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  1. corta765

    How Would You Handle Our Current Season?

    Well I'd hire back Beane because firing a GM after one season when they made the playoffs is insanity despite one really bad game. But if I was GM I would've cut Nate, brought in Matt Moore, and realigned the QB room based off of that. WR wise I would've tried to get a guy like Prior earlier and made the WR corp faster like Beane eventually has done here.
  2. corta765

    Coach Length To Put Program In

    In the context of the Bills or a club that needs a rebuild that's a relatively reasonable timeframe. Yea if your team is in a retooling mode dumping a coach after two years can be possible and make sense. But if the freakin Browns could give Hue two and half years during their rebuild McD should get 3 minimum.
  3. corta765

    Coach Length To Put Program In

    Beacuse McVay had a #1 drafted QB, Todd Gurley, an off season of additions that included Robert Woods WR and Andrew Whiteworth at OL along with one of the top 3 defensive players in Aaron Donald. Your also discounting that McD made the playoffs with a ragtag bunch. Perspective people come on Also true and something the Bills in terms of drafting suck so hard at. Which is why IMO if a coach doesn't get set time to get his guys its even more of a tire fire. YES
  4. corta765

    Coach Length To Put Program In

    Oh I don't disagree with this. That's why I did say they are getting their shot with cap space and picks to build for next year. If the offense moves from historically bad to mildly below average that's fine as long as Allen shows progress also and the games are close. But yea I don't think he stays if they are nearly historically bad again regardless of continuity.
  5. corta765

    Coach Length To Put Program In

    This point I wish I could highlight into the dam sun. The patriots have drafted more QBs then us. I my opinion any new regime should draft a new QB in round 1 or 2 within 3-4 years even if they have a quality starter just because you never know.
  6. A lot of people have been commenting that perhaps McD and Beane should be relieved or at least one changed by seasons end. Here is a look at how long coaches have had to put their program in (for better or worse): 1996-97- Marv sees Kelly retire and follows suit next season after Todd Collins doesn't pan out 1998-2000 DC Wade Phillips steps in and the team trades for Rob Johnson to be the future while adding longtime vet Flutie. Without rehashing Ralph basically forced Wade's at QB hand to the point it was easier to leave then stay. During this time Jerry Butler runs the show with a pretty strong staff including AJ Smith who turned later helped turn the Chargers around with Butler. (3 years) 2001-2003 Tom Donahoe is brought in to be the new GM after Butler resigns. Donahoe at the time was highly regarded for his work in Pittsburgh and hire's hot DC candidate Greg Williams to be the new head coach. At the time it was believed Williams could bring the defense more success while helping to smooth out the QB situation. Johnson flames out but the Bills get Bledsoe from NE. Williams in the end is relieved but was able to bring his program in. (3 Years) 2003-05 Donahoe brings in Mularkey who has some relative success both never gets a chance to put together a full team due to QB controversy and mgmt change with Donahoe being replaced by Marv. (2 Years) 2006-2009 Dick Jaruon gets the longest chance of any Bills coach with over three and half years to get his team and QB with Edwards being the guy he thought could work. (3 and 1/12 years) 2010-2012 Chan Gailey gets his shot but never gets enough talent on defense nor a chance to pick a QB of his liking. EJ was after Chan by Nix/Whaley (3 years) 2013-2014 Doug Marrone chooses to leave after building a decent program 2 years in despite Manuel's flame out (2 years) 2015-2016 Rex is given a roster with a lot of talent but still chooses to remake it as his own. Taylor being brought in is a plus given prior QB problems but his defense never gets a chance to be fully established due to injury and being relieved just 2 years in (2 years) Overall only Jauron and Williams ever really got a chance to put their true program and QB out there. The rest the cord was pulled before they got a chance or they left. The biggest thing with this you see is how many times the deck had to be refreshed and altered because of a new coach. I really think McD and Beane should get four years just for the fact I want to see a coach for the first time in over 2 decades to truly put his stamp on a team for better or worse.
  7. corta765

    Bucky and Sully Blackballed By The Pegulas?

    It still is a private business and I really don't care what support it does or doesn't get from who. This isn't native to Buffalo either if you check across a lot of professional teams they have denied access to reporters. It's part of the business at this point.
  8. corta765

    Bucky and Sully Blackballed By The Pegulas?

