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  1. corta765

    2018 Schedule Weeks 5-8

    OK sooo I predicted the Bills in first four weeks would go 1-3 (W vs LAC, L vs GB, MIN, BAL). I am operating under the premise that Allen is the starter at this point also Week 5 Tennessee Titans Win 23-14 The Titans are a team in transition and this is a great match up for our improved defense. The Titans lost a little bit on their defense last season also so I think our O-line can be ok against them and help Shady have a good day. I could see this as one of those games were Allen has a good day and shows the flashes you want to see from a rookie QB. Additionally with a new coach it usually takes a year for things to take a hold unless your QB is super special, Mariota isn't there at this point. Bills 2-3 on the season. Week 6 @ Houston Texans Loss 27-13 I don't know why I've read so many Bills fans who think this game is a win I see it as one of the more assured losses. The Texans assuming they are healthy have a Top 5 defense and a QB who looks like he is Aaron Rodgers 2.0. Best case scenario is the defense can keep it something like 17-6 at the start of the fourth before the Texans pull away and we score in garbage time late. Bills 2-4 on the season. Week 7 @ Indianapolis Colts Win 24-17 Even with Luck the Colts need a lot of pieces at this point to be competitive. This is game I could see the Bills front 7 dominating throughout and not giving the IND QB much time. Additionally IND defense is still very porous and the Bills offense should have opportunities to move the ball pretty well. I could see this game as one where Allen has a chance to throw over 300 yards for the first time given the caliber of opponents before this. Bills 3-4 on the season Week 8 New England Loss 24-14 I am at the point I won't ever pick the Bills to beat NE unless its week 17 when it doesn't matter for the Patriots. That said I do not think they are the juggernaut they've been their WR corp has taken some hits, their defense is a middling unit that lacks guys up front, and in general there does seem to be some shakiness in the organization. They still are Top 2 in the AFC but I think the Bills can make a game of it where it is close late in the fourth with the Patriots needing a late FG to pull away. I don't doubt our crowd or the defense playing lights out but the offense I just think needs more time. Bills 3-5 on the season So midpoint of the season I have the Bills at 3-5 and truthfully I wouldn't be disappointed as long as the defense played strong and Allen shows signs of growth. I also think people predicting records .500 or better are severely underestimating the difficulty of teams like Houston and Baltimore while overrating our offense chance to succeed. It is very rare for a rookie QB to come in given the lack of parts we have and tear it from day 1. For every success story there are 10 failures or growing pains type seasons that a rookie QB has.
  2. corta765

    Thurman Thomas - 1991 NFL mvp

    Pretty vague way to define it though. Those teams in 98, 99, and lesser extent 96 were far less focused on Thurman as the guy and he himself was a shell of the player he was. Its a fun stat to make though I will say.
  3. corta765

