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  1. Bingo. While I disagree with the fact he wasn't more aggressive at WR or even QB overall people bought farrrr too into last years record and not the reality of the situation that we lucked out big time and the rebuild started last season.
  2. corta765

    New Era Field

    Yea this mirror's my experience. The opener is always a mad house even in the worst years, but if you leave by 12:15 your generally fine then and any other game its no issue. Back in the dark ages (2009-2011) I remember we would tailgate until 12:45-12:50 and usually miss a few minuets early in the season and by the end of the season you waltzed through. Overall I have thought the fans experience has improved tenfold since I regularly started going 10 years ago. The concessions and beer lines typically are not bad, bathrooms have been improved, and getting in to the game hasn't been as bad.
  3. Yea. The only bummer is it just feels like your waiting another year already to care about W/Ls Playoffs etc...
  4. He is without a doubt the finest Bills reporter the area has. He calls a spade a spade but like you said he doesn't go off into negativity the way some reporters will where it feels like the criticism is to a point of unnecessary. I kinda expected this season to be a 3-5 win season. Literally the only reason I had any hope was because last year I thought the same and they proved me wrong. This is probably the lowest my expectations have been since the 2010 year where winning games felt like an accomplishment forget the playoffs. I'm OK with this and just hope in the offseason they can really bolster the offense as a whole.
  5. When has ANY NFL team actively come out and said their going to see off a season? They can't and won't because its wrong competitively and business wise basically tells the customer don't expect much.
  6. Remember how last year it seemed like every turnover we got? Well the NFL has a thing called fumble luck, Bill Barnwell from ESPN highlights it big time. Buffalo won an insane amount of turnovers that happened to come in really key situations many times. There is a regression back to the mean when that happens which the Bills are seeing. Yesterday there was a batted pass that fluttered sky high which we just missed picking. Last year we got that pass. Hate to say it but it really is a luck this and as the first two games have shown we haven't been able to get the bounces at crucial occasions or any occasions.
  7. Yep been saying for a while the tea leaves are all there for where they want to go and what they want to do. They don't care about people's tailgates believe it or not
  8. I mean there is a difference between actually analyzing something and watching highlights going just off those impressions. Cover 1 did a great breakdown and did criticize some of Daboll. They also did though make valid points that the offense was more hamstrung by NP then anything else and it had chances. That doesn't take away from Warner not being wrong that on first impression they were bad and looked lost nor the fact he's a HOF QB with some good insight. It's two very different perspectives looking at the game from much different lenses. Warner isn't paid to go as in depth as some of the stat guys.
  9. You need to read Cover 1's review of the game. DaBoll did what he could with his part a lot, the players execution failed and he relied on certain things like KB ISO routes to often. But the concepts in general were sound. He is going to get a lot of flak for an offense with no talent
  10. Sooo 15-1 here we come?
  11. Well who on here had the winning ticket for "after Week 1" being the time we had a post already calling for a new QB to replace Allen
  12. I get this 100% and its how I've felt. I don't want to completely just throw the bathwater out either, but I will say Sunday was the first time I've have had to ask myself a some tough questions about McBeane and their decision making. Long term perhaps adding a solid WR and OL doesn't matter, but I would've rather insulated my rookie QB who will start very sooner then later with one of each compared to this crap. In regards to trades and moves etc... don't go down that road yet. We will not know until the end of the 2019-20 season how to grade anything for real. During the season its such an up and down feeling on player moves/trades etc.. its tough to view things in perspective. Right now not including Allen they seem to have a nice core on defense of Milano, Edmunds, White, Hyde, & Harrison. It true they need a powerful DE rusher and OLB rusher but overall that is a nice core that is pretty cheap on D. The offense we unfortunately just have to wait which determines so much more. They invested a ton into defense early on and truthfully only have Allen, Jones, & Dawkins. Dawkins looks legit, Allen is unknown, Jones not so good. For all we know Allen comes in and turns the backhalf of the season on fire, they add a guy like Randall Cobb, and a solid OL or two and were sitting here waiting like crazy for 2019 to go... OR it just keeps being a tire fire. I wish they had been more aggressive to this point but it is what it is. Skepticism is cool right now I am with you, we just have to wait on the rest which is the hardest part (cue Tom Petty).
  13. corta765

    Bills vs. Ravens All-22 Coaches Film Reviews

    Which is why so much is derived from the QB on how a game goes. Lesser QB's have outperformed talent because of moving the offense and capitalizing in some fashion on those opportunities. This game was a team effort in collapsing but the majority of the blame starts with NP. What has become a theme is that any time with the Bills McD's offense is non-existent, if the defense is not perfect the game is over fast and typically a blow out. That is the sole reason why Taylor leaving hurts, he didn't turn the ball over. He didn't do a lot of other things but at least things were safe. The Bills as currently constructed cannot lose the TO battle and have any hope of winning the game. They just don't have enough right now.
  14. corta765

    What I would do.

    I never said that, but the team has only removed WR's and OL of talent and not brought any in for the QB. Yea they could wait another year to add talent like they have, but they need to give Allen help asap. You will not know what you have until the guy has some pieces to work with. I'd rather know by 2020 not 2022 because the Bills waited so dang long to put anything around him and we kept saying it's hard to judge what he has without a roster. This year very much looks like a 3-13 type year and expectations next year shouldn't be much higher even if they do add talent. But people keep acting in this prism that the Bills had to wait until 2019 FA or later same with the draft to add pieces on the offense which I don't understand. Would the Bills have been any worse off long term adding for example John Brown & Justin Pugh which would've given some true depth and talent at OL/WR? The offense has literally added one true piece of talent in the last 2 years with Kelvin Benjamin who looks over his head at WR1. Yes they have Shady and Clay also but they have bled talent for years at WR and this last year OL. That makes it incredibly difficult to judge Allen regardless of how well he plays and pushes the buck further down the road.