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  1. My flight to Cleveland is sold out... because I'm driving ayooooo!!!!!
  2. I will say this for that short period of time he was here TBD was probably more entertaining than at any point previously in a pure chaos type way.
  3. For good food go to the Pittsford Pub its fantastic with a great patio
  4. It's a cool hole in the wall bar that defiently is good for a summer visit. Cash only but they have an ATM and you can get food from Hungrys next door... yes that really is the name haha
  5. Your 100% missing the point here. If you live in Buffalo there are numerous opportunities for families who can't make a game to meet players, go to Bills events, go to signing sessions, etc... If your a family in Rochester who is average FB fans that can't make the drive to Buffalo for a game and the Bills give you the opportunity to see them close that absolutely has an impact on youngsters becoming fans especially given how bad the Bills have been. Rochester actually got Browns games until the 90s Bills came and there is a generation of Browns fans here it is really weird honestly. But once the Bills got good and especially once the Bills came here for TC, the Rochester area embraced the Bills as their team big time. Not sure why this is a debatable thing considering I live here and it makes sense that a team that actively worked to come here was able to expand its fanbase because of it.
  6. The current generation no. But you have to remember the impact it has on kids when you can go and see players, the team, etc.. up close. If that is gone and families who don't have the money to go to games don't go to Buffalo it becomes far easier for kids to cheer a different team. Let them grow up 10-15 years and the next round of your fanbase isn't what it was. I am not sure why people are afraid of the team being regionalized it is only for the best of the team. I never want a home game outside of the Ralph again, but if the team went to Niagara Falls, Hamilton, Cuse, Jamestown etc.. for events I think it only helps to strengthen the brand.
  7. But the flip side is the team needs to be regionalized for corporate sponsors and increased media attention. I would bet money that without the regionalization of the team the odds of the team staying in Buffalo during those dark years would've been much lower. The last I heard the Bills said like 30% of their season ticket holders are Rochester or Southern Tier residents, that is a large portion of fans to say who cares to.
  8. Rumor has it their new stadium will be there so why not put TC also
  9. Back in the day the idea of branding the team outside of Buffalo had real merit that mattered and for most teams going away for camp was a big bonding/gear up time. Like others have said with the facilities they now have in Buffalo and the lack of appeal for most teams to actively market outside their main locale that seems to be fading. As a Rochester resident it would be a major loss fanbase wise if camp goes given how the Bills really have not done a lot out here the last few years, but it would be understood at the same point.
  10. So for confidential purposes I will not say the name of my source or place of employment but trust me when I say it is well founded. With that said in conversation today I learned that training camp may be shorter then last year and the possibility is true that the team in a few years may pack up back to Buffalo. This falls directly in line with what I have heard that the Bills preseason schedule itself would force less training camp days given when there games are this pre season. Last year the number of practices in Rochester fell to 11 total down from 13 in 2017 with only one night practice in 2018 compared to three in 2017. Both years McD has done camp the number of practices and night practices have been far less then in years prior. Rex Ryan's last year had 16 practices including 5 night practices. While the team has said they have no plans to leave, I believe realistically that it will end in the next 5 years with the Bills just doing a 2-3 day joint practice or something like that. My one compliant since Russ Brandon has left is the fact the Bills have backed off Rochester with events the way they use to and it does make us nervous that camp will go given how it already has been condensed. That said as a Rochester resident training camp is an incredibly exciting time for us and great primer for the regular season. Plus it is cool being out in the area and seeing the Bills players and coaching staff. If you ever are up in Rochester during camp go to Thirstys in the town of Pittsford. The players, coaches, and administration tend to go there. A few years ago Whaley and I believe Rob Ryan came in there. Usually it is a little later at night.
  11. Thankfully Milano & Edmunds are such a good pair that is a spot you almost want to platoon anyway at LB to mix rush and coverage. Zo's leadership will be the bigger loss, he is a great player but he is a great community leader and locker room guy you want.
  12. I do agree with this and it is a fair point.
  13. Agreed. While Shaq might not be signed Milano, Edmunds, & Tre White all seem likely to need big deals which is a great thing.
  14. Very true its why the 2015 team is the biggest waste and misuse of talent since the SB days. If you look at the amount good starters they had and the failed results it still is mind blowing.
  15. Covered that above said drafted and UDFAs. Still counts as someone they went after without much financial concern
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