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  1. Thanks. I must've missed that, and thought its not allowed.
  2. How so? Could they legally already have deal in place? Can they discuss it during season while they still have head coach? Or could they approach him somehow after Lynn was fired? I thought he was not allowed to have interviews/contact until we are done in playoffs.
  3. My 8y old daughter is always mad when I say anything positive on or about her 9y old sister, and vice versa.
  4. I seriously doubt that this has any impact on outcome of the games in the long run. Isn't there any stat on this? I mean how often team which starts the game with ball wins. Anyway, if I had to choose I would generally defer. Against this specific opponent I might choose the ball. But like I said, I think it is completely irrelevant.
  5. My thoughts exactly. Granted, I have no idea what is behind this (if there is more than Hapless explained), and it is not hard to understand from reactions in this thread that Bills fans approve his reaction, but judging from outside turning down the invitation is always ok, sharing conversation publicly less so.
  6. Well then we'll be the first team in NFL history to beat same player on two teams in single playoffs.
  7. Avg of 8y. I was expecting some tweet on this being a record but haven't seen anything.
  8. Lol Heinicke was smart enough to bat that ball yesterday in the same situation.
  9. I didn't read whole thread since I thought this was scifi - was it already explained how this would work from dead cap perspective? I am still lazy to try to understand details but I've alwyas thought players with contract like Watson's are literally untradable. That is what they say about Wentz. So ho it is even possible to think about trading Watson? Wouldn't it leave like 100M dead cap to Texans?
  10. OP updated after beating Colts. 19 in the pocket, 12 more to go!
  11. Jets draft pick just got a little bit better. Good thing that we have other things to care about
  12. I think we had this same exact thread after first game of the season against Jets. It stopped against Miami. I guess it is just Daboll trolling everybody and we get back to normal next week.
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