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  1. Yep I am totally addicted. Its funny how in couple years I went from not knowing anything about the game to NFL draft being my Christmas. Tyrod was just random reason for me to start watching Bills. I liked him and I thought he was criticized more than he deserved. But overall he got a chance to be a 3 years starter and it become pretty obvious over the time that he is not the solution. I love Josh and expect him to be starter for us many years. I "chose" right time to become Bills fan
  2. Pretty random turn of events. I have accidentally turned on SB XLIX on local TV without watching single minute of NFL before and I got hooked up. It is really funny that I had no idea about any rules that time and had no idea who Brady or Patriots were But the game was great so I decided to check it next season. Then early in the season I saw Bills game (looking back I am pretty sure it was Bills/Pats W2 loss, since otherwise Bills wouldn't be televised in Europe), and I really liked Tyrod's play style - it was different from what I saw from other QBs. So I started to watch him more, started to watch NFL regularly, found BBMB and became Bills fan So its thanks to Pats/Seahawks SB and then Tyrod Taylor 😀
  3. It's a no for me, but I guess that makes sense since I am from Europe and I've been Bills fan only 4 years I want to come ASAP though. If there was not corona we'd probably go to Arizona road game this year, since my wife hates cold so the only chance for Bills home game is in September and we couldn't make so early this season (younger daughter goes to school for the first time). Looks like we skip it completely this year due to corona situation. My hope is that next year we get some good home games in early weeks and prices won't be that high despite winning SB 😃
  4. Who in the league other than QB is superstar by your definition?
  5. I agree with this. It is hard to imagine that Diggs gets over 1k (which I believe) and at the same time Brown increases his production. I also expect Knox and RBs to produce more, and Allen won't throw 6.000 yards
  6. Sry guys don't have time to check whole thread and I didn't find answer anywhere - do we already know if the gun was illegal? Or is it clear what he violated in relation to gun? Thanks
  7. Not good. The only thing that matter now imo is if it was just a mistake and he learns from it, or if he is just another moron incapable of coping with his life. Let's all hope its the former.
  8. I am just rewatching complete season and I just finished first Miami game. It is hard not to see mistakes he makes and hard not too see his pros and development. I love him and I want him to succeed. As a Bills fan, I can't vote anything else that he'll be a top 10 QB, since tools are definitely there he just needs to work on them, balance things, get more consistent and avoid mental mistakes. What I would love to see is this poll among unbiased experts. Unfortunately there is no such group.
  9. Anybody has an idea why are we actually playing Titans on road again? To be clear I know how it is scheduled, but I don't get the reasoning. Judging by Bills only current format for playing those two conference games with two teams from other divisions which ended up on the same spot is H-H-D-A-A-D-H etc. and not more logical one H-A-D-H-A-D-H etc. (where D means year when you play whole division so you don't play only one team which finished on the same place). Result of this is that we played Titans at home in 2018 (while playing whole AFC South), and then three times in a row on the road 2019 (same place finish 2018), 2020 (same place finish 2019) and 2021 (again playing AFC South based on 3year rotation). When we play complete divisions road/away games change on regular basis, but when it comes to playing same place finishers we always play AFC South opponent 2x home in a row and then 2x away in a row. I tried to google reasoning for this but didn't find explanation. Anybody knows?
  10. My take: I love this schedule. Last year was kinda boring in a sense that we had many predictable games due to relatively weak opponents, so there were many must win games. Whole year I predicted 11-5 and I consider that a correct result since last Jets game we rested starters. We also had clear limitations and winning WC round in Houston was our ceiling. This year there are much more interesting games. There are no gimmies, even Dolphins are expected to be much tougher. On the other hand, we are also better team on paper so I expect us to finally start beating PO/SB contenders, and final result should be open up to AFC CG (and hopefully even SB). Should be lot of fun, especially if JA keeps on getting better. What scares me on the schedule is both Jets games from different reasons. I don't know why, but I just have bad feeling about opener. This time, all the pressure will be on us and I just don't like the vibe. I expect season to start with a disaster (fully appreciated by all doom and gloom posts on this board) and then change to great season overall. Also Josh will start bad so those who don't like have their time to shine (for the last time in season). 1 Jets - Loss - see above 2 @Dolphins - Win - Team is angry after opener and just too good for fish. 3 Rams - Win - "Easy" win against inferior team at home. 4 @Raiders Win/Loss 5 @Titans Win/Loss - From these two road games we will win one and lose the other. Titans game looks more like a loss to me. I expect us to start worse than most and be 3-2 when Chiefs come to town. And thats were the real fun starts. 6 Chiefs TNF - Win - It's time for this team to start beating contenders. Last year we didn't manage this vs Pats or Ravens, but that's about to change. 7 @Jets - Win - This one is really tricky since I fully expect us to split with Jets but this game comes after strong win against Chiefs. This could possibly become a loss actually. 8 Pats - Win - No questions here, any trauma is over. We are better team and there is no Brady. 9 Seahawks - Loss - We can't win them all, so we lose either here or @49ers. 10 @Cards - Win - If everything goes well, this is the game I would like to see (coming from Europe). I only need (i) season to take place, (ii) 100% fans to be allowed and (iii) prices of airline tickets and game tickets to be reasonable in late September when it will be clear that first two conditions are met and I can book a trip. I give about 10% chance for this to happen unfortunately. In any case, we will win this game and it will be fun to watch. 12 Chargers - Win - Same as Rams, "easy" win vs inferior opponent at New Era. 13 @49ers MNF - Win - We are good enough to play with anybody and we prove it again. We might lose this one if we manage to win vs Seahawks earlier. At this stage we are 9-3 or maybe 8-4 at worst and on clear path to win division. 14 Steelers SNF - Win 15 @Broncos - Loss, but only because we just can't win them all 16 @Pats MNF - Win, but we might lose this one if we win at Mile High. 17 Dolphins - Win - We win even though we rest our starters. Jake Fromm plays solid football and everybody is happy. It looks like 12-4 above but I guess we lose one more in reality and end up 11-5. Games I am really confident about are Miami, NE (I think we might sweep both) and home games vs both LA teams. We win division in any case, even in that weird scenario when we lose both games against Jets. Nobody will care however, since we will show that we can beat the best (Chiefs plus either Seahawks or 49ers). Then we finally win a home PO game and from that point anything can happen. Go Bills!
  11. Ok on second glance second half is tougher, but overall very well balanced. TNF vs Chiefs at home good for us I assume. MNF @SF is also fun and I guess it is good to have extra day when going on the West Coast. Bills got a lot of respect with this schedule.
  12. On first glance it seems very well balanced in almost everything to me.
  13. Wow. Thats cool. I'd say they have too many consistent leaks to be completely fake. I tend to believe it. So it is either vs SEA, @ ARZ, @ SF, vs LAR or vs SEA, vs LAR, @ SF, vs ARZ
  14. Yep and from the same source we know that NFC games are W1-W4 and that 49ers play with Pats* W2, so we play @SF W3 or W4. Still only rumors obviously.
  15. Now lets see if I managed to put tweet in my post. EDIT: I suck. Yolo could you explain to me how you do it? EDIT 2: Thanks Yolo!
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