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  1. No_Matter_What

    NFL Schedule Should Be Released Next Week

    There will be a lot of complaining about early bye if true. Only one primetime game, I would expect one more, but I don't need primetime games for Bills (as a fan from Europe, it is more convenient for me to watch them 7pm than 2am). What I do like is home game vs Jets w17. If everything goes fine, it could potentially be game with PO implications for both teams.
  2. No_Matter_What

    NFL Schedule Should Be Released Next Week

    There was some leak on Twitter with full Browns schedule. Nobody knows how legit it is but Bills play there week 12 regular Sunday game if true.
  3. Moral of the story is that people should stop overreacting. We don't even know what we have in Josh now, so most reactions in that thread (and also in general draft thread) were just silly. I am really curious if people can learn on their mistakes and act differently this year. Whether we stay at 9, trade up or trade down, and whoever we chose, I am pretty sure there will be tons of work and hundreds of hours of spent by competent people behind it, but I still expect posters to be angry whether we draft Jonah Williams, Hockenson, Gary, Metcalf, Oliver or anybody else. No matter who they chose, I will believe in them and hope they did a right thing (as I did with Josh). That being said, I will be furious if they draft CB at 9 😎
  4. No_Matter_What

    Barr back to the Vikings

    How come we know it 6 minutes even without Yolo posting it and there is nothing about it at Jets forum? EDIT: Oops they know it, somehow it did not refresh properly. So we can share the fun.
  5. Yep you are right. I don't like these old jokes but I couldn't resist this time.
  6. Not sure what are you talking about. Both Ingram and Bell are too young for Buffalo...
  7. No_Matter_What

    Report - Bills interested in Frank Gore, RB

    I think this is part of Beane's strategy. Prepare fanbase for the worst and then surprise it with actually good moves once FA starts. Is it clear when it really starts? I've read both noon ET (which is in 15mins) or 4pm ET.
  8. My guess is that this was really just a (dirty) play from Steelers and it was leaked in order to make Raiders increase their offer. He will not come here, I am really not sure if it is good news or bad news. Probably bad news, since if Beane was to bring AB in here, I am pretty sure he'd had some prior agreement with him and he would normally play for Buffalo (without any drama).
  9. No_Matter_What

    Justin Houston released by Chiefs

    Matt Verderame βœ” @MattVerderame The #Chiefs are releasing Justin Houston, per source.
  10. No_Matter_What

    Josh Sitton to be released

    I'd take him just because of Pitch Perfect 2
  11. No_Matter_What

    Prospects mocked to Buffalo in R1

    I don't remember any mocks which would mock Q. Willams, J. Allen or D. White to Bills.
  12. No_Matter_What

    Rate the 2019 Super Bowl Commercials

    Sorry for stupid question, but who was the guy in Stella Artois one?
  13. No_Matter_What

    Bills/Redskins Potential Trade Down

    It's funny how different fanbases have different perspectives. I read Redskins forums quite a lot and last thing they want is to trade up for a QB not named Haskins and sometimes Murray (in general obviously, opinions differ). I'd say vast majority of their fans would prefer trade DOWN in first, acquire picks (preferably in 2020 draft) and then grab some QB like Finley or Grier in third round. And then try to grab franchise QB in 2020 if next season doesn't end well.
  14. Good. I may be naive but I want to see Bills under Allen beat him.
  15. You're right that this is one of the worst scenarios, but Bills still may capitalize on their draft position. If Denver trades up, it means that there is a serious run on QBs. If there are let's say 3 QBs taken ahead of us, there will be some serious defensive talent dropping, which means some teams might want to move couple of spots even for nonQB. Something like GB wanting Ferrell/Oliver/Gary/Simmons. Remember how Saints traded up for Davenport last year, everything is possible.