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  1. They typically use the reds in December as they "winter heat" jersey. My guess is vs the Steelers
  2. Allen is to the point when I think of QBs I expect to tie/win a game with a final drive he is included now with Rodgers, Wilson, Mahomes, Big Ben. That is about the biggest compliment you can give a QB and I would not have said that going into this year. He is legit now.
  3. Can someone explain to me how the heck the Bills went 13 years (85 to 98) without playing San Diego? What the heck kind of scheduling was that lol
  4. Texans v Colts (pre season that made sense) Jets v Rams (only storyline is Jets push for 0-16, but LA and NYC TV markets) Lions v Titans (maybe the only game where both teams could be .500 or higher but its the Lions your relying on to get there) Panthers v Packers (I got nothing, maybe Rodgers to watch?) My guess is Panthers v Packers and Jets v Rams go to Sunday and the NFL prays the other three games have playoff implications
  5. I hear ya but take a look at the other four games and Buffalo v DEN is in the Top 3 of games likeability wise. Also there is a small possibility DEN is "in the hunt" which they can market the game as a playoff chase thing.
  6. Part of that is because under McD prior to this year they played a total five prime time games: 2017: TNF Jets L 2018: MNF home Pats L 2019: Thanksgiving DAL W SNF Steelers W Saturday Night Pats L Overall 2-3 going into this year so not much really to go off of and before that they had won two primetime games this last decade, Dolphins 2012 and Jets 2015. So I understand mentally anytime at night always felt like a disaster. Whoops thanks that was suppose to be KC/VEG
  7. Yea the Titans game between injuries, the constant adjustments, and the Titans being rested and hyper pissed now just looks like more a perfect storm then a real indictment of the Bills.
  8. Fans of 1pm Sunday games enjoy this upcoming Chargers game because after that the Bills will most likely have four consecutive games at odd times. After LA we have MNF 49ers, SNF Steelers, probably Saturday at DEN, and then MNF Pats. I have been a fan of a few not 1pm games like maybe four in a season sprinkled one per month so this is going to be different haha. Also next year don't expect a massive return to 1pm games with the Bills now a team that gets night games and the following popular teams on docket: -NOLA -TB -KC/VEG -IND -BAL or PIT That doesn't include the up and coming Dolphins or Jets most likely led by T-Law. At times I have believed the drought spoiled us in the sense of we almost always had 13-14 1 pm games because the team was garbage. I am thrilled the Bills are back to being a good team, but I am also expecting many more years like this where we have a lot of games non 1 pm. I swear to god no Tuesday games ever again though lol
  9. As of today I would do this order: 1. Watson (Proved he can win and has no help and awful org around him, they literally traded Hopkins for peanuts) 2. Allen (He has grown and closed the gap with Lamar where long term his future is brighter. Win the division and have some playoff success and I would put him over Watson) 3. Lamar (Amazing talent, but legitimate questions about his passing have appeared. I think he will be fine, but last year may have been his best year in a dynamic sense) 4. Kyler Murray (He is what people want Lamar to be and may pass him by the end of this season. He can pass and run, the kid is lights out fun and awesome) 5. Joe Burrow (He very likely could be 1 within a year or two. Need to see more but that is less on him and more on the Bengals to give him the weapons he needs) 6. Tua- I liked him a ton in college and he has had a decent start. The wins masked that the Rams game he wasn't very good and same in the Chargers. Regardless he is going to get a lot of help and has the right coaching staff to be a really good player. He reminds me of a kinder more mobile Philip Rivers. 7. Baker Mayfield (Major questions as he has regressed for sure since his first season. Even if Cleveland makes the playoffs with him, it feels more because of the team around him then Baker) 8. Justin Herbert (Nice start just need to see a lot more. Reminds me of Josh Allen lite, talent is there just needs some time. Also being with the Chargers feels like a death sentence to his career winning wise) Truthfully 1-5 you can change the order and I wouldn't complain. I think Lamar ironically after winning MVP is closet to falling to 5 and the rest ascending, but we will see.
  10. 02 opener was a gut punch as it was suppose to be the start of a new era and the energy was wild. Bledsoe ties the game at the end and then poof stunned at the start of OT. Here are some other killer openers besides the ones you listed: 09 MNF Pats 12 Jets blowout loss which Mario and crew look like dog crap 13 Patriots last second FG 18 Ravens demolish Bills and the season ends by the end of the 1st half
  11. Yea I still play mens league beer hockey and even at 32 I get annoyed when we lose a hyper close game we otherwise shouldn't have lose. Def a mental thing, losing by 4 goals doesn't suck as bad as a close tight game which breaks your heart which is weird because you know which is the better game.
  12. I use to live and die weekly to an unhealthy level. Now I feel its a game a year that gets me and this was the one. The Titans game I wasn't thrilled with but once they scored after Allen's 2nd INT I just turned it off and said it wasn't our day.
  13. Back in 2009 with the MNF loss to NE or the 2010 Steelers Stevie drop neither loss meant much standings wise, but when your team is crap you are looking for any semblance of hope. Either of those games turned into a W means some hope or legitimacy nationally, but the way they blew those games made the Bills bigger punching bags then had they just lost in a boring fashion. No fan wants to feel like your their to take the punches and its a 1000% times worse when its in spectacular fashion. So I get the mindset of realistically who cares standings wise, but the flipside is life as a fan and it can really suck when the chips are down.
  14. Just my opinion, but I am going off of heartache and overall WTF value. The Pats SNF 2007 wasn't a stunner nor was the 6-3 Browns game, but it was the type that scar'd you as a fan. For me this game is up there because of that. In terms of actual importance hopefully it isn't much and 04 Steelers, 99 Music City, or last years Texans playoff loss were certainly more seismic. For some fans yesterday was great game oh well, for me being 32 with the drought being my life it was like relieving the worst moments all at once including blowing a 14 pt lead on the road, bad INTs, climaxing with the team getting the lead only to lose it in the most unreal possible. Knowing I have weeks of seeing that play on repeat, the team doesnt play for two weeks so it just sits as their last moment is an extra kick in the gut. Will they be fine? Probably and for me its just because even with Allen having probably his second worst game of the season, I never doubted he would score when he had the ball at the end.
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