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  1. Not gonna like that would suck in a lot of ways. The Jets aren't good so that is nice, but literally anyone else would be a decent change of pace.
  2. Truthfully his rookie year did offer a lot of optimism. NE start and Carolina like you said, plus he torched the Jets and had a solid win in Jax. In losses to Cleveland and Atlanta he actually played pretty well and had the team in position to win until injury in Cleveland and Atlanta Chandler and Stevie fumbled the game away. I remember a lot of magazines in 2014 NFL previews had him as a breakout guy with Watkins added to Woods, Goodwin, CJ, & Fred and the defense being so good. He just never really took the next step although I will say I think after his knee injuries they c
  3. Lol with how much it’s been why not at this is point
  4. Well I wasn’t team Allen at all to the point when he was drafted I left the party I was at and went home. Whoops! But on here I wanted Micah Hyde for his performance the 1st half of last year. The funniest was when I “guaranteed” there was no way the Bills and Chiefs would play at night last season and two days later it leaked that the game was on Thursday Night Football haha
  5. Not necessarily. Last year they did per Mike North because if they had to start the season late they could just move the first two weeks to the end. But the Bills opened on the road two straight weeks in 2019, NYJ and NYG. On the flip side they opened two in a row in 2015 Colts and Pats. It doesn't sound like this year the NFL is anticipating major COVID issues where the schedule would be more flexible for that. I love their all white unis whether it is the AFL ones or normal. They wear blue on the road now more and the bad juju of white at home is gone these days.
  6. Honestly why do people like you even comment? No one is asking you to read what I wrote, many of us enjoy this its fun while not life changing or important. I could really care less about the draft or analyzing prospects but others like it and I don't rain on their parade.
  7. It is a grey area kind of the way the Saturday December games are. The bigger thing I have seen is the NFL does try to keep a teams games to have at least half at 1:00 pm. Players and coaches prefer routine and 1:00 pm is the favorite by them, but the NFL does a lot for it TV Partners which I expect will only keep growing over the years.
  8. I feel you with that. December was really fun last year, but the entire month was non normal games. If I could have like 1 primetime game a month where it is spaced out I'm cool with that. It became quite intensive with late games last year haha. So the last time we played JAX was in 2018 and it was the Weekend of Thanksgiving. Generally the NFL likes to move games around if they were early/late and flip it. I also think with the newness of Trevor the Jags could be sneaky TNF game early on for someone like Buffalo or another big AFC team where you can use the newness of T-Law and
  9. I'd probably switch the first NE to a 4:25 matchup then.
  10. I haven’t been able to find that in writing but I know they try to keep it around that. But with a 17th game that’s probably going to change a little.
  11. My favorite time of the year in the NFL has come in the offseason. Every year I predict the Bills schedule in terms of games, times, weeks, primetime etc.. I look at past seasons including the last time we played that NFC division as the NFL does base some TV decisions on what they did before to be fair to teams and TV partners. Next week on the 12th at 8:00 pm the NFL will be releasing the schedule and with fans back in full this year I know this is going to be the most anticipated season in really long time. In regards to the schedule itself things should swing back to normal wit
  12. Yep the hype coming in for the defense was understood given the talent and Dave's track record. Once the season started it was like a different universe. I've always believed if Chan could've found a better defensive coordinator he probably would've lasted longer, those defenses from 2010-2012 were so bad and even when talent added it didn't move the needle.
  13. Agreed I would be really curious to hear some of the behind the scenes stuff especially from 2013-2016 where leaks happened ALL the time and you know different agenda's were clashing.
  14. Oh god I am not saying that at all. The Eagles went SB, playoff, playoff, out implosion, I completely understand things change quick. My point is simply last year the Browns didn't have the pressure of being one of those big teams. It exists this year whereas Buffalo has been through it and proved some chops last year. Let me ask you this if the Browns do the Bills 2020 season win their division, 12 games, and make the AFC title would you think of their season is a success or progress? I would say yes considering how far they haven't done those things plus their division is really tough. I thi
  15. Yep and got 8 more seasons to go! I am also incredibly bored with football until the seasons starts so this is my thesis for the summer lol
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