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  1. They’re not done with Cosby yet.
  2. I agree - wayyyyyyy - too much cheese. I tend to believe they are too much into their own popularity. The crust is doughy and wet. The sauce makes the crust soggy.
  3. Supposedly, the $45MM includes the already committed $10MM that was a part of his rookie deal. Additionally, we forget that McDermott is more likely to call stunts and blitzes as compared to Frazier. If the is is true, the calling will suit Oliver’s athleticism better. Somehow I think we will see a more productive Oliver this season.
  4. While hie is the current whipping boy on the board I think there will be some crow eating going on soon. Even in his critical comments Washington mentioned the guy has the physical tools.
  5. What an awesome outcome from Damar’s experience. I hope damar and this little kid live just a little bit better due to their now improbable connection.
  6. I love this story. There is enough bad news in this world. Nice to read about something nice.
  7. Victim gives new life to the phrase pain in the ass. This would be true on multiple levels.
  8. it has all of his upcoming dates. He is trying to land a new woman after all.
  9. He is getting “middle age” by NFL standards. Happy Birthday!!!
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