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  1. Some coaches will put up with a lot of crap when a players at the top of his game. When he’s not…it isn’t worth the BS that comes along with him
  2. Heart of a winner…maybe. Not sure if he still has the ability he’ll need to put up the numbers you think he will.
  3. Given the new kickoff rules, it makes sense for teams to use LB’s like Matakevich who can tackle in space (to an extent) and shed blocks. The problem is you’re getting a one dimensional ST’er who doesn’t off much on defense
  4. Tim Graham has said the trade was the result of a “death by a thousand paper cuts.” This could include Diggs’: - age /contract - role in the offense - declining ability - attitude - social media nonsense - potential disputes with QB/HC - playoff performance - “the drop” Basically the Bills could tolerate Diggs if he played like a true WR1. They have less tolerance when he’s not making plays and is overpaid. Diggs is going to be fools gold for many fantasy owners.
  5. I think the plan was always to get rid of Diggs after the 2024 season. It’s a fair assumption that his numbers would be greatly reduced compared to his first four seasons. At that point, the Bills lose a lot of leverage in the trade market for a 31 year-old WR and still would have to eat dead money. What could they get? Maybe a 5th round pick? Houston’s 2nd round pick was enough for them to make the move and take the cap hit a season early. As far as whether Diggs is washed? There were was an advanced stat by ESPN that scored receivers ability to get open. From 2020-2022, Diggs ranked in the Top 5. Last season he was #67. That’s probably not all on Diggs - it could be a result of the offense - but I think it’s to fair to question whether that massive drop is a sign of things of come. I also though there were a number of times this past season when Diggs didn’t come make the clutch catches he had in the past - like the bomb vs. Jacksonville, the final play New England, and of course “the drop” versus KC. Also if you’re Houston, why would you void the final 3 years of his contract if you truly believed Diggs was a #1 WR in the prime of his career? With that being said, I think Diggs still could be a very good recovering option in the Houston offense though I will be shocked if his numbers are anywhere close to Buffalo
  6. Still a good route runner but he’s lost a step. Check out his success rate versus man coverage. It’s taken a dip
  7. Many of these conversions - at least during the first part of 2023 were a testament to Josh. The Brett Kollman video shared how aggressive Buffalo was in the Dorsey offense which often put the often in bad positions. Yet Josh was able to convert these crazy 3rd downs resulting in a very misleading EPA on offense.
  8. Here’s my theory….Considering that the Bills didn’t offer the job to Brown when Murphy retired and still held a search, it leads me to believe more established PBP candidates wanted more money than Bills were willing to pay. They settled on Brown given his familiarity and got him at a nominal salary compared some of the top candidates available. Personally, I think Brown is a “meh” announcer and hoped the Bills would do better. Then again, I rarely listen to the radio broadcasts. The Bills are a private organization and aren’t required to post open positions. They can hire whoever they and could have chosen Brown when Murphy retired. They still attempted a hiring process which makes me think he wasn’t their first choice
  9. Yeah this is true. Frank Gore usage was maddening. It reminds me a bit of Latavius Murray this season. He had a little juice early but was done by the end of the season. At the same time, I’m not sure how much Yeldon really had by the time her arrived in Buffalo. He never played another NFL down by the time his contract was over, so I feel that’s a pretty good indicator that he was washed. That’s why I put Yeldon the same group as the other vets on their last legs. Hines on the other hand was a different story. He had the talent and ability, they just couldn’t find a way to get him involved
  10. This would be a major upset in my view. McGovern has been training for Center and working with Josh since Morse was cut. For Van Pran to start he’ll have to have an exceptionally strong camp and McGovern will have an exceptionally bad one. The Bills do really like Alec Anderson however. Yeah I don’t see a path for Johnson to get cut. Outside of Frank Gore Jr. there’s really no competition at RB - and he went undrafted for a reason
  11. I think you’re putting too much stock in Yeldon, Breida and Duke. There were low cost veterans, slated to be RB3 (at best) at the tail end of their career that did little after their stint in Buffalo. As far as Hines, IMO it’s an indictment more on Ken Dorsey more than it is on Brandon Beane. Dorsey offenses struggled to get players involved that weren’t named Stefon Diggs and on the rare occasion, Gabe Davis. Look at how Hines was used in the offense. They couldn’t get him on the field. And it’s not just Hines… Dorsey never figured out how to use 2 TE, could get much production out of the slot WR and couldn’t get James Cook (one of the best receiving backs in his draft class) the ball in the passing game.
  12. So what you’re saying is… I should take all the money in my savings account and bet 2X that the Chiefs will three-peat?
  13. That why I laugh when people say “Skylar Thompson almost beat Buffalo.” The Bills had the game won early and Josh let Miami back into the game with turnovers
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