    Not surprised and frankly don't blame the Pegula's. While I am not fans of the ownership thus far by Terry and Kim, both of them took shots and criticism that went past analysis and were uncalled. If Tim Graham, Vic, Joe B, etc... can criticize the team without crossing the boundary so can those two. With sports teams especially its a privileged not a right to get press access. I remember at one point Terry was criticized by Jerry Sullivan for his contributions to Penn State hockey because of the Sandusky atrocity which was far before Pegula came in. It made literally zero sense and just felt cheap.
  9. corta765

    When $90M isn't really $90M...

    lol I love when people say something set a team back 5-8 years yet in the NFL literally a QB can make a team a contender overnight
  10. corta765

    And more piling on.....

    We keep operating under this bubble that the HC picked these players and the GM had no role while knowing they had to shed contracts to fix the cap things would be fine on offense. If you want to criticize their decision making on the QB and going with Peterman that is valid or that they could've drafted a WR earlier. They could've and should've brought in a veteran like Matt Moore who could've shielded them from their current spot. But in the grand scheme their goal was to fix the defense, draft a QB for the future, and fix the cap so moving forward which they have all three. 2019 is a massive year for Beane and McD's future, but they will be able to dictate for better or worse who they bring in and what they bring in with no restrictions. There are warning signs on what they are going for that I see from talent e v a l on offense to the willingness to overspend draftpicks for players when they could wait and have filled more holes. But no team has a shot in hell firing coaches and front office every 2 years. Coaches need 3 years to get their guys in otherwise your just shuffling one guys parts in for another. Additionally what coach in his right mind wants to join an NFL team that fires a coach bi-yearly? That is the opposite of job security and you will not get the best candidates. Mahomes and Goff are super sexy I get that and the allure. Mahomes also walked into a ready made position with one of the best NFL coaches over the last two decades that had tons of skill guys and cap to add a player like Watkins. McVay took over a team that had drafted what they felt was the top QB 1st overall and also added weapons like Robert Woods and Andrew Whitworth at OL. Neither of these situations were present for McD when he took over and this was Beane's first true year on the job. Before you say I am a defender of the team or unrealistic I get your criticism. I think they are to a certain extent really tone deaf with how they managed certain things especially with how they handled Peterman and how they didn't cut him after week 1. If your going to wipe the slate clean there are ways to do so without embarrassing yourself and adding garbage to navigate. It's great that the defense is set ready for a contender, but having a solid vet QB, drafting a WR, and paying for some OL help wouldn't have broke the bank while helping to lower the flak you'd receive in what was expected to be a rough season. They picked the other path and now face deserved criticism that they could've avoided, it is what it is. But Buffalo hasn't allowed a coach/front office to come in pick their QB and build a team to their vision since truthfully Donahoe took over. That was over 15 years ago I am willing to let them see it through. If it does fail guess what we will have a top 3 pick with a new group to go with a new QB which moves the team that further ahead then cutting bait half way in.
  11. 1 - Peterman - I am not as mad that they named him starter. Anyone watching preseason would say it looked like he improved and deserved at least to be on the roster. The issue is that he is still on the roster. It is incredibly unnerving they won't cut him and admit they messed up something they should've happened after Baltimore. 2 - Trubisky - Agreed. He isn't the trainwreck he was last year, but I see a very average guy long term who might do slightly better thanks to his good coaching and scheme. 3 - Execution - The Rex stuff is exhausting. The 2015 team was the most talent Buffalo had since 1999 and they went 8-8. Rex was said to have relished the spotlight but not the true X's and O's studying and video needed in todays NFL. The defense is certainly better and the offense just lacks talent straight up. I will wait one more year before I really make a true judgement. But I will say the goodvibes of last year are gone 2019 is a majorrrr prove it year in every sense for McD. 4 -OK 5 - Read-Option Defense - Not as worried here they didn't even gain 200 yards total, Edmunds was out, and in general everyone is RPOing now it will take time for defenses to find a solution to copy cat. 6 - Special Teams - Agreed. Crossman's special teams have generally been bad during his time here minus one good season. They are just bleeding bad plays when they have zero room to. 7 - Dawkins - I think for Dawkins he went from an incredibly solid group with strong veteran leadership to a bunch of scrubs that are actually playing above skill set given what I have seen. I think its just a matter of learning how to play with less talent. Still high on him long term. 8 - Evaluating Talent - I'm fine if they are in talent judge mode. I don't worry about effort because it is soo easy to lose your job in the NFL and be replaced. Regardless of record guys know they need to be at their best. 9 - Another Blow-Out - There are two streets you can take here. 1. They knew they'd be bad this year and the talent would expose them so this is what it is. That's the hopeful path but it cannot ignore how bad they've been in blowouts. 2. This team really has some true flaws being exposed when luck, an easier schedule, and better talent isn't there to help. I think its a mix of both truthfully, but as someone there yesterday I am at the point of asking why even go. I love the tailgate, energy, atmosphere, etc.. its amazing..BUT why spend $80 to see us routinely curb stopped when I could stay at home and do the same. 10 - Daboll - 10 carries. McCoy had 7 carries and it was 21-0 before the end of the second half. At that point you can't run when your down that much and the defense is going to stack the box because they don't fear McCoy. I have had no issues with Daboll because he has no talent and his rookie QB is out. I've actually liked his scheming and this season I really can't judge much on Allen or Daboll given the lack of parts for either to work with.
  12. corta765

