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  1. So much dysfunction at One Bills Drive. It’s a miracle we were able to keep him on our staff under dictator McDermott. Diggs is probably pissed.
  2. Diggs wants out. Depleted defense. 6-6. Media and fans turned. Tyler Dunne hit article. To 2 seed and AFC East Champs. Not only was this an admirable job of keeping the team together but the way his defense played down the stretch was remarkable. He should be HC until he’s decides he wants to hang them up.
  3. Is Patrick Mahomes a product of the mastermind Eric Bienemy and the speed of Tyreek Hill?
  4. Say what you want, but Aidan protected the football. This is December football in the National Football League. You can’t win with the carelessness of a Patrick Mahomes. His turnover was the difference.
  5. We probably would have peaked too early and been figured out. I like where we are now. McD deserves a lot of credit for making the change.
  6. https://x.com/thebillsguys/status/1734019264716439883?s=46&t=OXyXgvyV9xUtz0I9HYtilg
  7. McD dialed up some blitzes and held Mahomes scoreless on their final two possessions in their biggest game of the season. Held to 17 in their house. Guy deserves credit.
  8. The bogus hack job of an article repeatedly claims our narcissistic dictator of an HC has never apologized in his life.
  9. How many times has McD started a presser with: “We have to be better and that starts with me” I lost count on presser #53. Tyler Dunne wants clicks.
  10. Tyler Dunne is an ***hole. This is a garbage made up hit piece by someone bored on a bye week. He should take his talents to The NY Times.
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