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  1. "McDefense" drafted Kincaid and Torrence with first two picks last year.
  2. This and 100x this. Beane needs to get tougher and start cutting a little bit more than before. He also needs to stop creating best overall roster with quality backup everywhere. It costs us a lot of money. Cut some people, don't fill every hole, gamble a little, draft good and then fill holes with $1.7M and less contracts for players still being free. I love Morse but we need to get younger and cheaper. Otherwise we will have the same $50M over the cap problem this time next year.
  3. Can we please stop calling that evil man who helps to crush our Lombardi dreams on yearly basis "Pat"?
  4. If SF doesn't score TD on this drive, this game is over for them.
  5. I'd still be shocked if Kansas doesn't win this.
  6. And the blue 4 who pick 12-15? Broncos, Raiders, Saints, Colts? They all seems like candidates to me so do you think they have much bigger needs or the value just isn't there where they pick?
  7. @GunnerBill, who do you think is our competition to draft WR round 1? I think we don't have to care about top 10 teams, since these teams will (most likely) draft MHJ, Nabers and Odunze and nobody else. I think we can quite safely exclude Vikings, Seahawks, Rams, Dolphins, Eagles (I've seen some mocks sending them WR though), Packers and Cards (they are taking one with their first pick). On the other hand, Jags, Cowboys, Bengals (if Higgins walks), Bucs and Chiefs are pretty likely (I list Chiefs since they might jump us). What about the rest? I didn't see any WRs mocked to Broncos, Raiders, Saints and Colts (picks 12-15), and they all could use some WR help. Do you think it is too soon for them for tier 2 WRs? Then only Steelers and Texans remain if I count correctly.
  8. I am not sure about Brown but I fully agree with the idea behind it. Beane has shown some ability to let guys go, but he need to be a little bit more ruthless at times imo. Let Davis and AJ go, let Brown go if need be.
  9. I'm not sure how I feel about all this but I'd say this is the best way to describe how I feel. For me this is a good thing in following sense - if we don't make at least AFCCG next season or the whole team doesn't look much better than this year, I'll be fully on fire McDermott train.
  10. I am not watching. I just hate Mahomes and won't look at him unless I really have to.
  11. He needs to be amazing WR3 and then this offense combined with OL we had this year and KingCaid as TE1 will be best we ever had. Just draft WR round 1 this year and hit on him. But agreed, Shakir was great especially second half of the season. Love that guy.
  12. I don't watch college football but looking at his highlights this seems like a fair description. But if true, why is everybody expecting him to be there at 28 or so? Shouldn't he be a top 15 pick or something? The only "red flag" I read about him so far is that he started to produce later. Is that it? That is why he is not a clear first round pick?
  13. WR, unless it goes really wrong. No doubt. Anyone who thinks otherwise isn't paying attention imo.
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