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  1. This is exactly right, his most recent dozen games or more of tape is the reason I find it difficult to imagine management would consider a reunion.
  2. Like I said most won’t admit it lol…. I wasn’t saying you were in camp A,B or C … but you just planted your flag
  3. As with most things in life, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. You’re correct about some loving him for his beliefs but the original poster was also correct about many writing him off for those same beliefs, and most in both camps won’t admit it. Fortunately I believe most people don’t care one way or another and will call it like they see it on the field.
  4. Andy Reid has had the luxury of excellent QBs his entire head coaching career if I remember correctly, I believe it’s part of the reason he was criticized for never winning a super bowl. Reid has never had to coach with a JAG at QB.
  5. No, not when the most exciting football player on the planet is willing to pitch your product.
  6. From someone close to the situation who in turn got their information from team doctors who have actually done preliminary examination of Vons knee and believe he has a sprain. I’m guessing
  7. Coaching cost 17 his first ring last year, I’ll go to my grave believing that but it’s in the rear view mirror at this point. That being said, if this staff has a another obvious post season gaffe costing us another ring…. I’ll personally being handing out the torches.
  8. That’s how I feel about some posters lol
  9. If you don’t think having his throwing arm injured in a brace doesn’t effect all aspects of his play… not sure you get it
  10. He’s wearing a brace on his throwing arm and people are asking what could possibly be the issue lol
  11. “If we don’t play better than this we won’t win these next three games” or some variation of this after every win, until the Bills lose and they are proven correct Funny
  12. Allen will lead the NFL in INTs during his playing career, but he’ll also score more TDs than any other QB during that same period… it’s just the type of player he is
  13. Let’s throw a turd in the punch bowl but we’ll be kind and not stir it
  14. And there you go again acting as though having a mental roadblock is some weakness that’s not a real thing for athletes. You could have just disagreed instead of the age old tactic of misrepresentation. I broke my back in 4 places and needed fusion surgery… I was diagnosed with clinical depression and was totally unaware of how debilitating mentally and emotionally it would be to overcome. It’s a real thing for injured athletes and you should respect it instead of laughing at the mere thought of it.
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