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  1. So Jets didn’t bother me a ton until college. Went to Oswego and met their NYC fans and ever since then I have hated the Jets. This was also when they got Farve then Sanchez and we’re decent and they wouldn’t stop running their mouths. That said I like Darnold and him vs Allen for a decade plus will be cool if all goes well
  2. 33% of the season ticket base is from Rochester. It wasn’t just a gimic and without regionalizing the team they would’ve moved. also something everyone is forgetting with the whole “move them back to Buffalo for good” idea is how training camp is the last free thing fans can see where you can get within feet of your favorite players. For fans who can’t afford to take their family this gives them an experience that their kids and themselves can enjoy. The NFL monetizes everything training camp is the one nice thing that isn’t
  3. Hi everyone I work at SJFC so I can fill in some things that I’m allowed to say. First Thad Brown who is a broadcaster here in Rochester says the Bills plan on Fisher despite the report and the plan is still Roc. You are correct we have had to furlough staff so the campus is wide open. But August 1st we are expecting everyone is at least back to work full time. The expectation as communicated to us is Bills camp is the NFL/Bills decision we won’t say nay. Cuomo opening back up camps and hopefully are campus phase 4 at the end of June is a good sign regardless of camp or not. Personally as much as I want the Bills on campus because it’s a blast as a fan and worker there, our priority is just that we get our students back. If that in anyway is slowed by the Bills there then I don’t see them there. On a more fun note the campus really is pretty open and I have seen plenty of players, I literally ran into Mitch Morse on a jog around campus. It’s really cool and it’ll kill me to lose it for the year because long term I think it isn’t staying but I want our students back.
  4. Welp I got this one wrong badly lol credit to everyone who argued otherwise... corta765 out 🙃 I’ll be attending the game 😁
  5. agreed. My buddy is a Dallas fan and 1pm games are a treat because Of the national exposure. I think one of the worst parts of the drought is it fostered a segment of fans who its all tailgating and partying at 1pm every week. Team success eh they just care about their party and it shows when stadium talk pops up. honestly you could play the bills on the moon at 3 am and I’d watch. I just want them to win. If you get good you get exposure and that means non 1 pm games. For me there fun I get if you don’t care for them but the active outrage is insane
  6. I had it week 13 so not bad got the SNF matchup
  7. I volunteer as tribute!
  8. Maybe. Spring is filled with hope and predictions of super teams, the Eagles of 2011 are a big example. I don't disagree that the NFC West has some sizable talent, but ARZ has to still put it together with Murray taking the next step and the Rams need to show they weren't a two year wonder. SF still looks great but they'll come back a little bit due to schedule. Seahawks actually scare me the most because of Wilson and how long they've been good.
  9. agreed. The Browns and Jets did what they should’ve done in 2018 like buffalo which is build a solid line to give your young QB time. They went for splash Buffalo went for substance and the results showed. This year I do think Cleveland wins 9-10 and is playoff caliber
  10. The COVID crisis kinda killed my ability to predict. I did a post back in March but I’ve been working from home and truthfully haven’t been on the way I like. I appreciate the kind remarks. this was my latest mock schedule Great point. People forget 1pm games are preferred by teams because it keeps a routine and are the best to prepare for. Coaches don’t want a ton of night games despite how fun they are because it throws off the plans for the week. I’d prefer if they danced in front of me like the halftime show
  11. This year the Bills Chiefs game is this years version of the game that has to be at night because bills fans really want it to be. I don’t disagree with the fact the Bills Chiefs would be a great matchup and at night be a really special thing as a fan. Unfortunately I will be very surprised if that happens at this point for three reasons. 1. The Chiefs being Super Bowl champions means every opponent the Chiefs play on the road see this is as their marquee game for the year. The Super Bowl champion always is a lucrative team for opponents hosting them and the Chiefs have a very appealing team nationally. A down team like Miami hosts KC and this would be an opportune matchup especially with Tua. Buffalo will be in fierce competition to land the game which brings me to point two... 2. KC is on the road against the Ravens, Saints, and Buccaneers. TV crews will absolutely prioritize those games ahead of Buffalo and in division Denver has a rising team while the Raiders are opening a new stadium and what a way to do it. Buffalo isn’t just competing against 7 other teams for KC at night there facing two of the NFLs bluebloods in terms of TV attention (BAL & NOLA) and a TB team with Brady which is now the most sought after team for TV after KC. 3. Sal C from WGR had Mike North from the NFL who handles the schedule who was really interesting in regards to how the schedule is made. One of the important things he noted is that while everyone wants a home game against their top opponent at night they have to balance that teams needs and what’s fair to them. Figure KC is getting 2-3 homes games and if they go to NOLA and TB at night, is it really fair to KC to force them at night for a 5th or 6th night game that’s on the road? The Patriots did play three on the road but one was in division vs the Jets, another was a quick flight to Baltimore with only the HOU game being a longer road trip. Overall I just dont see it at this point. I’d love it and. Buffalo certainly has a good case with the playoffs two of the last three years, a great defense, and some rising young players. But after looking into this deeper a 4:25 spot would be nice at this point.
  12. I’m going off the assumption the states are opened. There is no season if things are closed. now I do agree with I’m not sure how fair it is if the three California teams play in stadiums with no fans but other states do
  13. having training camp at a team facility is the equivalent of the Bills doing it at Fisher. The equality piece matters more in terms of opening team facilities in general
  14. Yes and no depends on travel and what teams prefer. Packers Eagles played last year. The guy in charge of the schedule said they try to honor requests like if you want to play back to back west coast they’ll do it, but don’t get made if it isn’t 100% what you want. Every team wants to be home at night but you need to have opponents
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