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  1. This is one of those situations where just because you can do something does not mean you SHOULD actually do that thing
  2. they were on the road in 23' week 1. The NFL typically tries to rotate back and forth with that for the most part.
  3. I think the NFL views it Josh Allen then Jets then Phins. Phins have taken a lot of hits personnel wise and despite two back to back playoff years they have not won anything. The Jets have the greatest intrigue factor to me because if Rodgers is literally just league average their probably a 10-11 win team and I think the NFL thinks the same
  4. My buddy told me the PATS probably are road week 1 and home week two as week 1 they have MLS game at stadium day before
  5. I would expect the schedule to be closer to 2022 where the Bills had 5 primetime games, thanksgiving, a flexed Saturday game, and the Chiefs at 4:25. Still ended up with half the schedule not at 1pm, but 8 games at 1. Even with the NFC West teams this year I think you see closer to 7-8 1pm games.
  6. Again I think the Bills would be rather pissed off to have another year out of the gate on the road and in primetime.
  7. My schedule has 8 and last year they had 5 but the Jags game prob would’ve been 1 pm and the dolphins got flexed. They still have 8 non 1pm games in my schedule with a flex left for week 18 and flex ability for another primetime game. Given the dogs the NFL has had in quite a few matchups later in the year I can 100% see them letting a team like BUF have a 1pm game that can be flexed in if needed if the other matchup fails.
  8. Alright the time has come and your local schedule guru is ready to make his prediction for this year. In the past I have been pretty accurate nailing 3-4 games and missing by a week or so in others which I am decently proud of haha. The schedule should come out three weeks from now so it feels like a good time to put this out for consumption. I am willing to make this prediction now is for a few reasons: At this point the Bills roster isn't going to change markedly where it will change things a lot. They will still get 4-6 night games even with Diggs gone. The biggest matchups the Bills have are already set roster wise in the major regions also. Outside of NE who may draft a QB, the majority of the schedule is a known thing in terms of QBs and major players I want to get this out before we actually have any data based off my own research and guesses. Makes it the fairest thing possible With that said here we go: This would give the Bills 5 primetime games along with three games at 4pm which is pretty similar to the last 2 years of what we have received. Additionally finishing in NYC week 18 I think happens as the NFL tries to replicate how the Bills went to MIA on SNF last year. So my logic on what I have, feel free to agree, disagree, or get mad: -I have the Bills opening at home after two straight years being in marquee games on the road. Coaches/teams can make requests and input to the NFL on what they want. It is all not granted, but the NFL does try to give as many requests as they can while balancing their needs. I truly think McD and crew with a roster that is reshaping want a basic start without a lot of glamer and they ask for a home date at 1 pm to start. -The Jets are going to be media darlings again as they are healthy and a major market. I expect the Bills will get the home matchup early this time and at night. -The Bills were on MNF the last time they played SF and the TV networks can request games to not go at night. I think this is a national 4pm game especially as the 49ers have so many games that can go at night also -KC/BAL expect at night and spread later for playoff reasons -Games like JAX/LAR/IND/DET can be flexed later on. I think the Lions will get some national games, but not every playoff team from the prior year gets the big stage. I can see this as a 1pm national game. I also think the NFL says to the Lions to prove it again before giving more national exposure. -I don't have the Bills on Xmas day but I do think they end up in a Friday or Saturday spot or something with lights in that window. -HOU is an easy night game and I can see the NFL putting it on TNF for the eyeballs it can get earlier in the year
  9. This would be a very ideal draft to me
  10. Agreed. The only player on offense they have truly moved for in round 1 was Josh. Other then that its been defense or draft while in position.
  11. 1000% agree and it is why drafting 2 WRs rnds 2-3 along with adding a Chalk or even ODB seems like the only real way to eliminate some of those IFs and Hopefullys. Hinging on a single rookie seems really dangerous production wise. Either you have an elite talent or 2 to beat a great opponent OR you have enough truly good talent that it is pick your poison when they look at your offense. As currently constructed the Bills have neither on offense, you cannot count on someone emerging. I think Shakir Kincaid Cook offered a ton to like, but realistically you need either a blue chip WR the way Diggs was or two more guys to move the needle the way we hope.
  12. I am hoping that the WR corp can be like 2019 where Beasley and Brown came in and gave established solid production. Thing with that is Smoke still went for 1000 yds 6 TDs which for a rookie would be pretty impressive. But if between two rookies shakir samuel kincaid the end of year stat line is this I am happy with it (no order of who): 75 rec 925 yds 6 TDs 69 rec 855 yds 5 TDs 50 rec 625 yds 7 TD 47 rec 565 yds 3 TD 43 rec 510 yds 4 TDs 3480 yds 25 TDs That isn't including Knox or RB etc.. but something like that would be solid even without a 1000 yd guy or anyone over 80 rec
  13. Honestly I think if the board kind of falls as predicted where BT would be gone before we can get him I would trade back to try and have at least 3 2nds/3rd and draft two WRs there AND maybe even take a flyer on Chark or even ODB for a year. I really would prefer a to insulate the position as much as possible. I just don't see the Bills getting a proven established WR OR one of the Top 3 WRs so to me you need to take a few guys and hope maybe one turns out while having a proven guy also to step up.
  14. Mock drafts, media analysis, bills fans, etc.. everyone has the Bills doing things to address the WR position with Diggs leaving and the larger hole that is now created. Realistically outside of a trade for a Aiyuk or Tee Higgins type player where it is established WR with a track record of production, the WR position will be a question and probably still an area of concern. Even if the Bills move up to draft one of the big three WRs there will be a question of immediate production and adjustment to the NFL. If the Bills move back and draft 2 WRs in rounds 2-3 your at least initially expectation wise at a lower starting point compared to one of the big three guys. The production Diggs had given even with the drop the back half of the season and the now loss of him and Davis production also is going to be a question for everyone and those stepping in. Is there a scenario for you that makes you comfortable with the position moving forward?
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