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  1. Exercise is fine, result is not. I don't watch college but I've been hearing for three months on TBD how Shelvin is one of the candidates for 1TDT for our 3rd round pick. And somehow we just took him in second. Weird.
  2. RB Travis Ettiene, Clemson WR Kadarius Toney, Florida WR Elijah Moore, Ole Miss WR Terrace Marshall, LSU OT Teven Jenkins, Oklahoma State OT Jalen Mayfield, Michigan OT Liam Eichenberg, Notre Dame DE Jayson Oweh, Penn State DE Joseph Ossai, Texas LB Zaven Collins, Tulsa CB Tyson Campbell, Georgia CB Eric Stokes, Georgia
  3. So Ettiene, Toney, Marshall, Mayfield, Eichenberg, Jenkins, Collins, Ossai, Oweh, Campbell and Samuel/Stokes to the poll?
  4. Yeah but the slide needs to end somewhere when a team decides that potential value is too big to pass. Jaylon Smith went 34. and he was considered top 5 pick before injury. Reuben Foster went 27 with huge red flags (which materialized pretty quickly). But I do agree with you and @HappyDays that it is like Catch XXII. But with every player like this there is a turning point and it might be our pick. If there is 70% chance that he is fine and plays like top 10 pick and 30% chance that we will not play a down in the NFL I'd pull the trigger on 30.
  5. @Virgil Just a random question, is there any way how Bills could make this trade in this mock? I think an argument could be made (I am sure some people here would advocate it) that now is the time to jump Browns, Giants, Saints and Packers (who all might use a LB if I understand it correctly) and grab Owusu-Koramoah. I did not do maths but I guess 3rd round pick and some low round 2022 pick might do the trick. I am pretty sure some people would be ready to move up for other players too. I would not support it since I don't want to complicate things and also would like to see a poll
  6. Gunner, as for the Bills, is this what do you think they should do if draft fell this way or what they would do? If the former, didn't you say you prefer Eichenberg for us?
  7. Fully agree with both of you and I wrote it couple of times here already. No need to overreact to AFCCG and try to reshape things just to beat Chiefs. We were 15-4 team overall so no need to panic. Just add some more pieces in FA and draft BPA. I for one hope for one speed guy in offense (WR or RB), one OL (you need to draft OL in top 3 rounds at least every other year) and either DE or CB with our first three picks. Then some big guy as DT in fifth. And I think it is apparent that our FO sees it same way (no need to panic part).
  8. They have interesting mock on Jetnation, where all players generally deemed as first rounders were actually taken before our pick - unlike first mock here on TBD, where JOK and Phillips remained on the board. That means CBs Farley, Horn, Newsome, DEs Paye, Rousseau, Phillips, Ojulari, S Moehrig, RB Harris, WR Toney, LBs Collins and JOK, OL Jenkins, Vera-Tucker are not on the board. Who do you take in this scenario? I know that you don't like other CBs, other DEs, consider it high for guards and RTs in general, don't like first round RBs, don't like Freiermuth that high.
  9. Which weekend did you have in mind? Sry to be pain in the ass. Whenever you have time man. I just had tough day in work and I missed some positive distraction.
  10. I disagree with the first sentence. It was obiously part of the reason. But there was a big narrative after the game how there is a big gap between teams when it comes to speed. I don't think that was most important factor why we lost. We were 15-3 team at that point and were good enough to compete with Chiefs. But they were better prepared mentally and better coached. Hill had 171 yards (his season average was 85) and together with Kelce they had 289. That's just silly. That game made it look like that we lose 10 out of 10 games against them. I do not think that is the case. It should be more
  11. Missing link vs the Chiefs was coaching and mentality.
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