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  1. Jackson now has over a thousand rushing yards and 33 TDs and six picks, you still think RW is winning the MVP, oh and he is on the best team in the NFL with wins over a lot of playoff teams already?
  2. Ok got ya, not sure how to honestly find the Bills on the fire stick, have had the ticket 20 some years and had hope to use that too watch. I guess maybe even a bigger issue would of been me starting my monday of burned out from me watching/trying to find them on the stick, had really wanted to watch my recordings of them. I am happy to be back in the states now for sure, Misawa was an experience but if we go to Okinawa at some point I am hoping there is a bit more to do honestly when we are actually off.
  3. How in the heck, do you know this already? Are you Nostradamus or something? PS Please Pm me the powerball numbers tomorrow?
  4. Not there anymore home now, and where should I have watched them? Was not able to watch my directv over there, I take it you were stationed there and had a place to watch em? How did you like Japan, it was an experience but I was happy to get home after just 39 days but we might be in the works to go back at some point and where you were in fact Okinawa?
  5. I am not sure he was given a fair chance honestly, he was making a ton of plays and picks in camp if I am not mistaking.
  6. The feedback is encouraging, man they better continue to be aggressive, something Mcdermott has not done at all since he has been here.
  7. Seen that and was pleasantly surprised and seen he had 3 tackles I believe also! They shut down the running game as well which was nice to see given the recent struggles their. Did Johnson split time at CB, was Levi benched?
  8. Great to hear about the more aggressive play calling on both sides of the ball, was hoping the speech from earlier in the week was not just coach speak! Hopefully it is a sign of things to come, being agressive and attacking is the style of D that should be played with what should be all the defensive mismatches (speedy and athletic) guys they have. I am pretty pumped to get back and watch the recordings (boy I hope they taped). I tried setting all that up right before I left on my firestick as I was having difficulties and made the call to directv and the Rep told me streaming wasn't avaialble in other countries though Canada and Mexico were possibillities. The games start at 2am Monday morning here so was going to try an watch the recordings after the fact but I couldln't access them, though I am not the most tech savvy guy.
  9. You guys will have to excuse me I have been working in Japan the last five and a half weeks and have not watched a game. Hopefully they are taping on the sunday ticket like I set them up to do but not sure with that revolving channel. I have only read the box scores up to this point and seen we had seven sacks, that is great hope it continues! Did the sacks look legit, when you get that many in a singlegame I would hope so? I was also wondering Devante Parker had a huge game, and noticed both Kevin Johnson and Levi had 4 tackles apiece, did Levi and Kevin split time? Who got torched by him today for the most part? Thanks guys and seems like a damn good game, Let's Go Buffalo!!!
  10. IMO EJ was just overdafted and amounted to what he would have anywhere, an at best backup QB.
  11. Gabe Northern had five sacks his rookie year in limited time and i thought he was going to be a very good player went on to play five years but never blossomed like I thought he would.
  12. Isn't it a bit early for anyone to pat themselves on the back? I mean comeon the guy has played 8 games and hasn't even been in a professional off season program yet not to mention he is 21 year old.
  13. No reason to apologize Gunner, different opinions are fine. I could care less how he acted on draft night he just seemed very reserved to me. Your saying you thought he tackled well while in Buffalo Gunner? Have you ever watched Antoine Winfield play? He was a small but very physical corner, great tackler!!!
  14. He got burnt alot more than alot are letting on while here, and unfortunately for anybody saying he was playing at the same level while here, tackling is a huge part of the game. I remember reading the draft reports big physical corner, should read big corner who tackles for *****, how can you be physical if you can't tackle worth a *****?
  15. I can see we aren't agreeing, so answer this football guru, his tackling has improved also? Or was i seeing illusions then also?
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