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  1. corta765

    Bills Starters Through Draft

    It was not a criticism that they do not have many 3-7 years players more a barometer for the group they are building long term.
  2. corta765

    Bills Starters Through Draft

    Yea I think people are underestimating how on the fence Zay is. He was decent last year, but after his drop in Miami he seemed to again regress like he did after the Carolina drop for a few games. If they actually drafted Metcalf or even a guy like Marquise Brown in the 2nd round I think Zay very much is a cut or trade candidate.
  3. corta765

    Is Poyer giving up his jersey # to Gore?

    If Poyer gives his number my wife is gonna be pissed given she has his jersey
  4. So a C-130 instead?
  5. This has nothing to do with the Bills or FA but the plane. If I was rich billionaire like the Terry I would get a military jet to fly me around. Honestly what is more impressive for a potential FA the owner flying in on a G6 private jet OR flying in on a F-18 pimped up as all heck that can go Mach 5. You won't see one of those in the next rap video your buddies making.
  6. corta765

    Bills Starters Through Draft

    Unless they are running four wide I would expect the top 3 WR to be Foster, Brown, and Beasley
  7. So this week Peter King had a superb part in his column about how typically the most successful teams in football are made through the draft and how the guys drafted the previous 3-7 years should be the core you want moving forward. Non-surprisingly the most successful teams like the Eagles, Seahawks, Steelers, Patriots etc... have almost half their starters being guys in that window. Overall its a pretty big point in the NFL that being able to draft a strong team is the main key to success in the NFL. So using that as a barometer lets see how many of this years Bills starters are guy drafted: Offense: QB Josh Allen LT Dion Dawkins G Wyatt Teller Defense DE Shaq Lawson DT Harrison Phillips LB Tremaine Edmunds LB Matt Milano CB Tre White CB Levi Wallace/Taron Johnson (Figure Kevin Jackson takes either CB2 or Slot and one of these two take the other) Overall the Bills should have 9 true starters that were drafted by the team heading into the season. Depending on how the draft goes you could add that another starter if they add a DL/DE or WR/TE. The good news is the defense has at least two guys who are already at Pro Bowl caliber level playing with Milano and White, hopefully the offense can add Allen and another starter or two there for the long term. So how does this compare to lets say the Jets who are trying to rebuild and an established successful team like the Eagles: Jets 9 starters Offense: QB Darnold, WR Anderson, WR Enunwa, TE Tomlinson, OT Brandon Shell, G Brian Winters Defense: SS Jamal Adams, FS Marcus Maye, DE Nathan Shepherd Eagles 9 starters Offense: QB Wentz, WR Agholor, TE Zach Ertz, OG Issac Semulo, C Jason Kelce, RT Lane Johnson Defense: DT Brandon Graham, DT Fletcher Cox, CB Jalen Mills Overall things look pretty even before the upcoming draft. The Jets did not lose any drafted starters of significance, but the Eagles did lose Jordan Hicks who was a starting LB for them. The big difference between the Bills/Jets and the Eagles is the how established and good some of the Eagles starters are. Not only do the Eagles have Wentz who is a Pro Bowl caliber player but Ertz, Kelce, Johnson, Graham, and Cox are all super established good or great players. I think for the Bills and Jets to succeed, after hitting on their QBs they both will need to see some of the OL/DL guys become good starters and at least one skill position player like the Eagles have in Ertz become a great player. I hope this was a cool look at building a roster and I look forward to reading your comments.
  8. corta765

    Gettleman - idiot or genius?

    Idiot. Peter King had a superb part in his FMIA column this week highlighting how most of the best teams are built through their draft classes and the guys who were drafted 3 - 7 years earlier are the core for the team. The Giants from 2010-2016 have exactly one player now left that was drafted in the top 3 rounds after ODB and Collins leaving. By comparison Eagles and Seahawks two successful teams during the last decade each have 9 players out of 19 and 21 drafted. That is 9 starters per team, that is how you build your roster. Additionally the contract he gave is like a massive anvil to the rosters cap situation at this point. If I was a Giants fan I would be despondent because you should want ODB, Evan Engram, Collins, and Barkley as part of your core moving forward and adding a QB like Hawkins would give you a strong foundation for the next decade. Instead they nuked that and basically are an expansion team with a stud RB who now is a waste in a sense because you are 2-3 years before competing.
  9. corta765

    Day One Bills FA Recap

    Good recap. I am strongly encouraged after day 1 and want something like this today to really cement this FA class: 1 of each WR: Tate or Williams or Brown or Cobb OL: Daryl Williams or Safford (pipe dream I know) DE: Ansah or Brent Urban I think if the Bills somehow could get Williams or Tate I could see them trying for one of the Iowa TE's if they were to fall late in the 1st.
  10. I would also but given the WR market I think its more likely we get a guy like Humphries to go with Metcalf or Neal in the draft and Zay/Foster/McKenize
  11. Here are some names I would be happy to see as Bills: Daryl Williams Mitch Morse Adam Humphries Brent Urban
  12. We destroyed them after team turmoil without Darnold starting. Darnold came into BUF and won here. Jets fans look at BUF the same way many fans view them as two easy wins and a morbid franchise that's always bad. What exactly has BUF done to make them any better then the NY over the last decade? Both teams are near mirror images of each other in many respects. In general Bills fans seem to always see the Jets and Phins as four easy wins and then act stunned when we lose. Its for fun and there isn't much substance to speak of. Why bother comment if you don't care
  13. We are at NY, they will be better after the offseason of additions, and home teams naturally have the advantage. People if anything are underselling the Jets with the additions they likely make and Darnolds growth.
  14. If the Bills beat NE at home I think Josh Allen might burn my house down in excitement before I have the opportunity to
  15. Here is what they predicted yesterday. I LOVE the two night games being at CLE MNF and home BAL for TNF. Here is my prediction W/L wise off of that because nothing is happening yet in football: Wk 1: vs. MIA - WIN Wk 2: @ PIT - WIN Wk 3: @ CLE (MNF) - LOSS Wk 4: vs. WSH - WIN Wk 5: vs. CIN - WIN Wk 6: @ DAL - LOSS Wk 7: @ NE - LOSS Wk 8: BYE WEEK Wk 9: vs. BAL (TNF) - WIN Wk 10: @ MIA - WIN Wk 11: vs. DEN - WIN Wk 12: vs. NYJ - WIN Wk 13: @ NYG - WIN Wk 14: vs. PHI - LOSS Wk 15: @ TEN - WIN Wk 16: @ NYJ - LOSS Wk 17: vs. NE - LOSS 10-6 record, 3-3 Divisional record, & 8-4 AFC record