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  1. You could say that about the majority of the football analysis here and on social media - but it is what makes sports fun. One thing you can dispute is numbers though. The Bills running back average less than 3 YPC on Sunday. Moss was averaging about 1 YPC. I don’t think that’s on the running backs either. They noticeably seemed to have a hard time opening any holes up front against a good Jets defense. It could be the case NYJ just being good, or a Buffalo line that struggled to run block. We’ll know more after this week
  2. Yea it is too early on Ford overall. I just don’t think he can deal with quick edge rushers as a tackle. I think he has a lot of potential as a guard and I do think he can help the Bills run game. I’m willing to wait a few more games before making a determination on Ford
  3. Most of their yardage last year came with Devin running off tackle. The majority of their yardage occurred over the first 12 weeks of season. When they needed to grind out some tough yards on the ground, including during the playoff game in Houston, they were not effective. The Bills never eclipsed 100 yards after their big win in Denver in Week 12. They really seem to be a unit that struggled to establish a running a game.
  4. Unfortunately, I think it starts with Morse. He’s a general at Center and a great pass blocker but I don’t think he’s average at run blocking. Dawkins in the best overall lineman in both facets and is paid like it. I think that Cody Ford does have the potential to be a good run-block and overall a good guard but he has a lot to prove. The rest for the crew - Feliciano, Spain, Winters and Williams, I see as pretty average starters. Of course, I might be grading a little hard but we should see over the next few weeks
  5. I just don’t think the Bills OL is very good at run blocking - at least not between the tackles. They never seem to get any push up the middle. The team does much better running off tackle but they just aren’t good run blockers
  6. This is what I argued as well. I think that as a whole though, the quality/experiences of coaches at a D1 powerhouse like, say Alabama, is higher than Wyoming. You can argue his development might have been accelerated had he been surrounded by experiences coaches and D1 talent
  7. Gotcha.... the lack of those experience from HS through college make him such an intriguing prospect. The problem is that he didn’t have many other options for playing college ball. I think it’s fair to argue that the resources within with a major Division 1 program probably would’ve helped his development. But again, none of them saw potential him then and there had to be a reason. He did have a decent college coach in Craig Bohl who also developed Carson Wentz a few years earlier, but still it’s not exactly the same. I always felt that Allen needed to play his rookie his rookie. Maybe he came in a few games too early but I don’t feel he makes the same jump from Year 1 to Year 2 by watching AJ McCarron or Nate Peterman.
  8. How was his development stunted in his early years? Not sure I buy this
  9. I wrote a post about this - I think a big problem is the OL. They seem to be much better at pass protection than run blocking, they just don’t seem to move the defensive front. As much as we loved to hate on Gore, who was obviously slow, he was getting pounded before he crossed the LOS. The majority of the big running plays for Buffalo came off tackle. Players like Mitch Morse and Quinton Spain aren’t great run blockers. Probably the same with Feliciano. It will be interesting to see if Ford, who is a good run blocker, will make any difference. I don’t think the problem is the RB’s maybe they don’t have the speed to break off long runs. But the rushing numbers should be better with backs like Devin and Moss.
  10. It makes sense... probably a mix of transplants, retirees, and of course native FL residents who (justifiably) hate their hometown football team!!!!!
  11. This completely makes sense and it might be what Beane is thinking because Tauron Johnson really struggled on Sunday. Crowder was open quit a bit and you can argue that he should’ve covered him better on the long TD pass before the big missed tackle. Also with Johnson’s injury history having a good slot CB ready on the PS (if he will accept) might be a smart move. I just wonder how much he has left because there probably is a reason why he’s still on the market.
  12. Are you from NY? You can get in a world of legal trouble for driving to one of the banned states and not quarantining. Just about every workplace makes you complete a questionnaire asking whether you traveled outside of NYS. If you are caught lying you can legally be held liable
  13. Surprisingly there’s a lot of Bills fans in Orlando. Always run into someone who sees my Bills hat and yells “Let’s Go Buffalo”
  14. In the case of Singletary, I think they were being extra cautious only because of his college workload and the fact that they didn’t want to rush him back since they knew they’d need him down the road (which they did!). I have a feeling we might see the same with Milano only because he’s had this same injury before and again, they would rather he heal in September then rush him back and risk re-injury. I don’t get the impression that Edmunds or Dodson are as serious. 1 year is a fluke but overall the Bills have (knock on wood) been fairly healthy over the past 3 seasons. IMO yes there’s some luck but also some credit to the training staff. Players like John Feliciano, Cody Ford and Jerry Hughes all suffered injuries last season. The staff found a way to treat them during the season to avoid missed time.
  15. I can see this happening. The Bills training staff is somewhat cautious with injuries - especially hamstrings which is why we saw Devin miss 3 weeks
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