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  1. I can't do it from mobile but somebody could post Mahomes' game log from this season. There is huge difference in numbers between first three games and last three. He has like 56% completion rate last three games. I am not saying he is bad or anything but find it interesting. Mayfield stats over last 3 games are just brutal.
  2. If we are fighting for the wildcard only, this Browns win will be very very bad for us. Fortunately, as 12-4 team we don't have to care.
  3. Is there any update on injuries? Last info in this thread seems to be from Monday. Did team have practice this week, or they don't train at all during bye week?
  4. This is 100% spot on. I trust in Allen and thus I predicted 11-12 wins prior to the season.
  5. This is really weird week from this perspective. All games seems almost irrelevant outside of Browns - Seahawks. That's the important one, and we really want Wilson to roll. Cleveland looks like a mess now, but if they somehow get their s**t together they might be a WC threat - just look at their schedule after Bills game. They can win out. Other than that, we either don't care that much (like Chiefs vs Texans or Jags vs Saints), or we are rooting for huge underdog, so there isn't a big chance we get lucky. Usually there are many more really important game each week, but this week I care pretty much about Browns loss. But obviously it wouldn't hurt if there are some upsets in our favor.
  6. Huh, did you even bother reading? Granted, I am not a native speaker, but I am pretty sure that it should be clear that I named our next year's opponents first and compared them with this year's. Ergo, I've never wrote that we play Dallas and Giants next year.
  7. Next year we have brutal schedule, like the complete opposite of this year. I know many things will change between now and then, but now it is quite safe to say that if we dominate THAT schedule we are top SB contenders. To save your time guys: Home: Kansas, LA Chargers, Seattle, LA Rams, Cleveland/Baltimore instead of Cincinnati, Baltimore, Washington, Philadelphia, Denver Away: Oakland, Denver, SF, Arizona, Houston/Indy instead of Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Dallas, NY Giants and Tennessee. Road games look similar, but home games are like day and night, if we get Ravens both times all 4 games next year may be tougher than Philly this year. Miami can only get better, Jets probably too. We have like 7-8 relatively easy games this year, and there might be 3-4 like that next year. Anyway, to the OP, I am against any short term moves for costly resources at all. Just keep building team through draft, sign our own do reasonable contracts and try to add quality in FA.
  8. I am pretty sure we'd have 0 wins if we played without defense whole season.
  9. Where have you been today? Live on Bears - Raiders game?
  10. Other than ours games went mostly against us today - Houston, Baltimore and Oakland won. Jax loss is the only good thing. Broncos pulling out an upset would be nice.
  11. These runs are only possible because Daboll confused them by throwing last drive!
  12. Ok now a looooooooooooong drive finished with any points.
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