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  1. The Pegula Super Yacht agrees with this statement
  2. My understanding is in markets where they adjusted PSL costs you either were refunded or it credited to your tickets themselves if you paid. If you didn't just lowered payment. I think seniority will still exist you just end up either adding the additional PSL cost or if you already paid your PSL paying the difference. I thought that the Bills control the PSL market for all sales? I could be wrong
  3. If this is the case how much do I have to pay them to list me as an average FB
  4. Exactly. And there is a reason in LA it was a fully privately funded stadium, the development around it was a revenue generator the owner wanted. Last time I checked Orchard Park is lining up with RFP's lol
  5. So a few things: -His second best game of his career 47-17 came at home (KC next game is his best) -His three worst games of 2021 came on atrocious weather days IND/NE/ATL where the other QB didn't do well either whereas not a single road game in 2021 had bad weather of any form. To me that explain the drastic differences you see in his stats -His worst game of 2020 came in a crappy rain/wind game vs KC and his only other truly porous game at home was against LAC. Again on the road he got good weather by comparison -2020 his stats are nearly identical with his accuracy slightly lower -I can't even go back to 2018 or 2019 as he was developing/a different player at that time to now. -In 3 playoff home games he was over 300 yds in two of them and the other game Buffalo was able to take the foot off the gas once Lamar went out and just run the clock out -Allen would've been the NFL MVP in 2020 if it wasn't for Rodgers being just that good and a little better also. His season was basically perfect minus one game (KC) across the board. MVP seasons do not happen every year, but high quality QB seasons do when you have a franchise guy which last year was. High caliber seasons still have a few off games because the guys are human and again the three worst games were all horrendous weather days that any QB would have to deal with.
  6. I would rank it like this: Phins- On paper the roster is very solid and the offense COULD be incredibly dynamic. It all comes down to Tua on that side of the ball and whether he can take a big step or not. I truthfully see him like Tyrod where he can do some things but he is limited which means MIA can be a playoff team but nothing more. They have had a very very loud offseason which historically does not translate into the most wins and is something I always look at. Pats: By the end of last season you could easily see the Pats were hiding Jones because of his limitations. If it wasn't for this team being coached by BB I would have them 4th in the division because after Matt Judon and Devin McCourty this team has nothing in terms of blue chip talent. But with BB he manages to typically push them closer in games. I think they go 6-11 but like 2020 they are in the vast majority of games and eventually fade away. Jets: The Jets are a year away from being a playoff chaser and they are the Jets...BUT long term they make me the most nervous of any team in our division. They added in my eyes potentially three blue chip talents to a roster that needed it badly. They will probably win 5-7 games, but unlike last year I think their defense tightens up to keep them in more games and the offense shows some signs of a pulse. Wilson has the talent in a way Tua doesn't, but even if he takes some big steps that may make him a league average QB which is progress but not enough to compete fully. 2023 with another draft of talent and roster building I see them as a far larger threat.
  7. lol my bad I read that completely wrong.. it was a long day hahahaha It is wild that for most of of their history through the 90s and the early time of Snyder that WFT was one of the crown jewels in the NFLs crown and it at this point is a waste basket. It really surprises me the NFL has not forced a sale the way the MLB did with the Dodgers so they get comptenecy back in one of their biggest most important markets.
  8. Not mad they blew which sucks, is what it is on to Cincinnati
  9. That is incorrect, 20 of the 32 NFL teams do some version of PSL and no new stadium going back to 2004 has not opened without them: https://www.wgrz.com/article/sports/nfl/future-of-the-bills/what-are-psls-personal-seat-license-and-what-does-that-mean-to-bills-fans-nfl-buffalo/71-aef57364-757f-4153-af79-2838d5112b7c Again I prefaced the NFL is the major league that does them and it has proved quite lucrative. Again the ownership does not care about you they care about increased revenue as does the league. If the PSLs do not sell as well as they hope I guarantee they adjust the price model to one that does as other teams have done. Not saying I agree with any of this either, but it is the reality.
  10. PSLs have happened in other small markets including Pittsburgh and across the NFL I doubt you ever see a stadium again without them. If you take a look at the prices here I will not be surprised if we are similar: https://steelers.strmarketplace.com/Seat-Licenses/Seat-License-Info.aspx To fans saying it is a slap in the face or unfair, it is the way the NFL is now and they don't care as they make more money then ever and fans pay it. Some fans will say nope not for me, but when all is said and done plenty will even if they have to adjust the prices. My opinion doesn't matter on it in terms of it happening or not, my hope is the prices are reasonable enough that the vast majority of fans who have seasons can keep them and not lose where they have sat. Buffalo for 20-30 years now has basically avoided much of added costs the NFL has added to fans attending games. Our time unfortunately is here where we will now see those costs and regardless of your opinion or mine they are here as long as we want the Bills. Just hope the PSL prices are reasonable and low and that is the extent of the new NFL costs we have to deal with.
  11. as I said ticket tax for a new stadium is far easier to digest
  12. Oh I don't disagree there. WSH "SHOULD" be one of the NFL's premier teams... the stadium literally collapsed and almost seriously hurt a player. That pretty much sums up the stadium situation
  13. Washingtons destruction of their fanbase has nothing to do with the stadium. It starts and ends with their owner and about a billion other things he does wrong.
  14. Seen but week 5 GB they are in London... so unless some realllyyyyy interesting sh*t is happening it isn't right
  15. Wow only one true night game and we at least made it to week 3 before we are forced to watch NYG DAL lol
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