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  1. To be fair Von has 450 snaps and those 3 guys combined have 758, so the ratio is not that bad (Von is obviously Von).
  2. Man I love you. Post of the year. This is not about @Process so don't take it personally. This is exactly what many posters on this board are about. If Beane gets top CBs and Von Miller then why didn't he get WRs and OL. Had he made different choices, then people would be saying that he should've get top passrusher. We have Daboll, he sucks, we need young offensive mind. We get one, he sucks, we need Daboll back. Rinse repeat.
  3. Omg Mike White looks so good, almost as good as Tua. If Mac Jones takes another step, we may end up being bottom feeders of AFC East for a long time. Just trying to go with a flow.
  4. No, it's the opposite. When you put a player on IR, you count his whole cap hit. And then you need to add cap hit of player who replaces IR player. Check out Sportrac. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/buffalo-bills/cap/ Benford on IR counts, and so does Rhodes. He only has about 350k cap hit, but it is still 350k more than before when Benford was on the roster. We are very close to zero cap space btw. We need someone to come back from IR asap otherwise Beane will need to restructure somebody.
  5. It does. IR, PUP, PS, everything counts. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/buffalo-bills/cap/
  6. 1. Benford to IR and Rhodes to roster deserve to be in the title. EDIT: Nevermind OP made also another thread. 2. Wow Brown to be back was really unexpected. 3. We have to be really really tight in cap right now with another player on IR. It's obvious that actual situation is slightly better than Sportrac thinks (they don't have exact data) but it has to be really close to zero.
  7. Exactly. I lurk there from time to time and there are lot of Tua>Allen and Dolphins and Chiefs are the best NFL team takes. If you are a Bills sceptic it's never too late to hop on Dolphins bandwagon.
  8. He also called Mike Love by number only and had no idea who he was. Plus that Dane Jackson budding superstar nonsense. I am sure that there were lot of other things as well. I tend not to get annoyed by any commentators, so I don't mind him. I just think it is very unprofessional to be unprepared. I know I know nothing about players on other teams, but I am not being paid millions for that. He's just not prepared as he should be (he isn't the only one ofc).
  9. Thank God we have you to tell us what reality is. Without you I'd foolishly think that we are still an elite team dealing with lot of unluck and adversity.
  10. This is spot on. Things look a little gloomy right now but this team is still exactly what I thought they were. We are just little unlucky, have too much injuries and Josh's elbow is clearly not ok. This will be entirely different team come playoff time, provided that we will be at least reasonably healthy. On the other hand, at this stage I am really afraid that injuries won't go away. Everytime we get a starter back we lose another one. So there will be injuries, and we can just hope that not to crucial players. I'd include Allen, Diggs, Morse, Dawkins, Miller, Rousseau, Milano, Edmunds, White and Poyer in this category.
  11. Interesting, I thought White was already out after first drive. I'd like to know if Elam was also on a pitch count, or if they really prefer Benford at this point.
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