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  1. This is a great sign… typically they don’t make players available for interviews in concussion protocol.
  2. I’ll go so far to say, it just needs to be a competent running game. Teams just have be a little concerned that the Bills can pick up 4-6 yards if they choose to run. Right now, 2-3 yards seems like a struggle
  3. I hear you…. I just found this to be an interesting talking point. I don’t completely agree but Jeremy made some decent points
  4. Davis’ injury has been big. McKenzie is doing his live show tonight, so my guess is that if everything goes well, he should be out of the protocol and active next week
  5. There’s an interesting debate on WGR now where co-host Jeremy White expressed concern for the Bills scoring 17 and 23 points consecutively while really throwing downfield. He actually compared them to the Steelers LOL. To explain a little more, White believes that over the past two games, the Bills offense relies too heavily on Josh Allen doing extraordinary things rather than the easy completions we’ve been accustomed to seeing. So, what do you think? Are you concerned about the Bills offense? I think the answer starts with the OL and running game. Without the threat of a running game, the Bills offense becomes 1 dimensional making them easier to defend. Also the Bills have been pretty lousy in short yardage as well which has stalled drives and took points off the board against Miami. The OL was hit bad by injuries in that game as well, which was another reason for their struggles. Also, I think the Davis injury is hurting the team. He isn’t getting the separation or targets he normally does and when he does, he’s dropping passes. Better play at WR2 would help the offense. Finally, I think there’s a degree of play calling which needs to be improved - specially with handling the blitz. Teams are blitzing a bit more often Dorsey hasn’t been able to find effective blitz beater plays to make teams pay.
  6. The offensive line was probably the reason the Bills lost the game on Sunday. I know there were 3 backups in but they looked like trash. I really think that this could be their undoing this season…but it seems like when all 5 starters are healthy and in the lineup, they do ok. I’m hoping they can get their act together next week
  7. If your team isn’t good, the #1 see doesn’t mean much. Just ask Tennessee or Green Bay
  8. If there’s one thing about Beane its that he’s not reactive like that. He will make the big move if it makes sense but he’s not going to mortgage the future for one season. With the recent contracts the Bills signed those high round, cost controlled contracts are all that much more important
  9. Who cares? I know I threw a pillow when they lost and only a few people have questioned my mental health!
  10. To be fair… Florio isn’t the only one who has made this comparison. I don’t necessarily agree with the narrative but until they start winning close games, it’s going to be there. And it sucks. With that being said, there is maybe a 99.5% chance that McDermott is the Bills HC next year and beyond. The situation in Denver was very different in a lot of ways - still it was a ballsy call by Elway to get rid of Fox. Beane doesn’t have that power and Terry has such admiration for Sean he wouldn’t fire him unless the team became a train wreck. In all honesty, he’s done an outstanding job building resurrecting this franchise and building a team. But the bottom line is, Buffalo needs to close out these football games or these narratives will hang around
  11. The Bills have not made a significant in-season move to their roster since signing Kelvin Benjamin in 2017 - McDermott & Beane’s first year. The only way I see a trade happening would be if Johnson and/or Hamlin struggles badly
  12. Here’s the crazy thing though… could Hyde be able to return for a playoff run? Playoffs are in 2023? Dr. Chao reported that if it’s a disc surgery, the recovery is 3-4 months which would put him on track…possibly
  13. Im pretty sure this is legit. It’s terrible news - he must have a herniated disc in his neck that will require surgery
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