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  1. If you take a look at Rob Johnson when under pressure the comparisons will immediately stop
  2. Yeah pretty much. Like the other “insiders” he seemed to be a mouthpiece for agents and NFL teams but he wasn’t very good at it as a Schefter or Glazier. He was either played, had ***** sources, or just could not decipher real stories vs. spin. His reporting did lead to comical moments.
  3. I think he has some potential given his physical attributes but theres a reason he was a UDFA. The odds are probably against him but I’m hoping he catches on the PS and gets some time to develop
  4. Not saying he the loss is all on Farwell. I just don’t think he’s the scape goat some people are making him out to be. He was likely on the bubble as ST Coach before
  5. Erik Turner from Cover 1 was the first one to break the news that the touchback was the result of Farwell not getting the call into Bass. He said that there were already issues with Farwell’s coaching before that moment. So I don’t think Farwell is the scapegoat some people want to make him out to be. There clearly were issues and what happened in KC was the last straw
  6. I can’t remember the name but there was one reporter from NY who was on the Giants beat that said Dorsey was going to be the OC. His name escapes me but I can look it up.
  7. I don’t think so… Dorsey reportedly was close to signing with NYG as their OC w/ Daboll. They likely had to pay a little more to get Dorsey to stay. If the Bills were so unsure about him at OC that they had a backup plan, I think they let him walk. I they signed Brady because his stock was low from getting fired in Carolina. He probably wasn’t going to a find another OC position this season, so he took a lower position that would give him the best chance for a promotion. I don’t think Brady will be in Buffalo for long
  8. Right…it’s just weird because no one is reporting what position he has. My guess is that’s he’s going to be an editor as he previously taught copy editing at Buff St
  9. What happened to Jon Vogl? He stepped down from the Sabres beat, is still with the Athletic, but has not announced his role. I’m guessing he’s working as an editor?
  10. So much for Whaley being the “front runner” eh boys?
  11. This post…wow. Something else. Yes Tua may improve but using comments from his coach and teammate in May OTA’’s means nothing. First off, did you expect them to day “Meh… Tua looked okay” Of course they are going to talk him up. Second, read how the Bills coaches and players talked about Nate Peterman in OTA’s in 2018…I rest my case
  12. I listened this whole interview… I can’t see how this wasn’t a shot at the team. It sounded like he was pissed about not starting and said “well they got what they deserved for not playing me.” I get that players are ultra competitive but being spiteful like that probably says something about his character. I’ll say that I don’t think Jon was realistic about his abilities. For the majority of his time in Buffalo he was average at best at guard. Many times he just wasn’t very good. I don’t mind that the Bills traded Bates for Feliciano. He seems to be the better, more athletic player at guard. Also he glanced over last season in Buffalo. The rumors were that he reported to camp 30 pounds lighter without telling the training staff which seemed to contribute to his slow start. Then when he got benched, he had a pretty bad attitude. He knew that he was a goner but from what I seemed to hear, there were issues with him and front office
  13. I think the whole “Josh doesn’t play well at home” argument was debunked after last years playoff game versus New England
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