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  1. Jets Dolphins had a 3 game lead with 5 to go and a week 18 home game to win the division and couldn’t get it done. The odds of them having another opportunity as good as last year are pretty slim.
  2. This seems correct, if I’m the Bills I want that extension now for the numbers you suggested and I’m sure Rousseau is thinking if I bet on myself and hit double digit sacks then I’m getting a massive bag. Interesting situation.
  3. Yes… Diggs forced his way out, Allen and McDermott were done with it and they were onto plan B which didn’t/couldn’t involve replacing Diggs this year.
  4. Plenty of people are addicted to being an “ally” for many different underrepresented groups, it feels good to think you’re helping those in need, even when most of those groups could care less about a flag football league lol. The heavy lifting was done in the late 60s 70s and 80s where the LGBTQ community was under actual threat of physical violence and prejudice. The current western society is so accepting that there’s no “civil rights” fight for the allies. I’m sure if you could wind the clock back and tell the gay communities who were fighting for their legal rights and personal safety that in 50 years the fights would be over gay flag football they would laugh and cry tears of joy at that ridiculous prospect.
  5. Valid points, I obviously don’t mean every single last company or corporation, but most and certainly an organization like the NFL and it’s 32 teams that have been populated and run by straight white many for 100 years. I think it’s safe to assume there isn’t some internal uprising in the ranks to push for diversity like you would see in the tech industry.
  6. Just understand these corporations and these professional sports teams are virtue signaling, hitting their DEI numbers, if this helps someone feel better about being gay then great, I just laugh at it and move on, as do the gay people in my life.
  7. And with the advent of the internet and social media more importantly, many children are being indoctrinated and thus becoming confused. Tom boys and feminine boys/men are being swayed to believe there’s something wrong with them and they’re actually gay or trans. In years past the majority would grow up heterosexual or gay. My nephew is gay, my wife and I knew he was gay when he was 4-5 years old playing with our kids. When my sister told us he came out he was gay as a teenager we laughed and told her we’ve known for 10 years lol. Gay people like everyone else are not a monolith, there’s plenty of gay and trans people who just want to live their lives without all the flags and parades and hoopla, who’s sexuality isn’t a driving force in their daily lives, I understand there’s plenty of folks who feel differently and that’s ok too.
  8. I think Allen outplaying Diggs is pretty easy and very likely to happen, winning the game on the other hand is more difficult to predict. I said Bills W because I’m a Bills fan.
  9. That’s an outstanding Father’s Day gift, very thoughtful. I’ve received plenty of Bills gifts from my kids and wife over the years but no such luck on this day, next up my Bday in Dec.. a nice Kincaid away Jersey would be sweet.
  10. Taking my dad and my two sons who were around 12 or 13 yrs old at the time to Carolina at Buffalo game, it ended up being maybe EJ’s signature game with the game winning drive and TD to Stevie Johnson late if I remember correctly. I bought my sons each an EJ Florida state jersey to wear to the game, as soon as they opened the stadium we went inside, it was my sons first game and I kind of wanted them to soak in the stadium for the first time like I had and also wanted to avoid the crush of people when arriving later. We are sitting in our seats and the bowl only has a couple thousand people sprinkled about at this early time when all of a sudden I’m startled when 2 large black hands land on my sons shoulders and I immediately whip around and behind us is this big dude with a giant smile “ so sorry to scare ya “ he says and laughs, he goes on to compliment my son’s jersey’s and thank us for supporting his son EJ. What a cool moment for my boys , it was only a short 3 min interaction where he promised that his son was going to work hard to be great, and for EJ to then lead a late game winning drive was very cool. It didn’t work out for EJ in the long run but it was a very memorable moment for 3 generations of fathers and sons, and it really propelled my boys fandom.
  11. Tyrod- race baiter Diggs- great player but a quitter Norwood- obvious reasons Gilmour- just a little too whiny and sulky
  12. Yeah it’s a win win relationship, good on him. He’s capitalizing on his wealth and she on her youth.
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