    2018 Schedule Review Games 1-4

    So a few things before my predictions. I think the offense will struggle mightily given the amount of change and the fact the QB will turn the ball over more then Tyrod. Say what you want about his lack of taking chances but he protected the ball well and the new guy whether AJ/Allen will throw more picks and that will hurt a lot. For my prediction I am acting that Allen is the starter just based off what I've read and seen thus far. This first stretch is the worst of the season and I won't freak out if they are 1-3 even 0-4 as long as they play competent enough and show growth in the right places. @Baltimore Ravens: Loss 21-13. I get why people are not high on Baltimore but frankly they were a better team then us that lost on the flukiest of plays possible. Their defense is slightly more complete then ours and more proven and while their offense isn't much I still like it better right now then ours given our turnover. I think this game is the blueprint for how the season goes. Defense plays well keeps the opponent under 23-24 pts but the offense can't make enough of its chances whether with AJ or while breaking a new rookie QB in. Los Angeles Chargers: Win 24-20 I think after losing a tight opener the Bills come home and with some motivation take on a good Chargers team that they will not want to be embarrassed by again. Opening day is always electric and I think the Bills defense unloads on the Chargers while the offense makes enough plays to pull out the victory. Also the Bills have opened the season 0-2 only twice in the last decade and this squad is better then the 2010 group and 2016's team rallied to 2-2 by the end of Sept with Rex's incompetence. @Minnesota Vikings: Loss 28-14 Once again I think the Bills defense keeps them in it until the fourth quarter where another offensive turnover costs the Bills and Minnesota goes up three scores (garbage TD late closes gap). Minnesota in my eyes is one of the 3 most complete teams in the NFL with PHI and LA Rams. This is a really tough matchup for the Bills offense and the QB in general. Hopefully I am wrong but the Vikings are who I would like the Bills to be in two years from now. Boat loads of home grown talent with carefully acquired FAs. @Green Bay: Loss 28-20 I am most interested in this game with how Edmunds covers Graham given our matchups with Gronk later. Overall again I think despite the score our defense hangs tight but the offense will turn the ball over while having a better game. Wouldn't be surprised if the game was 20-13ish come the 4th with GB getting one late like in Minnesota due to a turnover by the offense.. Even at 1-3 I think the Bills could be 5-5 by the bye and the season is far from over. If Allen is the starter I am really more concerned with his growth and development then Wins and Losses at this point. This season is a blank canvas to me more then anything and the big thing is to see the defense mold into a top 10ish unit and Allen grow into his shoes so next season they can compete for the playoffs and maybe the division.
  4. corta765

    2018 Schedule Review Games 1-4

    Lol the NFL schedule is set years in advance with how home and away matchups go and who is home and away. It literally is as easy as a monkey when it comes to how the matchups are set.
  5. corta765

    Bills All-Drought Team

    Gilmore should be in over McGee. He was really really good despite fan hatred towards the guy. Otherwise your pretty spot on with this. Nigel Bradham I may also put in over Manny Lawson
  6. corta765

    Coming to Buffalo - Bears Game 4th November

    Awful advice. Downtown has a lot happening these days with canalside, allentown, elmwood village, and chippewa/theatre district. There are a lot of breweries around now, plus little shops in the allentown & elmwood village area. You will need to uber or rent a car, but downtown the subway is free above ground so you move decently plus you can rent bikes. Most of the hotels downtown are right on or near the subway also. The marriott garden is nice downtown as is the marriot actually in the harborcenter facility. Pearl St. Bar and Grill has some excellent food plus massive beer bongs about 2 1/2ft high you can drink from. The riverworks area is right by the Sabres arena and pretty popular year round for food drinks and a variety of outdoor entertainment which in early Nov you still may be able to catch. In regards to game day its all up to you on what type of experience. The lots on the Bills ground do not open until 9 but still can be fun. The major party lots are typically private or the buss lot. You will need some kind of ride to the stadium but I am sure if you looked up group travel to the stadium you can find stuff plus as others here have offered if they can help you car pool. I will say while the tailgating is amazing and everything, I do recommend you check out the field house and stuff in front of the Bills Store. They have a lot of neat free stuff you can do and the field house when open is cool to see quickly if you never have been to a game here.
  7. corta765

    Whose On Your Bills Wall of Fame

    That's a good idea, start your own thread for it. I would thoroughly enjoy that.
  8. corta765

