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  1. No position in sports sees opinions change faster then QB. Brady was supposivily done years ago when the Chiefs throttled them. The big picture does matter and realistically every guy has good and bad years. I think Josh will have another good year but if he is not MVP caliber 24/7 it will def annoy some people.
  2. I have a rule to generally not comment until at least 24 hrs after a game as emotions run high and lose objectivity in thought. But my second son was born Friday so I’m in a pretty happy place regardless and right now it’s just a game. With that said here was what I saw: 1. Expectations alter reality to good and bad places. In this case it was bad. Heading into this week every analyst, major media member, and fan was calling this a win for buffalo with many fans thinking it was a blow out. Honestly I think unless Buffalo won 49-7 people would’ve been disappointed especially since in a close game. I never saw the AFC titles or SBs so having SB hype was new to me. I asked my cousin prior to week 1 how to feel as he went to the AFC title game in 93 against KC and he said don’t even think about the expectations they just need to win enough games first to make the playoffs. Hype is fun and is a great place to be where it’s good, but the reality is win or loss yesterday Buffalo needs to get to 11-12 wins before we can truly think that way and have a real idea what we are as a team. 2. This felt like the Titans game in a weird way where we moved the ball on offense but kept shooting ourselves in the foot. The difference is our D came to play. I’ll get more to Allen but he wasn’t atrocious he just wasn’t great and mixed in with bad play calling and an offensive line that was an ez pass all day your mistakes are magnified to 1000%. The Bills didn’t deserve to win this game, but their were def some weird things. 3. Fourth down killed the Bills. They punted twice and failed to convert twice. If any of those are converted it’s a different game. Truthfully it’s a statistically anomaly after being so good last year. 4. Allen, this was one of his not great days the problem is nothing else on offense was working either. Probably my greatest frustration was in the 4th the return of hero ball. Whether too much hype or frustration later he forced too much rather then taking what was given to him. In the 3rd quarter Beasley started getting open underneath and he kept looking high. That said he still had some insane passes especially given the pressure and I liked his runs. Like the KC game the pressure def got to him and he is going to need to learn to keep his emotions in check. He will be fine but I don’t need MVP Josh as much as smart Josh because the rest will take care of itself. 5. Play calling/Coaching, somehow after losing the AFC title in which they got conservative the Bills coaching stuff doubled down with extra some absolutely madding calls. Whether it was punting in two 4ths, the play call on 4th and 1, the flea flicker on 3rd and 1, or the amount of east west designed plays against a PIT team that was eating them at the line it was bad. It felt super drought like how the game was called. More then the players I hope this lights a fire in the coaches because your not beating KC playing conservatively or any other good AFC team. 7. The defense was good. They never got really driven on by PIT and while you want more pressure and a turnover would’ve been big, they did their job and a total of 16 pts were allowed, I’m good with that. 8. Week 1 is the biggest overreaction week that exists and many times teams design things that the rest of the NFL hasn’t seen and just takes time to figure out. I think PITs defensive strategy was that and the Bills offensive line was caught off guard moreso then being so talent deficient. Play this game again week 16 I think the offensive line is better and Allen isn’t flushed 40% of the game. 9. 4-2, realistically the Bills need to get to 4-2 before the bye. The schedule is far later after that with some real easy games for the taking. I don’t care what it looks like to get there just get to 4-2. 10. Last year was a dream regular season where you felt good basically the entire time. That does not happen most seasons and settle in from probably a year that is a bit more turbulent. The Bills no longer are hunting, they are the hunted and yesterday showed that. PIT wanted to play Buffalo and looked like a team ready to take on one of the believed to be top dogs. Many teams will be circling Buffalo similarly and the Bills coaching more needs to prepare the team for that.
  3. Last Ten Years, otherwise it would've along with many others but this is 2011-2020
  4. Agreed. While I appreciate the attention Bills fans have received and Hammers lot the last decade for the tailgating and event it has reached a point of too much. In general I don't think it is the worst things of the tailgating shifts ever so slightly back from scenes from 300 with food to a slighty calmer approach.
  5. I've wondered if he starts Hughes and Addison and then unleashes the kids (Aj, Boogie, Groot) after a little to use their energy then
  6. Nope that was IND the next week.. at home lol
  7. I think most fans going into 2018 knew it wasn't going to be a playoff year and it would be a transition type situation. But yea I can only imagine being there opening day and just getting stomped in person like that. Even the bears 41-7 game later in the season I went to was wayyy more fun by comparison.
  8. So my wife and I since 2013 have a Bills party for the opening game (minus 15 we were there we hosted Miami week 3) with our family and friends like 50-60 people two TV's outside wayy too much fun etc, its wild. This was year 2 of our Bills party experiment and when he ran the backyard to the point the neighbors heard it. We ran up the straight with 20 people and the shout song playing and then watched the run about 20 times over. I do not think we stopped partying until 10:30 that night, it was a great time.
