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  1. Didn’t see this posted. Former jests draft pick. 6’5” 325. It’s a one year deal. Decent depth or a fallback at RT? Discuss. edit: Happy Memorial Day everybody.
  2. There doesn’t appear to be an answer on the roster at the moment should Brown struggle again. That is a little worrisome with so much on the line this year. Things could change during camp but it’d be great if they could fit a guy like Wynn.
  3. Maybe they view him as OT? Either him or the Edwards guy they signed. Seems odd they would sign two guards and then also draft two more.
  4. That evaluation says he is better at long developing deep routes, not much of an underneath threat. Ken Dorsey is gonna love him!
  5. I really like Gervon Dexter, DT out of florida. He’s big and can get into the backfield. The last time the Bills drafted a guy I really wanted though it was Nick O’ Leary so Beane should probably not consult me.
  6. Taron Johnson’s cap hit is almost 10M this year with very little savings if cut but in ‘24 his cap figure is over 10M and the team can save almost 8M cap dollars by cutting him. I’m not saying he should be released, but it is a real possibility.
  7. So if the situation stays the same with 3 lost and 2 signed, does Tremaine’s Chicago contract determine the pick the Bills will receive?
  8. Per Daniel Jeremiah on nfl.com Buffalo is considered the #1 spot for D Hopkins.
  9. Haha, yes Brown is ahead of Quesenberry but if Brown struggles and Quesenberry is plan B that isn’t ideal.
  10. If he is going to compete with Brown then I don’t like it. If he is competing with Tommy Doyle, then I’m okay with it. Still need to draft a guy.
  11. He’d be perfect for one of the startup leagues. He’d easily be the biggest “name” on the field for an XFL team. He may not be interested in that, but I’d watch it.
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