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  1. This is one of the more impressive analysis I've seen recently great job.
  2. corta765

    Ranking of 2nd round picks

    For second round picks they were OK value. On a better team he is a solid rotational player which would maximize what he can do.
  3. corta765

    Ranking of 2nd round picks

    1. Jairus Byrd- Dude was all pro caliber until injury 2. Aaron Williams- pro bowl caliber until injury. Sad to write that twice 3. Dion Dawkins- Has played 2 years at LT from rookie on and for the most part has looked the part. That is incredibly tough especially for that position. Still very high on him. 4. Ronald Darby- When he is not injured he is very good and has pro bowl talent 5. Kiko Alonso- Pro Bowl talent mixed with not much in the brain makes a solid but flawed LB. But still solid LB 6. Chris Kelsay- Productive player who you would be okay getting a career from. On a better team he is probably a great rotational player 7. Roscoe Parrish- His numbers are not far off from Reed and his return skills were dominant by comparison. Wasn't worth a 2nd in my eyes but still solid and injuries make him a big what if. 8. Josh Reed- Talent was there never completely put it together but he last for a while. 9. Zay Jones- One atrocious year and one year he played OK. Some good some bad 2019 season will be big in his future. Truthfully I think he is WR4 after Foster, FA addition, and draft pick. Not enough for 2nd round. 10. Reggie Ragland- Bleacher report named him worst player on Chiefs in 2018. He is player which the game passed him by and knee injury may have torpedoed whatever he had. Never liked the trade at the time and it's amazing we got anything for him.
  4. This is why hindsight is 20/20 and why I hate people who do not look at the overall perspective. Yes in hindsight the Bills would absolutely rather have Mahomes as would I he is the damn NFL MVP this year. BUT at the time people still wanted to give Tyrod one last go and many NFL analysts ripped Buffalo for cutting Tyrod after the playoffs. So it's a complete farce because the same people who say Buffalo would right now trade those guys for Mahomes are the same who thought Buffalo should've kept Tyrod and built around him. Gilmore I wanted to keep although I think he held back his last year due to injury. I think he is a very good player who at times can be great which happened this year which non surprisingly is with a marquee NFL team so of course he has more attention. That said CB's all can be beaten and he has numerous times so whatever. Overall I have no hard feelings with the guy I think fans underappreciated him and we have Tre now who fits what McD wants both talent and person wise so not sure why it's really a topic.
  5. After the first Giants win over Brady espeically because it stopped their undefeated season any hatred from the SB loss dissipated given how much I hated NE. By the second win they kinda had my respect just for being a well run org and would pull for them a little in the playoffs.
  6. If the Bills were to win the Super Bowl who would be your favorite opponents to beat along the way. For some people this may be who they hate the most, for others it may be who may be the most compelling matchup. For me it would look like this: Divisional Round: Host the Patriots at home and beat them on a last minute drive which absolutely guts their heart. Blowing out a team is fun but the pain is always worse when it is close. I want to drive that dagger of defeat in their hearts. Conference Title: Go to Pittsburgh and beat the Steelers 30-10. The Steelers are the most annoying obnoxious fanbase out there. I would love to beat them in their place to win the title. Super Bowl: If it for revenge then the Bills beat Dallas 43-9 exorcising their demons against this bunch. If it is on who would be a fun matchup the 49ers would most likely be my pick given how close it almost happened in the past and I think both fan bases could have fun with the game when the Bills win 24-13. Lions or Vikings just feels cruel to beat a long suffering bunch like ourselves and if we lost to either I probably would feel worse knowing someone else has left the basement. How about you?
  7. Fant from Iowa at TE I do not want in round 1. After that I am fine with but 1st round TE's rarely work out and scare the crap out of me.
  8. corta765

    Whose renewing seasons?

    I wouldn't mind staying after and hanging but the wifey likes to get going quick. The one time we did stay was after the Packers 14 win. Had to celebrate it was surreal that night.
  9. corta765

    How Much Pressure Was Doug Whaley Under To Win?

