “limited” and “distinguished” group of authors. The only thing they are after is your credit card number and the opportunity to publish clickbait content that they can post ads on.
  4. I thought about this but to me a difference is that the Bills offense has put the Bills D in a terrible position. For example, 4 turnovers vs the Jets. That should have killed the Bills.
  5. Holy cow I did not realize until I just pulled this up that the word filter blanked out my abbreviation for sauerkraut. Yes, it can be a pejorative word for people of German descent (I happen to be 1/2 so) but it can also be used as a bit of slang for the food. Oh well....
  6. I think you offer a balanced view with your comments. Time will tell how good they really are. I honestly believe they really have not been tested yet.
  7. Arguably, the Cheats* D has had it easy this year. They have faced the #28 (Skins), #29 (Steelers), #31 (Fins), #13 (Bills) and #32 (Jets). The best team they faced statistically, the Bills have a QB who is still learning the game and was without their best RB. There is a chicken and egg here, the teams they played may be ranked as poorly as they are because NE* has such a good defense. Alternatively the Cheats* D may be statistically good because they have not been tested. Personally, while I think the Cheat*s D is good their statistics are overstated at this point of the season. Your thoughts?
  8. I really believe the Colts have upside. Last night the Chiefs did not really look that spectacular. The looked good but not elite. If the Bills want to achieve the “next level” they have to clean up on offense and find that “next gear.”
  9. As Bills fans we have to get over the woulda coulda shoulda thoughts. The truth is The Bills are learning to win games they Maugham have lost in prior years, except for the Cheats*. The good thing as there will be nothing sweeter than if the Bills slay that dragon by defeating the beatable Cheats* twice this season.
  10. I do not see either being on “hot list” for HC jobs unless the Bills get really hot as the season goes on. Of the two Frazier is the more likely to get interest given his unit is clearly stronger.
  11. I do not see Beane and McDerrmott handling the team this way. What is key is the continued maturation of Josh Allen and then the general health of the team. They have lost Horrible Harry so far but have otherwise been somewhat OK on the injury front.
  12. Have some kielbasa and ***** for me! I hope your health improves and enjoy the time with your dad. As to the point of the thread, I have no idea if there is a Bills bar in Krakow but if there is I will not be shocked.
  13. Happy Birthday!!!! 🎉 from one ornery old fart to another
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