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  1. They basically admitted as bunch saying when they designed the logo they wanted to embrace "California" and the stadium they were moving into. The bummer is the bone gray isn't bad but it will go by the wayside because the rest of the uniform is garbage and the retro look is way better. They already prepared to announce more jerseys with this series in future years.
  2. I love the all white, but we have great blue unis and I hate the fact they move away from them so often.
  3. My thing is this he took over an atrocious offense and Qb that was super raw and now both the QB in offense by year three have developed into pretty good players/units. That matters a lot to me and overall I think he excels at finding good matchups against opposing defenses. He is not perfect but he deserves a lot of credit for Josh's development and the offense in general.
  4. Hebert reminds me of a less physically talented but more refined Josh Allen. He was quite impressive to watch week 1, not sure why they would go back to Taylor.
  5. My attitude going into the season is the Bills are the most talented bunch and should win the division... but they have to actually do it. Beat the Pats 11/1 and set the table for good moving forward. I think the Pats are decent I never bought into them being a 5-11 bunch, but they are a team Buffalo should beat. Like you said mental edge might be the bigger barrier at this point. If Cam is fully healthy for 16 games they can absolutely win 10.
  6. I wouldn't say they were disrespected, Buffalo beat a downtrotten Dolphins team and I thought what they said was fine. The truth is NBC Football is about headlines and the big stories, it is not meant to cover every team fairly or proportionally. If the Bills beat the Pats on 11/1 I am sure you will see a lot about them the same with LA. But in general NBC caters to the major markets which is why even with Peter King with his coverage you see more on the LA, NYC, CHI, NE etc.. teams regardless of record. Back with Rex Ryan the Bills got a lot of attention because of his name and all of the personalities, thats their market and focus. Don't get me wrong it is frustrating that the Jets or Giants who are 0-4 get more airtime and I think it weakens their coverage by doing that, but such is life when NYC has 12 million people to Buffalos 1 million.
  7. I am with you that I may have overthought this game too much as I picked them to lose (may have been the only one). The big thing is I didn't see Josh evolving into a 400 yd thrower so I am soo happy I was wrong. My thoughts back to you: 1 - Diggs - Agreed the offense is completely different and soo much more dynamic with him. When the Duke williams crowd tries to tell me he could be a guy, I point to Diggs first two games and then just think how we wouldve beat Houston how we had him last year. #1 WRs make plays and Diggs does that tenfold. 2 - Frazier - Bad day for him and the defense. Not only was the D a sieve at points but they couldnt get off the field when the offense was going most of the day. I agree I couldn't figure out with how quick Fitz was releasing why they didn't bump and play closer then to slow them. The most concerning thing to me was even without Milano/Edmunds soo many of our best guys White, Hyde etc.. had bad days and couldn't pick up the slack. I have thought defenses would be flat footed in general to start the season given no pre season games etc.. so I believe it is that and I am happy the offense covered. BUT I have only seen one really good/great quarter of play by the D which was the 1st against the Jets. They have room to improve big time. 3 - Dodson - He was not a liability and I think he could be the third LB with Milano and Edmunds. He read plays well and in general was mistake free compared to our more established guys. 5 - Pass Coverage - EJ Gaines opting out hurts more then Norman at this point. That was the depth we needed and Norman you knew would be iffy anyway. I think they will come together like they did last year, but the secondary has been very average outside of Poyer to start the year. 8 - Old Friends - Some people don't think guys should be friends but I love the fact Shaq and the Bills were talking and having fun. I told my wife had Shaq been here from the start with McD I think he would've been still here. 10 - Daboll- Prepare for him to leave after this year unfortunately. He has earned his stripes to become a HC, heck of a job over the years developing the offense and Allen to where they are now. Go Bills!!!
