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  1. Re 2, did you have a chance? I am just rewatching the game, and wasn't 2nd TD on him? It seemed to me that he was way too deep.
  2. Ok thanks for the link. It makes sense that you said about Sportrac. I will keep on checking it Btw, I need to correct myself, I checked my previous screenshot and Emili had $2,5k dead money before. So this week added $50,666.
  3. Are you sure about this? Do you have a source for this info? To be clear I am not arguing, but I don't see any logic why would he got paid for 3 games if he is only on roster for one, and so far Sportrac has only those $40k next to his name as dead money ($53k total, but those $13k were there before for some other reason).
  4. Haha so we just signed OL Justin Murray and he is limited already? How fitting! Yeah it was my first live game and that ambulance was brutal. So happy he is already on the field.
  5. Good. Good for him, good for the league. Always happy when starters play. And I am curious to see if and how he develops.
  6. Not arguing your overall point, but at least vs Dolphins we didn't rotate them as much. Snaps: Singletary 67 Moss 16 Cook 11 Touches (running/receiving): Singletary 18 (9/9) Moss 5 (4/1) Cook 5 (1/4) Not exactly what you asking for, but not quite a rotation which people seem to think we had (I don't mean you specifically)
  7. Not sure if you were joking but I think it's more like $40k.
  8. Bold is extremely spot on. It's really weird how people overreact to the result. We do one of 10 things in that game differently and we win (not only Milano pick, but Josh throw to McKenzie, Davis TD, etc.). Then all the talk would be how we won despite being so shorthanded in extreme heat and how great our depth is and so on. And now all of sudden again everybody sucks. I know that it is how fan boards work but it never stops to amuse me.
  9. You either don't understand what small sample size is or understimate its effect. I don't blame you, most people don't get it. I am pretty certain that Josh will win a lot of close games for us in the future, including some big ones. I give you that he failed at the end yesterday. He hits McKenzie for easy TD, we likely win. But that is also just one of the many many things which if they go differently, we win.
  10. Not sure how overall rules are but he is NOT elevated this time. He is signed to the 53. So I guess that doesn't count as elevation if he gets cut later and signed for the PS again. And there is also a chance he just stays on the roster.
  11. Guys on Monday I was at my first Bills home game and now I am going to Miami for my first road Bills game. Maybe a stupid question, but how "safe" it is to be a Bills fan in Bills jersey there? I mean both around and at the stadium. Is it all friendly how it was towards rare Titans fans at Highmark? Or should I expect some level of hostility? I guess that there will be a lot of Bills fans so hopefully I will be surrounded by them
  12. Sry for stupid question, but I didn't find the answer on stadium website and this is my first NFL game (came from Europe). Can you bring some food into stadium? I don't mean container with wings or something, just some cookies or baguette or so.
  13. It's 1.15am in Central Europe for me. Normally I would just stay up all night long. Not this time though! On Friday I am flying to NYC and I will watch the game in person. I can't wait
  14. Last year until W5 when Chiefs were struggling and we beat them everybody was saying its just the Bills and then everybody else. Then we lost to the Titans and then Jags while Titans and Chiefs were winning everything and all of sudden things looked quite different. Too soon to judge after one game.
  15. Lol missed FG. Now we are talking! Do something Mitch!
  16. Agreed, but it has nothing to do with Burrow being clutch. Same with refs maybe helping them.
  17. Lol that was nice by Steelers. But Bengals will win in anyway, its like 90/10 imo.
  18. How the hell has Cincy still TO? They had twd ane had to use them both to stop time (3rd stop was Harris' injury). Don't get it. EDIT: My bad. Steelers had incomplete pass on 2nd down.
  19. Bengals are about to win against Steelers despite 4INTs and 1 fumble by Burrow. Interesting.
  20. To be fair there was probably a DPI on Dolphins INT in the EZ.
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