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  1. Both KC and Tampa are better right now until proven otherwise
  2. America 's wheels I'm guessing this could help when the inevitable Star retirement comes? Just speculating.
  3. But sense I enjoy seeing people freak out, chew on this...
  4. No, but I'd trade Fairburn for any other monotone media personality.
  5. Thanks for letting me know. I was just dying to know what "BruceVilanch" was going to post
  6. I'm going to mind my own business. I don't give 2 ***** if you are vaccinated or not to be honest. I also find it comical that a bunch of people,, arguing either way,, will throw themselves through tables for fun.Go Bills
  7. This is voluntary right? Call me when they are required to show up. If someone misses then, we should be worried. I get the idea behind people being upset. But it is not required
  8. How the hell does anyone know without watching the man play at the NFL level?
  9. I honestly don't think they will have a true #1. The offense runs through Allen and simply using run to throw off the def. I expect 60/40 pass/run. They'll use the hottest hand per game
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