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  1. This means that you disagree with him calling that "drop" a drop? Because I was wondering about this. People keep talking about some Sanders drop, and I didn't remember any. So, I rewatched the game and I guess they are talking about 4th quarter play shortly before blocked punt, where he caught the ball on the seam route but immediately after that it was knocked out by defender. I am no expert and maybe somehow he could hold onto the ball, but calling this "drop" seems like a huge stretch to me.
  2. I agree with the first part. This is not typical situation for McD's Bills. As for the second, it will obviously tell us lot about the team. But the season is really long, and if we rebound it may happen well after the Dolphins game. I can easily see a scenario when we lose next Sunday, start the season like 2-4 or something and then get to the playoffs as 12-5 or 11-6 team with strong season end and win it all. To me it is hilarious how so many people overreact to one game. I can't imagine what happens on TBD if we somehow lose next one, which is fairly possible. Defense may play worse, offensive playcalling can be still suspect, Allen might be better but still not quite himself, couple more circus catches by Gesicki or Waddle, some decisions of refs not going our way, lucky bounce for Miami here and there and voila - 0-2 start. I am just saying every season is different. To me, Sunday changed nothing about our SB aspirations. If anything, I'd say it was a good thing.
  3. The other one was much worse. This looked like bad playcall in hindsight, but McD's decision to play 4&8 with no offensive rhythm instead of trying 53y FG after he didn't go for two shorter ones was extremely bad decision. I don't remember him making worse in game decision.
  4. Let the doom begin! I am not happy but whatever. Allen was worse than any game last season, offense was not clicking, Daboll made som weird calls, McDermott made some really bad ones, one ST play broke our neck. Defense was fine and did its job. Refs didn't help too but they didn't decide this game. We will get better, I am not afraid. Allen was probably too amped, he will settle down.
  5. Who was in starting OL? Was it Boetkger from the beginning or was it Ford and he was replaced later?
  6. Are you really implying that average US worker has any idea who Huns were?
  7. What does being a captain means anyway? I am just asking since having 8 captains seems super odd in the first place. I might be ignorant about US habits but most sports I am aware of have usually one captain per team, which makes perfect sense.
  8. Haha Jacksonville, Cincy and Jets have more players (2) claimed by other teams than Bills (1). Maybe we don't have such strong roster after all
  9. Where are next cuts? Beane asleep at the wheel again.
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