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  1. Zay jones was a collegiate freak, wasn’t he? Did i guess correctly?
  2. I think there are more possibilities. Couldn’t jones get hurt, cam get cut, and stidham be the starter? Or there must be some scenario where hoyer starts? Also in your first scenario jones is both a starter and backup? Sorry, I’m tired.
  3. Didn’t Talley reveal a while back that he was suffering from depression he thought was caused by football? That could be a factor? Either way this video is sad.
  4. Brady winning definitely had to chafe a little. Also Bill B isn’t going to coach forever. He’s reaching to try and make one last run imo.
  5. Why drag Josh Allen into it? I think that’s a bad look.
  6. 198.2 million according to google.
  7. Well didn’t he punch Duke Williams and then run off like a punk?
  8. Who was the last Bills HC to get an extension, Dick Jauron?
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