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  1. That team is NOT stacked on offense. Average WR's. Average TE's. The scheme and Lamar's threat of running is making the offense run. Put RGIII in and they do not have half of the success. Lamar is far and away the MVP!
  2. Next collective bargaining agreement will have this in it most likely.
  3. I'm not confident in this game at all, but I believe 🦆 won't move the ball. Bills 20 Steelers 13 Bills clinch playoff birth and Pats lose to Bengals, forcing a matchup for the division
  4. Tennessee would need to also get to 7 losses if this scenario were to take place. Buffalo owns the tie breaker.
  5. I didn't forget. As I stated, regular season.
  6. I'm nervous about this game. Buffalo hasn't won there since 1975 in reg season
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