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  1. You do realize this is a thread to congratulate him for lifetime achievement, not ***** "billybrew1" right?
  2. You said they were contenders for the 1st overall pick. That's very extreme. They will win 8-9 games this year. Possibly 10
  3. I've counted 17 regular season wins. I'll do the playoffs at a later date.
  4. Gabe broke a dolphin and ate the cake with his hands, Josh has his flexing shirt on, it's awesome I like how they already put a C on Von Miller
  5. Omg I'm having a flashback lol. That was awesome
  6. Yes, they will be favored in close to every game this year
  7. Dang, 6 primetime games plus another potential flex
  8. Per NFL radio on Sirius XM. No link, my apologies. This was pre draft so obviously they got Cook to fill the need, but interesting
  9. He was asked for his opinion and you weren't.
  10. I really hope he isn't the new Edmunds on here
  11. Yeah, he's not getting on the wall
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