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  1. I wrote it as a guess before Chandler posted who was actually released...
  2. I generally agree with you, but problem is that (unless I am misunderstading something) it is MORE EXPENSIVE to cut Jones than to keep him. If you keep Jones his cap hit is $1,05M. If you release him, his dead cap is $650k and any rookie you replace him with adds at least another $750k, which is $1,4M overall. Taiwin got a lot of guaranteed money. Matakevich is another story, he might net us $1,8M or so.
  3. @YoloinOhio Who is the 5th guy? There are only 4 in OP (and in this thread).
  4. Kinda surprised about Wydermyer. I was hoping we can get something out of him. He was deemed as 2nd round prospect a year ago. Something went really wrong with him.
  5. So who are the other four? OL Simmons, WR Gentry, DT Joseph, CB Ingram?
  6. I really like Hodgins and hope he makes the team and contributes. But I came to say other thing. I am rewatching 4th quarter since I didn't have a chance to watch it yesterday, and man, Luke Tenuta as LT is brutal on that Hodgins 27y circus catch. He didn't even slow down his rusher. Its amazing that Barkley managed to throw that ball. Go and look.
  7. I had said it after I saw his first interview: this guy is my favorite Bill. I hope he will be as good as he seems.
  8. I'm surprised by the number of Keenum sucks overreactions. He had a bad game for sure. But he has accomplished so much more in NFL than Matt Barkley that its not even a comparison. Saying that Barkley deserves to be QB2 after one preseason game (where Barkley played against lesser players) is weird to say the least.
  9. Details are on the Sportrac already: https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/buffalo-bills/reggie-gilliam-47904/ Looks like 2y/$4.6M deal with $1M signing bonus. There are probably some incentives built in.
  10. WTF are you two talking about? Don't you understand that headline mentiones 5.2M which surely means Beane just paid 5.2M in cash to Gilliam and we need to overreact immediately?
  11. Too soon to judge. But I share your optimism, I always do.
  12. I updated the chart after some roster moves and start of the training camp. I didn't follow all camp notes so if you think I am substantially wrong let me know There are 53 players over the grey line - my current random guess who makes the roster.
  13. Why does Elam scare you? I am not following everything but I thought he was getting tested a lot by Diggs which is a great thing. He presumably loses more than he wins but that's fine for the time being against one of the very best, isn't it?
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