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  1. You negotiate all of the above with SDS - he’s notoriously tight.
  2. It is not a different type of thread. The subject depends on the person who is initiating the thread. There is no value in duplicating what is already out on the board. Therefore, by definition it needs to be something new. No intent to stop, slow down or otherwise impede any other normal board activity. This idea will only ensure there is at least one new thread per day. Just creates a new thread daily, that allows for normal board exchange within it. This is the only benefit.
  3. To the TBD community - For periods of the offseason new threads can be limited in number. To supplement new threads, I want to propose an idea if seven+ of you are interested. The idea is simple: Early AM of your assigned day you will create a thread - the question or topic of the day Identify the thread by staring it with “QOD -“ (for Question of the Day) You may volunteer to take one weekday. You become responsible for that weekday. So, if you are unavailable (vacation or whatnot) an alternate for the day will be identified. The two of you will need to coordinate to make sure your topic is ready If you want out, period, after being assigned a day, PM me and a replacement will be identified A mod will pin the thread People will respond in the thread as normal the next day the pin will be unpinned (replaced) - posters may continue to respond as normal here. To make the selection process as fair as possible, the most senior board participants will be given first dibs. Additionally, it will be my discretion to eliminate you from selection if your warning history is indicative of potential problems. We will try this until the start of camp to see how it works If popular enough maybe we continue it beyond then If this process becomes in any way problematic for the community, the mods, or SDS it will be eliminated as a board practice If there is not enough interest to get seven days of coverage the idea will die a natural death PM me if you are interested. If you have preference for a particular day (i.e. you want Tuesday only) please note this in the message. Also, if you have an alternate that you prefer to work with please let me know. Thanks.
  4. The Bills are really picking through the NFL thrift shop cupboards to fill out the roster.
  5. Claypool clocked in with a 4.42 40-yard dash time after measuring in at 6-foot-4 and 238 pounds the day before. According to the NFL, only two players at the combine have ever eclipsed a 4.45 40-yard dash time while measuring in at least 6-foot-4 and 235 pounds. Claypool is one. Calvin Johnson is the other. Care about what? He’s big too.
  6. I wanted so badly not to laugh but that is sneaky funny!
  7. I like the idea that the Bills are getting “heavier.” The trend is for defenses to get lighter so There is a zig and zag league aspect to this. Josh can throw the ball all day long but the Bills will be much better with a dependable run game. I do not see the Bills going heavy run, maybe its 60 / 40 pass. The issue is whether that 40 consistently gets meaningful yards.
  8. What you say here is why I go Meh over the chiefs taking Worthy at 28. He’s fast but will he be durable over an 17 game season? I think the Bills have done a sneaky good job of building a WR room with multiple styles, sizes and talents. Everybody here wants the splash name. However, the splash for the Bills this year is likely to be Kincaid.
  9. If you would have watched him on Vimeo your conclusions would have been different.
  10. Von Miller, Tre White, Diggs (last seven games) and Milano were all non-factors and high dollars last year. The Bills also became by NFL standards an “old” team. It’s time for a roster refresh. To your nearly crusading point, KC has been better at it - though the Bills were very unlucky with injuries last year.
  11. The Bills have to get younger. They are working themselves out of a cap bind.
  12. Do you not see that Brady will change the style of the offense at least somewhat? There is are some teams across the league push torwards youth in offensive coaching. I will grant you that Brady is unproven but I look forward to seeing what he will do. I am one of the few around here who has said the Bills are better off without Diggs. I like the fact that the Bills have built a varied WR and TE groups. Defenses seem to have figured out Diggs and Davis. KC did for sure. The Bills now have combinations of size and speed. Additionally they can go deep, play short and throw over the middle. No doubt Josh will have his favorite routes and tendencies. However, The NFL is a cat and mouse league. Teams will figure you out and you have to be able to do several things well. We will have to see what the product looks like on the field but I am excited.
  13. I was not one of the ones saying we only needed speed. Look who the Bills have on the roster at WR: KJ Hamler 4.27 (claims this per pro day - open to debate) Curtis Samuel: 4.31 Andy Isabella: 4.31 Lawrence Keys: 4.35 Khalil Shakir 4.43 Mack Hollins: 4.53 Bryan Thompson: 4.54 Justin Shorter: 4.55 Tyrell Shavers: 4.59 Keon Coleman: 4.61 Xavier Johnson: 4.64 The Bills have added speed or guys known for it. In Coleman they also added a guy who has all of the markings of a possession receiver who has hands of superglue (two dropped balls). Initially, I was frustrated with the pick. The more I see and think about it the more I like what the Bills have done. For those who simply wanted unproven straight line speed (i.e. Xavier Worthy) - the Bills picked up KJ Hamler and Samuel who are both fast. Samuel is a very known person to the coaching staff. Coleman, like any draft pick, will have to prove himself. Let’s hope he does.
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