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  1. If I’m Brandon Beane, I probably pick up the 5th year option. But like I said in my original post, the excuses need to stop. He’s been very inconsistent and regressed this season. In year 4 he needs to pick it up or else the team will be looking for a new MLB in 2023
  2. Bills fans were up in arms over the signing yesterday based on some terrible looking film. But if he’s as bad as some believe, there’s a chance he might not even make the final roster. I’m going to wait and see how he transitions
  3. They are more unhappy with the selection of BCBS as a sponsor because insurance is so freaking expensive. Only in 2021, is an insurance company a controversial choice (among fans) to name a stadium after.
  4. Exactly....I’ll never understand the love Bills fans have for Sammy. He half-asses his way through his disappointing tenure in Buffalo and hasn’t lived up to his hype after. He’s an ok WR to have on your team if you have two or three other options available on offense. I don’t think he’ll make much of a difference for their offense. Ravens fans are acting like they signed a WR1. They’ll soon find out the type of player he is The reason he left Baltimore is because he became invisible once Lamar took over That’s because he was a “generational talent.”
  5. Funny how you could said the same thing about the Bills and Josh Allen in 2019, before the start of the 2020 season. Many people did! How did that work out?
  6. They need a name “Washington Football Team” is just goofy.
  7. Point is, it didn’t lead to him signing “I rarely miss?” His career says otherwise
  8. I will be shocked if Sammy sign a deal. Remember last year there were rumors that Marcel was back in Buffalo? Didn’t exactly end with a signing. Also Beane and McDermott rarely give players a second chance after they cut them - especially those whose departures were on somewhat bad terms - ie Dareus and Richie Incognito. While there are a few exceptions (EJ Gaines), it almost never happens. Finally with the Bills top 4 WR’s set, it doesn’t make any sense to sign a WR5 who doesn’t play special teams when you have players like Kukerow and Hodgins and still could use a
  9. He was always solid and usually helped the team start with good field positions. I was always surprised he never really broke one for a TD in Buffalo
  10. A really good pickup for KC
  11. This is my biggest concern as well. I do think getting Zach Moss back for his second year will help. He seemed to be running better late in the season. I guess it’s possible that Ford could help in the run game at guard as well
  12. I think the longer he stays available, the better chance that he signs a 1 year prove it deal with Buffalo
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