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  1. Yea like its kind of insane how off the deep end people have gotten. I get the offense is inconsistent and bills fans have two decades of bad memories to deal with. BUT man people are almost wanting this to happened to justify their feelings rather then looking at things with any logic.
  2. Right and they wasted a ton of time besides a poor play call. That’s a high risk play in terms of success when a run or short pass gets the 1st and keeps the drive going. It was atrocious situational football.
  3. This is a very optimistic take. Thing is I'm tired of people saying patience and "its year blank of the rebuild". It's been 20 years with this franchise spinning its tires I don't blame people for being restless when the offense has stalled since the bye and the QB looks like the advanced version of Tyrod Taylor. Sure I'm willing to say Allen is a 3 year project at QB, but by the same token when you see other QBs who need far less time to develop and offenses far more cohesive in less time then Buffalo it offers so hard questions.
  4. This times a million. If they properly manage the end of the game and Singletary is getting 20-22 carries my concerns with coaching are gone and I'm looking a player execution. But I felt despite the mistakes of the players the coaches hamstrung their ability to win. They have fixed this before so I will give them benefit of the doubt while keeping in mind this.
  5. didn’t say it was over and can them tomorrow. McD rebounded from the Peterman mess quite well in 2017 so he has shown the capacity to do so. By the same token that was a blunder to the level of every former HC we got rid of. Can’t be ignored and it brings up valid questions on their coaching abilities. Where they go from here is up to McD and it could be a blip or it could be part of a trend. I’m not going to ignore or give a pass to that bad of a coaching moment. like I said further down we have twenty years plus of failure or pessimism so it takes a toll. For the record I still think McD can get them to the playoffs and I wouldn’t be stunned if they upset a good team on the way to doing that.
  6. 1. Yesterday was a foundation shaking moment with the coaching staff that questions a bit the long term viability of this staff. You play to win you don’t play to tie. On the final drive the offense is moving and the moment they hit FG range the coaching staff panicked. The NFL is an offense driven attack league and you are rewarded for doing so. To not go for the win was as bad as Rex punting agaisnt Miami. Long term the defense will not be great with free agency, salary cap, age etc that set in. Your going to have to win with your QB and scoring. My faith is still with this coaching staff but it is a bit shaken at this point. 2. Cole Beasley had his best game to this point and he and Josh seem to finally have some chemistry. It’s take a bit compared to Allen and J Brown but it’s good to see that improvement has come. If the Bills have any hope of the playoffs moving forward they need Beasley their to help. 3. Against the 30th ranked rushing defense that was your plan? It’s maddening that a player like Singletary gets just 8 rushes against that defense. If they loss but ran Singletary 25 times I honestly would be less mad then 8 carries. This feels like Chan and CJ Spiller all over again. 4. The offense in general cannot get out of its own way. They should be scoring 20+ pts a game yet they take a penalty, Miss a FG, drop a ball, Miss a throw etc it’s tiresome. Their not bad their inconsistent which is almost worse. It was easier last year just to say they suck and best of luck Josh. This year they do have some talent and I’m losing hair with the mistakes they make. 5. Allen was ok. He had his misses, he had his plays, idk what to say anymore. The coaching staff seems to want him as just a game manager and by removing the hero ball quality the offense is less dynamic. They drafted him to make plays and instead have neutered him down to never taking shots. Why bother cutting Tyrod if this is what to ur comfortable with. 6. This is less game more Bills in general. It has been a long twenty years now of the team not taking that next step not making the statement and instead ripping your heart in pieces in front of you. The shadow that haunts all of us that exists because of these years grew larger yesterday and feels more unavoidable. You know when your franchise has it’s turning point moment and that you can buy into really believing the bigger days are coming. I think to the Seahawks and Wilson knocking off NE at home in 2012 as their big break through. Fans for weeks have battled over the value of a win because we haven’t had this moment. For a organization in year 3 I think you hope it happens soon. By the same point it’s so tough being a fan and I don’t blame anyone with unrest/fear/disappointment with the team. Lucy has pulled that football from us soo many times, how can you not feel the shadow of past failures in 2011 or 08 creep closer especially after yesterday’s disaster. Assuming the Bills do what they should against MIA/DEN they have four games in a row with that chance that maybe things are finally different and you can turn that corner a bit. By the same token they’ve created a situation where many doubt if the Dallas game even matters to the extend it does now. It’s just become so hard in ways to have fun and believe when the amount of evidence for years makes you want to say no. 7. Tre White passed hit top WR test. In his first two years when he faced the likes of AJ Green or Keenan Allen they beat him for one or two big plays. Not yesterday. The all pro press is real and deserved and I’m happy for Tre. 8. Robert Foster is looking more and more like just another guy who had a few nice moments. It’s disappointing because I loved his play last year and he felt like such a possible focal point to the offense. Overall I think this regime has done a great job drafting, but Foster was that offensive possible gem you hoped turned into the guy especially with how many other skill position offensive guys haven’t worked out. 9. If you went to the game what was it like attending and the stadium?
