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  1. Dablitzkrieg

    Lorenzo is back

  2. Dablitzkrieg

    Are the Bills the Ronald Wayne of the NFL?

    I try my best not to put too much stock into what Jeremy White says. It makes my head hurt too much when I do!
  3. Dablitzkrieg

    Andre Reed Criticizes Personnel Decisions

    What is the news about Reich that the OP is referring to???
  4. Knowing McBeane, he'll be a Bill in 2 weeks
  5. Dablitzkrieg

    LAMP: My 20,000th Post

  6. Dablitzkrieg

    Packers to hire Titans OC Matt LeFleur

    A-A-Ron has to be super pissed
  7. Dablitzkrieg

    Kelly Skipper - RB Coach

    Thank you Josh
  8. Dablitzkrieg

    Yahoo Pick 'em and Survivor leagues

    Thanks everyone!! I had fun coming in 25th lol
  9. Dablitzkrieg

    [Name Only Title] Dwayne Haskins...

    Was listening to Wingo and Golic this am and one of them thought he legitimately could go #1 overall. I am not that insane to think that, but...he very well could go top 5
  10. Dablitzkrieg

    McDermott needs to be ready

    I never said it doesn't happen. You should get with the times and stop accepting racism
  11. Dablitzkrieg

    McDermott needs to be ready

    I'm confident that McD is more prepared than you are giving him credit for. Pretty shallow perspective right here
  12. Dablitzkrieg

    I am worried about Kiko

    Very Good point. Something is wrong with the guy. He has many of these. Edelman too! Just a plain dirty player trying to injure someone!
  13. Dablitzkrieg

    I am worried about Kiko

    Love It!!! "Bull Crap right there"
  14. Dablitzkrieg

    Who Are You Rooting for the Rest of the Way?

    Colts and Eagles superbowl
  15. Dablitzkrieg

    Report: Jets to pursue Jim Harbaugh for HC

    Bowles is gone, so maybe...