  8. But ironically ... there is no rain It’s how I feel. If Milano and Edmunds played I wouldn’t worrry but Fitz has had his days and I just feel we are due to lose to Miami it’s been a little
  9. Dolphins 28 Bills 24 Defense struggles with Fitz who picks apart the middle of the defense throughout and has one of his good days. The offense doesn’t do bad but still is growing with its new parts and look. Bills lose the lead with 10 to go in the 4th and fail to win despite being in Phins territory late. Allen 212 19-33 212 yds 1 TD 50 yds rushing 1 TD Singletary 76 yds 1 TD Brown 114 yds 1 TD 4 rec
  10. Bills 27 Jets 13 Game is closer the Bills fans want until the fourth quarter. Jets start quick to go up 7-0 thanks to Bell running in a TD on the opening drive. Buffalo gets a FG and the first ends 7-3 Jets. Buffalo finds itself in the 2nd quarter with a 30 yard TD to Brown and on the next drive gets a FG to go up 13-7 into halftime. After halftime the Bills go three and out and the Jets get the ball into the Bills redzone but the defense holds forcing a FG making it 13-10. The Bills offense moves the ball and Moss scores from a few yards out to get Buffalo up 20-10 at the end of the third. In fourth quarter the Jets get back into Buffalo's zone on a deep pass by Darnold but only get a FG. Buffalo finally puts the game out of reach with a time killing TD drive that finishes on a Knox TD. 27-13 final which feels closer then we want but its a win. Allen 19-28 225 yds 2 TDs Moss 87 yds 1 TD Brown 4 rec 105 yds 1 TD Diggs 6 rec 78 yds
  11. AFC Standings East North South West Bills 13-3 Ravens 14-2 Colts 10-6 Chiefs 12-4 Phins 7-9 Steelers 10-6 Texans 8-8 Broncos 8-8 Pats 6-10 Browns 9-7 Titans 8-8 Raiders 6-10 Jets 4-12 Bengals 4-12 Jags 1-15 Chargers 4-12 NFC Standings East North South West Eagles 9-7 Packers 10-6 Bucs 12-4 Seahawks 11-5 Cowboys 9-7 Vikings 9-7 Saints 11-5 49ers 11-5 Giants 5-11 Lions 9-7 Falcons 9-7 Cardinals 9-7 Wsh 4-12 Bears 5-11 Panthers 2-14 Rams 7-9 Season highlights: -Bills start 8-1 and go 13-3 but get the 2 seed because Ravens are a game better -Jags beat out Panthers for T-Lawrence to the sadness of NFL fans everywhere -Phins are in playoff position heading into final two weeks at 7-7 but can't take the step yet -Cardinals complete a worst to playoff season, Broncos start slow but sneak in at 8-8 -Cowgirls start 5-2 only to collapse in the back half like always and hand the Eagles the division -Lions blow playoffs with home loss week 17 -Pats start 4-4 making some think they are still the team of old and will turn it up.... finish 2-6 to go 6-10 Playoffs Wild Card: AFC: Bills 2 over Broncos 7, Chiefs 3 over Browns 6, and Steelers 5 over Colts 4 NFC: Seahawks 2 over Cardinals 7, Packers 3 over 49ers 6, and Eagles 4 over Saints 5 Divisional: AFC: Chiefs 3 over Bills 2 and Ravens 1 over Chiefs 2 NFC: Seahawks 2 over Packers 3 and Bucs 1 over Eagles 4 Conference: Ravens 1 over Chiefs 3 and Seahawks 2 over Bucs 1 SB: Seahawks over Ravens I picked my whole schedule here: https://playoffpredictors.com/Football/NFL?L=EwiM4jkmvNbyTapXPXO0GL1-FHdY4tNMrElAyVMe2zcnClux85bXLv7iiAY04ABiA
  12. Minn. They have the most complete roster and the lack of help for A Rod in GB strikes me the team may finally implode for good and he is gone after this year. Chi has the D but unless their offense and mainly Mitch can show competence their playing for a high pick. The Lions are the Lions
  13. The problem with these lists is it is a bit of a popularity contest not as much geared to reality. JJ Watt is listed as the 39th best player for example yet he has played one full season in four years and miss half of last year. If JJ is fully healthy sure maybe he is that good, BUT he is 31 coming off of years worth of injuries. I think he is a Top 100 guy but not that high. Also look at some of the teams listed and its your NFL media darlings PIT, GB, DAL, etc... Tremaine Edmunds is certainly worth of being Top 100 but gets overlooked because of market. The fact Hyde at least or Poyer is not on there kinda shows the same thing especially since around the league they are considered a Top 5 safety duo. In the future I could see Edmunds, Dawkins, Hyde, Allen, and Oliver crack the list (not all at once) if the team keeps winning. I just posted that being on an NFL media darling team PIT gets you on these lists. No way he is Top 100 and truthfully the hype for PIT's offense is funny. I think they will be decent and not bad like they where with Ben out, but he is an older QB and the weapons are not what they were. The defense is more the strong point now.
  14. The lots will be closed and I expect a heavy police presence will be around in case people try so they can end it quickly. The village of OP already said no to private lots and I doubt they will allow any wiggle room along with the team.
  15. Duke had his chance and then it went through his hands when he blew the catch in the endzone against Houston. They literally brought in a WR because of that. If he was the dude he would've made more plays.
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