  7. The goal is for the Bills to be no longer "Under The Radar" and a team that is a contender. You are not a contender when your "Under the Radar' and a fixture on the 1:00 pm Sunday spot your an after thought. Peter King actually speculated that SF/LA would be flexed to Sunday night to replace the Bears Chiefs given Chicago's struggles and BUF/NE would be the Saturday night game given the power of NE's name and the Bills most likely be relevant enough to make the game matter.
  8. Buffalo has nothing in common with NYC or Miami which is part of the fun. Back in the Marino Kelly days it was the blue collar vs the beach people and it was awesome. Rivalries in generally are highly overrated and only matter if your winning which goes back to my point of the NFL is more interesting with the divisions in a slightly strange structure the a basic boring regional one which every other sport does.
  9. Honestly I have no desire for this at any point. I get why some do but I like having the division where you can travel to Boston NYC or Miami. Going to PIT CLE DET is like visiting Buffalo which I don't need to do regularly.
  10. Remember as fans we think our better players are notable big guys, but on the league landscape due to our lack of success they go unnoticed. Shady was a name because of what he had done, Kyle Williams became one league wide. Out of the guys you listed only Tre, Hyde, & Gore really generate any name brand attention national media wise. I don't disagree that the media ignores Buffalo, but I made a post heading into this season after Shady was cut saying he was the last of name brand guys that were really well known nationally. This team will have to win a bunch for more players to get the attention they deserve fair or not.
  11. One of the things I like with the NFL is the fact its not an East v West conference setup and the divisions are a little unique across the board. Having gone to Miami twice I would hate to lose that.
  12. I had this as a loss for a while, but I buy that the Bills are a better team and that Cleveland is a tire fire. Buffalo 27 Cleveland 17 Buffalo takes an early 10-0 lead into the 2nd quarter thanks to a Knox TD on the goal line. Cleveland rallied to get it to 10-10, but the Bills get a TD from Gore before half to go up 17-10. The game is tight from there until the Bills get a Poyer INT that gets the ball down in Cleveland territory. Allen rushes for a TD and Buffalo is up 24-10. In the 4th with 8 mins to go CLE gets a ODB TD and force Buffalo to a 3 and out with a chance to score. But Mayfield fumbles on a sack and the Bills get a a FG to make it a 2 score game and effectively seal it. Allen 21-33 278 yds 1 TD 1 INT 75 yds rush 1 TD Singletary 80 yds 15 atts Brown 125 yds 6 rec
  13. not happening any time soon. NFL's one helmet rule has made that a non-existent chance. The Bills prefer having white helmets so they can do the standing buffalo look. Red would severely limit their options. I think if that ever changes you would see red from time to time even though I don't get the big deal to use red and think people are FAR too nostalgic.
  14. I've heard that myself and they would have to make some big changes to make that fly. Agreed. It's why I want the league to downsize divisions to just two and make the playoff field have a greater importance. It is asinine that a team with a better record goes on the road in the playoffs because of a division win by a crappy team.
  15. I just can't see the NFL eliminating divisions I think they like the rivalries they make and for owners they like the guarantee of revenue it brings knowing they get a home game in the playoffs. I actually do agree with your proposal though of no divisions just conference.
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