    Whose On Your Bills Wall of Fame

    Good one I would probably replace Moorman with him.
  9. Well drawn up here are my thoughts: Myth 1: Disagree to the extent that Buffalo was the better team and if they played 10 times Buffalo wins 8-9 of them. This was the one we got bit on. BUT to your point it wasn't like the Giants were 9-7 scrubs. A lot of talent there and tremendous coaching made them a very formidable and valid foe. Myth 2: Agreed. One of the things I laugh at is when people say a team should completely stop doing what made them successful. Kelly actually called more run plays over his career then pass, like you said he took what was given to him. If anything in the 2nd half the coaching staff maybe should've just ran the clock a touch more at points. They didn't have to break from what worked in the K-Gun just modify it slightly. But any interview I have heard with the offense from the 1990 team they've said they were going to do what made them successful and die that way if it came to it. If you want to say by Superbowl 28 perhaps the offense should've evolved a touch to be a bit more ground and pound or ball control sure, but in 25 no way. Myth 3: Yep. My dad has always said it wasn't Norwood and the amount of blown tackles by the defense alone killed them. The Bills made enough errors as a collective unit that they created a situation where everything came down to a kick. Daryl Talley himself has said on the one 3rd and long if he would've just tackled normal it would've been 4th and long. He went for the big hit and it blew up in his face. There are a lot of what ifs on the defensive side especially. People also forget in today's age of automatic kickers that back in the early 90s kickers were far less trustworthy and accurate with success kicking. Myth 4: Agreed. The only criticism I could see would be not trying one more play that was a quick out pattern or something just to get a few more yards but that is more a coaching call. The offense as many have said left feeling mission accomplished.
  10. I'm filling this under Old Man Yells At Cloud
  11. So with the news of Thurman today getting his number officially retired I had a fun idea of who would be on your Bills wall of fame if you could only pick the 2 best players from each decade that played in that decade (60's,70's,80's,90s, 2000s,2010s). For insistence if you want to pick Bruce & Jim for the 80s so you could do Thurman & Andre if you wanted for the 90s. But I am curious who everyone would have for this. Here are mine 1960's 1. Elbert Dubenion 2. Jack Kemp 1970's 1. OJ Simpson 2. Joe DeLamielleure 1980's 1. Bruce Smith 2. Jim Kelly 1990's 1. Thurman Thomas 2. Andre Reed 2000's 1. Brian Moorman 2. Eric Moulds 2010's 1. Kyle Williams 2. Eric Wood
  12. corta765

    Thurmans Jersey to be retired!

    Ugh, I mean I get it Thurman is all time great and this probably should've happened earlier but I get nervous we just keep relieving the past as much as possible just because we can. I really hope they are careful that this is it for a bit with 12, 34, and 78. It takes away from those guys if we start doing this regularly.
  13. corta765

    What jerseys do you own?

    Haha I am an incredibly lucky husband to say the least
  14. corta765

    What jerseys do you own?

    My sister in law got one for her birthday and he literally got traded a few days later from her brother. He was able to trade it back for a McCoy jersey so it worked out but yea...lol
  15. corta765

    What jerseys do you own?

    Goes like this: CJ Spiller 2010 Throwback Blue AFL received as a graduation gift from my cousin Stevie Johnson 2012 White Away Jersey as currently seen (I loved Stevie) EJ Manuel 2013 Home Jersey My wife and I ended up loving EJ early on and we went week 2 to the Carolina comeback game and swore he was the dude. Ended up buying his uni for each of us week 4 when we went to the Baltimore game. I don't even regret it because it was the first time I ever just straight up bought two jersey (not from china lol) from the stadium and it was fun. Jim Kelly 2015 90s Bills home uni which has the 75th NFL anniversary patch. This is my go to jersey these days for watching the game at home and sometimes home games when the weather is good. I got Kelly with the intention of never buying a jersey again because the previous 3 were all gone by 2015 or in EJs case on the way out. Figured Jim was an easy pick given he's the franchise legend. Barcari Rambo 2017 White away OK so I was really excited when Rambo resigned and at the time Poyer was an unknown so I figured he would make it back and I loved his name. In retrospect I should've got Hyde oh well. Going to games I typically wear CJ or Stevie given I lately have been attending a lot of cold weather games and I can layer pretty well underneath. Also this is who my wife has she has me beat: Jarius Byrd 2008 Dark Blue Home CJ Spiller 2012 White AFL throwback EJ Manuel 2013 Blue home Shady McCoy 2016 Red Home Steve Hauschka 2017 Blue home Jordan Poyer 2017 Blue home Kinda how I feel. Thats why after my failouts with CJ, Stevie, & EJ I got a Jim Kelly jersey and I am set. Always in style and no worries he leaves lol