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  1. Who is the Patriot GM? I thought is was Belichick
  2. The Ziggy part of the interview starts at 19:46
  3. Good post and thanks for calling him Mr. Beane. Had a little chuckle.
  4. https://thebrandedsports.com/2019/05/02/the-jupiter-police-department-is-now-reporting-robert-kraft-likes-fingers-in-his-butt/
  5. As much as I emotionally want to lash out, the play is on the field. This team can be special this year and shut up a lot of the critics.
  6. Exactly. A 5th would be the highest I think the value would say. I believe that players (i.e. Shaq) would be more likely.
  7. I would argue that an "average" NFL player is good, no?
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