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  1. Yes on the site it says he was mic’d up but for some reason they used hardly at of his audio
  2. The only similarity I can find between the two is that they were lopsided victories in the playoffs
  3. A lot of positive feedback. Thank you to everyone that has enjoyed my “mind-numbing, incessant thread starts”
  4. LOL it was a stupid bet to make and he probably knew he’d lose. Must be nice to throw $50,000 on a long shot.
  5. Hardly any audio from Oliver. He either said nothing or said too many profanities LOL
  6. IDK I think Lamar was hurt pretty badly and probably should have been put on IR. The way they handled his injury was pretty odd. It was reported as though he could start the next week after being carted off, but he did not. Then the footage from practice came out and he was walking with a bad limp. He probably shouldn’t have even practice - which speaks again to the severity of the injury. I’m not sure they didn’t just shut him down. But if he was able to play in Week 17 or 18, it wouldn’t surprise me for Baltimore err on the side of caution since they were basically out of the playoffs The other strange injury designation was the game he missed to due to a sickness. No idea what that was about
  7. My guess is that the final edit has to be approved by the team and the coaching staff. So a lot of the trash talking probably doesn’t make it in
  8. Belichick’s dad was a football coach and Bill’s sons hope to follow in his footsteps. There’s no doubt in my mind that Bill would like to step down and hand down the HC reigns to his son(s). The problem is that Steve seems to be a bit of an odd duck… He’s probably not HC coaching and I’ve never heard anyone in NE talk about his contributions. We’ve heard them talk about Jerrod Mayo but not Stevie Belichick. I think if he was at a point where his son was in line to take over, he would step aside.
  9. Yeah, it was certainly underwhelming. I think it happened so fast that Murph was confused. From his vantage point in the press box, it probably looked like Agholor made the catch and then he saw Hyde pop up with the ball. Agree with you about the defense and the team in general. They seem to be playing very loose and confident His QB is Max Jones….there’s nothing he can do about it
  10. If you didn’t love this Bills team already…. Buffalo Bills released an 11 minute video on their website featuring Jordan Poyer and Isaiah McKenzie getting mic’d up. Some awesome moments captured on the field, including Poyer saying he was sick of New England’s cockiness: “We gotta hit these guys in the mouth. You see how cocky these guys are? Man, f--- them, man. I’m tired of these (expletive). It’s an end of an era for them tonight. An end of a f------ era. Let’s go!” It’s an awesome video: https://www.buffalobills.com/video/mic-d-up-wild-card-vs-the-patriots
  11. They definitely overpaid last season. All of those contracts are a little high though Henry and Bourne were good contributors. Smith and Agholor are bad contracts and they are stuck with them for atleast 1 year. It’s funny because Patriots fans things the team just needs a #1 WR. Pretty sure the problem is a QB who can’t push the ball downfield
  12. I won’t be man to man - I don’t see one player assigned to Kelce
  13. I wonder if this guy gets harassed by a certain moderator through PM for starting this topic
  14. Laugh all you want about Jones and sons but they have accumulated some excellent talent. I think the issue is that Dallas has hired some sub-standard coaches and held onto them longer than they should.
  15. Maybe if signs for a vet minimum. I’m guessing the Bills move on from Star and use the cap savings to re-sign Harrison Phillips. You have to think Vern Butler doesn’t get re-signed. That leaves Boogie Basham and Justin Zimmer as the only DT’s on the roster behind Oliver/Phillips. I think 1TDT is what the Bills need more but if we can get Jordan for cheap…why not?
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