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  1. We have 3 years off evidence so far, so the odds are probably against it, but if he could just do things like turn his head or a better job finding the ball it would be huge. His coverage has been decent
  2. I agree but just found some of their rituals to be very gross. Mostly the bowling ball shot and cooking with lawn tools. By the way, are you THE Pizza Pete?
  3. The Bills were 1-4 in the redzone. That was the difference in this game. They should’ve scored TD’s instead of FG’s on at least 2 more possessions.
  4. What examples are you talking about? The only one I can think of is the tipped pass that Edmunds couldn’t come down with. That would’ve been a very tough….but not impossible catch to make
  5. I normally like TG but this article was a bit of a head scratcher after 1 bad game. If the bad offense continues for 3 or 4 more games than it makes sense but I thought calling for Dorsey after one bad performance was premature
  6. Like I said, he was never an All-Pro but when I think turnstile tackles I don’t think of Fina. Mike Gandy or Bobby Hart come to mind
  7. I do think there’s some truth to this. To me it did seem like PSE was postering to try to get as much public funding as possible. Tim Graham is someone who seems to very much plugged in the Bills and PSE. He has always said that he thinks it’s unlikely that the team moves and that Austin was one of the few relocation “Boogeymen” left now that LA has 2 teams and Toronto is dead. But his message to fans was - don’t think it CAN’T happen. So it seems like it’s improbable but not completely unlikely
  8. 25 carries is too high but a few more draws against a light box could’ve been successful
  9. I came across a great show on YouTube featuring John Fina from the Buffalo Rumblings website. He will be back every week to talk about the game. Never heard Fina talk before, he’s fantastic While Fina was never an All-Pro tackle, he was a very solid player and he coached his son to a scholarship at UCLA. So he knows line play well. Fina said the biggest problem with the OL was poor technique and lack of movement. Specifically he said that the Bills lineman did terrible job of using “punching” with their hands. On all of the Pittsburgh pressures you can see the Bills arms wide and high and flying in the air which is why they had to hold. He cited Felciano’s biggest problem was poor footwork and not strength or power. He also called into question the conditioning of the entire line. He felt that Dion especially looked gassed and that pass blocking is all conditioning. Overall he said the OL got “punked” and protection is where the problems started. John did make a few suggestions. - One idea his old teammate Jerry Ostrowski suggested was to alternate the snap count because it seemed like Ingram was jumping the snap count everytime. - The other idea would be to use a pin and pull OL scheme instead of zone blocking. It would be less taxing from a conditioning standpoint. - He also said that the Bills should just play “hard nosed” football. Not necessarily running but not calling the gimmick plays like the flea flicker when 1 yard is needed. - Bottom line….this line needs to play better and Bobby Johnson needs to find a way to fix this. He shot down some myths that are talked about here: - doesn’t think Bills were overconfident. He said players don’t read press as much as fans - Said that the crowd was not factor and that players aren’t as effected - Also doesn’t believe in “Sugar High Josh”
  10. My favorite ones are the orange Ticky Tacks
  11. I challenge anyone to find a more dated reference than this The big question is….are Pinto Ron and Pizza Pete vaccinated?
  12. What is the ritual though? Why are people spraying him with condiments? LOL yeah that’s true. The tables thing was funny for a while but it dominates the conversation whenever anyone talks about Bills fans
  13. They need to be able to find a way to get the ball to Beasley, Diggs, or Sanders fast. They are too good at creating separation
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