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  1. I disagree I think that Taron Johnson should be the slot guy on most snaps, Neal in there ocassionally. I also believe and hope either Gaines or Norman start over Levi Wallace but competition all the way.
  2. Sorry for you and your families loss Mam. May he rest in peace!
  3. Preseason is preseason but he looked good to me in the preseason, and of course that last game. I could be wrong too that is why it is called an opinion, but our coaching staff to a fault at times plays veterans over rookies. Lee Smith was the blocking TE and Kroft was a guy they gave some cabbage too and alot of times as a late draft pick you have to put in your time. Hell I wish Duke Williams, TJ Yeldon, Sweeney, and Daryl Johnson were giving more opportunities last year but they weren't.
  4. Because he was a quality tight end last year just needed playing time and with a full offseason he is going to be even better.
  5. I think your sleeping on Sweeney I believe he is going to be a good TE.
  6. But that is just the thing, Shaq Lawson had 6.5 sacks for us last year, if he has 10 this year as a full time starter or a guy who plays a higher percentage of the snaps is he still overpaid? Hell everyone is overpaid in this market and has been for years.
  7. Isn't Trent making like 8 or 9 from us, and that is a contract that is two years old? I would of rather had Lawson myself, he is more talented IMO.
  8. Has anyone used Jaystv to watch the Bills and if so how reliable?
  9. gilbran hamdan ben williams dan brandenburg palmer charlie romes up top chidi ahantou
  10. Depends on Salehs' background, if he was a former high caliber wrestler maybe he has a chance, if not he's toast.
  11. He gave Allen and Buffalo big props IMO, the hosts asked him those question and he just answered them. The boners people have for Flutie I don't understand, I found way after the fact he was a supposed pain in the ass while here many act like they knew it while he was here...confusing to me.
  12. I thought of Lynch as an idiot myself since you brought that up, and while he was here Fred Jackson was a way better running back IMO. I didn't care for Donte Whitner as well.
  13. Everyone has their own opinion but my opinion is that this is goofy.
  14. Might help even more if SOME of the sisters, moms and girlfriends did as well ☺
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