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  1. Why would you "bet heavily" against 13 (Watson getting injured)? That seems easily possible. I agree that H2O has some really bold predictions there though.
  2. How is everybody ommiting Jags even from playoff hunt is beyond me. Anyway, as for the Bills, it is all about Allen. If he improves, and core pieces stay healthy, there is no way how this team could win less than 10 games this year based on the improves roster and favorable schedule.
  3. I am sure that it will be very interesting also for Jets fans. Most of them were furious about Williams (which I find very odd) and wanted either Oliver of Allen. Funny how we are now tied to them in terms of Darnold vs Allen and Williams vs Oliver in two consecutive drafts. They had the choice both time, so really curious how it all pans out.
  4. Gunner, in what order would you take remaining players as a Bills GM? Do you follow your order or take needs into consideration? Also, in your order of remaining players, are those concerns you mention already factored in their positions? I.e. Taylor is no. 3 before or after you consider injury concern?
  5. Maybe its because unlike many of you I don't watch college football, so I only take info about players from this board, but I don't see any nightmare scenario tonight. Trade up for elite player? Draft Oliver, Hockenson, Taylor, J. Williams, Wilkins or even Metcalf at 9? Trade down and grab more picks? All fine with me. And if they do something what people here want the least (e.g. drafting Sweat or Gary at 9), at this stage I have no reason to believe that this FO makes worse decision than people in this board would. All in all, I am looking forward anything they do (drafing Oliver would not hurt though).
  6. Ed Oliver T.J.Hockenson and yes I read OP 😃
  7. Quickly checked their forums. Saying that fans are furious now would be an understatement.
  8. Draft starts 2 am in my time zone, which would really suck normally. However, unless something goes very wrong I don't work on Friday, so I can stay awake through the whole thing. Also, I have already tickets to Avengers Endgame on 9.40 pm on Thursday, so it fills the time prior draft perfectly.
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