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  1. I’m thinking He could start at TE for at least half the league
  2. Ryan Fitzpatrick Isaiah McKenzie William Fichtner steak dinner
  3. Is this an actual rumour or is this your own thought ? If this were to actually happen, I’d be all for the ball being in someone else’s hands besides Mahomes.
  4. My buddy(Bills fan) at work always reminds me the Jags game happened, and that Bellicheck is the GOAT and Bills were in a tight divisional race late in the year. He can’t get excited for the journey and it’s sad. Then I ask him who he’s picking to win the super bowl and he immediately say’s the Bills lol nobody has forgotten the Jags game, the Bills are on the doorstep and favoured for a reason, #17 and a potential #1 defense.
  5. That’s so bad, go figure government greed preventing a good idea from actually being a good idea
  6. Anthony Munoz 11 pro bowls 9 1st team all pros highest rated LT in the HOF
  7. I agree about Gretzky, of the 4 major North American sports the separation he put between himself and his contemporaries is by far the largest. arguments can be made for the GOAT in baseball basketball and football, but in the NHL there really isn’t any good faith arguments beyond Gretzky.
  8. It’s true, as human beings we ingest many substances that aren’t good for our mental or physical well being, there are plenty of reasons people choose one substance or one method over another and I was just pointing out the obvious.
  9. Yeah that seems to be the most likely outcome, given the choice of breaking the law or purchasing legally. I’m guessing most are willing to pay more just so as not to partake in any illegal avenues. I see edibles really taking off here as well, I’m guessing just the convenience without the respiratory dangers of smoke or vape.
  10. Yeah I’m sure it’s good for the consumer with prices, I just meant unfortunate in the sense that the government greed has led to the cheaper secondary market having a place to flourish. I’m guessing most people would just prefer a high quality legal product at such a low price that no secondary market and the crime that ultimately comes with it have a place to thrive.
  11. Not sure how legalization of cannabis has effected the price point in those particular states, in southern Ontario legalization has dropped the cost so dramatically that there’s virtually no incentive for illegal sales. hell, in the 80s an ounce of weed was selling between 200-250 dollars . Today I can walk into a store and get an ounce for 80 bucks, and much higher quality I may add.
  12. Excellent information, sounds like the need for restrictions on the hiring of recently arrived foreign women in legalized establishments might be in order. I’m going to guess Canada doesn’t have the high volume of human trafficking that Europe contends with, thus making it two very different starting points of comparison. Thanks for that knowledgeable response.
  13. The same arguments were made here in Canada against legalization of cannabis, it would create more black mark demand, the exact opposite has occurred. The illegal sales have all but disappeared.
  14. And this is why sex work needs to be legal, regulated and safe. It’s government telling adults they can’t participate in a mutually beneficial transaction that puts so many women in harms way
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