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  1. Millano thought he was out? Damn Micah laid him out.
  2. Jesus they are making the wrong adjustments, I had a few beers honestly and for someone to question wrong adjustments to none whatsoever, you understood what I was saying right, your not that slow are you?
  3. Hence, they are making better adjustments than us....right? I am happy as hell we are 3-0 but your not concerned going back to the playoffs we got up big every week or started out on fire and regressed?
  4. Yes I am guessing your right, why have we started out every game like a juggernaut then in the second half got outplayed in the second week going all the way back to the playoffs and games before that as well? I am very happy we are 3-0 but just curious why we can't close, any insight?
  5. You are clueless, I have no clue how to say that any nicer. Josh Allen has stepped up come the end of the game, it was not coaching adjustments.
  6. Wow really? Well we need to get better with the adjustments later in the game. is that better? Has our adjustments worked as well as the other teams the last 3 weeks and take that to the last 4 weeks if you want to include the playoffs?
  7. Really all the adjustments seem to come from the other Team, have you watched the games? Allen has bailed us out the last two weeks and the first week we were complete crap the second half and got outplayed.
  8. I am very happy we are 3-0, but this team has a ton of talent. I believe he has a right to be concerned, the roster is stacked and since Sean has been the head coach we have had alot of trouble in closing games, good lord this team is going to give me a heart attack!
  9. Huge problem BOJO sucks, watch the dolphins punter.
  10. Where the hell is the offense in the second half, both weeks? Halftime adjustments, what is going on?
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