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  1. I think that 15th best is in the ball park of where Oliver is. If he plays well than this deal is a steal for Buffalo. If he plays the same way he has over the past few seasons then atleast it’s not a tremendous overpay
  2. It literally is. I’ve gotten suspended for it!!!!
  3. Baltimore overpaid for OBJ. No team wanted to give him that deal. Even KC was rumored to be waiting for the price to drop. Much like Cleveland signing Watson to guaranteed money, the OBJ overpay messed up the veteran WR market for the time being
  4. He was a good starting pitcher for Minnesota. My point is, the Mahomes family was never struggling for money
  5. His father was also one of the top MLB pitchers at one time. I don’t exactly think the family is struggling for money
  6. That was my thread! I deleted it after gettinf shamed by people like @Warcodered because I didn’t meticulously search beyond the second page of this forum for topics on previous threads!
  7. And yet people continue to B word that NYS gave them money to build a stadium
  8. I think it was a combination of Aaron Kromer and the fact that Buffalo tried to sign him in 2018. He was signed to a one-year so he was never going to be a long term answer, but I think they expected a lot more. He was the weakest link on a pretty average OL
  9. I remember in Week 1, he popped up a pass that turned into an INT. Obviously that goes on Josh, and maybe it was too hard of a throw, but a better receiver makes that catch.
  10. I saw this stat as well. He did bobble a backfield pass which caused a turnover against Kansas City but for some reason they gave that fumble to Allen.
  11. I noticed this too. For any other starting lineman in the NFL a few these plays would be categorized as “bad” reps. For Saffold, they are “decent.” 🤣 I’ve long said that given Star Lotulelei the big five-year contract was Brandon Beane’s worst FA signing. However Saffold might be a close second. His saving grace was that he was only signed to a one-year deal. But this was a HUGE year for Buffalo and he almost single-handedly made the line worse
  12. I think the only way Hopkins signs with Buffalo is if he doesn’t get the kind money of he wants - so the longer he wait the better it might be. If the contract offers are fairly comparable across the board, I think he’s going to prioritize team/QB and that’s where Buffalo might have an advantage alongside KC and Baltimore. All those teams seem content to wait it out as they don’t want to give him an OBJ contract
  13. Cool…thanks for the concrete examples. This makes more sense then “loses focus.” I wouldn’t say “just another guy.” The fear with McKenzie was that he was mainly a gadget guy who could take advantage of matchups - like he did with NE in 2021. 2022 seemed to prove this to be true. In the right situation he could make plays but he doesn’t seem to be able to do this consistently
  14. I’ve listened to just about all of his podcasts with Tyler Dunne. He presented it as though he was open and doing his job - Josh just wasn’t throwing to him
  15. Direct TV was a terrible service though. Most of us wouldn’t change providers -even if it meant getting the Sunday Ticket, so I’m pumped for YouTubeTV
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