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  1. Update - Broken foot out for season. that all but ends their NFC aspirations in my opinion.
  2. when Allen fumbled at the goal line against the Vikings, what was your reaction then? Tua may have suffered neurological damage because he listened to the advice of the medical staff around him. I can not fault him for wanting to play, most players want back on the field as soon as possible. But seriously you are identifying labeling this player (Tua) by their concussion history. I hope Mitch Morse never sends a snap over Allen’s head, wouldn’t want to know what you would call him based of his concussion history.
  3. they are 8-2 in their last 10 games. the completely rebuilt o-line that was putrid the first two weeks, has come together nicely and they have run the ball very well lately, both Mixon and Perine.
  4. He is still 5 years older than Edmunds!
  5. Reggie “Wendy’s” Spokesman says you can’t take my fries and you can’t take my negative yardage record.
  6. there was no hometown discount on the contract, which I thought there would have been after all the donations and such. I half wanted a 15 year 300M fully guaranteed contract. Never bad against the cap and paid well into his retirement, but it doesn’t ever allow for a trade.
  7. he also never played for more than $17M a year with New England. His “peanuts salary” let them afford to keep Logan Mankus, and many other very good offensive lineman.
  8. they did with extreme success against the Rams in the opener. Better to as why they willing choose not to.
  9. As a person who has had ACL surgery. I would think you would bring White back in an indoor controlled weather environment or a warm weather game would best serve him. Mainly because if White had his hamstring grafted to rebuild the ACL, the hamstring can be really slow to fully recover and have no tenderness. Thus for his first true all out efforts in a game situation I wouldn’t want the hamstring to be a factor because it was cold out.
  10. basically everything the team did with ease in the opener against the rams. hmmmm
  11. The lack of general geographic knowledge of NYS continues, this time from CNN… “Nearly 6 feet of snow has fallen across portions of western New York – numbers considered historic for the area, the National Weather Service said. The town of Natural Bridge, just east of Watertown, has recorded 70.9 inches Saturday morning, which is just shy of 6 feet. Watertown has seen 57.4 inches over the last two days.” Never once have I known anyone to consider Watertown in Western NY. But most think Westchester County is Upstate.
  12. this guy is right up there with Greg Papa (former CNY guy) who did the raiders for years and now does the 49ers. His preparation and the way he gets the formations described is very impressive.
  13. Special teams duh fir the team that punts least in the nfl
  14. Refs messed up the clock and didn’t have it run after the penalty.
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