    Very interesting topic and I think the answer is A LOT of pressure. Now that the draft is over hindsight is 20/20 but this is how I remember the seasons and Whaley without that view. 2010: Viewed as a rebuilding year which got ugly and then led to disappointment thanks to winning too many games. But Fitz intrigued everyone at that time and the next draft didn't have a ton of guys. A lot of patience preached to the fans 2011: Still low expectations but Fitz & a bunch of lunch bucket guys who were greater then their talent at points made the season hopeful. Everyone knew the foundation was being laid at the time and still more patience. 2012: By this point patience had worn thin and the expectations were playoffs or bust. People wanted Fitz out by the end because of his contract even though he was a better stop gap and temporary QB then what was to come, and they had enough talent at the time to win. I distinctly remember Jerry Sullivan even writing a article saying there was no reason this team with talent and schedule should not make the playoffs. Mario, Dareus, Gilmore, A Williams, & Byrd led a talented enough defense that Dave W pissed away. The offense had some pieces but clearly needed more help. Regardless Gailey seemed overmatched by this point. 2013: Whaley takes over and I do remember a lot of excited people about EJ if anything because the Bills finally pulled the trigger on a guy. I do not remember people viewing this as a playoff season but EJ offered intrigue for sure. This draft may have been Whaley's best regardless of EJ because he landed Robert Woods, Goodwin, Kiko, & Duke Williams all who became serviceable starters to pretty good. This season between the defense and the amount of players in position that were solid absolutely led to a lead up that 2014 should be the year to bust the drought. People revise how they feel now but I distinctly remember going into the 2014 season believing in EJ and media alike also feeling that way. He had plenty of games that showed a lot of promise. I do not remember them being as good as Allen though which was something I have thought about that makes me more excited for Allen. 2014: The Watkins trade was a 100% a move to win by Whaley and break the drought. That offseason I also remember liking his signings of Corey Graham and Brandon Spikes to fill in for the injured Kiko. The defense was freaking set people bought that hook and sinker and the thought was the offense had enough with CJ, Freddie, Sammy, Woods, Goodwin etc.. to make it. I have always wondered had the Bills not had so many injuries on offense if they would've broke the drought (Fred & CJ both were toast by mid season and the WR corp was hit also). The biggest thing ironically was the schedule freaked a lot of people. By this point I think the faith meter in Whaley may have been at it's highest given many of the Bills top players at the time were drafted by him or his influence i.e. Dareus, A Williams, Kiko, Woods, Sammy, Gilmore, Hughes trade etc.. 2015: Again Whaley swung for the fences and I think Terry/Kim bought that hook line and sinker. For the first time in what felt like forever Buffalo had relevance and spent so in the offseason. Whaley was like a 16 year old kid who found his parents liquor, guns, & credit card and used all completely irresponsibly. But optics at the time were close to as high as ever. The offense had Harvin, Woods, Sammy, Clay, & a newly traded LeSean McCoy plus the defense was still loaded. The only real fault I think people had with Whaley was EJ and the QB spot. You could tell Whaley didn't want to admit that and tried to get EJ as the dude. To Whaley's credit I maintain this is the most talented roster a Bills team had since the SB days and had we had a competent coach they should've been 11-5 even 12-4. They absolutely underachieved but from the offseason until their playoff hopes were dashed I do not remember a lot of criticism to Whaley at the time. If you look at their worst losses Jax in London, Pats week 2, KC, or PHI most of the criticism was less lineup and more coaching by Rex. 2016: The house of cards Whaley had built cap wise came tumbling down. The EJ obsession and refusal to cut was so obvious it was pathetic and people were on him like crazy for that (justifiably so.) The team needed help to infuse talent back in with Bradham, Mario, Hogan, Harvin, & McKelvin all leaving but he lacked the cap and draft resources. It's ironic how short of a time for Whaley's overspending resource wise to come back to him. I distinctly remember that the vibe going in was this team better win despite it's flaws or Whaley especially will be gone. I did not think they would fire Rex after just two years. BUT the Steelers game seemed like the mea-culpa for both and WGR after was saying just cut bait with both and be done. 2017: Everyone knew it was a matter of time before he got cut it was only strange they did it after the draft. Overall yea I think Whaley absolutely was a prisoner of the moment. The team went question mark at ownership at 6-10 to 9-7 with a new owner with gobs of money and the entire energy in the organization heading into 2015 was an all out push to break the drought and to a smaller effect the Patriots. I always thought he had an eye for talent both FA wise and draft wise. His 2016 draft especially was more Rex driven so I have a hard time criticizing that considering Rex seemed the head guy. I think Whaley got himself in trouble for being too aggressive with FA signings but everyone overpays for FA. His greater flaw may have been his rush to hand out contracts to guys like Dareus and Glenn too quick. I think he just was too focused on the present and at points was far too loyal to the wrong players. But he was dealt a bad hand also. He didn't get a say in any coach hired, Marrone seemed to want his own guy, Rex was given more power, and overall he was kinda at the whilm of others. Draft wise he did land Kiko, Woods, Goodwin, Glenn, Bradham, Darby & trade for McCoy & Hughes. Those are all pretty good players to get and like I said I do think he had an eye for talent but sometimes he overvalued it like with EJ. Truthfully I wouldn't be surprised if he did better if he got a second opportunity. He I would think has learned to be a bit wiser spending money and resources plus how to work with coaches better. He paid dearly for his mistakes in 15-16 and I have to believe he is smarter from it.
  10. corta765

