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  1. Jalen Wydemeyer, I would guess. I get the Lindy's draft issue every year and the magazine can be way off with rankings of certain positions, but this tight end in this magazine is rated the second best tight end. I don't recall ever seeing a ufda having been this highly ranked by this magazine, not sure if it's a screwups but this magazine says round 1 or two, thoughts???? Ok I reedited this guess he ran a 5.03 at the combine, guessing it's all about that, this magazine has a 4.67 40 not sure how they come up with that since they are obviously in print beforehand.
  2. I could see them packaging picks we have left to much be backup if the really like someone in the 4th or earlier if they like someone, ot.sure points wise they might have to throw in a pick from next year. How many rookies actually make this roster, this is a stacked roster?
  3. Just got to keep the perspective that he has started alot of NFL football and is a great run blocker who was brought here to be a backup. Doyle came in near the goaline and a bit when they went to 6 offensive linemen I believe, hoping this guy really helps in those roles. Roger Saffold, this guy, and Spencer Brown are all good run blockers hopefully when we are up on teams and want to.run clock or down around the goal line we just got alot more physical upfront.
  4. Love that first round pick, I also like Dotson alot as well. The receiver position seems to be loaded once again this year.
  5. Nice article appreciate that I bookmarked it. I like Linderbaum as well, thing is didn't we just lock up Morse for two more years? I realize Linderbaum can move but the article says it wouldn't make much sense, but can you imagine if we had 3 Incognitions starting on the OL? I loved Richies tenacity on the field! Also do think they have to consider him if he falls, those type of lineman might only come along what every 5-10 years? I will be more interested to see what Gunnerbill and other draft guys think of him as a fit for Buffalo.
  6. I am kind of excited to see the run game with Saffold added to the mix, they now have two very physical and scrappy guys on the OL
  7. Possibly alot if it, but it proves he is a very good receiving back and will be a nice outlet for Josh and another possible weapon.
  8. I never said the defense was bad, only they benefited from a weak schedule and played a bunch of inferior Qb's. But I understand alot of teams did, the defense was trash the last two playoffs against Mahomes and company I understand they are very good, but other defenses have been successful against him. I am hoping Frazier/Mcdermott figure out what we need to do. Hoping next year obviously the front 4 can tackle him when they pressure him or schematically we change something up.
  9. Not exactly a pleasure conversating with you as well.
  10. All defenses try an disguise coverages, how does that translate to an aggressive defense? Did you think they were aggressive against KC? It is a lot easier being aggressive against weaker qbs, maybe against good and we need to change things that aren't working. We were much better against Brady the second half but in OT just like Machines we got carved, maybe they went to conservative, it is a balancing act.
  11. I think it maybe the way that Leslie is calling the defense, it seems way to conservative at times and the real good Qbs and typically pick it apart. We have had non number one defenses in that past that shut down top qbs, Schwartz defense was an example of this, and I understand we don't have the same personnel. Maybe being more aggressive with blitzes, or not playing 20 yards down the field and giving up easy 18-20 yard passes would've helped to a team that had all three timeouts, once again too conservative IMO.
  12. Where have I ever said the guy is below averavage? I think he is average or slightly above, but he is in no way worth the money somebody is going to pay him and I just hope its not the Bills but fear it will be. I also understand that he has more responsibillity than Klein wise guy, but alot of Linebackers do and they have no problem FLYING around and making game changing plays. Tremaine looks like he's always thinking not reacting, is that the scheme doing that to him Timmy? Or is it below average instincts? I also dont think everyone less than Kuechly is garbage, I think Timmy needs to stop pedaling BS though.
  13. These takes are are opinions, and they are terrible if you don't agree with them? The defense struggles with teams that run the ball and or have a big physical line, and and that can pick the zone apart (high level qbs) it has happened numerous times, how can it be denied? We played a very weak cast of QBs this year, thus the numbers were inflated. I think our defense is a better defense than the Bengals but, pass rush is either not consistent or we have none, and in two straight win or go home games against the chiefs we have been dismantled but yet the Bengals defense got it done.What are we lacking please explain it to me, we are the number 1 defense? I understand the Tredavious loss hurts, but we had no passes defended in the whole game. I think we have good players on the defense but maybe it gets too conservative at times?
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