  9. Still kills they started so well and didn't close. Soo many likeable guys on that team.
  10. The NFL opens tonight and I am excited and thought about what the best Bills openers have been over the last decade and wanted to power rank them. I am basing this on entertainment value, feeling after the game (W/L), and importance to the season. Feel free to agree, disagree, strongly disagree, or just swear at my opinion 10. 2018 Ravens 47 Bills 3: Opening Day is suppose to give you some good vibes and even if you lose you can find some areas of hope for the season. NOPE, by half time you knew this was going to be a long year and just had to hope Allen could make some progress as a rookie. I think Josh had a few nice plays in the 4th otherwise this was a nuclear disaster and the worst opening day loss for the Bills going back to the 1980s. 9. 2016 Ravens 13 Bills 7: May I add we should never be allowed to play Baltimore on opening day. The only reason this game isn't 10 is because you at least had a little hope for the season and it was close. Otherwise there was one note worthy play in this game which was a 66 yd Mike Wallace TD for the Ravens, otherwise it was beyond a snoozer as nothing happened. Oh and if you were not a Rex fan this game made you feel even more strongly as we entered year 2 with him that this wasn't going to work. 8. 2012 Jets 48 Bills 28: The 2012 season was suppose to be the drought breaker for the Bills thanks to the additions of Mario Williams, Mark Anderson, and a healthy offense plus Dave Wannstadt as the new DC. Instead in a highlight filled scoring affair the Bills got rocked hard in NYC killing any good vibes coming in. CJ Spiller was fantastic, but the Bills defense and special teams were awful and Fitzpatrick had one of his bad days. Still in the 4th there was a tiny chance of hope when the Bills got it to 41-28 with 6 minutes left. Don't worry the defense allowed another TD soon after. 7. 2011 Bills 41 Chiefs 7: This game was a big surprise as the Bills were not expected to win as the Chiefs had won the division the year prior and had a pretty solid roster. Yet Buffalo's quick passing game stunned KC and turnovers allowed the Bills to get out to a 20-7 lead by halftime and 34-7 lead by the end of the 3rd quarter. The game itself basically was over by early 3rd quarter and Bills fans could relish a nice win. 6. 2017 Bills 21 Jets 12: This game was the opener for McBeane and crew, but it was billed as the toilet bowl and both the Jets and Bills had traded away and lost a lot of valuable contributors (Woods, Watkins, Gilmore for Buffalo). The game itself had some nice moments while not super exciting and McCoy had a good game as the Bills were opportunistic enough on offense and made many good defensive plays to stop the Jets. In terms of weather it was the best day of the decade with a beautiful low 70s sunny day. 5. 2013 Patriots 23 Bills 21: Ok yes I listed a loss above wins but hang with me for a moment. Heading into the season there was optimism that Marrone and crew could turn the thing around and EJ had a nice preseason. Heading into the game because EJ was coming off injury there was the legit possibility 7th round pick Jeff Tuel would start. Additionally the Pats were cemented as a world beater so no one gave Buffalo much of a chance. Instead the Bills hung in right to the end and had the lead through most of the second half. While the Bills did lose there was genuine optimism at the time things were different and the game itself was a lot of fun to watch right up until the end (damn Pats). 4. 2020 Bills 27 Jets 13: Despite not having fans the Bills came out flying against the Jets and Josh had his first 300 yd game. The offense looked really good and gave a nice preview for the season to come. Given the COVID situation this game was a real bright spot despite no fans being able to attend that the year would be special. 3. 2019 Bills 17 Jets 16: In potentially the most important opening day victory in franchise history the Bills roared back from a 16-0 hole to win 17-16. This game was hyped as Allen vs Darnold for the future, but it was both teams defenses that made some timely plays and turnovers. There was a sense that whoever won this game would setup their season for the playoffs and for both QB's (especially Allen given the criticism he got) this was a big time to prove themselves in year 2. The Bills came out on top and John Browns TD late to win the game is still an all time favorite memory. 2. 2015 Bills 27 Colts 13: The first game of the Rex era actually felt like "hey Rex is for real and they can really be something".. at least for that day. The Colts came in off an AFC Title appearance and added Andre Johnson and Frank Gore to an offense led by Andrew Luck, they were a real challenge. Instead all 3 facets of the Bills throttled Indy in a light rain as the Bills to a frenzied home crowd walked away 1-0. Shoutout to Percy Havin on the opening 51 yd TD for one heck of a dive in endzone on a perfectly thrown Tyrod Taylor ball. 1. 2014 Bills 23 Bears 20 OT: Year 2 of Marrone with Sammy added and playoff type expectations brought the most dramatic opener of the decade. Add in Ralph had passed and the Pegula's were the front runners for the team and it was a big day for the Bills. In a wild back and forth game that included a Kyle Williams INT it took OT to seal it. In OT Fred Jackson made the run of his life as he went all the way to the Bears 2 yard line which included him stiff arming Bears Safety Chris Conte into the next dimension. A Dan Carpenter FG won it and Bills fans celebrated.
  11. It was weird too because the Bills in 2004-2009 lost to NE close like all the freakin time and wild stupid games. The Patriots 2010-2019 were to me more annoying because they were so good most of the time one of the games was a blowout and the other we were close but couldn't close. I always attributed that to Brady not truly becoming Brady until 07 and onward.
  12. Removing statues is not erasing history. Literally not mentioning it in history books, removing any museum or historical acknowledgement to it would be. I don't think anyone disagrees that it would be a complete mistake to pretend the civil war never existed, but their are elements of it that have no belonging in a regular public area unless in a museum.
  13. So it closed along with the Steer, BUT apparently the building owner doesnt want it closed and is looking at it to reopen or something. The whole thing is really confusing.
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