    Whose renewing seasons?

    Yea I have friends who have done that. Truthfully the traffic really is at it's worst once it gets dark people lose their minds. Sept/Oct games were never the problem its Nov/Dec travel wise. The Jags game in 2016 right after Thanksgiving took 3 hours thanks to all the people traveling home mixed in the game.
  11. For my liver and digestion system yes.. realistically no lol
  12. corta765

    The Quarterback Shuffle 2019

    This is the first time in my Bills adult life I can actually remember this statement being true.
  13. corta765

    Whose renewing seasons?

    Won't lie I kinda want to buy seasons even though I have a new kid on the way and being in Rochester the commit is harsh drive and time wise I hear that. Do you drive far for the Bills? Living in Rochester the time commitment/drive where you sometimes hit 2-3 hr traffic to get home is what iced me back to 2-3 games. Plus road tripping to Miami twice has been an incredible experience and my wife and I plan now on one road game a year, that to me is worth the price of seasons instead while doing 2-3 games at home.
  14. corta765

    Team Identity when they move

    So a few things: The Browns actually maintain the history of the previous incarnation. There was a lawsuit which the city of Cleveland won keeping the history and colors there. The Ravens are effectively an expansion team that just got a lot of players and personal. Houston has tried to get the history back but Bud Adams didn't want to give it up. I agree its dumb that players are honored in cities they never played it and feels very backwards to me. The Ravens actually honored Johnny Unitas when he passed and I believe a statue exists in Baltimore for him. Probably the weirdest strangest dumbest of all sports is the Arizona Coyotes in the NHL carry the linage of the Winnipeg Jets of old...even though a new Jets team exists who carries the linage of the Atlanta Thrashers. Overall its stupid when teams move IMO if you move the history and colors stay in that city and you rebrand.
  15. I like your analytics and I am a believer to an extent. For me the Bills making the playoffs they need to do the following: Record wise -6-2 home record minimum. This guarantees that you can go .500 on the road. Personally I think they could win every game at home in 2019. -NFC North win 3 of 4. I think Giants & Redskins should absolutely be wins its getting one of DAL or PHI -AFC East win 4 of 6. MIA should be a sweep which means you need to split NYJ and NE who are both winnable but tougher -AFC North win 2 of 4. CLE is actually the game I fear most with CIN & PIT in Chaos and BAL being a team at home we can beat. -Crossover games win 1 of 2. DEN at home should be a win and I think the Bills can win in TEN. Scoring Wise: -Get the offense to 23 ppg. The offense once Allen returned actually averaged 24 pts but teams will adjust. 23 pts is still a sizeable leap for any team and even with added playmakers 25 pts seems still a bit high to get. -Allen averages 60% on passes and gets to 3500 yards. I think at those numbers the offense is clicking and near Top 10 -Add a half a second more of protection for Allen.