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  1. Imagine if this guy doesnt bounce off of Watson?
  2. Stop being an obsessive fanboy. Seriously. Who the hell looks up local records to see if a QB bought a home in the area? Are you a stalker?
  3. No. He's 32 and gets burned consistently. No effing way. These kids coming into the league, fast, fast WR's would exploit him. His technique is poor now. He is slow, should I continue?
  4. You crazy? No way. He sucks. Given up 16 touchdowns over the last 2 seasons
  5. I think a lot of people don't want to admit it, but as long as this regime is here with the Bills, an NFL Veteran presence will be in each room. This has been said multiple times. Lee Smith most likely will be gone if Olsen signs, but stays on if he isn't.
  6. It is a lazy Bills fan's perspective/comparison imo. Look outside of the franchise. BTW, Lee Evans was very overrated and his hands were not good when it mattered most.
  7. I did. The 49ers got their assess handed to them 30 more weeks gentlemen. 30 more mother*****ing weeks
  8. Doesn't Reid call the plays? Or at least, design them?
  9. Ha, if this is sarcasm, excellently done. If this is for real, it's really dumb! Also, that last thing you typed isn't a word.
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