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  1. This is so wrong and so bad. Yikes
  2. Patrick Mahomes has gotten tight at home in back to back AFC championship games
  3. 90% of this board will blame everything and everyone before criticizing Allen. I’m not saying he’s the sole reason we lost today, but today and this season was a step back for him.
  4. What are you talking about? I’ve been a fan for 20+ years.
  5. No I like Allen a lot and want him to be great. Majority of posts on the O line, coaching, scheme, defense, etc. as the reason we lost today. I think when you score 10 points at home, it HAS to be on the QB.
  6. Lol at some of these replies. This was a preseason Super Bowl favorite with arguably the most talented roster in the NFL. Let’s blame everyone but the guy running the show. Insufferable.
  7. Sweet. 13 wins. Great job guys! We were supposed to win the whole thing and he came up small when it mattered most. Joe Burrow. Patrick Mahomes
  8. Burrow’s O line has been fantastic throughout his career
  9. Mahomes had one leg yesterday and Burrow has played with a trash O line his entire career.
  10. He had as many boneheaded turnovers this year as his rookie season. He led the league in fumbles and INTs. He scored 10 points at home in a playoff game when he was preseason MVP and this team was preseason Super Bowl favorites. He regressed.
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