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  1. Too bad the joke is on Bills fans. This episode probably sets ratings records for FS1
  2. For what it’s worth, I find Joe Buscaglia and Matthew Fairburn to be the most tuned in beat reporters for the Bills. Both picked the Bills in a close game. I think Joe B was inaccurate in only one game this year
  3. Humphrey will play slot which puts Peters on Diggs which is the first mismatch. The next one is Jimmy Smith on John Brown. Smith is not as quick as he once was. Then you have another favorable matchup in Anthony Averett on Davis or McKenzie. A good secondary but I have a feeling there will be plays to be made. Turnovers could be the key to this game
  4. I don’t think they will but Arizona also publicly supported Josh Rosen when the rumor was they would take Murray.
  5. The ironic thing is, they actually have a chance to draft another top QB against this year. It would be a bold move that they probably won’t make
  6. This comment didn’t bother me as much as some when you consider that many consider Tua as a humble, hardworking player. If it was someone prone to bragging or arrogance it’s a different story. It always seemed like a poor choice of words
  7. There’s speculation that ownership could’ve influenced the decision. I don’t know... I always felt that Fitzpatrick, even with his ups abs downs, was the better choice if playoffs were a priority. If you want to look to the future, you start Tua. Put him in real game situations and use the experience to build toward next season. Tua becomes priority #1. Playoffs become priority #2. I think Flores tried to both, and the process really ended doing neither. The decision to pull Tua for Fitz in key moments was always telling for me and the decision to
  8. That’s the thing, he is very popular in the locker room. Players love him because he’s a hard worker and a good person. They just aren’t seeing reasons on the field why he started over Fitzpatrick and question how high his potential really is
  9. Not a comparable situation. Tua, along with Joe Burrow, was considered to ready to start - perhaps the most pro ready. Justin Herbert was considered more of a project QB that would need time to grow. Allen was thought of to be a low-floor/high ceiling type of project QB. Tua was never considered a QB project as was thought of to have the highest ceiling of any QB but maybe the lowest floor. Most rookie QB’s have up and down years, but the good one show some flashes of greatness from time to time (Herbert, Burrow, Baker, Lamar, Josh, Murray). We’ve seen a few solid
  10. Pat Ricard should probably the least of your worries when facing a team quarterbacked by Lamar Jackson. If the Bills lose, it will be because of Lamar Jackson....not Pat Ricard
  11. I don’t put much stock into national broadcast including GMF - who have largely been positive about the Bills. With covering the entire league, I feel that they only follow a handful of teams closely. This is why their insight sometimes lacks a lot of detailed insight and context, as opposed to beat reporters. This is probably why their last matchup (in bad weather) was never brought up. I’ve noticed in the past there were a few facts that they were completely incorrect about. I can’t remember them specifically but pretty sure they were shared by Kyle Brandt.
  12. So all the talk on Jerry Sullivan. He seems to have mellowed out a bit in his approach. His mother who had Alzheimer’s died earlier this year. Not sure if that had anything to do with it. But as you can see in the video he’s throwing some playful jabs at the Bills while giving props to Del Reid and 26 shirts
  13. Normally I would agree but I think that his age will probably hurt him only because owners want a young, flashy innovative thinker. I do believe that Frazier might actually be a good HC hire in the right situation. He’s a very calm and positive presence who relates well to people and just about all players love playing for him.
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