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  1. I never said everyone should share my opinion, this is America anyone can obviously do anything you damn well please and it is accepted. In my post I stated that I agree with him when it came to the anthem, I just think the kneeling is disrespectful just as I think these people rioting, burn peoples businesses, stealing, beating up people, killing innocent cops,etc. are scumbags and should be dealt with as such.
  2. Really I am a baby now? I have a feeling you wouldn't call me that in real life but what do I know.
  3. No sh&t Billl thanks for enlightening me.
  4. You say it just fine and I understand what your saying.
  5. I am not telling anyone how to feel, I am voicing my opinion just like you. I served as well bud.
  6. Seems as if alot of people are seeing the so called protests that are going on now doesn't it?
  7. I am not the only one that thinks it was disrespectful to protest during the national anthem and it has nothing this do with convenience.
  8. Just about any time besides during the national anthem, how about his own personal time when he wasn't making millions of dollars to play a game?
  9. But the timing of those protests is what I disagree with not the protests themselves.
  10. I do understand that people have different opinions that is what this whole discussion is about.
  11. I do see what your saying no doubt, but to me the Flag is a symbol many have given their lifes for and it's disrespectful to not only them but their families as well to protest during the anthem.
  12. Why because we have different opinions, are you allowed to protest on the job or during the Anthem? IMO it is a slap in the face to everyone who has ever defended our rights.
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