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  1. Went twice, 2014 TNF game (puke of a game) and 2016 10 min collapse in 4th quarter. My answer even after losing both, ABSOLUTELY. First off if you go in Oct-Nov its beautiful outside. Sept this year will be hotter but it is at night. The tailgating is kinda surreal that is surrounded by palm trees and sun vs what we have but it is really nice to be able to wear shorts. Bills fans take over 30-40% of the stadium which is really wild so it is a blast. I found Miami fans were pretty chill and decent folk regardless of rivalry. First trip we came from Fort Myers and went for just the evening but was still fun. Second in 2016 we stayed Saturday evening and went out, Miami was a great time on South Beach and we didn't even do the Bills backers stuff. Virtually anyone whose a Bills fan that has traveled out of town has said its a blast and because our fanbase travels well (especially these days) its a very unique cool experience. Miami is prob a top 3 yearly of a visit for Bills fans of road games especially if your coming from NYS or somewhere up here. As for the city I'd see what others recommend as it was 8 years ago now and places change for best spot etc.. The one thing is the stadium is actually 20-30 mins from the beach area if you stay so plan to drive or have your uber ordered.
  2. 2011 was kind of the max though for that offense with Chan. They finished 14th overall ypg but following year fell back into late teens early 20s. The Bills talent base from 2008-2012 really lagged across the board and I am not sure any coach could have done a lot there. Missed draft picks and basically begging FAs to come here didn't go very well. If there is a time where I thought the teams uncertainty of staying really hurt them competitively it was the 2007ish time frame until the new stadium lease in 2012. We couldn't get any decent coach to come near here, the free agents signed usually were guys on the back end like TO or Merriman where it was more name then skill, and org was more focused on viability in the region the 100% focused on winning at all costs. Any time they did get a night game you could pencil a clip of Jim Kelly or some 90s HOF on the sideline as part of the attention on the team. The 2010 coaching search was really sad and depressing when any decent name said no and then it was Chan (great guy really did like him in that regard) who was quote "their first choice". The NFL really sells hope well because those offseasons you could convince yourself it was different and the drought was going to end, in retrospect they were so far away from being near a normal NFL team.
  3. It was always weird to me that Chan who wanted a young QB never either got the ability to ask for one or threw his horses behind Fitz so fast. I remember 2011 Fitz hype was real, but heading into 2012 it was kind of like the clock hitting midnight and a lot of people thought maybe they'd draft a replacement.
  4. Fun question which I look at like this. None of the drought coaches could even get into the playoffs which both Wade before and McD did after without Josh. So to me Josh means probably playoffs but regression of what we have seen. Here is my thoughts on each while understanding NE was NE: Greg Williams: One playoff appearance bookended by 7-9 years Mike Mularkey: Division crown year 1 as the combo of that defense mixed with the offense having Henry is enough to knock NE to a WC. But lose in playoffs at home. Year 2 is tough, if they cut the vets like they did then the team is 9-7 missing the playoffs (remember the defense lost a ton of talent that offseason). If they keep what they have playoff year and a loss followed by a strange resignation lol. Dick Jauron: Lowest of any of the coaches during the drought as he played it so safe that even with a QB like Josh at best your getting maybe a WC year. I would say the team floats around .500 for three straight years despite Joshs heroics with a token playoff appearance. They do beat the Cowboys on MNF though Chan Gailey: Wildcard year 1 at 9-7 and then the offense explodes year 2 for a 12-4 year as they hit all the right spots and win to make the division round. Unfortunately year 3 the lack of defense catches up as they sputter to 7-9. Chan's offenses were never the problem, it was his lack of defense. I really think if he ever had a QB he could get a few good years before the one dimensionless appears. Doug Marrone: 8-8 year 1, wild card 11-5 year 2 with a run to the conference title before losing in NE. Marrone resigns after as he says Josh is too aggressive on offense for his liking. Rex Ryan: Year 1 9-7 no playoffs because he wrecks the defense, Year 2 9-7 no playoff appearance when he botches an end of season call in OT. I think by the time Rex took over the game had passed him too much and even with a QB like Josh it isn't enough. Offense wasn't the problem when Rex was here, it was his defense and coaching. Unlike the earlier drought coaches the league my the mid 2010s had become very offensive driven but good coaching could unravel that quickly.
  5. There is legitimate reason to believe the Bears can at least compete for the playoffs. They do have some true talent on offense and if Williams is average in year 1 they will move the ball. Their defense actually was pretty decent last year and if you take a look at their losses in the first half of the year most of them were pretty close if not Bills Drought level heartbreak bad on few (ie DEN especially). Their schedule has some tough games but certainly some winnable ones. I am not saying they will be 12-5 this year, but I do think come end of DEC they either will be in the WC spot or able to win and in situation.
  6. Keep wondering if that Detroit game becomes one of those Saturday games they do in December that they put in a spot later on
  7. So Joe Buck said two MNF games, wonder if Chiefs is the other game? Also wonder if BUF gets 4 primetime games at this point given the reports: KC/NYJ MNF 49ers SNF and Phins TNF. BAL DET SEA LAR all 4:25 games which still gives Buffalo 8 games not at 1pm? Although I have thought forever either LAR or SEA is a primetime game just given market size
  8. Pretty sure its Titans as the NFL generally avoids back to back divisional games early given they need them later on for the end of the year AND if the Bills finish at home week 17 Jets and week 18 Pats as reported then it feels safe to say we probably don't open against division.
  9. I believe the Jets game was squashed because of the international game but I could be wrong
  10. Looking like I may have nailed the home opener with how its all trending and I feel good that we finish in NYJ
  11. NFL since it started TNF week 2 on in 2012 has had the team away week2 on TNF home week 1 Sunday. No exceptions or adjustments that has been their standard. That is too short of rest also for TNF to have a MNF game
  12. He is implying that blaming London for a super freak injury is stupid. Freak injuries happen all over every year whether overseas or not. There is a more compelling argument of against the turf in DET/NOLA and those injuries then what happened to Milano. And the truth was that Chiefs game Buffalo had to basically be perfect and they got an A-/B+. Happens sh*tty luck
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