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  1. Very entertaining game. USFL is a decent product, in my opinion.
  2. but Matt Damon had a Ford beat a Ferrari… then invested the Le Mans winnings into crypto.
  3. dont forget Starsky and Hutch as Huggy Bear
  4. Jerry Rice has 5000 more yards than the next guy, and 40 more touchdowns. plus he played for 15 years in a non pass happy league where WR could get hit and defensive pass interference was not called every 3rd play.
  5. don’t even forget that during the Pats run the best QB they faced within the division was Jay Fiedler.
  6. The “way” you are referencing is Josh Allen takes a pay cut or at least moves 5 million back to year 6 so his prom pose body stays with the bills. All this take of surround Allen with talent…Beane has done that, but Josh can ensure it continues for years to come.
  7. Ask former (circa 2000) Patriots Rookie RB Sensation Robert Edwards how pro bowl flag football worked out for him.
  8. you are describing the movie Hustlers starring Jennifer Lopez.
  9. it is certainly “medical”, when he signs it’s all but a guarantee your starter will have a medical issue in the near future.
  10. maybe it is because tons of people (fans and gossip/tabloid folks) searched…about deshaun Watson over the past year. Just thinking out loud.
  11. this is precisely my point. It’s less about edmunds the player and more about player control and salary cap flexibility. think about the ravens… they draft Hollywood Brown get 3 years of service from him and then trade him for a 1st rounder. Talk about value. Similar with Edmunds just not as high replacement pick value.
  12. I don’t disagree with anything you said, but I do not see the bills retaining Edmunds after the season. To be it is about the cap more than anything. Trying to look beyond this season.
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