    2018 Roster vs 2019 Roster

    2019 Bills based off players currently on roster: Offense QB: Allen (Need true backup like bringing Fitz in for another go or someone who can actually move the offense a bit) RB: McCoy, Ivory & Murphy (Wouldn't be surprised if they draft a guy here, but not trading Shady tells you about their intentions for next year) WR: Zay Jones (Remake this from the fires below. Seriously need WR1, WR3, WR4. I think Zay can be WR 2 now especially with teams running 3 wide putting an emphasis on having a bunch of guys) OL: Dawkins, Teller, Bodine, & Ducasse (Need minimum G and new RT, two guards would be preferable plus possibly another center) TE: Croom & Thomas (Late draft pick on a guy or in FA. I think they give both of these guys a true chance) Defense DL: Star, H. Phillips, J. Phillips, (I could see them drafting Oliver if he is there otherwise sign solid DT for depth) DE: Hughes, Yarbough, & Murphy (Draft Bosa if he is there or sign best pass rusher possible) LB: Milano, Edmunds, Alexander, Humber, & Stanford (Need solid vet to rotate with Zo and for depth) CB: Tre White, T. Johnson, Lewis, & Pits (need CB2) SAF: Poyer, Hyde, Bush, & Neal (set no change) ST Kicker: Hauschka Punter: Schmidt or Borq Overall the defense basically needs a DE, DL, possibly CB2 and then just some depth. It is more or less pretty well set and young. The offense has about 5 starters out of 11 and needs 6 starters big time.
  13. corta765

    Da Bears

    The 6 TD was kind of perfect situation. Trubisky started with good field position a bunch, had a good day, and played a Bucs defense I routinely pick QBs in fantasy to play against because they are so porous. Trubisky played well and not taking that away from him, but it was a very circumstantial type game in my eyes not standard for him early on.
  14. corta765

    Da Bears

    So the Bears offense as many have said they do a lot of motion to try and confuse defenses but once the play starts its very straightforward. When the plays go as scripted they can have success as Nagy has shown this season and previously with KC. The key though is just to not buy into motion and not over pursue out of your lanes. Trubisky really struggles if their are tight windows and he can't move around. Like others have said spy him heavily and just play frankly the way the defense has was a their scheme being straightforward. Their defense is really good although Mack's ankle helps a bit and their secondary is not a strength the way ours is. As others have said this could be a game similar to the Titans where its a tight slugfest. Unfortunately not having Allen whose mobility allowed the Bills to get a few mismatches or chances for him to run will probably be the difference in my eyes.
  15. I think this was more of a money decision then QB although that had an indirect role. Brown is betting that this off-season he will make more then he would've signing in Buffalo for 3 years and he most likely will. I think had Buffalo paid 9 million he probably comes here, but Flacco for 1 year offered better chance for more $ then the 7 million for 3 years. The Bills will probably have to overpay if they have any hope of getting some WR's with true talent given the current situation. They absolutely can get players but they need to be willing to spend the money.